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Nick Gillespie Talks Paul Ryan-GOP Budget with Fox Business' Tom Sullivan


Over the weekend, I was on Fox Business' Tom Sullivan Show to discuss the 2013 GOP budget plan authored by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.). The longer version: It ain't good if you care about reducing the size, scope, and spending of government.

The shorter version? Click above to hear my critique.

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  1. We appear to be in full gambol lockdown. Oh, and the “shorter version” is at 0:41.

  2. Is it just me, or does Gillespie seem pissed and far more forthcoming in terms of his frustration these days?

    1. Well, he’s got much better material to work with than, say, 5 years ago. When a “conservative” budget still ups spending by by a trillion dollars, he doesn’t need to do as much nuanced explaining. His succinctness reminds me of Ron Paul: “We’re broke!”

    2. does Gillespie seem pissed and far more forthcoming in terms of his frustration these days?

      The technical term is bullshit fatigue.

      Paul Ryan is presenting something “politically palatable” – a.k.a. bullshit.

      And the repube party is posing and posturing and gesturing and mincing about, doing the small government minuet, but just playing along with the demothugs. But more “conservatives” are beginning to understand what a hollow party is in fact the republican family, just one branch of the gang cartel running the protection racket.

      So getting pissed and forthcoming about frustration with the likes of the go-along-to-get-along Ryan is not only natural, but does now resonate with a wider segment of the public.

      The republican party must be destroyed.

    3. I’ve noticed this too. Ever since the Bill Maher show he’s made a move back to the anger of his punk roots. This is to my liking.

  3. NG is spot-on about the timidity of Ryan’s plan. Look, the Democrats are going to wail and gnash their teeth no matter what you do, so why not propose a budget plan that will actually address the problem?

  4. Dude is not making any sense at all man, none.

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