Mother of College Student Who Smoked Synthetic Marijuana,Then Crashed His Car and Died, Says Rand Paul "has blood on his hands"


Over at New York Daily News is another one of those frustrating stories of a grieving person blaming the wrong person. Naturally the drug war is involved. 

It goes like this: In June 2011, Karen Dobner's son Max smoked synthetic marijuana, had an anxiety attack of some kind, then got into his car, drove it at 100 miles per hour before crashing and dying having "destroyed a suburban home, the car lodged inside a baby's empty bedroom." 

Dobner is now on a one-woman crusade to make Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) pay. See, as Jacob Sullum noted in February, Paul is the guy blocking the Senate vote to have the Drug Enforcement Administration reclassify synthetic marijuana and other synthetic drugs as schedule 1. He's the one, Dobner believes as paraphrased by the Daily News, who is "putting his libertarian principles before the lives of young people."

He also ignored 15 phone calls from Dobner in which she pleaded for him to pass the bill. Ergo, "He has blood on his hands."  

"I told his aides he cannot survive politically if he keeps stalling this. We will not let it go," said Dobner, a mother of three from Aurora, Ill. "Anything else he does will be publicized by us. Every time somebody dies we will hold him accountable."

Dobner started a foundation called To The Maximus to bring public attention to the emerging danger of synthetic drugs masquerading as "herbal" and "natural" highs.

She has also started a blog and newsletter to alert parents and teens to the unpredictable and harrowing effects of smoking or inhaling the chemically sprayed leaves.

On Wednesday, Paul told The News he might be willing to release his hold and allow a vote to proceed if there were some changes in the proposed legislation. "We are concerned about people being put in jail for 20 years for marijuana," Paul said.

Young Max, by the way, was in college. His smoking of synthetic marijuana (packaged in this case as "iAroma", which he purchased at the mall) is described as being a "naive" choice. Which is fair enough. But he was also very reckless since he endangered the lives of everyone around him on the road, as well as the family who (I assume) were not around when the college student destroyed their home.

We're all young and stupid in college. You don't magically become responsible at that age, but it's just about the age of adulthood. The Daily News' incredibly passive-voiced lede in which Max "was killed" by the drug is completely skirting reality. We're not even talking about the 14-year-old boy who died from smoking synthetic pot out of a Pez dispenser. (And in that case it was the melting plastic which scarred his lungs, that eventually killed him, not the drug. Not that most media outlets reported that pertinent fact.) A June Pediatrics article noted that synthetic marijuana can cause heart attacks in adolescents. It is definitely the cool new drug to be terrified that your children are ingesting and that's not across-the-board nonsense. But come on. Dobner deserves sympathy because she lost her son and that's awful. But she's not pointing fingers at the right person, nor is she recognizing that kids will still ingest illegal substances. Maybe the worst thing for Dobner is there isn't anyone to blame at all for the loss of her child. 

Reason — mostly Jacob Sullum — on synthetic marijuana 

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  1. Dobner started a foundation called To The Maximus


    1. I laughed, so I am going to hell right with you.

        1. Monster Magnet FTMFW

          1. I was hoping for Grim Reaper.

            1. Ask and ye shall receive. God damn, the lead singer is a fatboy.

              1. Yup. This guy too, now.

              2. Ah, yes, 1984. Grim Reaper, Armored Saint, and Maiden’s Powerslave. It’s a miracle I didn’t drive the agave plant to extinction that year.

  2. Would she be more satisfied if her kid got shot by cops raiding his room to search for the stuff?

    1. Fuck your dog, that’s why.

    2. Yeah, and she might be satisfied if the bill had passed and her son had been thrown into jail, forced to join a violent, white supremacist gang for protection and avoid dropping the soap in the shower every day for the next 20 years. And when he’s paroled he won’t be able to find a decent job thanks to his conviction and will be forced to move back in with mom and dad at the age of 38.

      1. and then skin them alive for being such “loving” parents…

      2. and then skin them alive for being such “loving” parents…

  3. This is actually making me consider calling Rand Paul’s office and urging him to keep fighting the good fight.

    1. It makes me proud of my vote for him.

      Now he needs to stop being weasely and not back down.

