Everybody Comparing Mitt Romney to an Etch A Sketch, French Police Attempting to Bring in Alleged Killer of Seven, Majority of Mexicans Approve of Government Cartel Crackdown: P.M. Links


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    1. Does it include a phone number for a lawyer when a frightened soccer mom at Starbucks calls 911 to falsely claim you brandished a firearm?

      At least 20% of the population are rank assholes who think the end justifies the means. Think about how many of them you’ll pass while OC-ing.

      1. Jeez are you out sell us Prozac Tulpa?

      2. I’ve encountered OC’ers who are obnoxious assholes who are OC’ing just to get people to ask them about it, so they can reply angrily, “Because I’m exercising my constitutional rights, that’s why!” or something along those lines.

        The whole OC versus CC thing is a common debate on the various forums. For my money, it’s better to keep it concealed and, as one forum member phrased it, be like Gomer Pyle with “Surprise, surprise, surprise!”

        1. I’ve encountered OC’ers who are obnoxious assholes who are OC’ing just to get people to ask them about it,

          These are just the contrarian assholes.

          I only carry concealed, and don’t even talk about having a firearm on me. Last thing I want is some dumbass asking me about my gun all night.

        2. Some are assholes, yeah, but most aren’t, and there are numerous good reasons to allow open carry besides the obvious “freedom, durr” reason: mainly so that an accidental exposure of the firearm while CC’ing doesn’t constitute a criminal act.

          1. If you are in a state that allows open carry, then accidental exposure while CCing isnt a problem.

            I conceal when I carry, but the KY constitution guarantees my right to open carry.

        3. Keep ’em guessing.

      3. tulpa, check out the open carry forum on the intertoobs.

        TONS of people open carry w/o a problem. they publish (in the various state forums) reports of their open carrying and almost NEVER have a problem.

        several of my coworkers routinely open carry off duty. i’ve done it too.

        most people don’t notice. the ones who do, either have no response or say ‘cool’.

        very occasionally, some uptight liberal will call the police. my agency PER POLICY will not dispatch an officer, since it is legal protected activity to carry openly in my state

    1. Alex Jones, is that you?

      1. Sure, that’s what they **want** you to think.

  1. So says a new study: a majority of Mexicans approve of their government’s crackdown on drug cartels, but very few believe that the government is “winning.”

    They also hope one day their government will win Dulcinea, its true love.

    1. Even the sponsors of the “Stand Your Ground” law think the killing of Trayvon Martin wasn’t justified.

      That’s because it wasn’t. Zimmerman did not stand his ground, he ran over to find another ground to stand on in order to pick a fight with a black kid and then call it “standing my ground”. That’s all.

      1. If there wasn’t a Stand your ground law, he wouldn’t have done that.

        1. Re: Jude Law is your problem,

          If there wasn’t a Stand your ground law, he wouldn’t have done that.

          Oh? So you read minds now?


        You got me excited that maybe someone liked my reference enough to reply. What a letdown.

        1. 85.37% of the commentariat didn’t even get your reference, Fist.

          Next time, make it more pop culture-y and less liberal artsy.

          1. Now you’re just tilting at windmills, man.

            1. Ok, that deserves this.

          1. I’m not touching that, even though I thought of a couple jokes.

        2. 85.37% of OM’s posts are letdowns, so that is not overly surprising.

          1. I am the 14.63%!

      3. This. This case shouldn’t be used to evaluate the “Stand Your Ground” law because it isn’t relevant, whatever bullshit the prosecutors fling.

        1. Race isn’t relevant either. But I’m sure if there was a way to use the story bring up contraception or global warming, they would.

          1. ROBOCAIN IS BACK!!!!

            1. That was a short 96 hours…wait…

        2. I heard that district’s rep on the radio yesterday railing against the law because literally ten people were unjustly killed (and their killers not prosecuted) since its passage.

          1. and i am sure he had cites to back up those ten alleged miscarriages of justice.

            we’ve had stand your ground in WA as well as the state having the burden to DISPROVE self defense in my state for many years


            1. It was a woman.

              My point was more that even if we stipulate that all ten were directly attributable to the law, that’s ten in how many years, among how many people?

              1. 6.5 years. 8M, I think.

    2. ooh. Good Don Quixote reference.

  2. Damn government!


    1. Yeah. I read that. The kid deserves his date for having the chutzpah to actually ask. Don’t punish him for taking a chance!

