Sanford Police Chief "Temporarily" Steps Down, Obama Talks Keystone Pipeline, North Korea's Missile Plans Make Ban Ki-moon Nervous: P.M. Links


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    1. We got a hell of a hailstorm here yesterday. (It looked like an inch of snow on the road.) Does that count?

  1. Boehner vows to back out of Pentagon budget cuts passed last August.


    "We should never have had the sequester," Boehner told reporters at his weekly press availability Thursday. "I always thought that the Super Committee had a real chance to do good work, to produce savings so that the sequester wouldn't kick in. I think that the sequester will hurt our Department of Defense, will hurt our ability to do what Americans believe is our most basic responsibility, and that's to provide security for the American people."

    1. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

    2. And the worthless Republicans therefore cede any traction they may have had on being regarded as the party serious about reducing the debt.

      1. It's pretty hard to drain any more water out of that pool. It's like continuing to argue that Bush was a deregulator!

      2. It's what they do.

        The GOP could make major, long-term gains if they'd drop everything but fiscal reform. Many voters, even many on the left, know we've got to do it.

    3. Can't say I'm surprised. Reinforces my belief that the entire edifice has to collapse before anything gets done - even then I have my doubts.

  2. Obama in Oklahoma talks Keystone pipeline, says "We're making this new pipeline from Cushing to the Gulf a priority.We're going to go ahead and get that done."

    A bucket bigade from Canida to Oklahoma would create a shit-ton of jobs.

    1. Isn't this OK-TX pipeline he had nothing to do with, but Keystone is the one he is still blocking?

      1. Its a big project, with several phases.

        The one that actually brings Canadian crude to the American market is the phase he is still blocking.

        The Cushing - Houston project is very nice, and needed to get crude from the big depots in Cushing to the big refineries on the Gulf, but doesn't bring in one additional drop of oil.

    1. I think it's lovingly referred to as Rapeseed Country.

      1. I learned about that last year. Canola--ha!

        1. I've been beating that horse for years.

          Also, "vegetable" oil? Since when are rape, corn, palm, soy, sunflowers, peanuts, cottonseed, coconut, rice and sesame considered vegetables?

          All this when cholesterol is so important every cell in the human body can produce it.

        2. I knew "Canola" oil was from rapeseed, but until this very moment I did not know the Canadians were behind it. Sure, they have cute accents and seem like somewhat retarded Americans but they are clever little demons. We need to reset out priorities: First Canada, then Iran!

  3. I can't wait for Balko to tear apart Tsar Gil's stupid attempt at a response. Does he not know who he is up against? Gil is going to have a very public embarrassment.

    1. I stopped reading when he claimed to have moved away from the "war on drugs." I mean really, that's what he went with?

      1. Watch that Google+ Brit drug war debate. It's clear that it's not just Kerlikowske among the prohibitionists who have taken up that cry that if we're not calling it that nasty "war" word it means something is different.

        1. Google+ Brit drug war debate.

          Link, please!

      2. I just tried to read it and go past where you did, just so I could say I did. Now I am filled with regret.

        That is some first-rate newspeak.

    2. It will not embarrass him in the slightest.

      1. Embarassment does not necessarily lay with the target, but in the target's reputation or image.

        1. He's Obama's guy. Reputation and image are irrelevant. Unless you're a racist. Are you a racist?

    3. I particularly love how the article links to ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine) when proclaiming THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED.

    4. Gil Kerlikowske, not just Seattle's problem anymore...

      1. Another reason not to ever want to end up in that shitbox city. C'mon, Epi. Get the fuck out of there before you end up a victim of their gestapo.

        1. You're delusional if you think SPD is substantially worse than any big city PD; they're all terrible. I do what I always do, anywhere: avoid contact with the police at all costs.

          1. In many respects they're substantially better, and I give Seattle PD a solid C-

          2. Maybe I'm harder on them than I should be because not every major city's PD is represented on here by an apologist cop cocksucker who has done everything but take pictures on the moon and fuck a kangaroo.

            1. Copsucker

              There, ftfy

  4. I didn't know the Obama administration built pipelines. TransCanada is going to be pissed. That used to be their project.

  5. Why do so many libertarians support the Keystone pipeline? I can only be built through massive use of eminent domain.

    1. It can only be built through massive use of eminent domain.

      [citation please]

      1. Sure, citation needed, but is it really that much of a stretch to think that?

        1. Actually, it is. Not only is there a great deal of federally owned land in the pipeline's proposed route, there's such a thing as multi-use of farmland. The farmers would love to lease the part of their lands used at a higher rate than their crop yield is. ($250/yr ought to satisfy this)

          I'm not trying to be argumentative here, but there's more than one way to do it.