      1. One day I am going to go to Kentucky to show my support for Rand and your brewery.

      2. Now he needs to stop being weasely

        He IS still a politician.

  4. Losing a child has got to be devastating. I hope it never happens to me. But people blinded by grief and rage lash out at whoever they can, and logical thought isn’t a part of the equation. I’m sure Rand knows it would be pointless to try to explain himself to this woman, and any conversation they had would only be used to paint him as even more of a monster.

    1. Fuck her. She’s an asshole who wants to blame someone other than her son, making her a double asshole. I don’t care if losing a child is devastating; it doesn’t give you social permission to blame other people, or force some misguided asshole agenda on the rest of us so “this never happens to someone else’s kid” (which it always will).

      Nothing is more dangerous than the newly converted, the reformed addict, or the grieving crusader. Fuck them all.

      1. I will not soon forget the dad of the little girl killed in Tuscon who said that such unexpected horrors are the price of living in a free society.

        I don’t know if I can expect all mourning parents to be like that, however.

        1. I can forgive the grieving parent most anything, especially what comes out of their mouth. What I have a problem with is other people using that grief to build a political cause. Few things are so simple that legislating for everyone based on a single incident is justified.

          1. Lightner and MADD might be the exception…but even that went awry. After she left, but still.

            1. As Lightner was the driving force behind the legislation changing the drinking age from 18 to 21….no. She doesn’t get a pass.

              Its great that she thinks MADD are a bunch of neoprohibitionist assholes now, but I don’t think that excuses her previous neoprohibitionist behavior.

        2. I don’t think expecting people to continue to use reason and logic, even when grieving, is too much to ask. Grief is often used as an excuse to be irrational and a slave to your emotions, and then as a way to grandstand. Which to me is pretty disgusting.

          1. You weren’t so rational when your left testicle–sorry, manicle–was ripped off by Warty that one time.

            1. That was different! MY NUT

              1. I was okay with your grieving until you formed NADD and got all political.

                1. NADS is a non-partisan organization!

                  1. Pretty sexist from what I hear, too.

                    1. Now, now, PL. I’m sure they’d help a woman who had an ovary stolen.

                  2. Negroes Against Detaching Scrotums?

                    1. Not Another DeteSticling?

          2. It appears to me that when god created karen dobner, he removed reason and accountability…

            1. People who talk in metaphors oughta shampoo my crotch.

      2. Yep. The son is the only one to blame here. Well maybe the mother a bit too for having such lousy genes and/or parenting skills.

        1. Actually, the federal govt for restricting access to a much safer natural product in cannabis could share some significant blame as well.

      3. +1 Episiarch.

        Here kid could have killed someone else. It is just as easy he would have done the same irresponsible thing with alcohol. You shouldn’t drive inebriated. I am sure he knew that.

        Also, it seems that society is allowing younger adults to remain “kids” for a very, very long time giving them every excuse for irresponsible behavior. Stop coddling your god damn kids!

        1. And had he killed someone else, we’d have two parents demanding something be outlawed. We should count ourselves lucky that max only killed himself. Because there are enough max’s in the world.

          1. There’s at least one too many.

      4. She’s an asshole who wants to blame someone other than her son or herself


      5. I blame bad parenting.

      6. Here’s a solution for her that may get at the root of the problem: criminalize just this once the kind of parenting that gets their pretty-much-grown son to think it’s okay to alter his consciousness then drive a car at 100 mph through a neighborhood. As a bonus, she has more of a connection to her son than Rand Paul. If only she had instilled some semblance of personal responsibility in her son, he’d be alive today. Now everyone’s happy. She gets her neo-prohibitionist fucknuttery and the rest of us get a free society.

        And I’m done having sympathy for drug war crusaders. They’ve been doing this “for the children” shit for decades now.

    2. Look, its been 9 months. The period of being blinded by grief and lashing out in rage has passed (at least, for a functional adult).

      At some point, like John Walsh, you are using your dead kid to advance an agenda of your own for reasons of your own.

