An Atheist Billboard in Brooklyn


American Atheists have unveiled a billboard directed at Williamsburg, Brooklyn's extremely devout Hasidic Jewish community with the provocative statement, "You know it's a myth. And you have a choice."

Reason TV correspondent Kennedy braved the 'Burg to ask the locals how they feel about atheists prosthelytizing from signs in the sky. Later, Kennedy had a feisty conversation in an active junkyard with American Atheists President Dave Silverman, mere steps away from the controversial billboard.

American Atheists will be holding their Reason Rally (no relation to Reason) on March 24th, 2012 at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

About 2 minutes. Produced by Anthony L Fisher. 

Music: "Fresh Born (Deerhoof cover)" by Nick Hennies 

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  1. Don’r tell Doherty and the Paultards. They think Ron Paul is God.

    In fact, he’s blowhard hypocrite:….._blog.html

    ? Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), a GOP presidential hopeful, paid more than $300,000 in salaries or fees to his daughter, brother, grandson, daughter’s mother-in-law, granddaughter and grandson-in-law, the report said. (Paul spokesman Jesse Benton told the Times: “Any implication that there is anything inappropriate is wildly off base.”)

    1. Gee, what happened to the preceding paragraph from the story, Maxie-pad? Did you conveniently gloss over it because you’re a Paul-hating leftist faggot? Or were you rushing to get your post done before mommy comes in and catches you on the computer during naptime?

      1. Your head is so far up your ass yoy fart saliva. You think because other asshole politicians feather their families beds, it’s okay for your libertarian hero to do it too? Fucking zombie. You’re a libertarian only because the Moonies didn’t get to you first.

        1. Now there’s a compelling argument. As compelling as any other leftist diatribe, I suppose.

          1. You can just fucking ignore Ron Paul’s corruption, can’t you?

            1. Oh and another thing, please lick my asshole before my mom comes down to the basement and catches me jerking off at naked pictures of the president. Please send nude photos of yourself (only men should apply, woman YUCK)

      2. Just ignore it sloopy, same tired ass routine this dipshit has been peddling for years. The only reason they don’t ban him is because he makes Tony look like a genius by comparison.

        1. You know, SF, for once I think I’m gonna take that advice.

          1. Study:

            Ron Paul’s House seat enriches his family


    2. Max|6.24.10 @ 3:29PM|#

      Go suck ron puals dick, morons. You peeple are fucking retarded. I`m done coming to this wingnut sight. this is my last post.

      1. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out

      2. Good riddance, fuck off crybaby you won’t be missed. If only the other leftards would leave this board.

    3. Take your weak-ass buillshit someplace else. That has nothing to do with this article.

    4. A commenter at the top of the article’s comments notes: “Well done, libertasautmors.

      ‘… Rep. Ron Paul’s campaign (R-TX) paid six relatives salaries or fees….’

      Make note of the word: ‘campaign’. He paid his family from campaign finances…not tax dollars. And he paid them because they are working diligently as members of his campaign.

      You so carelessly omitted this fact O’Keefe…nice piece of slander.”

      1. And from study the VERY ARTICLE REFERENCES:

        “Rep. Paul’s CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE, Committee to Re-elect Ron Paul, paid salaries to his
        daughter, his grandson, his daughter’s mother-in-law, his granddaughter, his grandson-in-law,
        and another relative(sic). In addition, his CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE reimbursed the congressman and
        several other relatives and paid his brother’s accounting firm. Finally, Rep. Paul’s LEADERSHIP POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE (PAC), Liberty PAC, reimbursed the congressman, paid his brother’s
        accounting firm, and paid his daughter a salary….

        1. ….(Continued from above comment)….

          Ron Paul (self):
          ? During the 2008 election cycle, Rep. Paul’s campaign committee reimbursed Rep. Paul
          $4,466 for travel, gift and food expenses.
          ? During the 2008 election cycle, Rep. Paul’s leadership PAC reimbursed Rep. Paul $437
          for travel expenses.
          ? During the 2010 election cycle, Rep. Paul’s campaign committee reimbursed Rep. Paul
          $6,676 for flags, meals, and unspecified expenses.
          ? During the 2010 election cycle, Rep. Paul’s leadership PAC reimbursed Rep. Paul $1,001
          for unspecified expenses.

          Carol Paul (wife):
          ? During the 2010 election cycle, Rep. Paul’s campaign committee reimbursed Ms. Paul
          $1,356 for unspecified expenses.

          So Max, your complaint of hypocrisy is wildly ignorant and uninformed. There is nothing wrong for family to reimbursed for expenses incurred in the course of election campaigns.

          1. Forgot to mention, the emphasis in capitals is all mine.

  2. Another atheism thread.

    Should be good for 400 comments.

    1. Would you rather live in Brooklyn or in Gaza?

      1. Would you rather live in Brooklyn or in Gaza?

        Don’t rush me, I’m thinking about it…

        1. shit you are slow. Try this one: Chicago Deep Dish or NY Style.

