Teachers Union and NAACP Sue NY Charter School: An Update on Bob Bowdon's Choice Media TV


"The teachers union in New York City got together with the NAACP and sued to essentially kick charter schools out of buildings," says Bob Bowdon, founder of education reform homepage Choice Media TV

Bowdon talks about the implications of this lawsuit and also about other education stories that his team has covered. He discusses one report addressing the racial achievement gap in Seattle, in which black kids from Africa performed better academically than black kids from America. 

"This kind of data was shocking to see," Bowdon says. "In this scenario it's not about race it's about culture, and what it essentially showed is that culture matters."

Bowdon also talks about his transition to new media and its advantages in today's journalism industry. 

About 5 minutes. Produced by Tracy Oppenheimer; Shot by Sharif Matar. 

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  1. Why do we have public sector unions at all again?

    1. Because the organized public sector is far more qualified to run stuff than the disorganized private sector, remember?

      1. Yes, it is coming back to me now. Also, something about as long as there is a Republican alive no public worker is safe.

    2. “Why do we have public sector unions at all again?”
      Because we live in a country of idiots.

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  2. I told you teh blacks were supposed to be sent back to Liberia.

    1. Another of Ron Paul’s newsletter writers emerges!

      1. So sweet how my neocon idolators know absolutely nothing about me.

        1. I can’t believe I lost to this guy!

  3. The Choice Media TV link requires a password?

  4. The NAACP is now suing to prevent black children from getting a decent education. Is there a group that has fallen farther?

    1. That’s what I was wondering. Why is the NAACP against charter schools?

      1. Getting a good education is for cracker-breeders. Education is RACIST!

        1. ….22’s y’all!

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      2. Gotta keep them on the poverty plantation, otherwise, the NAACP has no reason to exist.

    2. There’s no fall there. It’s a black elite organization, not a po’ folks charity.

      The “advancement” in their name has always meant stratification, the cultivation and protection of an “uprisen few” blacks from being dragged down by social and political identification with rest of blacks?to be “leaders,” “trainers,” and an exemplary “aristocracy,” not to be of them.

      Plain ol’ black folks job is to toil, not to get educated. They’re not “worth the saving.”

      Y’know, Google it.

    3. If you are not going to recognize Dentists as oppressed, then you are an Anti-Dentite!

    4. The NAACP has no integrity…no honor….huh that’s a surprise.

  5. Considering what some charter schools in Harlem have done for poor students, this is outrageous. The NAACP should be ashamed of itself.

    1. When you consider their history, it is horrible. Fifty years ago they had more moral capital than probably any organization in America. And now they are out hustling for the teachers’ unions trying to make sure poor kids can’t go to better schools. It just makes me sad.

      1. Schools that aren’t run by teachers’ unions might teach our kids not to believe in racialism, not to accept handouts from the welfare state, and not to sleep around, thus diminishing our opportunities for new recruits. We can’t have that. Back to the government schools you go, niggas, and mind your ebonics teacher!

      2. Anyone who professes faith in the public school system should watch the Lottery. Poor kids and their families hoping to get into a decent school. Watching those not pick start sobbing was pretty rough, especially since it would be such an easy thing to fix if not for the AFT & NEA.

        In the movie, quite a few charters in Harlem had results equivalent to mostly white suburban schools, with the same funding (or less) than their Harlem PS equivalents. The liberal “Poverty = no money = bad schools” canard is bullshit. People with no political clout = union teachers who can get away with anything = bad schools is more like it.

        1. I also recommend Waiting for Superman, they follow some of the Harlem charters too.

        2. I recently read an collection of articles by Thomas Sowell. In one, he talks about a study that he did in the 70’s about poor but successful public schools in Harlem. He says that none of the “black leaders” were interested in his findings because he did not call for more spending.

          1. I use to like Sowell a lot more before he supported that fucking idiot Gingrich.

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  7. New Teachers’ Union slogan:

    Suing: Now that’s competition!

  8. Disgusting.

  9. “culture matters”

    RACIST!! Culture doesn’t matter which is why anyone against open borders can only be a racist. /sarcasm

    Frankly anyone who finds this surprising is a blind idiot.

    1. Anyone who denies that race matters is a racist! Because we said so!

    2. *sigh* Yes. Because acculturation only works one-way.

  10. The teachers union in New York City got together with the NAACP and sued to essentially kick charter schools out of buildings[.]

    So much for “Advancement of Colored People.” Looks like the new plantation masters are the Teachers Unions.

    1. We are no longer the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. We are now the Niggerfaggots Against Advancing Colored People.

  11. If I were a judge, I’d have these groups forcibly removed from my courtroom.

  12. I was watching the news last night and they had some talking heads on talking about the Trayvon Martin case and the two talking heads they had on were white. I thought, “Of course they have two white dudes on here to talk about this issue.” So they cut to one and the chyron read “President of the NAACP.” WHAT?

    1. chyron

      Thanks, I’ve just learned a new word.

  13. I have friend who’s library teacher at a charter school in Flatbush, Brooklyn and their library is being practically shut down. It’s the school first year moving into ex-vacant floors of this public school building, and they were given a small side room for a library. The problem is this room is has exit door from the auditorium about halfway down one of the side walls. The room is about 10′ wide and 30′ deep and they want nothing (including a rug for students to sit on for story time) in between the exit doors and the hallway door. Before the charter school moved in the room was full of boxes and old desk, but now it’s a fire hazard.

  14. All power to the Soviets

    1. Hail, comrade.

  15. Is the Romney campaign like an Etch A Sketch?

    1. yeah, cause you can draw the large penis with which he will sodomize the democrats with it…just saying

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