My E-mail Exchange With Michelle Obama


This just popped in my Inbox:

Shikha —

Every night in the White House, I see Barack up late poring over briefings, reading your letters, and writing notes to people he's met.

He's doing that for you—working hard every day to make sure we can finish what we all started together.

This week, I need you to have his back.

Will you donate $3 or more to support Barack before Saturday's critical fundraising deadline?


Thank you.


My response:

Dear Michelle:

I feel really bad for you that poor Barack has to work so hard. Being the most powerful man in the world is a bitch, what can I say. I can't give you my $3 dollars but I can give you my two cents. (With the price of gas going up, my date with Uncle Sam on April 15 approaching, and years of moribund wages, thanks to a bad economy that has only gotten worse as Barack has worked harder, life has been tough for some of us on Main Street too, you'll understand.)

Here's my suggestion: Why doesn't Barack work out a deal with Congress to go part time? I know Rick Perry was the most recent figure to float the idea, but that is no reason to dismiss it out of hand. Just as smart presidents can do dumb things, dumb people can occasionally come up with smart ideas. At any rate, think of the benefits. If Congress is in session only half the time, Barack's workload will be cut in half. That way you can have long, romantic, candle-lit dinners with Barack in the White House. My and my fellow taxpayers' wallets will be safe(r). And businesses on whom Barack has imposed $46 billion annually in new regulations since he took office might be shielded from further costs.

It'll be a win-win-win.

Hope that helps.


P.S. You might want to rethink your mailing list.