A.M. Links: Author of Stand Your Ground Law Weighs in on Trayvon Martin, Oath-Keeping Marine Discharged for Criticizing Obama, Mitt Romney Rushes to Clean up Etch A Sketch Gaffe


  • "Trayvon Martin's alleged attacker not covered under law I wrote," says author of Stand Your Ground law.

  • French terrorism suspect leaps from window while firing his gun; dies.  
  • Woman convicted of manslaughter for giving heroin to her boyfriend, who then died
  • Mitt Romney is not an Etch A Sketch, says Mitt Romney. 
  • U.S. Marine discharged for criticizing President Obama. 
  • Poll: Some Americans think there's too much religion on the campaign trail. 

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  1. When keeping it real goes too far:



    1. How does evolution kill black people? And where in the shit did that poor girl get that idea?

      1. Black people, poor girl???


        1. Shit, I knew I forgot the 'no racist' tag.

    2. You just experienced a Nigga Moment.

    3. I think that is in fact, evolution at work = in a more naturally selective world, she'd never act so stupid, because it would result in ostracism and very likely a severe asswhooping. Instead, she will simply suffer a tasing, and misdemeanor, and a sense of self-righteous oppression. And such is how Stupid is increasingly perpetuated amongst our species.

  2. "There is also an additional clause in the legislation that will require a minimum Body Mass Index (BMI) of 18.5, which is the figure acknowledged by the World Health Organization as underweight or malnourished, for all models who wish to participate in advertisements for the Israeli market."


    1. "Mayor Bloomberg, does this undercut what you're trying to do in New York?"

    2. underweight? PFFT..

    3. Makes sense. No need to conjure up images of concentration camps.

  3. "President Barack Obama will send a memo to federal agencies on Thursday directing them to prioritize permitting for TransCanada's southern leg of the Keystone oil pipeline, a senior White House official said on Wednesday."


    1. course it aint like the google pipeline map looks like a BBall of spaghetti thrown at the US map.

    2. The southern leg isn't the leg that really matters. It will help with the bottleneck in OK, but it doesn't get the Canadian oil into the US market.

      More government-by-press-release.

      1. except that this low-grade tar, heated & mixed w solvents to pump, is NOT for the US market, which is already in surplus & exporting refined gas.

        1. is NOT for the US market, which is already in surplus & exporting refined gas.

          It certainly adds it to the US market for crude oil.

          Crude oil is a feedstock. Gasoline an diesel are only a couple of the end products.

          And what difference does it make if US companies are exporting some of those end products anyway? Should we choke off feedstock for our exporters just because they are exporting?


      2. The important thing is to build a gigantic, expensive paperweight while continuing to strangle US access to energy resources.

        1. "strangle" = record domestic production.

          it triez moar harderz

  4. "'SMUGLER' License Plate Leads To Arrest Of Jasmin Klair For Smuggling Cocaine At Smuggler's Inn"


    1. Heh - back in my 'druggy days', I had a friend who drove a POS Buick Apollo with a big psychedelic shroom decal on the rear window. And he always wondered why the police hassled him. Herr de Derr...

      And I had another friend who was a junky who also dealt - he looked like All-American college boy - and never had problems with the cops.

  5. "A Burnsville man on his way to work was arrested and thrown in jail without bond, from his failure to properly put up siding on his house."


    1. A Burnsville man on his way to work was arrested and thrown in jail without bond, and then subjected to electronic home monitoring.

      But it wasn't for drugs or a DWI or some other major crime.

      1. That line pissed me off to no end. Fuck the local affiliate of ABC news for that fucking crack.

  6. "Trayvon Martin's alleged attacker not covered under law I wrote," says author of Stand Your Ground law.

    "The law I wrote was just supposed to funnel tax money to my brother-in-law."

    1. "As the prime sponsor of this legislation in the Florida House, I'd like to clarify that this law does not seem to be applicable to the tragedy that happened in Sanford."

      Emphasis added. What mealy-mouthing!

      "There is nothing in the castle doctrine as found in Florida statutes that authenticates or provides for the opportunity to pursue and confront individuals"

      So what? The castle doctrine doesn't provide for a lot of things.

      I think Rep. Baxley is starting to worry about his career.

      1. baxley should worry since his legislation is teh stupit

      2. Well, we've chewed on the actual language of the statute itself here, and I would say that this guy is 100% wrong.

        Classically, "castle doctrine" applied in your house/on your property, and says you have no duty to retreat. His law contains no such restriction.

        About what you usually see when legislators actually talk about the laws they write and vote for - they generally have a very foggy idea, at best, of what they've done.

        1. Could that be because some junior legislative aide wrote the bill? Or because (gasp!) some lobbyist handed the legislator some 'proposed' language?

          Alternatively, it could just be that teh skills required to get a job in a state legislature don't include drafting coherent legislation. It's not like we test these guys on their ability to write a tight bit of legislation.

        2. Certainly they need to clarify the situation on how one moves from being an aggressor to a defender.

          1. I don't think you can move from being the aggressor from being the defender.

            You start the fight, you take the risk you will lose the fight. Just because you're winning a fight doesn't mean you are the aggressor, so just because you're losing doesn't mean you are the defender.

      3. "the tragedy that happened in Sanford."

        This might cost them the Best Village award.

    2. "The law I wrote was just supposed to funnel tax money to my brother-in-law."


  7. Stay classy, OWS


    1. Anything for The Cause.

  8. Chinese coup watching

    Last week, controversial politician Bo Xilai, whose relatively open campaigning for a seat on China's top ruling council shocked China watchers (and possibly his elite peers, as well), was removed from his post as Chongqing's party secretary. He hasn't been seen since. Rumors of a coup, possibly coordinated by Bo's apparent ally Zhou Yongkang, are in the air.

    1. As part of the military's goal of developing non-lethal weapons, the proposal suggested, "One distasteful but completely non-lethal example would be strong aphrodisiacs, especially if the chemical also caused homosexual behavior."

      They should just show enemy troops the volleyball scene from Top Gun.

      1. say what?

    2. Were I the bomber pilot that was slated to drop it my plane would have the name "Spanish Fly" painted on the nose.

      1. Wonder what the bombs themselves would be shaped like . . .

        1. Bombs? Heat seeking missiles. If we're gonna do this, let's do it right.

  9. Occupy Protester Dumped Tub of Feces: Police

    Police said Occupy Wall Street protesters were captured on surveillance video dragging a large receptacle of human urine and feces into a public space in Lower Manhattan

    1. curse you, Robocain!

    2. Tub of Feces

      1. one hit wonders w their unforgettable rendition of POS

    3. They dumped Romney's campaign staff on cops?

      1. or Santorum's morning cleanup?

        wait, is that too much?

    4. Finally, Lower Manhattan will be returned to it's glory days of the late 70's.

  10. "Nokia is taking steps to make sure you never miss another phone call, text or email alert again: The company has filed a patent for a tattoo that would send "a perceivable impulse" to your skin whenever someone tried to contact you... the phone would communicate with the tattoo through magnetic waves. The phone would emit magnetic waves and the tattoo would act as a receiver. When the waves hit the tattoo, it would set off a tactile response in the user's skin."


    1. Nope, no porn implications there. None. At. All.

      1. I can foresee people having orgasms whenever someone uses a garage door opener.

      2. first you'd have to get the tattoo. I don't want a tatt anywhere, let alone my ladyparts - ouch!

      3. Do not, repeat, do not, google "penis tattoo".

  11. ""The problem is, I'm a male-identified person, and as soon as I'm in a space that is all female, my identity gets erased."


    1. He should practice his 'Male Gaze'.

    2. that reminded to check out microaggressions.com Dear God, they've added a comments facility. This is a doozy


      1. That *is* a good one.

        "I assume you'll want the back-up camera."

    3. """'and as soon as I'm in a space that is all female, my identity gets erased."""

      I am a male and when I am in a space that is all female, my male identity is reinforced. Sounds like she/he/it is not very good at being male.

