Minimalist Economics Posters


NPR's Planet Money made up some posters illustrating economic concepts, minimalist propaganda style. Then they had readers submit designs. Here is the latest (and best) round: minimalist econ posters by actual economists.

The winner:



Click though for the inevitable invisible hand humor.

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  1. Looks like one of the artists has read The Black Swan.


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        1. STOP IT LOOSER

  2. I learned a lot about economics by looking at this poster. It’s full of truths both subtle AND obscure.

  3. “Forecasting” is quite apropos.

  4. Just looking at the winning poster, I take it this is a healthcare poster.

    The ‘stick’ on the left would be the kind of crutch that the government would supply in a single-payer system, the carrot represents the government-mandated healthful food demanded by Michele Obama.

  5. too abstract for the proles to comprehend, let alone the political class

  6. If you don’t start eating more carrots, we will beat you with this stick.

  7. I love how threatening to beat someone with a stick is considered an incentive in Newspeak.

  8. More evidence of the stick-on-carrot violence so prevalent in society today.

    It’s a shame, really

    1. Plus, why is the carrot engaging in autoerotic asphyxiation? What does sexualizing the carrot have to do with the stick-on-carrot violence so prevalent in society?

      1. The Violence Against Vegetables act will provide incentives at the federal level to end centuries of abuse of tubers at the hands of privileged limbs.

  9. Why is the steamroller operator impaling his eye socket with a baseball bat?

    Did NPR commission Payne to draw these?

  10. The union steamroller driver who drinks on the job is an authentic American hero, right?

  11. The teddy bear has too much self-respect to hang himself for the national Socialists at NPR.

    The carrot was the best they could do on short notice.

  12. I think its time to hit it up JB, oh yeah!

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