          1. NY Style. With tabasco sauce. All the fuckin’ way.

      2. I live in Brooklyn and it’s quite nice. Not so much the areas where the Hadisics live, because they’re mostly on welfare and don’t take especially good care of their property. Not that that’s relevant to them being harassed about their beliefs.

    2. Who’s running the pool?

  3. Not to mention a racist sack of shit.

    1. Yes, Obama most certainly is… and your point?

      1. ^^^This^^^

      2. That white kid who some black kids taunted with racial epithets while pouring gasoline and lighting him on fire looks nothing like me, nor any guy I would allow Malia to bring home, so that hate crime can’t be that important.

      3. I guess the narrative on the FL shooting got all fucked up when it turns out the guy is half Spanish with black relatives. This came out after the Golfer in Chief opened his mouth and turned a homicide into a national issue. I wonder if this will lead to a beer summit for the team blue messiah. In my case … DRINK!

        Then the next sorry part of the tragedy is the dishonesty of the media. The kid who was killed was 17 and weighed in near 200lbs. The pic was from when he was 13. Looks like the guy who killed him should go away, but does team blue really need to bring the race hustler’s out over something that has already destroyed two families?

        DRINK MORE!

        1. The real story is that Zimmerman was a wannabe cop, but forgot that sovereign immunity doesn’t kick in until AFTER you have the badge.

          Ignorance of the law = perfect cop.

          1. Or the real story is Zimmerman had a head full of stupid slogans like ‘an armed society is a polite society’ (and everyone is a wannabe cop!) but forgot all the delicate political reasoning that supposedly undergirds that dubious assertion. When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

            The race angle is a red herring for simpletons. The Trayvon Martin case is a real test of some of the more beloved libertarian positions e.g. introducing guns into social intercourse doesn’t change a whole lot of other variables we might prefer to take for granted. Sorry, guys, but Zimmerman seems to me like an embodiment of all the tools around here who respond to every mass shooting with the declaration that if only there were an armed vigilante, none of this would have happened. Well, Zimmerman is that guy.

            1. Sorry, but I am not aware of an argument for “armed vigilantes.” Armed CITIZENS, so they can defend themselves if ATTACKED, yes. However, when the man chose to PURSUE the kid and CONFRONT HIM WITH A GUN, it’s pretty clear who the aggressor is here. I’ll give you two guesses and a hint(Hint: it’s not the kid.)

            2. Or the real story is Zimmerman had a head full of stupid slogans like ‘an armed society is a polite society’

              I’d be interested in knowing what interview or psychological profile or Post-it note this “information” came from.

              The Trayvon Martin case is a real test of some of the more beloved libertarian positions e.g. introducing guns into social intercourse

              Who at Reason has advocated for guns as a means of conversation?

              Sorry, guys, but Zimmerman seems to me like an embodiment of all the tools around here who respond to every mass shooting with the declaration that if only there were an armed vigilante, none of this would have happened.

              Seriously, what, if any, point are you trying to make?

            3. Social or otherwise, I like my intercourse with firearms

  4. I see nothing wrong with the sign. The video, OTOH, was kinda dumb.

  5. So now that atheists are becoming every bit as obnoxious as religious proselytizers, is there some term that we can use to denote people who don’t believe in God but aren’t total assholes about it?

    1. Yes: Atheists Like Authoritatively Anonymous (ALAA, pronounced “ah-lah”).

    2. Un-thiests?

    3. Oh yes. A billboard promoting your POV is every bit as obnoxious as book burnings and harassing women entering family planning centers.

      Hugh, I love you like a neighbor that I’ve never had to call the cops on, but get bent.

      1. Actually, its exactly the same as protesting outside a family planning center. After all, that is merely promoting a POV. Calling someone a “baby murderer” to their face may be tacky, but it is a POV. I dont see how its different from that billboard. Is doing it in written form somehow better?

        1. No, it’s because the baby killer Hellers are christfags.


          1. Why drag my name into this shit?

        2. Both activities are equally legitimate, but the billboard is merely asking the person to consider a philosophical alternative. Calling someone a ‘baby killer’ is asking them to make a different decision that will impact them in many external ways to which they will have no control. Having a kid is a big effing deal, and as the ardently pro-life Gary North points out, he never sees these protesters offering to cover the cost of the decision they want the person to consider.

      2. You’re right, a billboard isn’t nearly as bad as suing to get nativity scenes taken down, suing to get the word “god” removed from anywhere it appears, or suing because your kid had to read something that had the word “god” in it.

        Some atheists will leave you the fuck alone if you just promise to return the favor.

        1. Like this one. I don’t give a fuck what people believe until they start trying to push it onto me through stupid laws. Knock on my door and ask me about some religion? I’ll politely tell you I’m not interested. Pass a law that restricts my freedom because your holy book says to? I’ll tell you to go fuck yourself.

          1. There have been at least as many restrictive laws passed in the name of secular humanism as in the name of religion.

            1. And I’ll tell them to go fuck themselves, too.

              1. +1000

        2. This. If a Christian group, or any other, made a billboard with similar language, to get their message across, I’m fine with it, and don’t consider it obnoxious in the least. Even when including fire and brimstone. For that to offend me, I would have to believe in it to some degree.