    2. So a woman, working a legal profession, is barred from attending a school event because of some sour-faced prude who believes in the medieval concept that sex workers are some ritually impure caste?

      1. I hope, the very cute, Megan Piper meets the (18-year-old) kid outside of school property and screws his brains out.

        1. I dunno what state his prom is in, but in NC it’s legal to sex up a 16 year old if you’re 18.

          1. He’s 18 and she’s 19, so I guess it’s legal everywhere right?

            1. Except West Virginia. You know, you’re only allowed to fuck your sister or something there.

              1. Got a gal, cute as could be,
                She’s a distant cousin but not distant to me.

            2. And also age-appropriate. It’s not like he asked Brittany O’Connel.

              1. Brittany O’Connel? Man, That’s from back in the day…

                Still, MILFs are in fashion, haven’t you heard?

                1. From Wikipedia: “Brittany O’Connell (born December 6, 1972) is the stage name of an American pornographic actress.”

                  Where’s Dagny T?

    3. Maybe he should ask out Santorum’s daughter. Oh, what a story he could tell ol’ Rick.

  3. 10 days until Game of Thrones’ second season and 4 until the start of Mad Men’s final season.

    ‘Tis truly the golden age of television.

    1. Mad Men, yes!

      Games of Thrones, no.

      1. both, yes

      2. *looks in phone book for Faceless Men listing*

        1. That put a smile on my face.

    2. I do not get to watch Game of Thrones episodes until a few days after, so no one here is allowed to spoil them when they start the season. Consider that a promise of a threat.

      I found out about Lord Stark here before I was able to see it. That simply is not done on the internet without a spoiler warning. We are not savages, after all.

      1. Read the books — while the HBO series is superb, the books are better. I suspect that this season, and the two that they plan to base on the third book, will be the best and probably only ones that will be made — production and actor costs will be prohibitive after that point, and the story in the fourth and fifth books is too convoluted to be adapted well, IMO. (Though of course it would be awesome to see the whole series adapted to TV.)

        1. I suspect that HBO will start to diverge from the books, much like they did with the True Blood stuff.


        Come on, man, he was played by Sean Bean. Except for Sharpe, I’m not sure his characters ever survive.

        1. **SPOILERS**

          Anyone seen the promotional poster HBO released for Season 2 that features Sean Bean’s head on a pike? Pure awesomeness.


        2. Wait a minute, was it you who spoiled that for me? I think maybe it was. Right there in the middle of Morning Links. LITERALLY the worst day of my life.

          1. Okay, ProL is off the hook. But Corning needs to be banned for life if he hasn’t already been.

            1. How the fuck did you find an obscure quote in a thread from a year ago?

              1. LITERALLY the worst day of his life. Fist took that shit to heart!

                1. Damn, he’s had a pretty nice life.

                  1. Really.

          2. What a novel communication technique.

          3. It wasn’t me, because I haven’t seen it yet. In fact, I still need to read the book. I started it and didn’t finish (because I had to return it to the library, not because I didn’t like it).

            1. The PUBLIC library? That my taxes PAID for?

              1. He meant his moneyed grandfather’s private reading library, staffed by old British butler types and orphaned ethnic pages paid less than the minimum wage under the table in gold-backed, private money.

                So it’s libertarian-kosher.

                1. Why, naturally. Whatever else could I have meant?

      3. Everyone dies.

        Also, its a sled.

  4. David Sedaris tells entertaining stories about things that don’t matter: it could be fiction for all I care.

    The problem with Daisey’s fabrications is that his story was intended, or at least stunningly obviously likely, to prompt activism: it was presented as true in a way that would call people to action. It was not simply entertainment, and that piece of shit knows it.

    1. ’tis true. That line that Sedaris would be a shitty stand up, is a bad judgement call imo. In that situation he would adjust his material accordingly, and likely with enough experience be a much better comedian than the vastly over rated Jonathan Winters.

      1. Maybe… maybe not. But the story linked specifically addresses this situation with a homophobic midget guitar teacher character that is created twice by Sedaris. Once as a fictional character, a second time as non-fiction.

        The fictional character fell flat and didn’t catch any notice. In non-fiction, his fictional homophobic guitar teacher is lauded by critics and writers as a poignant example of how hurtful homophobic people can be to young gay men.

        His example bolsters his claim that Sedaris’s humor doesn’t work as fiction, particularly as it is seen as illuminating of larger truths about the human condition. The supposedly non-fictional nature of the events is part of the story. Without that, they are understood differently by the audience.