          1. I can vouch for that. I have relatives in Tennessee who own large tracts of farm and ranch land, and they just loved getting paid for highway easements, billboards, and a cell tower (the latter two which they continue to get paid for).

          2. Utility easements are nearly always a one-time payment. They are usually on private land. If not for eminent domain how do you propose oil gas and electricity be transmitted?

            1. They don't have to be one-time. Property owners could push to get that changed. And if oil and gas companies want to transport their product, they can pay fair market value for the land they are moving it across. It sure beats robbing land from people and telling them what they'll get.

              By the way, above I meant to put $2500/year per acre. And that would be on an average. It would need to be higher in some places with lower yield/acre and higher where the local yields are higher. And those would be for farmland.

              1. They pay by the foot. Often the easement doesn't affect the current use of the land or is actually an "improvement".

                1. I was speaking exclusively IRT farmland. Residential is another story.

                  1. You can still plant on a pipeline RoW. They put the topsoil in last. The farmer is well compensated for any lost use during construction as well as for the easement.

        1. Thanks for the link. I had no idea they were being this heavy-handed before the permits had been awarded.

          /no sarc

          1. There are so many things wrong with that TPM piece. Kelo has nothing to do with this. TROs are against the landowner not the pipeline (usually for survey permission while negotiations are still ongoing). The fucking pipe runs from Canada to Texas, somebody is bound to be unhappy no matter how much they are compensated. Most of that line is probably co-located with existing RoW that didn't stir up any controversy.

    2. Eminent domain is not a bad thing always. The Consitution does allow for taking, with compensation. But I think most of this proposed pipeline is going through property already being used for existing pipelines.

      1. Nope. By finishing the bottom section TransCanada will have a pipeline from the Tar Pits to the Gulf very soon.

        The Extension is a shortcut right over the aquifer in Nebraska even the GOP Governor there is opposed to.


        The Tar Sludge runs to Cushing and Illinois refineries today.

        1. By definition, any action by Obama must be an unqualified good eh Sheik?

      3. I think most of this proposed pipeline is going through property already being used for existing pipelines.


    3. I can only be built through massive use of eminent domain.

      Strangely, I'd think that would be the reason the Obama administration would throw its weight behind it. Any chance to take property away from rich people for public purpose.

    4. Eminent domain for right-of-way is perhaps the core case of permissible eminent domain.

      1. Except I'm not comfortable with right-of-way if it's for a private company's right of way.

        A highway, a roadway? Sure. That's public property that everyone can use. It's true "public use".

        It doesn't mean the right silver-tongued devil can't convince me in this case, I'm just not liking it.

        1. Except I'm not comfortable with right-of-way if it's for a private company's right of way.

          So much for power lines.

          1. Government-granted monopolies. Or, a single private company contracted to do the exact job the government would do anyway. They're always a grey area. That's why I wrote that the right silver-tongued devil could convince me. Is this pipeline essentially a government granted monopoly?

            1. No. There are shitloads of pipelines and many competitors.

              1. Then fuck 'em, no ED for them.

                1. So you're OK with eminent domain for government granted monopolies?

                  Private pipelines never screw over landowners like the TVA did.

                  1. So you're OK with eminent domain for government granted monopolies?

                    Private pipelines never screw over landowners like the TVA did.

                    I'm never really OK with eminent domain. But it is in the constitution, and it can be applied for public use.

                    Unfortunately, even with true public use projects (TVA (which I assume you're talking about the Tennesee Valley Authority), Boston Big Dig, etc) the abuses can be breathtaking. And the keywords in the consitutional amendment say "just compensation". Merely saying that a project is for public use isn't enough. "Just compensation" must proceed the taking.

                    1. If the pipeline goes through a mile of your pasture you end up with a pile of cash and no loss to the land as pasture. If not for the colored markers at the fenceline you'd never know it was there.

            2. This crap isn't about eminent domain. The bark eaters are upset because some land the a caribou might walk on is getting stripped. At least get the fucking argument right

              1. This crap isn't about eminent domain. The bark eaters are upset because some land the a caribou might walk on is getting stripped. At least get the fucking argument right

                We know. That's our point.

          2. Do public utilities still qualify as "private companies?" And any of the farmers I do business with, and there are a ton of them, get paid rent by the utility company for use of their land for towers.