          1. If? The roadsides are congested with christian billboards around here.

        3. Atheist have only sued to stop religious proselytizing by government agencies with taxpayer money. A nativity display on private property is one thing. A nativity display on the courthouse lawn is another. Atheists do not try to drive religion out of the public space. They try to maintain the separation of church and state. There’s a difference. A billboard paid for by private (non-govt.) funds is just an exercise of free speech.

          Atheists do not try to censor the word “god” wherever it appears. Only to combat state funded or state sanctioned religious indoctrination, in accordance with the first amendment.
          State mandated Atheism would be just as grievous a violation of the first amendment as state mandated Christianity.

      3. Oh yes. A billboard promoting your POV is every bit as obnoxious as book burnings and harassing women entering family planning centers.

        Book burnings? When and where?
        And if they’re not preventing women from entering the abortion clinic, are they not entitled to speak their mind in public? (And it was unconstitutionally found to be illegal, as I can attest to)

        And I know plenty of atheists who are pro-life who have protested right along with me.

        1. A billboard is less obnoxious than yelling in people’s faces. Abortion clinic protests are intended to be obnoxious (and so is the billboard, I guess, but passive obnoxiousness that you can look away from is definitely less obnoxious than someone yelling at you and calling you a murderer).

          1. I’ll take a page out of the guy in the video’s book: “Well, it is murder.”

            1. Sure. But it’s still obnoxious. Isn’t that the point of noisy protests?

              1. Meh. I guess so. But I’m still trying to get Warren’s point, and I’m having a hard time doing so.

                Maybe it was just the “book burning” and “harassing women” comments that set me off. First off, when was the last book burning by Christians against atheists? And second, I fail to see how offering someone literature while not impeding their progress is harassment. If so, then I should have people asking me to sign petitions outside of Walmart arrested for harassing me.
                And another thing. He uses inflammatory language because he disagrees with the protesters, but it’s an inaccurate characterization of what has been done in the past. (The ones who form human chains are always arrested, and rightfully so…as opposed to the human chains the OWSers form to prevent people from getting to work without charge)

                1. How do you burn nothing?

                  1. Light a vacuum pump on fire?

                2. Out here in mid Missoura, a year doesn’t go by that some christian group doesn’t hold a good old fashion book burning over Potter/Twilight/Whatev.

                  People that scream “You’re killing your baby” at women walking into Planned Parenthood are douche-bags.

                  Atheists aren’t even in the same obnoxious league as bible thumpers. Indeed provocative billboards is as close to obnoxious as atheists get.

                  1. Potter and Twilight deserve to burn. I don’t believe in god but I believe in taste.

                3. http://www.amazinggracebaptist…..ad100.html
                  I know I’m a little late, but book burnings are never “against” atheists, as atheists don’t care. It’s just a circlejerk.

          2. Abortion clinic protests are intended to be obnoxious

            Anecdote incoming:

            I drive by the local planned parenthood on my way to and from work on a fairly regular basis. The anti-abortion/pro-life/whatever protesters are mostly old people and stay-at-home women and children. They stand on, or away from the sidewalk and hold their signs. Never seen, or heard of them doing any yelling or screaming at anyone.

            1. All babies want to get bored.

        2. Weren’t book burnings sponsored by the Wilson administration, or did the Euro national socialists have to think that one up themselves?

        3. This is more like Nazis marching in Skokie (is that the right place?)

          1. You had to watch that stupid movie in high school as well, didn’t you?

            Oh, and I hate Illinois Nazis.

            1. Man, did you just call the Blues Brothers a stupid movie?

              Oh, those other Illinois Nazis.

              1. No, the movie about Skokie we were all forced to watch in the mid 80’s. The Blues Brothers was one of the finest films of all time.

          2. Yes — it was Skokie.

    4. National Association of Amicable Atheists… NAAA

    5. I’m somewhat disappointed that no one has made an Allied Atheist Alliance joke yet.

      1. I was going to say something about militant agnostics who want to force everybody to drink only Dr. Pepper, but I couldn’t get the wording quite right.

      2. No! We are the right thinking atheists. Our answer to the great question is the most logical. Science Damn You!

      3. Scroll down. I should have read the entire thread before posting.

    6. areligionists

    7. Nontheist is pretty good.

    8. Secular Americans Totally Atheist Network.

      1. Logical Understanding Cognitive Intelligent Fellows Eradicating Repression

    9. Fundamentalist Atheists, i.e., Fundies.

      Or Evangelical Atheists

      1. …or


        1. More fiber would probably do you some good.

    10. The Allied Atheist Alliance.

    11. Agnostics. Not to be confused with Militant Agnostics who hold that “I don’t know, and you don’t either”

    12. Kennedy wrote a compelling treatise on this very subject……..a-religion

    13. So now that atheists are becoming every bit as obnoxious as religious proselytizers

      Becoming? That ship sailed ages ago. I’m decidedly irreligious, but the proselytizing atheist is much worse than his believer counterpart. It’s long been my experience that your typical committed atheist is a smug and sneering ball of Maherian hate when faced with the religious or less committed even when the subject is something other than the man in the sky (this goes double for atheists in the public eye). At least the religious are capable of staying pleasant, Mel Gibson excepted.

