Teachers Union and NAACP Sue NY Charter School: An Update on Bob Bowdon's Choice Media TV


"The teachers union in New York City got together with the NAACP and sued to essentially kick charter schools out of buildings," says Bob Bowdon, founder of education reform homepage Choice Media TV

Bowdon talks about the implications of this lawsuit and also about other education stories that his team has covered. He discusses one report addressing the racial achievement gap in Seattle, in which black kids from Africa performed better academically than black kids from America. 

"This kind of data was shocking to see," Bowdon says. "In this scenario it's not about race it's about culture, and what it essentially showed is that culture matters."

Bowdon also talks about his transition to new media and its advantages in today's journalism industry. 

About 5 minutes. Produced by Tracy Oppenheimer; Shot by Sharif Matar. 

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