      1. That's what I was thinking--start hitting on the plainest girl in the group and watch the fun begin.

    4. ...a transgender student living as a man was denied a position working in an all-male dorm. Kaeden Kass, a junior who was hoping to work with men a resident assistant was, instead, placed in a female building.

      I knew those shitty, androgynous -aiden names were gonna cause trouble.

      1. Seriously. When I worked in daycares in college, half the kids were some variation on the theme. I had one class with a Braeden, a Bryden, a Caden and an Aiden.

        1. No Auban?

          1. What ever happened to good old-fashioned androgynous names like Chris, Pat, Casey and Jamie?

      2. Don't forget about Cody, Taylor, Tyler, etc. The soccer moms have gone batshit crazy the last 10-15 years when it comes to their kids names. You almost never see a "normal" male or female name.

        1. I find that a distinctive name helps to form a distinctive identity.

          "normal" changes with time. People used to be called "Faith" and "Chastity", now they are called "slut" and "dumb cunt".

          Life is river. Learn to flow with it.

          1. I knew a girl named Chastity. Not her particular virtue.

            1. aah, sweet irony

              1. I've never met this Irony girl, is she really as sweet as everyone says?

                1. She's gotten pretty bitter with age, like most of us.

            2. True story. Girl in my HS named Chastity got caught giving a bj in the boys' room. It was awesome.

          2. We named our 10-year-old son Douglas. We have never met another kid in the entire million-plus county, regardless of age, with that name. If you really want individual names these days go with the ones that were common fifty years ago -- no one uses them anymore!

      3. Some people are making money as baby name consultants. According to the article I read, you plumb the parents' lives in detail - their ethnicities, religions, socio-economic status etc - then charge them $300 and tell them to call the kid Jackson. Seriously. Every goddam boy in the article was Jackson. The only girl was Nicole. Money for old rope.

        1. It's probably unfair, but when my kindergarten-aged twins (named Kathryn and Charles after grandparents, btw) talk about their friends, I immediately judge the parents by how stupid the name of their child is. Of course, most of these kids also probably have grandparents my age.

          1. you award bonus points for stupid spelling, right?

          2. The very Chinese family across the street from me has 2 tween daughters: Brittany and Madison.

            I shit you not.

            1. Their was a student at Berkeley who was named "Lawrence Livermore Laboratory".

              I shit you not. Really, it's true.

            2. They probably have two names: a Chinese name and the American one for use outside the home. My old school friend was Amy, and her brother was Victor, or Ya Ming and Dai Duc, depending on where they were. So your neighbours probably did some basic research and decided these names would help the girls fit in. If they'd have a son maybe he'd be called Ford Prefect

              1. They probably have two names: a Chinese name and the American one for use outside the home.

                H.W. Brands wrote in "American Colossus" about how 19th century Jewish immigrants did the same thing, as a means of assimilating into the native culture. A lot of them even went as far as to get rid of their Yiddish last names and adopt more American-sounding ones.

                1. A lot of them even went as far as to get rid of their Yiddish last names and adopt more American-sounding ones.

                  I heard that as well. It would explain why there are lots of "Gold"s in America and not as many "Goldgrubber"s. Same goes for "Silver" and "Silverhoarder."

              2. They probably have two names:

                You probably have two names as well. Your regular name for outside the home and "sweet-pea, come help daddy get to sleep" for inside the home.

          3. I do the same thing with my son in middle school.

    5. WTF does "male-identified" mean?

      1. "I don't have a cock but wish I did"

        1. i guess thats me

        2. Any female can get a cock easily by just asking.

          1. You know that's right.

          2. Any female can get a cock easily by just asking.


            1. Yep, there are men who will want to stick their dicks into this shemale.

              1. [citation please]

                No wait, don't.

      2. They want everyone else to reject reality with them.

      3. You are on a libertarian site. You are expected to be familiar with the vocabulary of social rebellion.

      4. I will enjoy hearing of one of the inevitable results of this pushing of sexual identity boundaries. At some point, someone will figure out that the "female-identified" male-born, who was given a position as a resident associate, did so just to be able watch naked women in the community shower.

  12. FOIA data suggests FCC more secretive than CIA

    Recent data suggests that the FCC, not the nation's intelligence leading agency, has been in at least one particular case the most secretive agency of the Obama Administration.

    During a House appropriations subcommittee hearing Monday, Florida Republican Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart noted that the FCC's denial rate of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests was significantly higher than the rest of the federal government.

  13. French terrorism suspect leaps from window while firing his gun;

    Okay. Yet a couple of days ago the solider accused of murdering civilians in Afghanistan was listed as "murderer" during morning links.

    This shit really pisses me off. Why are the standards in the two cases different?

    1. You're right John. They're both murderers.

      1. They both probably are. And I objected to the categorization of the soldier because the guy hasn't been convicted of anything. Maybe he is nuts or someone not fully accountable or has a defense. We don't know. And maybe the guy in France wasn't guilty, although I also doubt that.

        But if you are going to call one a murderer, you have to call them both. Pick a standard one way or another.

        1. dude was hospitalized for head trama on his like 15 deployment.

          1. He seems to have some compelling mitigation.

            1. yep, he wont get death.

    2. Autodefenestration changes everything John. Everything.

    3. This shit really pisses me off.

      Sing it, Bro.

      1. Back on the night of the 2004 election, my paper jumped the gun with a big "BUSH WINS" headline on early editions the next morning. As you'll remember, things turned out not to be so simple. We all had to answer calls in the news room the next day, of course.
        My smart ass answer: "Hey, when we're proven wrong, we'll retract it."
        I suggest this to Riggs.

        1. What are we, chopped liver?

          1. Fake, but accurate

    4. Maybe Riggs just likes to use different words on different days. Who knows? Why care?
      Maybe he'll call this guy a murderer tomorrow. As for the guy who killed the Afghanis, I don't think that anyone is disputing that he did it.

    5. Riggs hasn't learned to conceal his extreme left-wing, Team Blue biases yet. Give him time. It's all part of the process of becoming a professional journo.

      1. A new Weigel in the making.

        1. DO NOT USE THAT NAME!

          1. What's a "Weigel"?

      2. What the fuck does any of it have to do with team blue? Yeah, anyone who says anything you don't like is a radical Marxist, extreme left winger, in the tank for Democrats. All that libertarian stuff he writes about is just cover so that he can... what exactly?

        1. Advance his own interests?

        2. John's just mad that Reason hasn't officially endorsed Santorum.

  14. French terrorism suspect leaps from window while firing his gun; dies.

    Thus ending a 30-hour standoff where each side refused to accept the other's surrender.

    1. Do you get more virgins if you do a Hollywood check-out?

      1. I had a vision of the end of The Professional

        1. Still Jean Reno and Natalie Portman's best work. She was AMAZING for a 12 year old, or whatever she was at that time.

          Gary Oldman was creepy as fuck, too. Great movie!

        2. I'm picturing something more like The Matrix: Reloaded scene where Trinity falls from the skyscraper while firing at the agent. Although The Professional was pretty kick ass too.

          1. Perhaps I'm mentally linking Jean Reno - French Actor - France - bloody ending.

            1. Jean Reno - Janet Reno - not a pretty ending.

          2. Dude, there is only one Matrix movie. Just like there are only 3 Indiana Jones movies and 3 Star Wars movies.

            1. Thank you.

              Now, how many Jaws movies were there?

            2. There's only one real Matrix movie, true. The sequels were actually made by aliens who had taken over the Wachowski brothers bodies in the hopes that if they fucked up the sequels badly enough humans would lose all hope and therefore be easier to conquer. The same goes for George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

    2. HAHAHA nice

  15. What's Wrong With the Violence Against Women Act

    Moreover, if an accused student is not found guilty, even under this very low standard of proof, his or her accuser may be afforded a right to appeal (under section 304) exposing the accused to double jeopardy. Of course, campus disciplinary proceedings are not formal criminal trials governed by the 5th and 6th Amendments. But you'd have to regard the protection against double jeopardy as a mere constitutional technicality to believe that schools should dispense with it. Or you'd have to assume that, as a general rule, fairness requires convictions and provides multiple opportunities to obtain them.