            1. Yep. There's a group of famous ranchers in Southern New Mexico that have been sucking on the government tit for decades due to one thing or another that the government uses their land for. No eminent domain required.

              Government: Can we use your land?

              Rancher: Sure, for $9000 a month, use it as long as you want.

              1. I have no problem with what they are doing. In fact, that's how imminent domain should work as far as I'm concerned. It should be where the fedgov is allowed to rent the part of someone's land they need for a fair price. They should never be able to confiscate it under any circumstances.

                And another thing I brought up earlier today as a thread was dying: what the fuck gives them the right to sell te mineral rights to someone other than the landowner? If someone buys the land, they should get all the good and bad that comes with it.

                1. Mineral rights are often separated from the surface rights. Amazingly, I have purchased 5 houses in OKC which all still had the mineral rights attached. They started drilling a gas well nearby four of them and now I get around $500 a year in royalties. I only own two of the houses now, when I sold the other houses I reserved the mineral rights. Most buyers don't have a clue that they could be connected.

            2. Cell towers pay rent. Electric transmission tower (and pipeline easements are a one time payment in my experience.Grazing and most agriculture aren't really impacted by the RoW . No silviculture in the corridor though.People who grow trees often like the maintained shooting lanes and deer habitat created by utilities.

          3. Actually, yes. Eminent domain for power lines is abominable.

            If the market won't provide opportunities for long-distance power transmission, it shouldn't exist.

            1. You don't need power lines for electrical transmission. Ask Tesla.

      2. I do recall reading--before this became a political football--that the eminent domain being exercised in connection with Keystone was pretty heavy-handed. Not sure whether that was true or not, but regardless, that in itself isn't an argument against the pipeline. It's just an argument against the government abusing its powers. Which is an hourly event these days.

        1. I actually loved the ED argument against the pipeline. I would sit quietly in the weeds, waiting for a progressive to walk by espousing the anti-pipeline argument based on eminent domain, and then I would spring forth and say, "So we're back in agreement about eminent domain, and you admit that libertarians were right all along?"

          I'd cancel 100 Keystones based on the eminent domain argument alone.

          1. Yeah, if that could turn into a massive reform of eminent domain, that's worth a whole lot more than a pipeline.

            1. that's worth a whole lot more than a pipeline.

              And it's a pipeline we don't need anyway. If the fucks at the EPA would allow for development of refineries, the whole pipeline controversy would be moot.

        2. tar sands and caribou and then you'll see what this is all about.

  6. Good news everyone! Solyndra wasn't really Obama's program so hey, it's really our fault if you think about it.

    Obama has previously argued that the Department of Energy program used to finance a $535 million federal loan guarantee to Solyndra "predates" his presidency.

    That's an exaggeration of the truth, according to "Solyndra's loan guarantee came under another program created by the president's 2009 stimulus for companies developing 'commercially available technologies.'"

    1. The program predates Obama. Does the issuance of the loan guarantee?

      1. No, in fact it does not. Obama is a lying sack of shit on this one and he knows it. The money for Solyndra came from the stimulus, not the loan program established for clean-energy companies a few years earlier.

        1. is funded by the Annenburg Foundation. The same organization for which Bill Ayers and a certain very famous "community organizer" sat on the board of directors. If factcheck says that Obama is lying then he is probably committing murder.

          1. The more annoying aspect to this lie is that Solyndra did indeed attempt to get a loan through the program Obama is referring to that existed prior to his administration, but the loan was turned down because......they knew Solyndra would go bankrupt.

            So he's taking the President Not My Fault mantra to new and unexplored heights with this one.

        2. Even Factcheck can't twist this into "truth." The fact that they call it an "exaggeration" instead of "outright lie" is disturbing.

    2. Sweet. I'm going to start blaming everything that goes wrong with Social Security on FDR. That goes for the home mortgage crisis Fannie Mae (1938) contributed to.

    3. So it's BOOOOOOSH's fault again, eh?

  7. While it pains me to defend our valiant men in government costume...why the hell is the police chief stepping down?

    1. Maybe he's following the "Fullerton model" for police chiefing. Soon he will be able to get a disability retirement due to stress from the case his officers totally blew off and he can live the rest of his life suckling up to the taxpayer teat.

      It worked for this asshole.

      1. Yeah but "his" guys didn't shoot the kid. The neighborhood watch yahoo did. Shit if all it takes to collect a fat pension is resigning...stepping down...there are about thirty things I'll "step down" from right now!

        1. Shit if all it takes to collect a fat pension is resigning...stepping down...there are about thirty things I'll "step down" from right now!