      Militant atheism is also a drag. This is probably the major reason why, despite increasing secularization and decreasing private spirituality, a lot of people just won’t consider themselves an atheist even if the definition fits them to a T. Why would you want to be associated with those goons?

    14. “Evangelical Atheism” works, and tends to send them into a sputtering rage.

  6. The title should be “An Atheist Billboard in King Arthur’s Court.”

  7. Not sure I like the practice of trying to interview random people on the street.

    “A dozen, twelve…”

    That exchange was pretty funny though.

  8. I don’t get it? And by “it,” I mean the horribly produced video.

    For fucks sake, Try producing something that’s long enough for us to get some context and detail of the story you are covering. This was a chopped up smattering of shit.

    1. Chopped up smattering of shit or not, put Kennedy in it wearing tight pants and I will watch it.

      1. Shudder.

        Kennedy’s got a body made for radio.

        1. PWNED!

          1. I have yet to see anything on the Reason website that Kennedy is a part of that hasn’t drastically lowered the level of intelligent discourse on this site. I want more of that hot college chick that interviewed Matt Damon!

      2. I think they might have gotten more (any?) community people willing to respond if Kennedy had been wearing NOT yoga pants.

    2. “There are atheists in your community and the want to convert them to atheism.”
      Were the Reason writers on strike during pre-production?

    3. chopped up smattering of shit

      Good metal band name.

      1. This is patently untrue. How the balls are you supposed to shout/chant chopped up smattering of shit at a show? At the very minimum it needs to abbreviate well or have a decent acronym. CUSOS? No. Chopped up? 3 syllables, that could work, maybe.

        Why not just go for parsimony and call yourselves chopped up? Unoriginal, but at least it doesn’t take you 20 fucking minutes to say it.

        1. What? “Smattering of Shit” is obviously the stronger half of that name. And chanting “SOS” so works.

          1. Scatological song titles/band names are way too elementary school for the self-respecting metaller.

            1. Double entendres, on the other hand…

        2. ChUpSmo’Sh would do. Maybe with an umlaut here or there.

          1. Dirk Smo’sh– rhythm guitar/vocals
            Gunther Smo’sh– lead guitar/vocals
            Udo Smo’sh– bass/backing vocals
            Klondike das Scooter– drums

  9. Fundi Atheists who actually give a shit what other people believe.

    I am getting the suspicion that militant atheists actually do believe in an after life and they are scared people will not get into it if they do not revoke their belief in god.

    1. Say what?

    2. “…militant atheists…”
      What the fuck is that?

      1. Just like armed pacifists.

      2. They don’t believe in God and you better not either motherfucker!

        1. Fibertarians don’t believe in fairness and empathy and you better not either motherfucker!

      3. I would say Hitchens and Dawkins.

        If you are talking about people here that would include Shrike, Fluffy and Akira.

        basically atheists who think it is vitally important that other people become atheists and that every one who is not an atheist must be exposed as wrong.

        One aspect about it is in secular America religion has very little control over a persons life while other beliefs like say deficit spending grows the economy has far reaching effects…yet a militant atheist will put importance on whether one believes in religion rather then say the importance of supporting deficit spending.

        Another example is that a militant atheist will think teaching evolution is more important then school choice.

        Apparently students being able to multiply and read, things they will use in real life, is less important then them understanding that humans descended from apes millions of years ago.

        1. Aaaahhh, you’re one of them thumper fucks….a militant fundie.

    3. …or Fibertarians who actually give a shit what other people believe.

  10. Freedom of speech can be a real bitch sometimes.

    1. I guess so, but the only person who got the red ass in the video was the guy who put up the signs. Teh Jooz seemed uninterested.

      1. Oh yeah. They are pretty darn hard to get excited about anything. Stoic as motherfuckers. The are professional ignorers.


        When Hasidics Attack!…

        There were street fights over who was going to take over the synogogue.

        I watched.~! good times.

      2. Addmitedly, I didn’t watch the video.

  11. American Atheists have unveiled a billboard directed at Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s extremely devout Hasidic Jewish community… “You know it’s a myth. And you have a choice.”

    I live 4 blocks away. Did not notice. Don’t drive much.

    That said = fuck these twats. Mind your goddamn business.

    Its worth pointing out the Satmar hasidics in south williamsburg are not even the proselytizin’ ones. Those would be the Lubavich, who are mostly in Crown Heights. Them with the Mitzvah Tanks, and the ‘Are you Jewish?’ on the street to everybody. If you’re going to be assholes over someone’s religion, at least bother the ones who play the same game, trying to shove shit down your throat. These guys are just harassing people who happen to all live in the same hood, and look funny. Yeah, free speech, etc. But still. Its about as cool as the Landover Baptist Punks.