    2. This.

      I have no problem with tall tales. If anything, it’s a rich method of storytelling and the audience knows to suspend disbelief. What little I’ve listened to or read of Sedaris’s works this way for me.

      Daisey implied that his story was true. No, not implied. Stated. He said so to TAL, and he said so when interviewed by other media outlets. If true, it meant that Apple’s factories were teeming with underage girls, maiming masses of workers and policed by armed guards. For the most part, those are outright falsehoods.

  5. Sandra Fluke: Politicians should be required to pass pro-woman litmus test to get elected


    1. What a gross misquote. What she actually said was “Derp derp derp.”

      1. “Slurp slurp slurp”

    2. We are still working on the “pro-constitution” litmus test. So good luck with that, Sandra.

    3. “pro-woman litmus test”

      Sounds homophobic.

      1. And mildly acidic. Like sea sand.

    4. I wonder how she defines “litmus test”. As far as her own vote is concerned, she can apply any “litmus test” she desires. Is she looking for some sort of legal requirement?

      1. Like most of her tribe, the segment of feminist who are collectivist, she believes there exist the Spirit of Everywoman that lives simultaneously in the uterus of all women. The mindmeld is very similar to the warm fuzzy a guy gets when he is destroying a used cigarette in a urinal with his stream.

        1. Fuck, my brain hurt reading that.

          1. I hope that one of my comments gets this comment someday.

          2. Maybe it hurt but it was killer.

        2. “that lives simultaneously in the uterus of all women”

          I’m pretty big, but not that big.

        3. and those who don’t comply are not true women./ they are, as thatcher was criticized “not authentically woman”

      2. She seems to be talking about how we should decide whom to vote for. Does anyone want to bet that it’s possible for a Republican to be “pro-woman,” even if she’s female?

        1. Clarence Thomas couldn’t even be black.

      3. Judging from her recent performances, she has not had a “legal requirements” class in law school yet.

    5. Totally not a public figure.

      1. And never spoke at a staged event.

    6. Oh shit:

      “Numerous American women have actually written to me in the last few weeks saying that I should run for office, and maybe someday I will.”

      Maybe. Pfft. Gentleman, we’ll be hearing from Congresswoman Fluke for years.

      1. Right, like it wasn’t obvious to everyone that was the goal of this game the entire time.

        1. You haven’t read the news lately, have you?

          People aren’t that terribly bright when it comes to politics.

    7. Really making the most of that 15 minutes, isn’t she?

      1. Yeah, she’s really lapping up all this attention.

        Of course, that’s probably not the only thing she’s lapping up, if you know what I mean, amirite fellas?

    8. I told you she was a stupid slut.

    9. Politicians should be required to pass pro-woman litmus test to get elected


    10. “”Numerous American women have actually written to me in the last few weeks saying that I should run for office, and maybe someday I will.”

      I believe she is threatening the American people.

  6. Has this been posted anywhere? Cause it’s really fucked up.


    1. Yes, but it has been over-exaggerated.

      1. How so? Cause from a cursory reading, it provides complete power to the executive branch over absolutely anything, at any time, and subject only to presidential oversight.

        1. ya, so whats new?

          1. Before they were sneakier about it?

            1. ^^^^^ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              exactly. i guess obama gets points for honesty in that he’s fought to openly have the power that govt. has always used behind the curtain

        2. See my post @ 5:56 PM.

    2. What am I supposed to be pissed about? I’m not reading 15 pages of executivese. Gimme the gist.

      1. “Emergency” = total executive control of resources

        1. It says specifically in the order “emergency and non-emergency”.

          1. Look, I didn’t exactly “read” the thing. Besides, “emergency” was in quotes to reflect the ephemeral nature of the definition.

            1. SCARE quotes!

            2. I actually read the thing, and it’s nothing that hasn’t been done before. Completely drummed up by the GOP; yet conveniently ignored when Bush did the same exact shit.

              Also: It’s just assessment of what is actually necessary in case of an “emergency.”

              1. You make the mistake of thinking that people around here care if Bush was “just as bad” as most don’t like him any more than they like Obama.

                Nice attempted deflection though

                1. Nice attempted deflection though


                  I was merely stating that both Republicans and Democrats do the same shit, just a different day, and for a (debatabley) different concern.

                  The only reason this is even news is because TEAM RED thinks they can score a couple of points on TEAM BLUE.