          Unfortunately for you, you have to be a pubsec-unionized tax leech first. So you're fucked from the word jump.

          1. Maybe it's not too late for me Sloop!

    2. Mob rule at it's finest.

    3. I think he's stepping down because his department royally fucked up its investigation, in many, many ways.

    4. Who knows? Because he happens to be police chief for a locality of idiots?

      In other, related news, Zimmerman is a wild copsucker.

      Quelle suprise.

  8. "Getty Images"? Is that just an attribution, or am I missing a joke?

    I'm disappointed on this one, Lucy.

    1. I really want to change your entire comment into the alt text now.

      1. I would cry the hammiest, saltiest tears ever tasted. And they would be of HAPPINESS

      2. All of this could have been avoided if only Jorge had known that defending yourself from being attacked by someone with a pack of Skittles was the same as defending yourself from Fresh Fruit!

        Just release the Tiger!

  9. Why, yes. We admit that one of our policemen beat you and are willing to pay you $100k because of it. But he's been fired, so there's no need for him to be charged with a crime.

    1. Colling was involved in two fatal shootings as a Las Vegas police officer.

      In 2006, he and four other officers shot Shawn Jacob Collins after the 43-year-old man pulled a gun at an east valley gasoline station.

      In 2009, Colling shot and killed Tanner Chamberlain, a mentally ill 15-year-old who was holding a knife at his mother's neck.

      Both shootings were ruled justified by Clark County coroner's juries.

  10. Chaska, Minnesota police ticket man for yelling profanities at his cat.

    What? He should have been charged with a hate crime for calling it a "pussy"!


  11. Sanford police chief "temporarily" steps down

    I like the black undertaker in the background. Nice touch.

    1. What about his son Lamont?

      1. He's retiring before he has the big one.

        1. Elizabeth! This is the big one, baby! I'm coming to you!

  12. CBS Headlines: "Aura of inevitability grows around Romney"

    Ya think?

    1. They misspelled "Stench of Mediocrity."

    2. Mr Anderson, that is the sound of electability!

    1. Hitting a wall? Ha!

    2. Something about inadequate armor.

    1. Banned from all city parks

      Thank god for the quick and brutal end to the reign of this chalky menace!

    2. Judge Dredd wears a bike helmet and ghey spandex shorts now. The Zombie Apocalypse can't be worse than this.

    3. "Using sidewalk chalk to draw some little doodle on a rock ... were criminal, so would hopscotch, writing 'Johnny loves Susie' on the sidewalks."


    4. He warns them once, catches the chalk terrorists again and tickets them, saying they learn their lesson.

      He makes people learn to do as they are told. How nice.

    1. That's amusing, but meaningless. Someone bought 500 shares at $12.50/share.

  13. MN School tells student he cant bring a porn star as his prom date and threatens to have her arrested if he does bring her. Apparently they deem bringing a porn star as a date "not in the best interest of students, employees or the school district."

    Link here

    1. I'm pretty sure a guy at my prom brought a prostitute.

    2. *rubs eyes*

      How did this kid get a date with a porn star?

      I want to shake that kid's hand.

      1. *facepalm*

        I just read the article. Man, had they had this twitter then when I was a young'n...

    3. Pictured:The kid

    4. Hate to tell you, but one of the link happy souls posted that yesterday.

      1. It can't be posted enough.

        It needs to be known that with the right application of Twitter, you too, can get a date with a pr0n star.

      2. Maybe you should write him up for it you fucking thread monitor.

        1. ChicagoTom has a Thread Pass. So he's good.

    5. Why would anyone want to go to a prom where porn stars arent allowed??

    6. Obviously if you procure a porn star as a prom date, the most important is not letting the school admin know about until she is in the door.

      1. The kid knows how to get a pr0n star to go to prom with him, but does not know that it is easier to seek forgiveness than permission.

        BTW, his date, Megan Piper? Very nice.

  14. Who doesn't yell at their cat?

    1. I never yell at cats. It spooks 'em. I want 'em standing nice and still, for when the trigger gets squoze.

      1. My stepdad used to shoot cats in our backyard with a BB gun when I was a kid. They would jump about six feet straight up. Good times.

        1. Was that the childhood trauma that led to your killing spree?

          1. There's been no killing spree as far as you know.

  15. Obama in Oklahoma talks Keystone pipeline, says "We're making this new pipeline from Cushing to the Gulf a priority.We're going to go ahead and get that done."