    1. ..or Fibertarians.

      That said = fuck these twats. Mind your goddamn business.

      If you’re going to be assholes over someone’s economics, at least bother the ones who play the same game, trying to shove shit down your throat. These guys are just harassing people who happen to all live in the same hood, and look funny. Yeah, free speech, etc. But still. Its about as cool as the Landover Baptist Punks.

      1. fuck you jackass

      2. Far more originality than is typical of your comments.

    2. Its worth pointing out the Satmar hasidics in south williamsburg are not even the proselytizin’ ones.

      I thought Judaism wasn’t a proselytizing religion to start with.

      1. It’s not. The Lubavich with the Mitzvah tanks aren’t trying to make you Jewish either, they only target Jews who aren’t religious and try to convert them to Lubabs. I have the benefit of looking Spanish and never get stopped by them – one time I actually walked up and said I’m Jewish – the guy looked awfully confused

  12. Nihilists! Fuck me. I mean, say what you like about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.

  13. Fucking Kennedy videos. Here, something with Jews that’s worth watching.

    1. “No shellfish!”

      (slams door)

    2. That wasn’t a Mel Brooks clip at all. I am disappoint.

      1. I was hoping for Seinfeld.

  14. Yo, I just want to know how I can git one of dem dope ass hats!

    1. Send me a cashier’s check for $100,000, or go steal one.

  15. These anti-religionists give atheists a bad name.

    1. …or Fibertarians

      These anti-empathizers give liberty a bad name.

  16. Love it.

  17. An Atheist Billboard Grows in Brooklyn

    I haz a sad that the Maya Angelou joke was missed.

    1. I Know Why the Librarian Doesn’t Know Who Wrote the Book

      1. Sweet fuck, what a terrible mistake. Poor Maya Angelou. Fuck her good and hard tonight to make it up to her.

        1. At least you didn’t inflict your bell hooks fetish on us for a few minutes. You fucking pervert.

          1. Idiot. Everyone knows Sug is really a Toni Morrison fan.

            1. No, you laughable fool, it’s Tori Amos he’s into.

              1. No, you fucking idiot: Regina Spektor.

                1. You’re both wrong. It’s Ani DiFranco

            2. Lies! Terry McMillan or nothing!

          2. That would actually explain a lot.

          3. I totally thought bell hooks were some kind of S&M torture device.

    2. Betty Smith = Maya Angelou??!?!!???

  18. What’s with Reason hosting Kennedy’s anti atheism crusade anyway?

    1. A better question is “what’s with Kennedy’s anti-atheism crusade”? Attacking atheists is like attacking libertarians; it gives the majority a hardon and is completely stupid. “That tiny minority is taking over!”

      1. Apparently Reason decided that all the libraltarians needed to be balanced out with some red meat for the Hit and Runpublicans.

        Which is what has always irritated me about Kennedy. She has always been a kultur war conservative under a thin candy shell of unreconstructed Republican. They pop up every time a Democrat is in the White House.

        1. That and rising ammo costs are the worst parts about Democrat presidents. Fucking KULTURWAR morons.

        2. Which makes it even weirder that she was on MTV. Isn’t that the enemy in the culture war?

          1. Not when she was on it. Then it was the front line.

        3. What irritates me is the stupid one name that is actually a last name thing. I vaguely understand that she is someone from MTV from back in the Stone Age and thus it is probably too late to correct the error in judgement, but man that is a dumb thing to choose to go by.

          1. Wait, are you dissing Teller? Or, God forbid, Warrior?

            1. Surely she’s not daring to insult Infernus.

              1. Is Infernus a last name in your twisted world, retard?

                1. It’s my last name, you insensitive bitch. Jesus. Think before you other people like that.

                  1. Your unsavory existence could only be made possible via a pact with the devil, so this actually makes sense, you disgusting creature.

            2. I think it works better for men than for women. And Teller actually changed his name. I have heard that he may have the only US passport with only one name on it.

              1. Warrior also (for serious) changed his legal name to Warrior so he could dispute any trademarks wrestling organizations had on his name. His children all have Warrior as their last name.

                Real men of genius.

                1. I am officially going to change my name from Ken Mountain Dew Spicer to Ken Spicer Mountain Dew for the same reason.

                  1. Mountain Dew Spice, an exciting new chapter in disgusting soft drink technology.

                    1. Mountain Dew Spice? Just in time for that time of the year that I’m most dronish about trying new, exciting products. They get me!

                    2. If it turns your eyes wicked blue and gives you prescience powers, I’m in for a case!

        4. I thought the interview Kennedy gave made it pretty clear that they aren’t mocking the people -just their belief- using the Santa Claus analogy.

          Which was fair and balanced.


      2. I dunno, for some reason all Kennedy’s videos give me a hardon.

  19. Didn’t WTFV but I find it hard to get worked up either way. As far as trolling goes, the billboard is pretty weak tea. But there is nothing like religious beliefs or lack thereof to get people’s widdle feewings hurt.