            3. That’s what I’m highlighting. They’re not even pretending anymore.

      2. “Hey, who am I? Kissinger? Broad strokes.”

  7. Fans are so hungry for “The Hunger Games” that Hollywood’s buzzing about an opening weekend to rival the $140 million debuts of some of the “Twilight” movies.




    No one spoil it for me. I just got the Rifftrax version of Breaking Dawn but haven’t been able to watch it yet.

    1. Like all the other Twilight movies, it’s crap, but KStew is less covered than usual.

      1. i like all the twilight movies, but they are movies not “film”. iow, pop tripe, but enjoyable pop tripe

        also, kstew is not the draw

        TEAM ALICE all the way. she’s fucking awesome

        i also love the way the twilight series TOTALLY pisses off feminists. there are literally hundreds of movie reviews/analysis by outraged feminists railing on the twilight saga.

        they are spewing, foaming at the mouth pissed off about twilight.

        it encourages “rape” “submissiveness” “outdated archetypes” etc. etc.


        i assume they will generally like hunger games, since it has a bad-ass female lead

    2. Something to watch for: I’m on the first book and I’m finding the heroine’s love life rather Dagnyesque.

    3. The handsome male and female protagonists make it out alive at the end.

      Oh, whoops — **spoilers**

      1. SPOILER

        I learned from watching the end of Breaking Dawn (the wife wanted to show me some of the FX) that becoming a vampire gives you perfectly applied eyeshadow. Must suck if you want to change the color of your outfits during your eternal afterlife.

      2. It’s a cookbook!

    4. Isn’t the basic plot just Theseus and the Minotaur updated?

    5. Bash the story and the actors all you want, and the make-up artists on the vamps S-U-C-K, but the CGI folks in these films do an outstanding job. These were the first movies I’ve seen that actually showed a decent human to werewolf transformation, and then the end result werewolf didn’t just look retarded. They also did a good job making Kristen Stewart actually look like she was withering away and dying.

      1. I thought the CGI werewolves were just awful. The entire series has a very artificial video look to it.

        The story is crap.

        But I honestly don’t think the cast is bad.

        1. And I thought the CGI werewolves were terrible and the actors were awful but the story was spectacular.

          (I think that was the last option open to me to be contrary.)

  8. “The poll did not ask about Ron Paul’s wife, Carol.”

    Ron Paul has a wife?!?!?

    1. Ron Paul who? Why do people keep leaving off the guy’s last name?

      1. The guy on the Highlander TV series?

    2. Re: RedDragon6009,

      Ron Paul has a wife?!?!?

      And 5 kids.

      1. And spent as much time in Vietnam as Bush.

  9. Arctic Ice hits 7 year high

    1. That would be weather, not climate:

      Climate: meteorological events and trends that support the AGW narrative.

      Weather: meteorological events and trends that contradict the AGW narrative.

      Or vice versa. Whatevs.

      AGW as a pretext for massive state takeovers of economic/personal activity is dead as a doornail. Oh, sure, the true believers and professional alarmists will continue to do what they do, but Nothing Else Will Happen.

      1. According to Jay Carney you are “aggressively and deliberately ignorant” if you don’t accept our green energy future.


        Get with the pogrom!

        1. Stealing that for later.

        2. Micro-aggressively?

          1. Nope, just regular kind.

      2. That would be weather, not climate:

        Climate: meteorological events and trends that support the AGW narrative.

        Nope. But, of course this 7 year high is still the 5th lowest extent in the 1979 to 2012 database.


        1. I’m guessing 1978 was the least amount of ice ever.

          1. http://youtu.be/6j8SGs_gnFk

            Sea ice from 1978 to 2009

            1. So after watching that video for 4 fucking minutes, I couldn’t tell much of a difference between the winter of 78/79 and 2009. Maybe 1% difference.

              Also, I just now noticed the complete avoidance of antarctic sea ice.

              1. Someone else brought up Arctic Ice.

                There is lots of work being done in the antarctic.

        2. Show me the highs and lows measured accurately over the history of the earth and then maybe I’ll buy your theory. Emphasis on accurately, I’ll wait.

          1. You can’t stop there, because they change how they measure the temperatures to support their theories.

            It’s a lot like a religion debate. Mostly because it is.

            1. That’s why I said accurately.

          2. Show me the highs and lows measured accurately over the history of the earth and then maybe I’ll buy your theory. Emphasis on accurately, I’ll wait.