    1. I think the biggest thing about the Violence Against Women Act is that after almost two decades, there isn't a shred of evidence that it has reduced violence against women.

      1. Reducing violence against women wasn't the real goal, it was to make women into another helpless "victim" class which can be exploited for political gain. In which case it was actually a smashing success.

        1. Spoken like a true oppressor.

    2. I think they should have called it Violence Against Girls Is Not Good Act. Better acronym.

      1. Violence Against Girls Is Not Good ActAcceptable

        Even better.

  16. Then there is this asshole:


  17. A year later, Libya is still a mess
    After the West's much-ballyhood intervention, Libya is dominated by a complex tangle of violent militias ? and the chaos is spilling into neighboring countries

    1. I love how Libya has turned into what they said Iraq was going to turn into. Yet not a word about it.

      1. Maybe because our soldiers are'nt being blown up there daily?

        1. So it is okay to totally fuck up a country and leave it in chaos as long as none of our people get killed doing it.

          Got it.

          1. Libya wasn't in chaos before we intervened?

            1. Have we won Libya yet? For the children Tim...

            2. No. Kadafi was about to win the civil war when we intervened. Sure he would have stayed in power, but the war would have ended. We extended the civil war for months and then left the place to complete chaos.

              Obama and Clinton turned an run of the mill dictatorship into a no kidding failed state.

              1. And Kadafi wasn't going to, I dunno, engage in killings and violent domination?

                1. It is called winning a civil war. I am not saying it would have been great. It wouldn't have. But it is hard to see how it would have been worse than the way things turned out. At least they had a government under Kadafi. Better that then militias turning the county into Somalia.

                  It goes back to what I have been saying all along. You can't just come in and bomb and kick the government out and leave. You have to put people on the ground to ensure some stability. Even in Kosovo we did that.

                  1. Yeah, but we did that in Iraq too, and the result was similar chaos and militia rule PLUS thousands of dead Americans.

                    Sorry, I prefer the other approach. We gave them a chance, if they blow it it's not our fault, we did what we could without putting ourselves at harms way.

                    1. Iraq is nothing like Libya. It is a much safer place and has a central government.

                      And I am sure you do prefer to just bomb and leave. God forbid the Libyans not be willing to die for Obama to get re-elected. Face it, Libya is a complete and total failure.

                    2. You used "Iraq" and "much safer place" in the same sentence...

                      I think that cheerleading has made the blood rush to your head.

                    3. Iraq is a much safer place than Libya. Iraq is currently safe than some parts of Mexico. The facts are what they are. Sorry they don't fit your narrative.

                    4. We'll know Iraq is safer that Mexico when Sasha Obama takes her spring break trip to Baghdad.

                    5. Currently, sure Iraq looks that way. Maybe Libya will look that way too in 10 years. You can't compare Iraq now to Libya now, they aren't parallel situations. For a long time after the invasion, Iraq was really bad.

                    6. Or Detroit

                    7. You can't just come in and bomb and kick the government out and leave.

                      That depends.

                      When you embark on a war of choice, and justify your action by saying you're undertaking a humanitarian rescue, then yeah, you can't do this.

                      But if tomorrow Chavez blew up a skyscraper in Miami, we could do exactly that to Venezuela (just to use a non-Middle-Eastern example for a change). We'd be entitled to destroy Chavez and his government and under no obligation to clean up the mess afterwards.

                    8. True enough fluffy. That is a valid distinction.

                    9. I've wondered about doing that if Argentina attacks our ally in the Falklands. Goodbye to every government building, and then...fly back home.

                  2. Mais oui, We should have had our troops in the New World to avoid the mess of the whiskey rebellion.

                2. what Qaddafi was or was not going to do was not our business. North Koreans starve to death or are summarily executed, but we're not dropping bombs there. Internal battles are not our business and we ought to be consistent on that instead of wanting in on the likes of Libya and Egypt but keeping Syria and Iran at arm's length.

              2. Kadafi was about to win the civil war when we intervened.

                I disagree. He was going to cause a lot of casualties and then get bled by an insurgency. Qatar was helping rebels to.

            3. "I swear, it was like that when I got here!"

          2. Better to just let such countries rot in their own crapulence.

          3. So let me get this straight: since you supported Iraq with pom-poms and everything, you would have liked Libya if only we had...put our soldiers between the Libyan people and violence?

            1. Yes. It is called, you broke it you fix it. It would have been totally immoral to have bombed Iraq until Saddam fell and then left it to its fate. If we were going to invade, we had an obligation to stay and help create a new government.

              In Libya, we were not willing to that. So instead, we just bombed a bunch of people and left the place to its own devices. It was disgusting, immoral and possibly illegal. If a Republican had done this you would be having a cow right now.

              1. " It is called, you broke it you fix it."

                They were in the middle of a civil war involving mass slaughter. It was already broke.

                We gave them a chance.

                1. No we didn't. The civil war was ending. The rebels were losing. We didn't give them a chance at all. We just destroyed the central government and said "good luck guys".

                2. They were in the middle of a civil war involving mass slaughter.

                  For certain low values, by historical and regional terms, of "mass slaughter". As I recall, around, what, 1,000 rebels had been killed when we intervened?

                  1. ^^THIS^^

                    And say, MNG should we be blowing up Syria given that Asswad has killed 7,000 people?

                    1. Let's not forget the North Koreans - don't they deserve a chance at freedom to?

              2. It would have been totally immoral to have bombed Iraq until Saddam fell and then left it to its fate.

                That's really not true, you know.

                In fact, it's fairly morally incoherent.

                If this is true, it would also have been "totally immoral" for some group of Kurds or Marsh Arabs to launch a decapitation attack on Saddam and his family and inner circle - because it might have left Iraq government-less in the aftermath.

                Anybody who wanted to plug Saddam was entitled to. Including us.

                1. That is a good point fluffy. Of course to give the US the same standing that the Marsh Arabs and the Kurds have is to admit that Saddam was a threat to us. And since I think he was, I am forced to agree with you at least on Iraq.

                  Kadafi in contrast was not a threat. We had no right to plug him. And the only justification for intervening was humanitarian. Since it was a humanitarian war of choice, we did have an obligation to fix the mess we helped create.

                2. To quote John Derbyshire - "Where there's rubble, there's no trouble". Bomb 'em and leave. Ta-da!

                  1. I always heard that as "Rubble don't make trouble."

                    1. "Rubble don't make trouble."

                      Consider this. We nuked Japan and man did that ever change their attitude. No more asparations of territorial gain.

                      I proffer that if we nuked Warzirastan, the world would be a much calmer place.

                    2. ah, you are correct.

            2. "pom poms"


              1. You should have seen his pyramid.

              2. They fight -- and bite!
                They fight and bite and fight!
                Fight! Fight! Fight!
                Bite! Bite! Bite!
                The MNG and John Show!

  18. Obama on oil prices

    We have subsidized oil companies for a century. We want to encourage production of oil and gas, and make sure that wherever we've got American resources, we are tapping into them. But they don't need an additional incentive when gas is $3.75 a gallon, when oil is $1.20 a barrel, $1.25 a barrel. They don't need additional incentives. They are doing fine.


    Even Joe Biden has standing to call that stupid.

    1. Are you for oil subsidies?

      1. No I am against stupidity. And that statement is giant pile of it. Oil is $1.20 a barrel? Really? And the price of oil and the price of gasoline are an identity? Wow.

        1. "the price of oil and the price of gasoline are an identity"

          An identity?

          And you are calling him out for stupid?

          1. "An Identity" means they are same. Sorry I talked over your head.