    Someone, somewhere, thinks all of our personal beliefs, whatever they are, are ridiculous. It’s probably a good idea to come to terms with that fact.

    1. That’s ridiculous.

      1. It’s ridiculous that you think that’s ridiculous.

        1. You guys are both retarded.

          1. I am terribly offended by each and every one of your statements, and this matters for some reason.

            1. Okay now that’s crossing the line.

            2. It only matters because you have a vagina and are thus protected.

            3. I am offended by Dagny and Hugh.

    1. God, she’s ugly. Why do so many people seem to find her attractive?

      1. De gustibus non disputandum est.

      2. I think she’s both attractive and remarkably well-preserved.

    2. That link didn’t work for me, you must then be publicly mocked and shamed for it!

  20. Let them waste their money. A sign never hurt anyone. If your beliefs are so weak that a sign converted you, you are one weak minded fool.

    1. This.

    2. I’m sort of indifferent to the billboard.

      One the one hand it’s obnoxious teenage atheist hi-jinx; on the other, those Hasidim are BOMBARDED with undiluted Orthodox Jewish culture from birth– most neither watch TV nor use computers, and they’re forced to pray the livelong day. You may be underestimating the potential this message may have to influence some of the young captives.

  21. Thank Science atheists aren’t the only ones proselytizing via billboards. Wait, what was this about again?

    1. Which side of the Civil War was WV on again?

    2. I think proselytizing via billboards is beyond fucking retarded. There’s no way in hell, or the end of one’s existence (take your pick), someone living in America doesn’t know Christianity OR Atheism exist.

      1. You know who else was anti-billboard?

        1. Ladybird Johnson?

      2. This said, FWIW, there are different reasons to advertise. Coke doesn’t advertise because it wants more people to know it exists; Coke wants people to think about Coke more, and to know that lots of people like Coke. To that end, it’s successful.

        In that vein, I can understand billboards for religion. They’re highly visible, so even if the effects are on the margins — getting someone to go to church that Sunday or watch football and not feel bad — billboards can work.

      3. Young Orthodox Jews know of very little BUT Judaism.

    3. Also, isn’t treason punishable by death? This is leaps and bounds beyond “you have a choice.”

  22. That was a shit video. “….they are trying to find atheists and convert them to atheisim…”
    What the fuck is that?

    1. To atheism atheism.

    2. Apparently there are some who think atheists not only desire but need solidarity.

      There are even a few of those who think atheists like to be converted to atheism.

      All of which, by contrast, makes the holy trinity appear far more rational.

      1. …or Fibertarians

        Apparently there are some who think people not only desire but need to accept the Invisible Hand.

        There are even a few of those who think people like to be converted to believing in the Invisible Hand.

        All of which, by contrast, makes the holy trinity appear far more rational.

        1. Lol, ran outta steam on that last one, huh?

      2. I’m sure that rally they just held at the National Mall and proudly proclaimed the “largest gathering of secular people in history” will go miles to dispel the notion that atheists desire and need solidarity.

  23. Religious people should welcome this sort of thing as a test of faith. If you can’t handle people making fun of your religion or trying to make you renounce it, it can’t be much of a religion, can it? Hasidic Jews seem pretty confident.

    1. RomneyBot is programmed to deal with this.

  24. American Atheists will be holding their Reason Rally (no relation to Reason)

    I see what you did there…

  25. As far as trolling goes, the billboard is pretty weak tea.

    “Atheist” douche seems to have trolled himself into some kind of snake-handling frenzy. Dude’s swirling his head around like he’s on Springer and some whore-tot just said she peddles blowjobs at naptime.

    My ‘hood got the “Please don’t indoctrinate me with religion. Teach me to think for myself.” billboard with a the stock photo for “stupid-looking baby” on it.

    It’s in Comic Sans. On yellow.

    I’m converting to Islam.

    1. We might be better off if hell were real and it were punishment for using Comic Sans.

    2. I wish I could understand why people are so convinced that they need to tell everyone else what the fuck to think.

      I want to start a religion consisting of people who simply don’t want to bother anyone.

      1. Can I run the Christian sect?

      2. I want to start a religion consisting of people who simply don’t want to bother anyone.

        It’s called small-l libertarianism. We can’t even be bothered to join a political party. And yes, it’s a suicide pact.

      3. I want to start a religion consisting of people who simply don’t want to bother anyone.

        The church of staying off peoples lawn is 200 million strong…but no one has ever heard of us.

        You are welcome to join or whatever…we could care less.

      4. Tman|3.23.12 @ 3:09PM|#
        I wish I could understand why people are so convinced that they need to tell everyone else what the fuck to think.

        Meh. I could get into the details, but it basically comes down to money, shadow politics, and tribal fear. The pay is really not so bad either.

  26. “It has often been noted that a proof of God would be fatal to religion: a God susceptible of proof would have to be finite and limited; He would be one entity among others within the universe, not a mystic omnipotence transcending science and reality. What nourishes the spirit of religion is not proof, but faith, i.e., the undercutting of man’s mind.”