            If the current proxies used aren’t good enough for you, then I guess you’ll just have to wait until time travel is invented.

            1. The science is settled!

  10. Gluten Free has gone mainstream

    1. My blog has been gluten free for years. I followed Reason’s lead on that one.

      1. I am sorry that you have no dough.

  11. …but Callista has been criticized in the past for seeming stiff and for being Newt Gingrich’s third wife, whom he began seeing before he left his second wife.

    It’s also possible people don’t care for any woman who would marry Newt Gingrich.

    1. JERRY: You two know each other?

      NEWMAN: You might say that.

      MARGARET: We used to go out.

      NEWMAN: Well, tootle loo. And nice seeing you again Margaret, goodbye Jerry. Have fun. Hehe

      JERRY: . . . YOU went out with . . . Newman?

      MARGARET: Just a few times.

      JERRY: Why?

      MARGARET: I liked him.

      JERRY: You liked, Newman?

      MARGARET: Look I’m a little uncomfortable talking about this okay?

      JERRY: No, I’m sorry. I’m just a little curious. I mean why did you stop seeing him.

      MARGARET: He ended it.

      JERRY: . . . HE ended it?

      MARGARET: YES!! Yes! It was a couple of years ago. Why does it matter?

      JERRY: No, no of course not.

      1. “Mulva?”

        1. “Dolores?”


          1. mine ARE spectacular btw

            they have been described as “perky chesticles”

    2. For my part, I’m going to go with the “other woman” factor.

  12. “They got the goods on him. They need to prosecute whoever shot the kid,” Peaden, a Republican, told the Herald. “He has no protection under my law.”

    Apparently, he does. So then, job well done crafting the language in your legislation.

    1. Uh, you’re assuming police and prosecutors are following the law. BIG assumption.

  13. GOP rule could sink Gingrich, Paul hopes at convention

    The rule was adopted in 2008, and here’s what it says: “Each candidate for nomination for President… shall demonstrate the support of a plurality of the delegates from each of five (5) or more states, severally, prior to the presentation of the name of that candidate for nomination.”

    And of course, the conventional wisdom is that Paul hasn’t “won” a single state yet. But wait!

    Jesse Benton said he anticipated meeting the five-state threshold, saying in an email that “we are well positioned to carry WA, MN, AK, ND and ME among several others.”

    I would add Colorado, Iowa, and maybe Missouri.

    1. Someone was making noise about Nevada a week or two ago, too.

      1. Nevada was a proportional caucus, so the delegates are bound, but they could in theory be Paul supporters who would be unbound after an initial round or two of voting produced no nominee.

        1. Interesting, thanks.

    2. shall demonstrate the support of a plurality of the delegates from each of five (5) or more states, severally, prior to the presentation of the name of that candidate for nomination.”

      Um, this doesn’t change anything.

      1. Not sure what you’re getting at.

        1. It’s irrelevant whether Gingrich or Paul have won a primary so far, they just need to win at least 5 states of delegates at the convention. Seems incredibly unlikely that any candidate would get a majority of the delegates without getting a plurality in 5 states. It changes nothing.

    1. If anything, it should be a mini-series. The books are just too damn big to do as films.

    2. Cool, then we’ll have the first movie series with no ending too.

      1. Eh? The last book is coming out next year!

        1. Yeah. Notice the author’s name.

    3. Stop tugging your braid, you wool-headed man.

      1. You forgot to smooth your skirts.

        1. and fold your arms under your breasts.

  14. Did I mention, I finally tracked down all 24 Stones of Barenziah, and the crown?

    I frickin’ had to – its the only way to get them out of your inventory.

    That is all. Carry on.

    1. I look forward to buying that game eventually, when it’s down to like $20 for a GotY edition.

      Meanwhile, I’ve been playing Oblivion the last couple weeks.


      The amount of shit quest items that you *have* to keep in your inventory is simply staggering. I was carrying around that 20-weight keg of mead from Riften for half the game before I went to the podunk it had to be delivered to out of pure frustration!

      Quest items in Skyrim < Tim Tebow + White Indian

      1. I disagree. You can get rid of quest items in Skyrim.

      2. Just so you know, the quest items in this game don’t actually count (even though they’re listed). I’m pretty sure I’ve checked this a few times, and will not vouch for all quest items, but the few heavy ones I’ve had might say they weigh eight but actually don’t weigh anything.

        1. That should say something like “the weight of the quest items”….

          1. There are a handful that weight something.

            Then there are those quests that require you to keep some arbitrary non-quest items in your inventory (usually wine or food) until the completion of the quest.