            1. Most people would say "are identical."

              And of course, he didn't say that, he explicitly gave two diffferent prices:

              "when gas is $3.75 a gallon, when oil is $1.20 a barrel, $1.25 a barrel"

        2. I'm curious what the audio says. Did he say "one twenty a barrel" and it was transcribed as "$1.20" instead of "$120" or did he say "one dollar twenty a barrel". The former strikes me as more likely and is mostly due to a dumb transcriber. If he said the latter, he's a moron.

          1. That is a good point Mo. Maybe he did say 120.

            1. $120-$125 is what Brent crude is going for these days.

          2. He said $120 - the White House typist fucked up.

            1. That's not the only fucked-up thing about the White House...

          3. Yeah. I will eat my hat if he really said one dollar and twenty cents.

          4. If he said the latter, he's a moron.

            Even if he didn't, he's still a moron.

    2. Please explain those oil subsidies to me. I've looked at financial statements of oil companies - they all seem to pay a giant shitload of taxes.

      1. depends on the dictionary. To the Dems, any dollar of tax NOT being paid by any company in any industry is a subsidy. To the Repubs, any tax not being paid is a deduction.

      2. Yes, and net margins of $0.08-$0.10 on the dollar are criminal.

        1. Mature industries should not get special subsidies.

          Really, no one should.

          1. Agree with you 100%

    3. This all depends on what he is calling a subsidy. The attack on oil companies seems to have morphed into calling basic accounting, like depreciation, tax subsidies.

      1. Depletion=/= Depreciation, but yeah, that seems to be what they are complaining about. Ask people like Shrike to name the special subsidies that oil companies get, and they go blank for a minute before continuing with their talking points.

    4. We have subsidized oil companies for a century.

      That's a lie. There are no cash payments to oil companies, and they don't get, as far as I know, any special tax breaks.

      1. Not making them pay wildly-inflated guesses for the externalities they might be creating is also a subsidy or something.

        1. RC is a lawyer. Finance is not his forte'.

      2. I guess it depends on the definition of "subsidy".

        Epic stupid from the left.

      3. Obmama lie!!!??? Noooooo, say it ain't so!!!!

      4. They are not paying for global warming. The science is settled.

      5. Sure they do. They get lots of them.

        Special depreciation allowances, deductions for injectants, depletion allowances, etc.

        1. I'm not sure 'special accounting treatments' should be counted the same as a 'subsidy'. All kinds of industries/business operations have 'special accounting practices' to gussie up the books (i.e.- capitalization of software development) that can't be remotely viewed the same as a loan from the government, or outright cash payments.

          1. I don't know any industry that gets outright cash payments. Loans are not cash payments, of course.

            Tax breaks designed for O&G are tax subsidies.

            1. Loans are cash payments if they aren't paid back.

            2. "I don't know any industry that gets outright cash payments"

              HELLO? HELLO?

            3. "I don't know any industry that gets outright cash payments"

              HELLO? HELLO?

            4. Ever heard of corn subsidies, dumbass?

              Or the green energy companies like Solyndra that got government-backed loans from the government? They never had to pay them back.

              Oh, shrike wrote that. I guess the stupidity is understandable.

            5. Shrike, you can't seriously be that full of shit.

              1. You underestimate him.

        2. Not a subsidy, 'tardo kitty.

        3. Special depreciation allowances, deductions for injectants, depletion allowances, etc.

          Deductions for injectants strike me as ordinary business expenses which anyone can deduct.

          Depreciation allowances are generally available to any extractive industry, and are not "special" to oil.

          What are these "special depreciation allowances" of which you speak?

      6. Paying for wars and foreign aid to the ME are considered subsidies by some people.

        You are on a libertarian site. You are expected to be familiar with the vocabulary of social rebellion.

      7. There's one special tax break. An accelerated depreciation for oil reserves.

        Then there's a break for production industries generally. Obama has no problem with this break for anyone else.

        And then there's bullshit like crediting foreign taxes paid as a "break" even though this is how taxes generally work and depreciation generally as a break.

        There is a modest special oil subsidy, but most of what he calls a subsidy is not.

        1. There's one special tax break. An accelerated depreciation for oil reserves.

          There we go. Thanks. Any idea what its worth?

  19. Woman accused of breaking into house and performing oral sex on a man, against his will!
    "Stop sucking my dick or I'll call the police!"


    1. "Stop sucking my dick or and I'll call the police!"

      What a every man actually says...

      1. Here's something you never hear a guy say: "Stop sucking my dick, or I'll call the police!"

        1. what if she's gag material w teh fatz?

          1. a mouth is a mouth

            - Fred F., circa 1981

            1. Fred Flintstone said that?

    2. and performing oral sex on a man, against his will!

      Does not compute. Does not compute.

      1. Maybe dude's gay?

        1. no homo?

        2. There is a line. Just how ugly would a woman have to be before a man would refuse oral sex. I call it the Sandra Bernhardt line.

          The woman in the picture is nowhere close to that.

          1. I'm thinking anyone who breaks into your home is automatically scary and unattractive.

          2. I have a few coworkers who are way passed the head-giver's Mendoza line.

          3. Agreed that she is not unattractive. I also submit that an able-bodied and unencumbered man cannot be raped in that fashion. Attempted, perhaps. There is something missing from this story.

          4. I obviously have a different line, because I wouldn't willingly touch that with a ten foot pole, much less my dick. I would, however, wait until I was "done" before calling the cops (depending on how good the BJ is). Maybe that's the real problem: she isn't good enough at smoking dick to make it worthwhile.

          5. We call that the Snooki line these days.

          6. "Somebody is going to eat my pussy or I'm going to cut your fucking throat."


    3. Sounds more like quelle surprise than rape rape.

      Also... what?! There is obviously much more to this story like she is a crazy ex-gf or something.

      1. Hasn't anyone here ever seen Single White Female? The guy was probably afraid he was going to get a spike heel through his eyeball when she finished.

  20. Impeccable Logic:


  21. "Katy Perry goes commando"


    1. blatant false advertising!

  22. Has the web gone too social?

    A study from Western Illinois University, just published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, links social-media usage, and our constant need to share, to narcissism.The more online friends you have and the more you interact with them, the study claims, the higher the likelihood you might be a "socially disruptive" narcissist ? obsessed with yourself to the exclusion of everything around you.

    That might be a plausible explanation for some, but it doesn't explain why so many Web sites that don't really need a social component still insist on letting us interact with each other while we do mundane things online. Are we all socially disruptive narcissists now?

    1. You ask this on morning links?

      1. of course, but only in a narcissistic way.

      2. I am, of course, not interested in any of your answers, but receive personal gratification from the number of responses my post generates.

    2. "Narcissist" is just another term of art for "people I don't like that are probably secret GOPers." There is absolutely nothing more narcissistic than OWS, but the left acamedia never slings that frighteningly accurate word at them.

      1. What you mean this guy might be a narcissist?

        http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-TV?id={DC180714-AEB8-41C1-9C2A-C24C5F485A2D}&title=Occupier Arrested Shirtless Rant On Top of George Washington Statue In Union Square

        1. And the ultra-creepy human microphone cultish chanting.

      2. left acamedia

        So good, I'm calling it a neologism, not a typo.

        1. Wasn't a typo. The left academia feeds stories to the left media all the time, like the perennial "conservative and libertarains have a mental disorder" stories.

          1. Life would be simpler if I could type.

            1. try using your fingers

              1. +1 long smile 🙂

            2. But then you wouldn't be you.

    3. What, you mean it's not all about me? Who else is there?

      Funny T-shirt:

  23. High school loser, tired of being rejected, gets a porn star to agree to go to prom with him. School bans her of course.


    1. This was on RedEye last night. That kid has chutzpa - he'll go far. Even though he looks like a dweeb. He has MOXIE...

      1. Moxie is gross.

        1. ...but not as gross as santorum, so....