    Am I losing grip on public affairs, or did he just pull a 180 on this shit because he figured out he'd made a "good" move the first time nixing it (to please his libertard base), but a bad move for 'regular voters' and he needs to be campaignin' to the middle class about that expensive gas and shit...?

    1. Nah. Different parts of the project. He's still blocking the one that brings in new oil.

    2. I thought we were "libertards"?

      1. I'm guessing he meant "leftards"...?

  16. Cats are basically double ended assholes with a lot of fur and claws.

    1. +9 lives

  17. The U.N. Secretary General is worried about North Korea's latest missile plan.

    The U.N. Sec General is worried? Guess there's only one thing left to do. Invade!!!!

  18. I know I was all wrapped up in the Banjos lovefest when this happened, but am I the only one that missed this?

    Seriously, WTF?

    1. It's amazing how power utterly corrupts the judgement of these people. Lieberman reveals himself to be just another slaver douche.

      1. Reveals? It's been clear for decades.

      2. Fucker was almost VP. And if that's not scary enough, he would have been VP post-9/11.

    2. Why am I not surprised the Lieberman is behind this?

    3. It starts with a picture of Lieberman, and then goes downhill from there. Which I guess means it starts in the eighth circle of hell and then climbs yellow mountain.

    4. I want to say I missed that, too.

    5. Article III, Section 3 - yet another constitutional authority pissed on by the government.

  19. All power to the Soviets

  20. Who is everybody taking in tonight's games? I'm going with:

    the Ohio State University
    Michigan State


    1. I-O!

      Was talking to a native Ohioan, and was like hey man you guys got 4 teams in the Sweet 16...not bad.

      He says I hope they all win.

      I say well the best you can do is three.

      He says no way dude, they're all gonna win.

      ......want to bet?

      So I'm winning 20 bucks tomorrow.

    2. I'm taking a porn star.

      Gotta go wash my pits. ttyl.

  21. It's a helluva drug!

    1. WTF?

      The toxicology tests found other drugs in her body, including marijuana, the anti-anxiety drug Xanax, the muscle relaxant Flexeril and the allergy medicine Benadryl, the report said. But these drugs "did not contribute to the death," it said.

      All three of those cause pretty significant drowsiness individually. Taken all together, isn't it possible she just passed out in her bathtub and couldn't wake up while drowning?

      All three of those

    1. What's the point? We know how it will end.

      Can't anybody come up with a new idea in Hollywood?

      1. Well they did leak some footage from the complete pilot online the other day, and I thought it looked pretty good. Ron Moore, as I understand, isn't involved in this one.

    2. Could have been interesting, but it perhaps would have been "Midway" in space. However, sometimes it is better not to too deeply explore your story's prehistory, that can lead to ugly retconning, see Star Wars prequels and Star Trek: Enterprise.

  22. Is the Romney campaign like an Etch A Sketch?

  23. DailyCaller has a spelling problem:

    It's N-I-G-G-E-R, silly goofs. I don't even know any words with '*' in it. Can we stop with the bullshit that you are not actually writing and representing the word by replacing a letter with a symbol, already?

    1. Back off, or I'll blow this nigger's head off!

      1. Oh, lo'dy, lo'd, he's desp'it! Do what he sayyyy, do what he sayyyy!

      2. I'm sure glad that movie got made when it it did.

    2. How is that even news?

      1. When the killer only got the death penalty for murder because Bush would not back hate crime legislation, I felt like my daddy was getting lynched all over again.

      1. lol! cuz, I don't like living near peckerwoods!

  24. Eminent Domain and Erectile Dysfunction share the same acronym. It doesn't make sense, since one of them prevents people from getting fucked good and hard.

    1. That might be my worst joke ever on here. Where's the delete button, goddammit?

      1. I wasn't going to say anything, but glad you came to your senses. I can only imagine what scrambled your brain there, lucky bastard;

        1. BTW, any other married guys reward themselves with a victory steak from the best chop house in time for the rare occasion you know what happens? Don't leave me hanging! Please, God, don't tell me I'm the only one.

          1. in time = in town

          2. I'll just say that Banjos is not a very strong Santorum supporter, and leave it at that.

            1. I meant a happy ending not a bloody ending!

              1. To-may-to

    1. Wait, did Kony or Carl Weathers die?

      1. That's Levar Burton, you fucking racist.

        1. That's me from Predator.

    2. say who

  25. These cops are pissed that they have to get the address correct on search warrants now.

    1. Good for Mitch Daniels.

  26. Never yell obscenities at your cat. They'll get you back by pissing on your record collection while you're asleep or at work.

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