      1. It’s my kid and I’ll use it however I want. I mean, ummm, that is to say that, errrmmmm…

      2. I think after nine months have lapsed, the grief ceases to be the underlying cause of illogical behavior and the estrogen becomes the primary culprit.

        1. This comment makes me regret — just a little — that I quoted you on the print mag’s new “Reactions” part of the letters page.

          Must be the estrogen causing that regret.

          1. Seek overwhelming, pointless revenge, Lucy. Far past the point of any rational sense of proportion.

          2. My apologies Lucy. I didn’t intend to paint that as a normal estrogen issue, but rather as a result of artificially high estrogen levels due to universally free birth control.

            1. On a side note though, thank you for adding my reaction to the print mag. I hadn’t noticed, but I will now make a point of looking that up, and commemorating my accomplishment by either framing or bronzing the page and putting it on display in my office for the world to see.

              1. Ha! Excellent. And it’s fine. I am just in badgering commenters mood today. I think your comment was a Suderman/Romney reaction? Or something? Anyways, the June issue is where you will find your Hit and Run moniker.

                1. June??? But that’s so far awaaaaaaay.

                  1. That’s your dead tree media! And lord knows I love it.

                    1. Is the June issue the one with the STEVE SMITH profile?

                2. And it’s fine. I am just in badgering commenters mood today.

                  Better than constantly trying to promote some shitty book.

      3. I remember the conversations that Floridians would bring up about Walsh at that time. The milking it he was doing was considered highly suspicious.

    3. Excellent points, all. I would definitely agree she’s shown she refuses to put any responsibility on herself or her adult son. And I didn’t notice how long it had been since the initial incident.

  5. Playing “Immigrant Song” in my head.

  6. Nice Alt-text.

    1. I knew it was Lucy. No one else plays the commentariat as well.

      1. I’ll donate to the next drive if they make Lucy alt-text czaritza.

        1. Seconded. The Steigerw-alt-text is a highlight of this site.

          1. +10 for “Steigerw-alt-text.” Thank you.

  7. Dobler deserves sympathy because she lost her son and that’s awful.

    She doesn’t deserve or get any from me. Beyond the bullshit concern trolling aspect she is also a stupid bitch who is advocating policies that lead to far more deaths than her own son who is directly responsible for his own death.

    1. Yes, this.

    2. Preach on. Perhaps if this slag had taken the time to actually educate her kid about drugs he would have made a better choice then “have an anxiety attack and drive the muther fuckin car”. In which case he would still be alive.

      1. How did they know he had “an anxiety attack”?

    3. But I don’t give a shit about other people. It’s all about me dammit! And those evil top hat and monacle wearing libertarians, who are ruining the country what with all the political power they’ve accumulated lately, personified by that sonofabitch Rand Paul must pay!

      1. Instead of testicles, they should call them manicles. You get man in there, which is correct, along with manacle, which represents their imprisoning of men, and it sounds like monocle, which represents their free-swinging, one-eyed nature.

        Really, I’m shocked that the OED hasn’t done this already.

      1. Daneel Olivaw?

      2. Borealis?

      3. “I’d like to boldly go where no man has gone before. But I’ll probably stay in Aurora.”

        Maybe Max was banging his head to Bohemian Rhapsody when he crashed into the house?

  8. and he’d be alive today if he’d just smoked actual, god-given marijuana.

    But no, that would be too easy.

    1. Ninety percent chance he’d have made a melted-Velveeta slip-and-slide and snapped his his neck smashing into a bong replica of Stonehenge.

      At least ninety.

      1. Yeah. And “Cheech and Chong” movies are documentaries.

        1. Let me in. It’s me, Dave.

          1. Dave’s not here, man.

      2. a melted-Velveeta slip-and-slide and snapped his his neck

        Thank You. Now I know exactly how I want to die.

  9. Outlaw synthetic marijuana and legalize the real stuff. Problem solved.

    1. What’s that supposed to be, some kind of sick joke? You’d better get your head and your ass wired together, or I will take a giant shit on you. Now answer my question or you’ll be standing tall before the man. Whose side are you on, son? Don’t you love your country? Then how about getting with the program? Why don’t you jump on the team and come on in for the big win?