        2. I like Moxie, but I haven't seen it in a supermarket in ages.

          1. I'm guessing you don't live in Maine.

            1. I can't get there from here.

              1. Round here there's even a Moxie Festival.


                1. I'd say the kid had spunk, but best not to discuss his underwear contents.


        3. Moxie is great. The best of all the brown sodas. What the fuck are you doing in Maine?

          1. No way. That stuff's nasty.

            1. I actually didn't always like it (and I rarely drink it now because I don't like sugar water much in general), but as a kid I decided that I was going to and now it is just good.

      2. He has Moxie? Better tell Penn Jillette that someone kidnapped his daughter!

    2. Actually I would not call him a loser exactly, if you have the courage to get a porn star to your school you will probably go further than the conformist clowns that most schools generally pump out.

      1. I meant "loser" in the sense of Aerosmith's Walk this Way.

        1. Well, the boys told him something he missed...

      2. Would it really take that much courage for a high school dork to bring a porn star to prom? It's really nothing more than an 80s nerd-revenge fantasy.

        This whole episode really just confirms that nerds believe real life is just like the movies. On the other hand, his technique for getting the date--contacting every single porn star that had a Twitter account and asking for a date--will serve him nicely when he's getting rejected by numerous women in bars on the same night when he gets older.


  25. The poll also found that more than half of Americans, 54 percent, think churches should stay out of politics, while 40 percent said religious institutions should express views on social and political questions.

    I agree with the minority there. Let church leaders guide their flocks to the right level to pull. And then send in those checks to the IRS.

  26. Kate Moss is still hot! (and nerdy)


  27. I've been thinking about the shooting in FL. It strikes me that: I understand a lot of the upsetness from the black community, but I think it is misplaced when aimed at the self defense law; the rage originates and rightly is placed in their being tired that blacks are seen as dangerous and suspicious so readily. It was this that led to Zimmerman hassling this kid, which led to his death.

    Having said that, while this certainly is the cause of the altercation happening, we don't know what precipitated the actual shooting. That's where the law kicks in, and if he rushed Zimmerman then Zimmerman might be due the defense. That so many people want to trample on due process here is sad, and ironic considering that it is blacks that usually suffer when due process fails in the US.

    1. """There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.... After all we have been through. Just to think we can't walk down our own streets, how humiliating.""'

      Jessie Jackson


      1. Well, of course, I can acknowledge that much of it comes from the actual acts of some blacks, but that automatic suspicion following you around all the time, and in some cases leading to deadly altercations, has got to suck either way. I don't think blacks lose their right to complain about it, especially considering most have done nothing to further the image themselves, but seem to suffer from it.

        1. Yes, except they sure seem to vote as a block and support with near unanimity the sort of policies that have very much supported the cultural rot that is a root cause of crime in the black community. I would feel more sympathy towards them if a substantial portion of the black community stood up against this, but that has not happened.

          1. Yeah, but each person is an individual. By considering people as groups, you are doing the same thing that so many black people do in voting so reflexively for democrats: considering group identity over individual.

      2. Hey, I don't mind at all if Zimmerman feels really nervous when black people walk behind him on the street. Knock yourself out, George.

        What I object to is that Zimmerman granted himself the power to approach people and demand that they account for themselves on property that was either public or that he held in common with more others than he could keep track of (making it essentially public for the purpose of this analysis).

        If Zimmerman harassed me on a public street, or in a common area of an HOA of which I was a member, and demanded that I account for myself or submit to his detention, he would deserve a fucking boot to the back of the head.

        1. In which case you'd probably get shot too. I do kind of have to wonder if Zimmerman would have been willing to confront the kid if he hadn't been packing heat. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the 2A and people's right to self defense, but you still have to wonder if some people would be nearly as confrontational if they didn't have that 9mm of courage with them.

          You'd think that a little common sense wouldn't be too much to ask, but apparently it is.

    2. Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I thought in the initial wave of media reports Zimmerman had claimed he didn't know the kid was black at first because he had a hoodie on or something.

      I know if I saw an unknown person walking down the street late at night in my neighborhood with a hoodie on I might be a little suspicious too (not suspicious enough to confront the person, but suspicious enough to keep an eye on them). Of course, I probably wouldn't see the person in the first place because I'm typically too busy minding my own fucking business, but still.

      1. I live in a gated community with about 1300 houses. When I see somebody walking down the street after the hours of darkness, hoodie or not, my first thought is not 'OMG! Criminal!' I mean, shit, I sure as hell can't be expected to know all the residents.

        Hell, I have more problems with drunk 40 year olds kidnapping my lawn statues than I do with teenagers.

        1. Hell, I have more problems with drunk 40 year olds kidnapping my lawn statues than I do with teenagers.

          Thanks for not shooting me

          1. If my gargoyle doesn't come back, then I'll go on the murderous rampage. But so far, it shows up after a day or two. I give bonus points to the guys who show up and apologize for taking it than the choads who just bring it back while no one's home.

        2. True, it does take a little more than just wearing a hoodie to get my suspicion meter up (body language, etc). I know what most of my immediate neighbors look like, but not the entire neighborhood.

          How out of place someone looks too. I once saw some kid walking down the street in July with a thick heavy winter coat on with the hood up during the day when it was about 90 degrees out. It looked a little weird, but I still didn't call the cops. Had he started walking toward a neighbors house while looking around for witnesses I would have grabbed the phone, and if he jumped the fence I would have started dialing.

    3. I'm offended that his mother is on tour.

  28. This is an amazing little tidbit.

    Assunta Linza, a bright-eyed 33-year-old with a college degree in psychology, has been unemployed since June, after losing a temporary job as a call-center operator. Her father, who is 60 and has a fifth-grade education, took early retirement with full benefits at age 42 from a job as a workman at the Italian state railway company.


    A fifth grade education and you retire for life at 42. Wow. And people actually thought this was going to end well.

    1. At 33 there is no way she is still "bright-eyed." At that point, the milk has gone bad. She should have been popping out ungrateful entitled brats already.

      1. Hard to do that without a job.

        1. *stares at John, dumbfounded*

          The entire city of Detroit (MI) is based on that model, John. As are most other "urban" centers.

          Tell me you misspoke...mistyped?

          1. Don't forget the UK. Friends are always sending me links to stories about young people over there living comfortably off taxpayers.

            1. A person I know is generally libertarian in their beliefs. However, he is married to a British national, and their daughter has dual citizenship. He has used this to get a council flat which they subsequently rent out, and use on vacation twice a year.

              1. So for vacation he hangs out with ASBO-laden chavs in a UK project? Because that's my understanding of 'council flats' and the people that live in them.

                1. ASBO-laden chavs

                  You sure know how to talk the talk, buddy.

                  1. After clicking on the Daily Mail links that show up here, I've learned a thing or two.

      2. ...with a college degree in psychology... + living in Italy?

        And she wonders why she is unemployed? Heck, we employ people with Master's degrees in psychology as mere baristas in the US. Learn how to build computers honey.

        1. On the other hand, everybody in Italy seems like they're nuts...

        2. In any case, the fact that her dad has been collecting full benefits for doing nothing the last 18 years is a major reason why she, along with something like 40% of all young people in Europe, is unemployed. You just can't throw that yoke around the necks of business and expect them to grow sufficiently to keep hiring new workers.

          1. Well, at least they can live with their parents. It's the next generation that's really screwed.

            1. There isn't gonna be a next generation if they don't have kids...

    2. I agree completely, although I wonder if her dad retired at 42 because that's just standard for the Italian state railway company, or if he lucked out and got to participate in some kind of buyout program to get rid of the dead wood during a previous attempt at reform.

      If we ever put the Fluffy plan to reduce public sector headcount 50% into effect, we're going to have to buy SOME of those parasites out. So you'll end up with anecdotal instances of guys taking the buyout and hitting the lottery, but it still being cheaper for taxpayers in the long run.

      1. Maybe. My guess is it was full retirement after 20 years and he got the job at age 22.

  29. French terrorism suspect leaps from window while firing his gun; dies.

    He'll never get his Hunter Safety certificate that way.