    1. What am I, Peikoff, chopped liver?

      1. “It has often been noted that a proof of the Invisible Hand would be fatal to capitalism: a Hand susceptible of proof would have to be finite and limited; It would be one entity among others within the universe, not a mystic omnipotence transcending science and reality. What nourishes the spirit of religion is not proof, but faith, i.e., the undercutting of man’s mind.”

        1. The “i know you are but what am I” tactic is exemplary. What effort you put into your repartee…! The wit… the insight!

  27. *sigh*

    So what are these atheists preaching now?

    1. So what are these Invisible Hand believers preaching now?

        1. Invisible masturbation. What the hell else would an invisible hand be good for?

  28. One of these days, people of all religious persuasions will realize that they’re better off not giving a shit about evangelical atheists. That day cannot come soon enough.

    1. evangelical atheists


      1. They hang with the trusting skeptics.

      2. From Webster’s:

        “Evangelical \??-?van-?je-li-k?l, ?e-v?n-\: marked by militant or crusading zeal”

        Yep, sounds about right for folks who waste their money on billboards like the above…

      3. e?van?gel?i?cal
        ? ?[ee-van-jel-i-kuhl, ev-uhn-]
        1. Also, e?van?gel?ic. pertaining to or in keeping with the gospel and its teachings.
        2. belonging to or designating the Christian churches that emphasize the teachings and authority of the Scriptures, especially of the new testament, in opposition to the institutional authority of the church itself, and that stress as paramount the tenet that salvation is achieved by personal conversion to faith in the atonement of Christ.
        3. designating Christians eschewing the designation of fundamentalist but holding to a conservative interpretation of the Bible.
        4. pertaining to certain movements in the Protestant churches in the 18th and 19th centuries that stressed the importance of personal experience of guilt for sin, and of reconciliation to God through Christ.
        5. marked by ardent or zealous enthusiasm for a cause.

        1. Yep, words have different meanings depending on context. Sometimes, word choice can be an indicator of irony or have additional subtexts.

          Good chat.

  29. Hey, why didn’t Kennedy talk to any of the Williamsburg Muslims?

    Oh yeah, she didn’t want to get raped.

  30. If a run amuck soldier put that up in Kabul, Obama would have to spologize, so there!

  31. Kennedy does not belong with Reason. Things are myths or lies regardless of whether or not someone believes it really hard. I have to admit that Kennedy’s role with recent has made me lose a certain level of respect for Reason.

    1. Thank Zeus, the all-Father, that I was already drinking a beer when I read that.

    2. Do you believe this strongly?

    3. Shorter Zachariah Pifer: Reason hired someone who doesn’t believe everything I believe. WAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

      1. Um, this video featured her failing on several occasions to interview a Hasidic Jew in the neighborhood, talking about “converting atheists to atheism,” and arguing about whether something is a myth or lie if someone believes it hard enough (hint: it is, categorically). Her previous foray into religious discussion was claiming that atheism is a religion, which is a childish and disingenuous statement.

        If she wants to talk about atheism and religion, fine. But this just doesn’t enhance the debate in any way.

        1. In other words, you didn’t want to hear it, so it was clearly not relevant.

          1. Can you read?

            I’m not annoyed that she’s a Christian libertarian. I’m annoyed because her contributions are low quality and nothing more than red meat for the worst aspects of the theism-atheism debate.

  32. Atheist Secular Society Haranguing Others Like Evangelicals

  33. I’m not really clear why we need to revisit atheism v religion on a political site. Libertarianism can be justified from either religious or atheistic premises. Can’t we just call anyone who wants to force you to subsidize their views an asshole, and be done with it?

    1. They want to force everybody to subsidize their taxi medallions, Land enTITLEments, and/or other government-forced privation property.

  34. One of the things that really drew me into Reason in the first place was its embrace of intellect. The pieces I agreed with and disagreed with alike seemed to have a common thread of wanting to think things instead of feeling them. This was especially refreshing in light of the fact that in my neck of the woods, most people expressing a limited government sentiment can be counted on to follow it up with some idiotic smear on “eggheads” or “elites,” and it was great to find an outlet that shared so much of my views on government without having to lump in a hate for rational stoicism.

    Then Kennedy showed up.

    Reason is going to get a lot less interesting if this trend continues. I hope this is just an experiment.

    1. Libertarians have always posited that they’re for intellect, as every group does. In reality, they’re the masters of whitewashing the initiation-of-aggression necessary to get the stuff they want.

    2. I get what you’re saying but I wouldn’t worry about it. The magazine is still really good. Hopefully, this type of stuff will stay internet only.

    3. Absolutely MCL. I’m a non-believer myself, but in a relationship with an evangelical christian, so yes, I am tolerant of other beliefs. And no, I don’t mind an intellectual discussion from a perspective other than mine.

      But Kennedy has the intellect of a small rodent, and she’s not even hot like that college reporter they’ve hired. I’m usually not very militant, but I am becoming militantly opposed to having to listen to the level of downright stupid that comes out of her mouth.