      1. Go back to fingerbanging Mary Jane Rottencrotch.

        1. If I’m gonna get my balls blown off for a word, my word is “poontang”.

          1. Baby, I’m going to sine your pitty on the runny kine!

          2. …thank god for the sickle cell…

      2. Sugar free is saying something about the duality of man, the jungian thing, sir.

  10. At least he wasn’t drinking and running with the wrong crowd.

  11. I guess Max *did* make his last post here.

    1. Much like “Tony” I doubt we’ve seen the last of “Max”!

      Lisa: Bart, isn’t it strange that Uter is missing and suddenly, the cafeteria is serving this mysterious food called “Uter-braten”?

      Principal Skinner: Oh, relax kids. I’ve got a gut feeling Uter’s around here somewhere. (starts to laugh) After all, isn’t there a little Uter in all of us? (laughs harder) In fact, you might say we just ate Uter and he’s in our stomachs right now! (laughs, then realizes his faux pas)

      Wait. Scratch that one.

  12. Is her name “Dobler” or “Dobner”?

    1. Ugh! Fixed! Thanks, mysterious stranger.

      1. That sounds suspiciously like a Fallout reference.

        1. Lucy must roam the streets in a troachcoat and packing one mean ass hand cannon.

          Wait, I just made her sound like twisted lesbian serial killer. That doesn’t sound right.

          1. I would read the hell out of that pulp novel. Especially if it stared me.

            (No one write that, please.)

            1. Good thing you posted that late, or SugarFree would do a special on you.

              1. SugarFree is too busy putting together his graphic novel full of insulin-challenged superheros. I believe it’s kind of like an Avengers, with the ghost of Wilford Brimley, Jay Cutler, and Haille Berry.

                IIRC, octomom is the villian in the first installment.

            2. I would read the hell out of that pulp novel. Especially if it stared me.

              I’m trying to get an image of a novel staring you down.

  13. Maybe the worst thing for Dobler is there isn’t anyone to blame at all for the loss of her child.

    For once I have to disagree with Lucy. She does have someone to blame: her son.

    1. He’s dead, so he isn’t anyone.

      1. That’s an interesting view.

        1. My head hurts, so I’m feeling extra contrarian today.

  14. She’s right because no one ever gets into trouble or kills themselves with Schedule 1 drugs. Nope. Once they’re on Schedule 1 no one ever uses them again.

    1. How true, doesn’t anyone ever look how this has all worked in the past?

  15. Rand is correct is in holding up this bill. Someone should not be incarcerated for twenty years because they were in procession of fake weed.

    Senator Paul knows that if this bill is allowed to go forward, there will be no alteration and no debate. Harry Reid will make sure of that.

    This “it’s for the children” crap makes me want vomit. We should not be making new laws everytime there is a tragedy.

    Life is about choices and unfortunately this college student made a bad one and his loved ones understandability suffer.

    People need to stop using government to protect everyone else from the poor decisions of a few.

    1. “….putting his libertarian principles before the lives of young people.”

      i.e. we have to curtail more of people’s liberty for the children.

      I realize the woman is blinded by grief, so I cant be as harsh to her as some here are, but the people allied with her should be shot through the kneecaps.

    2. you just said “…because they were in procession of fake weed” and “…his loved ones unsterstandability suffer.”

      Just how fucking high are you?

  16. http://tothemaximus.wordpress……s-ron-paul

    I plan on registering my disagreement with her, as well. In a non-trollish way. This is another grieving-parent law waiting to happen. Let’s just ban everything until we’ll need Legal Babysitters watching us 24/7.

    This woman lost a child and that is very tragic. Unfortunately, she’s placing the blame for it everywhere but at her own doorstep.

  17. http://tothemaximus.wordpress……s-ron-paul

    I plan on registering my disagreement with her, as well. In a non-trollish way. This is another grieving-parent law waiting to happen. Let’s just ban everything until we’ll need Legal Babysitters watching us 24/7.

    This woman lost a child and that is very tragic. Unfortunately, she’s placing the blame for it everywhere but at her own doorstep.