    1. Typical Frog - the going gets a little tough, he gives up.


      1. If he had actually been descended from Gauls instead of Moors, that slam would have had a lot more panache.

        1. Charles Martel disagrees.

          1. The sad part is that the Franks were actually Germanic migrants, not native descendants of the Gauls.

            It's interesting how the baddest of the French badasses during the middle ages--Martel, Charlemagne, William the Conqueror--were descended from people who actually conquered the native populations earlier in the Dark Ages.

            1. Charles Martel is pretty much solely responsible for feudalism... shit the 900 character limit is gonna get me, but long story short, every free man had to fight in service of the king. "all free men fight, every fighting man is free". Heavy cavalry meant that you suddenly had to be rich to meet this standard, et voila hundreds of thousands of peasants without freeman rights are created.

    2. People who didn't read the article missed the detail = he died of gunshot to the head. The window was "5-feet" from the ground. No John Woo for you, terrorist!

      Also =

      In Washington, two U.S. officials said Merah was on a U.S. government "no fly" list

      See? Even if he'd tried an upstairs window, the TSA would have stopped him.


      Merah fired frantically at police from a Colt 45 pistol as he climbed through his apartment window onto a verandah and toppled to the ground some 5 feet below, according to prosecutors and police.

  30. We are all Etch-a-Sketches now...


  31. This links to the editorial I tried to post that got marked as spam by Reason's irrational third-party spam filter:


    1. Irrational? You have something against 3rd-parties, I see... you TRAITOR.

  32. Stein, a nine-year member of the Corps, said he started the page to encourage fellow servicemembers to exercise their free speech rights. He has also criticized U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta for his comments on Syria.

    Apparently he thought nine years in the United States Marine Corps was enough.

    1. Well, they are mad because he is encouraging Marines to obey the law and morality by not executing orders that violate the law.

      1. Yah, how are we ever going to transform the nation into the perfect utopian police state if some military members insist on not only exercising their rights but protecting the rights of the citizenry too?

        Not to mention he was also encouraging other Marines as well. I mean, a few "bad apples" they can handle, but if his attitude spreads to others, that could be a real problem.

        1. When you're in the military, you're just a piece of meat. You're not allowed to have opinions until you get out of the military, especially if you get hired by one of the cable talking-heads shows as an "expert".

    2. What's really horrible is how many commenters on the site openly support discharge, saying your freedom of speech OUTSIDE OF A MILITARY SITUATION is curtailed when you join the military.

  33. We r in ur internetz, blockin ur posts!

    1. Yet, it lets anonobot spam the same site on almost every article.

      1. Yeah, go figure.

      2. But anonbot rises above spam because:

        * sometimes its comments are weirdly on point; and
        * the handles! Carbman Jones remains the best

        1. Dude, that makes a lot of sense when you think about it! LOL!

  34. "Why can't men see past our breasts?
    As newsreader Susanna Reid bemoans the public fixation with her bust, a long-suffering DD-cup wearer sympathises"


    1. "......I'M SORRY! What did you say, Susanna?....."

    2. because they are so damn big?

      seriously, I'm a straight woman and sometimes I can't either. I used to work with a woman who was barely 5 feet tall and had simply enormous (and natural) norks. My eyes kept drifting south out of astonishment

      1. Go on.......and then you kissed?

        1. If I can touch them... they're real.

        2. um, no, can't see myself going lesbo for her. Ellen Barkin 20 years ago... hmmm

    3. I didn't see an article.

    4. Q:What color are her eyes?

      A:I don't know, I never got that high.

    5. How do you think the A cup woman who was passed over in favor of her feels?

    6. Men find you attractive, what a terrible cross to bear. You went to Oxford and you can't find anything better to do than write an article in the Daily Mail about your breasts? With multiple photos to show them off?

      1. Too bad they don't teach what "forced" means at Oxford. "Oh noes! I was forced to voluntarily wear this sexy bunny costume! Male gaze!"

      2. If they hate being attractive, they could easily change that. Of course doing that would require giving up all of the advantages that go with being an attractive women. I am thinking the fat homely girls would gladly trade places with them.

      3. That level of feigned complaint attention whoring would be embarrassing coming from a middle schooler. This woman's in her damn forties.

        1. And has her job primarily because of her looks. What, homely women can't read from a teleprompter?

          Gee I made an entire career out of my looks. How dare people notice my looks!!

          1. Right, exactly.

            "My big breasts stop me from getting respect for the career that I only have because of my big breasts!"

        2. And you add the fact that DDs aren't the problem. Any guy that can't treat you like a human being in a professional setting is not suddenly going to straighten up if you were flat-chested. I work around some damn attractive women and I don't gawk and slaver all day.

          1. Some of you seem to be laboring under the misapprehension that this is a real gripe. She was probably missing the days when people would ask her to get in the bunny suit and pulled out an old classic from the playbook; faux-whine about something you want people to notice. It has been eliciting eyerolls from me since I was about 12 years old.

            1. Hard to pull off the bunny suit past about 35.

            2. The only reason anyone ever replies to Warty is because of his enormous nutsack.

              1. That is more to do with intimidation than attraction. I think it feeds off of our fear.

                1. Well, it certainly feeds, at any reate.

            3. Succubus!

          2. I mean, in front of them at least.

            1. You just sort of get immune to it after a while. I mean, I work with some hideous bog creatures as well. It sort of averages out.

      4. "Oh noes! The painful oppression of my luscious body that attracts potential mates like a Wal-Mart Black Friday store opening! The horror!"

        1. How dare you make light of Trample Friday, the most solemn and holy day on the Hit and Run calendar.

          1. Ah, good times.

          2. When I'm kicking a dozen people's asses at the same time, Dello, it might take me a while to get back around to yours. Patience.

      5. You all are pretty insensitive. If you had an 11 inch cock, you'd know what she was going through. Women don't respect you for your mind, they break into your house to suck you off, I could go on all day but I have to use this here stick to beat away the gang of cheerleaders that followed me home.

        Trust me, it's a heavy burden.

        Really, almost 2 pounds.

    7. "Why can't men see past our breasts?

      It's called evolutionary biology, sweetheart. You'd understand that if you hadn't been brainwashed by the feminist collective.

    8. I just clicked through. And, frankly, I'm a little disappointed.

    1. Ok. I finally clicked on the link.
      Didn't care for it much. Sorry, r.

      1. I will make you mine
        -when I feel like it

  35. Chevron staff charged over Brazil oil spill

    Seventeen Chevron and Transocean executives accused of environmental crimes over the oil leak off the Rio coast in 2011.
    Brazil knows how to deal w criminal scum executives!

    1. If we hadn't elected that God damned McCain, we would be doing that here over Deepwater Horizon.

  36. OMG! The world is running out of helium!


    1. They were suckin it up on The Five the other day. THE MONSTERS! Except Dana Perino - she wsa too much of a prude...Bob Beckel talking with helium voice makes Bob Beckel almost tolerable.

      1. But Dana Perino is adorable!

        1. She is really hot. She is totally unimpressive in every other way. But she is hot. Not Megan Kelly hot. But hot.

        2. She's easily the best looking one on the show but she acts like the cute cheerleader that's afraid of your penis.

        3. no, not hot..anti-hot, the kind of prude that makes the rest of the girls rolls their eyes. Now Guilfoyle, that's a woman with trouble on her mind.

          1. It is always the quiet ones. I bet Perino is a little more of a freak than she lets on.

          2. You never know. Dana Perino could be one of the ones that puts up a front in public, but is a totally depraved freak in private.

  37. Scientific America calls for one world government to annihilate humans and build an even more submissive sapien species.


    1. Mongo just pawn in game of life.

    2. Talk about ripping the mask off. This is why I'm a skeptic on interventionist policies. They'll probably work just as well as our current economic policies. No, that's the best case scenario. Along with an amount of freedom commensurate with the current world average.

    3. Trying again, fuck the squirrels.

      This is why I'm anti-interventionist and skeptical of all the data that purport to "require" interventionist policies. Just to be clear, this guy wants the same guys who brought us the Eurozone collapse and our third summer of recovery in a row that doesn't look good to tweak the climate. Yeah. Great idea. What could possibly go wrong?

