Glenn Reynolds, Robert Zubrin Talk "Merchants of Despair" and Environmentalism's Real Agenda


Instapundit Glenn Reynolds recently talked with Merchants of Despair author Robert Zubrin about what the latter calls the new "dismal science": environmentalist attempts to control human population.

It's a lively conversation. Watch by clicking above or going here.

And read Zubrin's "How Much is an Astronaut's Life Worth?," his contribution to February's special space issue (click below to read the whole megillah).

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  1. ‘UFO fragment’ falls from sky in Siberia.  It’s raining spy men man’s technology


    1. “…..coin detected in pocket!”

  3. Make with the morning links already.

  4. Cue the AGW script “in the 1970’s we didn’t have a CONSENSUS!!!!!”

  5. Does anyone take Scientific American seriously anymore? Once upon a time it was a serious publication.

    1. I only read Shermer’s Skeptic column. Since I found I could do this in ten minutes while sitting in a Barnes & Nobles, I nixed my subscription.

    2. It’s definitely not what it once was, and it’s pretty political at times. Which makes no damned sense.

  6. I’m enjoyed reading Zubrin’s work.

    1. Also speaking well good.

      1. Perhaps it would be wise to come back after the concussion has had a chance to heal.

    2. His focus is admirable, but he has a tendency to totally dismiss even good arguments if they get in the way of his goals. At least, it seems that way to me. He seems to have lately loosened up on the idea that only the state can get us to the planets, which I always thought was a flaw in his plan.

      Mars Direct is a great idea, though, and I think we’ll see pieces of it in action when we finally get to Mars. Musk mentioned the absolute need to refuel locally in his recent discussion of an eventual manned Mars mission.

      1. I don’t agree with all of his views, but it makes for a good read. And yes, Mars Direct is so much better than what NASA would end up doing.

  7. That Instapundit episode made the main points in the first 2 or so minutes and then just went over-long. The interviewee should have avoided the early mention of the Nazis; he should not have dressed like a survivalist (flannel, hat); and his excessive blinking indicates either mental illness or lying.

    Also: as much as I have my doubts about the environmental movement, making the case that they want to eradicate all humans is taking the argument to the extreme.

    In any event, the growth rate of humanity looks set to level off and may well start declining. All the while technology makes supporting what population there is, ever easier.

  8. All Power to the Imagination!

  9. Stop reaffirming my need to donate to Reason. Seriously, I’m finding that all the authors, thinkers and performers who I came upon in college and shaped my world view are somehow linked to Reason. Michael Shermer, John Stossel, Drew Carey, Penn & Teller, and now Robert Zubrin all helped me get past the stupid…”government can do it”, phase most high schoolers go through. Still haven’t read any of Rand’s stuff, and don’t intend to. The Objectivists that I’ve met remind me too much of the Scientologists that I’ve met.

    As for the topic at hand. My brother-in-law and my wife’s uncle spout a lot of this kind of “cull the population” BS. It doesn’t go over well with a bunch of Catholics (my wife’s side) and a bunch of opinionated wise ass libertarians (my immediate family). But we do enjoy busting on them.

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