    I plan on registering my disagreement with her, as well. In a non-trollish way. This is another grieving-parent law waiting to happen. Let’s just ban everything until we’ll need Legal Babysitters watching us 24/7.

    This woman lost a child and that is very tragic. Unfortunately, she’s placing the blame for it everywhere but at her own doorstep.


  20. So, an Illinois ban on this product wouldnt be good enough?

    I dont feel any sympathy for her. Fuck you. Stay north of the river. Maybe if you had been a better mom your kid wouldnt have been so stupid.

    1. I thought my comment might be over the top, but I see a few of you assholes agree with me.

      Not sure how I feel about that.

      1. I’d imagine you feel like an asshole. I doubt it’s the first time.

        1. Nope, its the first time. But the feeling has lasted over 42 years.

          1. Repartee worthy of an atta-boy.

      2. I might have phrased it slightly less offensively…

        No, probably not. Grief doesn’t give you a pass on trying to get people locked up because your kid was a dumbass.

  21. You can view her campaign at either: or

  22. What’s her argument? Without the drug he would have been perfectly safe at 100MPH? Her kid kills himself in a DWI and Rand Paul is at fault? This is even crazier than usual.

  23. Her kid is dead, so other kids need to do 20 years, which means she should go to prison for rape. Her logic, not mine.

    1. This is Iranian Justice? right here!!!

  24. I’m going to go to her site and register my disagreement with her as well.

    This is the typical ‘grieving family’ law that’s going to lead to nothing but 24/7 babysitting by the cops.

    Jesus, I understand the tragedy of losing your child but take some goddamned responsibility for your parenting, his actions and random cruel acts of fate. Not everything needs another stupid, needless law.

    1. AAAAAAAAAAAnd that’s why she’s pissed she cannot admit her parenting was inadequate or that her son, by default, was a fucking idiot. Also his friends suck, no one tried to stop this guy from acting reckless.

  25. Her bereavement has obviously caused her to become mentally unbalanced.

    I am unmoved.

  26. I wonder how many people have tried to patiently explain to this deranged harpy that her son would quite probably still be alive if he had just smoked *actual* marijuana instead of the crappy substitute.

  27. Let’s just save ourselves a lot of trouble, and pass a single law, as follows:

    Anything that that any parent thinks has caused any harm to their child will thereafter be outlawed.

    1. And each sub law created shall be named for the deceased child.

    2. Wow. We’d reach the singularity in about a week with that one.

      1. If by singularity you mean EMP over Nebraska…

  28. Never underestimate the power of the mother of a dead child to go insane and find a scapegoat.

  29. Of course she’d be calling for a return to alcohol prohibition if he had been drinking and driving. Right?

    Too bad there aren’t going to be any moms thanking Rand Paul for their children not getting locked up for possession of synthetic marijuana; nobody knows who those victims would have been.

  30. The he has Oxycyte on his hands
    -it is just grief

  31. Right. Paul has blood on his hands because as we all know, once the Government classifies something schedule 1, everybody stops taking it and nobody ever dies as a result of that substance ever again. Get her a reality check.

    1. Get her a reality check.

      Sorry, reality checks are Schedule 1 now.

  32. This has been going on for nine months?

    She could have replaced the dumb fuck by now.

    1. I’m not sure which is worse: having to put with this shrill harpy or the thought of her breeding again.

      1. Fortunately for us though, natural selection has found at least one way to whittle down her seed and thereby prevent future generations from multiplying.

        1. my proposed Denial Of Natural Selection Act would correct this.

          Vote Fry Wylie 2012!

  33. After Max’s death, Dobner, 50, set out to learn everything she could about synthetic drugs to get the word out. She moved into his room and has become a one-woman town crier.

    “I would be rolled up in a ball crying every day if I wasn’t doing this,” she said.

    But only getting “the word out” wasn’t enough to slake her thirst for something-anything-other-than-grief.

    1. She didn’t do a very good job of “learning everything she could”.

      I only regret that she wasn’t in the vehicle with him.

  34. Let’s just stop fooling around:


  35. I believe the blood is on the hands of the automobile maker. There is no reason a car should be able to go 100mph. They should be held both criminally and civilly liable.

    1. only if it was a Toyota.