    4. If I had it to do over, I'd approach the issue planning differently ... instead devoting at least half of the available space for feature articles on psychology, sociology, economics and political science.

      Because psychology, sociology, economics and political science are completely appropriate subjects for a magazine called Scientific American. I'm sure that's exactly what your subscribers would want to read.

    1. They should just shoot Foster's out of a garden hose at people instead of employing tasers. That shit is toxic.

      1. It's not so much that as the fact that every Aussie suspect would drop what he was doing and open his mouth widely.

        1. "Bruce, Bruce, Bruce and myself were just standin' here, moynding our own business, when the frigging thing just started shooting Fostah's LAAAAger.

          What were we supposed to do? We opened our mouths and drank as much as we could.

          Australia, Australia, Australia - we love you! AMEN!"

        2. Well, so would I assuming Foster's was replaced with Fat Tire, Dogfish Head 120 pale ale, or Ecstasy-infused goth chicks.

        3. we don't drink much Foster's - only gullible foreigners do.

          1. Not unlike Mexicans and Corona.

            1. Or Belgians and Heineken.

              1. Heineken=dutch

          2. I didn't mean to suggest that you were all that particular; rather the opposite.

  38. I pictured Romney as more of a Rubix Cube. With all the stickers peeled off.

    1. It is decidedly so

    2. That reminded me of this site I frequented in the past.


      Sadly, it's now blocked at work.

  39. If Santorum somehow won the nomination, the only thing that would make me feel better about that is if he were like an etch-a-sketch.

    Sadly, he isn't.

    I don't care about 90% of what these goofballs have promised. I don't imagine that any of them are the solution to our problems. If any of them somehow came through with getting the budget under control, I'd be more than just surprised.

    Anybody who really believes in any politician is begging to be horribly disappointed.

    1. Pretty much.

    2. + 42

      I put some stock in the ramblings of Ron Paul but even with some sort of time-machine induced primary rigging and an Obama albino-midget/Michael Jackson corpse fucking scandal, most of his ideas would never get implemented (this century). Regardless, it would have been nice to hear "You fuckheads are spending too much money destroying this country and chunks of the world seemingly arbitrarily. You dumb mother fuckers" for 4 years. For some reason, the President Paul of Universe Beta-69 speaks with Sam Jackson's voice.

      1. "Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfucking snakes assholes on in this motherfucking plane congress!"

  40. "U.S. Marine discharged for criticizing President Obama."

    Why didn't I think of that?

    1. Because you actually liked being a cross-dresser?

  41. In my neighborhood, Hollister is what gang-bangers wear. Everyone else knows better.

    1. bangers and wiggers fm the burbs

    2. Get off my lawn.

    3. Minneapolis, Northside.

  42. God, Newt Gangrene continues to be such an annoying fucking shitstain that I literally cannot listen to him any more.

    LITERALLY. I mute the TV or turn the channel when he comes on.

    Nice, spooky, Evil Mad Scientist lighting while he's showing the Etch-a-Sketch, though. What a fucking asshole. I'd like to bitchslap him. That would feel REALLY good. For me, not him.

    1. it was teh funny tho when newt gave it to a kid & pronounced him another candidate!

  43. "I'm completely shocked that this is happening," Stein said. "I've done nothing wrong. I've only stated what our oath states that I will defend the constitution and that I will not follow unlawful orders. If that's a crime, what is America coming to?"

    This guy's fucked; he'll never be able to get a job in law enforcement with an attitude like that.

    1. The Marine Corps said Stein is allowed to express his personal opinions as long as they do not give the impression he is speaking in his official capacity as a Marine.

      "These are my personal opinions. I am not speaking in my official capacity as a Marine."

  44. Another Marine alerted his command about the statement, Stein said.

    No kidding.

    1. The "no snitching" thing would really be appropriate in this instance...

      I smell a suck-up looking for a promotion.

  45. John Edwards is First Name Uncovered in 'Millionaire Madam' Investigation

    According to "On The Inside" sources, Edwards allegedly hooked up with one of Gristina's high-end hookers in 2007 when the dashing pol from North Carolina brought his then high-flying presidential campaign to the Big Apple.

    The one-night fling allegedly took place at an Upper East Side hotel suite and was arranged by an aide with help from a New Yorker familiar with Gristina's prostitution ring, sources said.

    1. I knew it! She's got nothing to lose, and every possibility of high-powered clients placing a little call to the prosecutor to back off.

      1. It is outrageous that she gets arrested but none of her clients do. And yeah, I hope the list is long and distinguished. Names like Bloomburg and Schumer and dare we dream Santorum!!!

        1. Newt. I wanna see Newt on there. And hell, why not- Joel Osteen.

          1. We are not living well enough to see Osteen on the list. God loves us. But not that much.

            1. Why the Osteen hate? I'm no fan of any preacher, but his message of getting off one's ass and doing something to improve one's life is much better than gays are sinners, fire and brimstone, have faith and god will provide, etc. Granted, I don't know much about him other than the five minutes I've seen of his show.

              1. Fair enough. I just hate the idea that God wants you to be rich.

                1. God definitely wants Osteen to be rich. The jury's still out on much of his flock.

              2. Why the Osteen hate?

                Because he's the latest incarnation of the Gospel of Wealth hucksters that have been prominent in the Christian evangelical movement since the 1980s. It's a message that uses God as a prop to justify worldly materialism, which is antithetical to Christ's actual message that the things of this world are meaningless compared to the blessings of heaven.

                That people like Osteen (and the TBN, Bakker, and Swaggart types before him) have achieved such prominence as representatives of the Christian faith says a lot about the decadence of modern Christianity. The early converts to the faith, who were largely poor, didn't do so because they thought God was going to provide them with a nicer insulae than their neighbors. It was because they believed a greater reward awaited them after they died.

              3. Why the Osteen hate?

                Because of the traffic his abomination formally known as the Summit causes on 59.

        2. Michael: Ten grand? What did you do with these guys, exactly?

          Nellie: They mostly just cried. You've got a real morale problem here.

          1. I can see the hooker now.

            "Santurm just wanted me to read Psalms to him while he was on his knees wearing my lingerie. Easiest thousand bucks I ever made".

            1. His wife a grandpa-fucker. You better believe Ricky is into some kinky shit.

              1. I still think Mitch Daniels' wife was into some kinky shit with that guy she left him for. That whole thing doesn't add up without BDSM.

    2. Dashing? Really? Am I the only one who thinks he looks like John Ritter?

      1. politics is soap operas for ugly people. (or however the quote goes)

  46. All power to the Soviets

  47. Since there's not enough hate (crime) in the world:

    What if Zimmerman came up and asked Martin, "What'cha doing, man? You live around here?" and Martin said, "FUCK OFF, FAGGOT"?

    1. That is just it. If Zimmerman were a gay man who shot a young black dude who was calling him a fag, the coverage would be a bit different.

      1. Which is more equal, black or homo?

        1. Blacks. They have more votes.

          1. That's just because of hetronormativity, John.

      2. But it would also be coverage that somehow didn't mention that the black and hispanic communities are more homophobic than whitey.

        Because we don't talk about that. Just like a story about a white dad who doesn't like his daughter marrying a black dude is news, or at least getting in a short story anthology collection(throw in a little molestation for good measure), but a story about a black dad who didn't like his daughters white boyfriend is not getting ink or published anywhere.

        1. Sort like how only the Mormons voted against the gay marriage initiative in California. We never talk about how it lost by huge margins in the black and Hispanic communities. No. Only the Mormons can be blamed for its failure.

          1. It's safe to criticize Mormons. You can't go after one of the other victim classes for anything, which is why the modern Democratic party is such a clusterfuck. In order to please one of the interest groups, they're inevitably going to piss off another one.

            1. Harry Reid gets a pass on the anti-Mormon hate, though, for the most part...

          2. Who exactly do you mean by "we," John. I've never given a pass to anyone on Prop 8. Of course I'm not libertonormative.