      If you’re a journalist and you’re not bright, you have to be at least good looking… one or the other… you can’t be unattractive and mindless and expect to succeed.

  35. What are those dang atheists going to do next, start evangelizing door-to-door?

  36. Allah, Stop Sloopy Hatin’ Our Libertarian Elite.

  37. I’d take Atheist groups more seriously if they stopped hitting soft targets like Christianity and Judaism every time and went after Islam from time to time. That may encourage some people to not view them as fucking pussies.

    1. Yes. 76% of the US population, and nearly 100% of its legislators, are a terribly pointless target. I mean, why even bother?

      1. I like how “soft targets” became “a terribly pointless target”. Well played. Would you care to misquote me in any other way?

        1. ….not the typically whiny “soft target” libertarian.

          1. I’m not conditioned to roll over when a double standard is created.

            1. Then you must not have been a young catholic boy.

    2. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are all Abrahamic religions worshiping the same child-sacrificing angry sky-god anyway, so what’s the difference?

      1. I’d say the biggest difference is the willingness to blow oneself up at a falafel stand patronized by kids.

  38. WWNS?

    What would Nietzsche say?

    Evangelical atheists are juvenile but not the worst buttinskies.

    1. What would Nina Hartley do?

      Evangelical libertarians are juvenile but not the worst buttinskies.

      1. “Juvenile” would elevate their status, as this one proves.

  39. Also, count me in among those baffled by Kennedy’s “contributions” to Reason. Just… why?

  40. Kennedy might have had better luck in interviewing the Hasidim had she worn a long skirt instead of SKIN TIGHT LEGGINGS. They had her pegged as a heathen before she opened her mouth. Fine if you’re just wandering about Brooklyn, but lacking insight if ones aim is to actually elicit responses from Orthodox Jews. They wouldn’t have given her simple street directions, in that get-up.

    1. Most Hasidim would be pretty hesitant to speak with a non-Hasidic woman, period, but you are spot on in that she should have dressed conservatively if she was at all serious about conducting an interview in Williamsburg. Dressing like one of the asshole hipsters who have moved to their neighborhood to get drunk and snort blow was just padding the score.

      1. I will admit to not even noticing the fact that she was wearing Yoga pants until you pointed it out.

        On so many levels, I don’t get the Kennedy fetish held by some on this sight.

  41. “It’s by a dump. It says ‘You know it’s a myth and you have a choice.’ ” lmfao.

    This is an awesome piece. It shows how close-minded and goofy both sides of the argument are. Love it. Also, Deerhoof is the shit. #justsayin

  42. Kennedy’s shrieking was infinitely more annoying than the billboard. Methinks someone is insecure about their long-held unquestioned Christian beliefs.

    1. “Methinks someone is insecure about their long-held unquestioned Christian beliefs.”
      There is a lot of that in many of these replies.

  43. I’m currently in DC for the Reason Rally and looking forward to hearing Mr. Silverman.

    1. Jamie Kilstein and Bill Maher in the same room? Now I’m convinced there’s no God.

  44. I also heard a similar billboard, except in Arabic, was put up in a neighborhood with a large Muslim community with very little controversy. The local CAIR leader said he didn’t agree with it but defended it as free speech and religion.

  45. You do have a choice, but you should know what the consequences are.

  46. All Power to the Imagination!

  47. I wholeheartedly support their right to do it. On a personal level, I disagree with the message and I’m not sure why they feel that they need to go out of their way to tear down the faith of others…this is wrong no matter who does it.

  48. Again, Kennedy just won’t get it. she is clearly hostile to the Atheist position. The colour blue is not a Architeuthis no matter how often some celebrity says it is. Atheism does not denote a religious belief anymore than not believing in faerie folk is a religious belief. Kennedy saying so shows either willful ignorance or some agenda of her own.

    1. I agree. We should all just have a circle jerk of middle aged white guys who are hostile to religion. Because wanting a government just big enough to protect individual rights is clearly a religious issue. That’s why most atheists are libertarians, after all.

  49. The only response to the people who put up thid billboard is this……..d-facepalm

    Why are you trying to annoy those people?

  50. This is total bullshit. I am a proud atheist. I am not an anti-theist. We just want to be left alone…not go after those that do no agree.

    1. I think the point of the billboard was not to attack believers, but to reach out to non-believers in a community where such non-believers would feel very isolated and fearful about expressing their skepticism. It’s easy to come out in a largely secular community. Balls hard to come out as an atheist in a severely conservative, insular religious community where you are likely to be shunned or ostracized for your non-belief.

  51. Hey Kennedy, how about you come to Kansas City and do man on the street interviews about all the ‘Accept Jesus or burn in Hell’ billboards you can’t drive for 5 minutes without seeing? You can take that War on Religion bullshit and kindly go fuck yourself.

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  53. Wow. Kennedy is just as grating, dense and smug today as she was on MTV. She is not an asset to Reason.
    Billboards promoting Christianity and other religions dot the landscape, and nobody calls them offensive or tries to strike them down. Why can’t an atheist group promote it’s message using the same medium?

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