    2. I blame the house. Obviously built where a road should be.

      1. There shall be no roads.

  36. Well said, Lucy! My brother published a take-down of Sen. Schumer’s misguided crusade against synthetic marijuana and Rand Paul for…..-marijuana

  37. Maybe the worst thing for Dobner is there isn’t anyone to blame at all for the loss of her child, except for her child who made a poor decision that cost him his life.

    There, fixed it for you.

    1. I was trying to imply that above, without completely kicking the dead in the face. But fair enough to you and all who point it out.

      1. Go ahead. Kick away. He’ll never feel it.

        1. Yeah, he’s way to headstoned to notice.

          1. I see whatcha did there.

  38. But come on. Dobner deserves sympathy because she lost her son and that’s awful.

    Does she deserve sympathy as a hysterical, fascistic crusader? Sorry, she lost her right to throw the sympathy card. These weepy, daddy-worshiping, there-should-be-a-law types are a dime a dozen.

    Speaking of such, Sandra Fluke is on the case, by the way. She knows well that Karen Dobner should have had access to contraception and to that pregnancy termination she was denied so many years ago. Unburdened by being punished with a baby, she would have avoided the sudden shock of that random post-natal abortion by car accident last year. She would not now be molesting Rand Paul. We need Obama’s healthcare reform.

  39. I’m sympathetic to the grief of a mother, even if it is employed in the cause of the loathsome, totalitarian, and hopeless War on Drugs.

    I am less sympathetic to others who advance the narrative that anyone who questions the War on Drugs is responsible for drug deaths. Fuck them. See, e.g, an “ethics” blogger on Whitney Houston:…..y-houston/

    1. I am just excited that Popehat has commented on my blog post! But also yes, that guy is absurd. Definitely more sympathetic to a mourning mother, even when she is clearly wrong.

  40. without completely kicking the dead in the face.

    Just don’t pee on them.

  41. I regret having to be the one to tell you this because this is a lesson you should have learned years ago, but there is no blood on my hands at all. If anything the blood is on YOUR hands because YOU want actual marijuana classified as a drug which is the only reason the synthetic stuff exists in the first place.

    Your son was careless and his carelessness cost him his life. You don’t want to admit it but that that is too bad – of all the possible third parties that could exist, YOU are the only one with any possible guilt for not doing a good enough job of raising your child to make better choices. If it makes you feel any better, I don’t think you nor anyone else should have to pay any debt to society for the death of your son.

  42. She has also started a blog and newsletter

    I have half a mind to visit this person’s blog just so I go White Indian on her stupid ass, but I’m sure the feeling will pass in nine months.

    1. nine-months or 6million troll-posts, whichever comes first.

  43. Mad Mothers are one of our greatest threats to liberty in this country.

  44. Anything else he does will be publicized by us. Every time somebody dies we will hold him accountable.”

    So Rand Paul is responsible every time someone, somewhere, makes a choice to throw their own lives away? Because if synthetic marijuana were illegal, little (adult) Max, would have said “oh no, this substance is a Schedule 1 drug! If I’m caught with it, I’ll go to prison and get my sphincter turned into a glazed donut!”

    Karen, next time, if there is a next time, breed smarter kids.

  45. Karen Dobner is an idiot as was her son.

  46. Someone should explain to this woman, that her son died BEFORE Sen. Rand opposed the legislation.

  47. Rand Paul has gained some respect in my eyes, standing up to a woman screaming “THINK OF THE CHILDREN” because she didn’t raise her son to effectively consider the risks and consequences of his actions. Good for him.

  48. I just went to the website of the foundation this woman started and left the following message:

    I’m sorry for Max’s death, however Rand Paul is doing the right thing by holding up the change of fake weed to a Schedule I substance. I will let Rand Paul know that I hope he stands firm on his decision.

    Your son died because he was irresponsible and immature. The drug-taking was simply a symptom of those facts. Your advocacy of widening the scope of the already evil and failed War on Drugs is both sad and dangerous. I hope you fail, and I will do everything I can to make sure you do. I’m not optimistic that you can be stopped, since nanny-statism is rampant in this country these days, but all I can do is try. I just want you to know that I oppose your foundation’s goal 100%.