            1. libertonormative.

              What is this, Neologism Day?

  48. Is the Romney campaign like an Etch A Sketch?

  49. http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/s.....1-14-21-37

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Authorities have interviewed at least 13 people since 2005 with ties to Iran's government who were seen taking pictures of New York City landmarks, a senior New York Police Department official said Wednesday.

    Do the Mullahs not know about google earth?

    1. Do the authorities not know about tourists?

    2. Hell, if they're "landmarks" you can probably get a book full of pictures of them at a Barnes and Noble.

    3. I get to go through "anti-terrorism" training at work a couple times a year, and the act of taking pictures is considered to be suspicious activity.
      Not just taking pictures of landmarks, but taking pictures of anything.
      Someone taking pictures in a public park could be planning a bioweapon attack.
      Someone taking pictures of people getting on public transportation could be tracking a government employee's movements in hopes of catching him with classified material.
      Someone sitting alone outside at a coffee shop could be waiting to eaves drop on government contractors discussing sensitive information on their lunch break.


      1. If I were the Iranians, I would send my entire UN staff out several times a week doing nothing but taking pictures of New York landmarks. You could drive the NYPD insane.

      2. what if you're taking photos of kids next to a landmark? Terrorist or pedophile?

        1. Terrorist pedophile, duh.

          1. Well, they are Muslims. Goes without saying, amirite?

  50. Thats kinda crazy when you think about it dude. Seriously.


  51. What bothers me about the Romney thing is that it's an obvious truth that somehow politicians just aren't supposed to vocalize. Just about every candidate ever, including liberal gods like Obama and Clinton, changed their campaign focus from the primaries to the general election. You're appealing to a slightly different mix of people, and it's silly to condemn someone for telling the truth.

  52. Authorities have interviewed at least 13 people since 2005 with ties to Iran's government who were seen taking pictures of New York City landmarks, a senior New York Police Department official said Wednesday.

    Wow. Two people per year. Taking photographs.
    Somebody give Ray Kelly a medal.

    1. And not like they couldn't use google earth or call their buddies in Russia and get some satellite photos.

  53. WTF, squirrels?! You just posted a comment as spam which had no links in it but you can't catch the date bi spam? Fucking die slowly runover by car.

    1. arbeit mach gop babiee!

  54. Putting the best possible spin on things.

    30M people in China live in "energy efficient" caves.

    1. Right until an earthquake collapses them.

      I love the quote from the article, "Electricity and even running water can be brought in..." Running water; what will they think of next?

  55. New meaning to "It's raining men; alleluia"

    A libertarian's nightmare : performance

  56. http://todayspictures.slate.com/20120322/

    The Slate daily photos are of the Beatles since on this day in 1963 there first record was released. Check out picture 17 of them and their "personal makeup artists" on the set of A Hard Day's Night. Damn was it good to be a rock star.

    1. I still maintain Ringo Starr was one of the luckiest men to have ever lived.

      1. He was. But I will give him credit. He knew a gravy train when he saw one. He was a good drummer. But he never tried to be anything that he wasn't. He knew who paid the bills. How many other people would have fucked it up by getting pissy and demanding to be the star?

        1. The man was a rock on the drums. Maybe not the most creative, but he could damn sure keep time.

        2. And he was supposedly the cool head that kept the peace between the other three.

  57. The California State University Board of Trustees received a grim report Tuesday on the consequences of more state funding cuts, including slashing enrollment, losing thousands of faculty and staff positions, and eliminating some academic and athletic programs.

    All of those are possible if a tax measure on the November ballot fails and the system is faced with a $200-million cut that would occur in the middle of the 2012-13 academic year, officials said.

    Cal State officials had announced that spring 2013 enrollment at most campuses would be frozen and that all applicants for the following fall would be wait-listed. About 20,000 to 25,000 eligible students could be turned away.

    If *not* selling your product will help your bottom line, you need to seriously examine your business plan.

    1. losing thousands of faculty and staff positions,

      If they would do that by eliminating the various hate studies programs, that would be good.

      1. They'll probably get rid of some of their engineering or computer science programs. Afterall, the service and consumer based economy of the future needs more sociology, agrieved class studies, russian literature, and philosophy majors to work as baristas and retail sales clerks, not engineers and programmers. Those are for economies that actually produce useful things.

      2. They'll do it by eliminating the unimportant positions. Like teaching math.

  58. Seriously- this 900 character thing is a complete fiasco. Get rid of it, you bozos.


    "Let there be no mistake about it, we can't continue to nibble around the edges," Quillian said.

    Trustees asked Chancellor Charles Reed to develop alternatives to deep enrollment cuts, even while acknowledging that there is little appetite for more tuition increases.

    After the grim financial discussion, the board voted 11 to 3 to approve 10% pay increases for the new presidents at the Fullerton and East Bay campuses. Dissenters were trustees Margaret G. Fortune, Steven M. Glazer and Melinda Guzman.

    1. LOL--and I totally called this. I knew if colleges kept increasing their tuition exponentially every year, eventually they'd have to limit the number of students they could admit in order to provide the same level of service.

      Sorry, guys--you've lived on the government-guaranteed-loan gravy train for over 30 years, and now it's about to ram into the wall. Hope you enjoyed the ride while it lasted.

    2. The pay hikes are in line with a policy adopted in January to cap the pay of executives at 10% above that of their predecessor, with a limit of $325,000 in public funds. That change came after trustees faced strong criticism for approving an annual salary of $400,000 ? $100,000 more than his predecessor ? for the new president of San Diego State. That was done at the same July meeting in which tuition was increased by 12%.

      Does anyone else see a disconnect or am I taking crazy pills?

  59. "We already are spending so little on our students, we can no longer spend less on them and give them a quality education unless we reduce enrollment," Alexander said. "We have to prepare for the trigger to be pulled, because we don't have time to react."


  60. Sara Castledine, 21, a women's studies major at Cal State Long Beach who attended the trustees meeting, said that even though she qualifies for financial aid, she's had to work several jobs to afford college costs. She will have to move in with her parents when she graduates because she's amassed so much debt.

    Q E D, motherfuckers!

    1. Then maybe college isn't worth the cost for this person.

    2. Sara Castledine, 21, a women's studies major ... will have to move in with her parents when she graduates because she's amassed so much debt.

      Perhaps if she had majored in something useful...

      1. Like Exotic Dancing.

        I tell ya, the corporate world is just clamoring for womyns study majors!

  61. Since no amount of gun-related tragedy seems sufficient to get state lawmakers to dial back on their firearms-friendly laws, we need to find a different approach, or face a future in which citizens of some states are required to carry a weapon with them at all times except when bathing.

    I am thinking that the best solution for all concerned would be a strict national gun-control law that makes it very difficult to get a concealed weapons permit, permits gun dealers to sell only one handgun per individual per year, and makes it illegal for even permit holders to keep handguns anywhere but their home, store or car glove compartment unless they are employed in the security business.

    Gail Collins, limousine totalitarian.

    1. Ugh, don't like to NYT op-ed pieces, my blood pressure can't take it.

    2. Mandatory gun possession is possible in her warped future only b/c mandatory health insurance is possible in her warped present. At least she's consistent.

    3. Fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck! Motherfuckering fuckers! FUCK!!!!!

      *Head explodes, Scanners style*

  62. Holy shit, the comments to that article are retarded. Almost as retarded as Gail Collins.

  63. From the linked article on the French shooter:

    President Nicolas Sarkozy praised the work of French security forces and said the he would seek changes in the law to criminalize travel abroad by French citizens for training or "indoctrination" by terror groups. Mr. Sarkozy also indicated plans to criminalize the viewing of Web sites that "applaud terrorism."

    Hmmm... that'll work out well in the end.

    How about just calling this guy a nutter and being done with it.

    You can't fix stupid - or crazy.

    1. You can't fix stupid - or crazy.

      No, but you can sure vote for it.

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