    I hope you find peace with your son’s death, and leave the rest of the country out of it.

    1. I am copy pasting that message to her and I recommend all the bastards on this site to do as well.

    2. I agree, also you can mention how criminalizing other drug has not stopped their use. E.g. cocaine and heroin are illegal, the last time I checked people still used them.

    3. She’s nothing more than a paranoid pearl clutching puritan who loves to scream “WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?” I wonder where her sympathy is for the thousands of parents in the US and Latin who have lost children due to state sponsored Drug War violence? Oh that’s right, those kids don’t count because in the eyes of the lily white pearl clutchers they were just “collateral damage.”

    4. I wrote a similarly worded comment on their website, but it appears they delete most comments that don’t agree with them. Did they allow your message to remain?

      Interestingly enough, even though the they deleted the comment, Mrs. Dobner actually responded to me. Below are some quotes from her emails for your enjoyment:

      Proving its actually her:
      “And, I never said that Rand Paul was to blame for my son’s death.”

      Maybe its an “epidemic”??!:
      “Law enforcement, military, medical professionals and those like myself that are unfortunate to be on the front lines all report that they are seeing things that they have never seen before with other drugs. It’s a new problem and when the reports/science comes in, I expect an email from you apologizing for insulting me after I’ve spent all day, every day of my life trying to help others instead of wasting my…

      1. existence, like you, being a negative energy. “- i never insulted her and she’ll be waiting a long time

        “The fact that someone like you is alive and my beautiful, respectful, loving Max is dead is proof that life’s not fair. ”

        just funny:
        “Nearly everyone that knew Max has said that he was the closest thing to a perfect human that they have ever known. You have no idea what you are talking about. ”

        just mean lashing out:
        “I don’t spend everyday of my life working for this cause (for free, by the way) for the fun of it. I do it to help save others the pain that I have to live with. When you are a grown up, clearly you’re not, you will understand how foolish you are. Hopefully, you will do something good for our society instead of horas people who are the last ones that deserve more grief. Another words, at this point, you are a sorry ass example of our young people…

        1. …and I hope that some day you turn your life around and stop spreading your hate. We all expected greatness from Max and I doubt that anyone would say that about someone like you.”

          After attempting to re-comment and having that deleted too, I wrote her back, which caused her to realize she had crossed some lines, so she claims she is too busy to respond to any questions, and deletes any further comments regardless of their content.

          People like this don’t want to actually argue their stances. They realize they’re probably wrong. Silence debate, control the message, and pump up the emotions!

          You can get a law named after you, too!!!

  49. All Power to the Imagination!

  50. There’s always blood on his hands. But it’s menstrual blood because Rand is into to some freaky, freaky shit, man.

  51. Now there is a dude that knows what is going on. WOw.

  52. The mother is blaming someone else for the FREE choice her son made? Would love to see her on the witness stand being questioned about what type of values, ethics,morality did she instill in her son? Did he know how to read labels? If so was he in the habit of ignoring the warning labels?

    And on the her website she even notes the packages are stamped ‘Not for Human Consumption’. Then she says is stamped on the packaging to bypass FDA rules. Actually it’s stamped on the package because its NOT for human consumption!!!

  53. Rand Paul is a chip off the ol block. Good for him.

    How many laws are repealed each year? How many are created?
    Add those two figures together and…


  54. For what it’s worth, my family has a bit of experience with drug death. My cousin (whom I was closest to of all my cousins in a large Catholic family) died last summer from a heroin overdose.

    If you want to know how normal people react, everyone was made at him. We had to help his parents bury their son, help his younger brother deal with being the one to break down the door and see him dead, help his sick grandmother through a drive from Florida to Ohio and back, and bring his girlfriend back from work in China weeping hysterically. His parents were undoubtedly like many Americans and thought that heroin should be illegal, but no one, for even a moment, tried to blame a popular figure or thought that illegality would make drugs unattainable or even scarce. It’s a profoundly awful mix of anger, guilt and sadness, not an excuse for an agenda.

    1. Well put, Amakudari.

      I had a first cousin who was shot and killed by his dealer (I’m not sure of the specific substance involved), who then buried him in a shallow grave and kept his secret for two years. My earliest impressions of my aunt were formed during those two years, and she was an absolute mess for much of that time. That’s a long time to be left hanging as to the whereabouts of your son.

      After my cousin’s body was found, it was learned that there had (unsurprisingly) been disputes over payment, carless disclosure of the dealer’s identity, etc. Essentially, my cousin Jeff might still be alive today if his recreational proclivities hadn’t been relegated to the seedy and dangerous atmosphere of the black market. I fully believe that, and it seems a much more cogent stance than wishing these problems away with the aid of the state.

  55. If the city council where she lives had built a road where that house was, the boy would still be alive. Case closed. The city council should be arrested and sued. Clearly they are responsible for his death. Not Rand Paul.

  56. No one to blame ….. only herself ! ! !

  57. I can’t create rules for my household or competently raise my kid, so the government must do it for me. The kid obviously came from bad DNA stock and something like this was bound to happen eventually.

  58. Hopefully Darwin got him before he reproduced.

  59. She’s just another victim starting a new career on the pity parade. She will make money now giving talks and crying on Oprah. She’s making money off her dead son. She wants other people to admire her because she’s making money off her dead son. While she’s at it, I think she needs to make sure that college kids who can’t control themselves, BY LAW, only have access to cars with syn-pot breathalyzers and 25 mph governors. Everything can be fixed by another law, and she’s not digging very deep here.

  60. Shouldn’t society restrict access to dangerous drugs until minors turn 21? Once folks are 21, stupid is as stupid does.
    If this fake weed was shown to cause cancer like red dye #5 the government would disallow its sale. I say the government has a role to play here.

  61. “We’re all young and stupid in college.”

    Speak for yourself. Some of us were/are young and brilliant.

  62. Isn’t there a law against driving 100 mph and crashing into a room where a baby could be sleeping?

    When people start following those laws maybe we can go to the next step…


  64. Mommy Dearest says “Max was very responsible” … while she tries to excuse her parenting absence and blame Rand Paul for her’s son’s death. The “BS Meter” pegs out here… a college student, eligible to vote, serve the military, enter into contracts faces the consequences of self-inflicted stupidity, and “Mommy Dearest” abdicates her parenting responsibility, and deflects attention to Rand Paul. What a nut job!.

  65. I would encourage this woman to seek information on Portugal’s approach to drugs over the last decade.

    I am sympathetic for the loss of her son, but her response is illogical.

  66. So by her rational we should ban all alcohol because people die drinking and driving?

  67. And perhaps if the natural plant were legal then the synthetic stuff would never have been developed to fill the legal void. You can’t legislate morality!

  68. In addition to the many societal costs of prohibition, it has a long history of driving the spread of harder or more dangerous drugs.

    Marijuana to skunk, to dangerous synthetic concoctions – such as spice or bath salts.
    Poppies to morphine, to heroine, to krokodil.
    Coca to cocaine, to crack.
    Ephedra to ephedrine, to speed, to methamphetamine.
    Mushrooms to ecstasy, to 2CB/designers.

    It is now the duty of every last one of us to insure that the people who are responsible for this shameful situation are not simply left in peace to enjoy the wealth and status that their despicable actions have, until now, afforded them. Former and present Prohibitionists must not be allowed to remain untainted and untouched from the unconscionable acts that they have viciously committed on their fellow citizens.

    Those responsible shall not go unpunished!

  69. Maybe the worst thing for Dobner is there isn’t anyone to blame at all for the loss of her child.

    I disagree. She just isn’t willing to admit that his death was entirely his own fault.

  70. Just another person failing to take responsibility for what they taught their child and the behavior their child decided to partake in. I’ve had anxiety attacks before while driving, you pull over and try to relax, not go 100 mph into a house. I understand the woman is upset, she lost a son but I’m sorry to say, its nobody’s fault but his own. Maybe if marijuana in natural form wasn’t illegal, this synthetic crap wouldn’t exist. It’s not natural and its dangerous, joining the army of other manmade synthetic drugs that harm people.

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