            1. Yeah, there are a bunch of those…

      3. I thought mandatory-carry items didn’t count toward your carry total.

        1. They came out with a patch that resolved the issue, IIRC.

    3. First off, congrats. You are the first I’ve heard of doing that.

      Second, mods my friend. There’s one that lets you drop them so you can put ’em on your coffee table (or wherever).

      1. Xbox. No mods.

    4. Your poor wife.

      1. The game came out in November. It is now late March.

        If he only just now got rid of those fucking stones I think the amount of time he spends playing comes to about 10 min a day.

        1. You have to multiply by the amount of characters he’s playing. It’s actually closer to 23 hours/day.

    5. will Clairavoyance get you there, once you have some quest activated?

      1. No, it won’t.

        And I probably average about 60 – 90 minutes a day. One character – Jeebus, that’s enough.

  15. Even the sponsors of the “Stand Your Ground” law think the killing of Trayvon Martin wasn’t justified.

    Of course they don’t. What pol is going to say, “Yeah, this is exactly what I had in mind when I sponsored that bill?”

    1. this is just the misinterpretation of the law that was envisioned when it was passed.

      1. Foreseeable consequences are not unintended

        1. You need to run that through us first.

  16. The Hunger Games opens on Friday and people are already counting the money it will make. (Hint: probably a lot of it.

    The trailers look horrible.

    Is that Stanley Tucci with giant blue hair?


    1. What’s really funny about all of this is that I don’t even know what The Hunger Games is. Never even heard of it before today.

    2. It’s for teenage girls.
      Of course it’s going to make tons of dough


        1. I haven’t read it, but hell, if dystopian novels are a teenage girl success, I call that progress.

          1. It’s far easier to imagine a dystopian society when the country you live in is starting to look like one.

            1. the first book is good. it’s no “wizard of earthsea” which imo is the penultimate fantasy fiction for youngsters , but it’s pretty darn good

              1. So, what is the ultimate fantasy fiction for youngsters?

                1. For the emo niece, try the Sandman series of graphic novels. Gave them to her a decade ago, and she still calls to thank me.

                2. So, what is the ultimate fantasy fiction for youngsters?

                  Penthouse Forum.

  17. Mike Daisey
    David Foster Wallace
    David Sedaris


      1. David Sedaris has written some amusing books. I especially liked Me Talk Pretty One Day. The stories about his French class, with everyone speaking completely broken French, are laugh out loud funny in a few places.

        1. Some people are not fans of the personal essay/creative nonfic genre I see. That’s fair.

          One of my favorite Sedaris essays is the one where he’s trying to drown a mouse. So good.

        2. Ever read the short story Big Boy? That shit had me cracking up.

          1. I had to look it up to refresh my memory, but just reading an excerpt had me laughing again. It’s in the book I mentioned above, as a matter of fact.

          2. That shit had me cracking up.

            I see what you did there btw.

          3. Yes.

            And seriously, does anyone care whether this shit is real?

    1. Ditto.

    2. Mike Daisey: lied about Foxconn workers’ conditions in China.

      David Foster Wallace: wrote some novels that people claim to have read, but are never questioned on that fact because nobody has ever read his novels.

      David Sedaris: similar hipster cred as David Foster Wallace, but without the depth.

      1. Could give a crap how skinny his jeans are, the dude is funny.

    3. Oh, and David Sedaris’ sister, Amy, was the weird protagonist of Strangers with Candy.

  18. Tamny in Forbes on “The Hunger Games” (book). Good article! Gonna buy the book AND see the movie. #WINNING


    1. It’s pretty hard to read any dystopian novel that has a centralized government as the antagonist without seeing a big-government message. Why this would be controversial in any way is beyond me, regardless of politics.

      1. How dare she? We have the Right Man in charge!

  19. TOULOUSE, France (AP) ? In a tense standoff, French riot police demanded the surrender Wednesday of a gunman who reportedly boasted of shooting seven victims in an al-Qaida-linked terror spree aimed at “bringing France to its knees.”

    Man, Al-Qaeda is really setting the bar lower and lower.

    1. Obviously we’ve won the “War on Terror” if their target is reduced to France.

    2. Since France is currently supine, that would actually be an improvement.

      1. prone, not supine

        france is a “bottom”

  20. Abolish the wages system

  21. Not enough to make me vote for Mittens, but I will give him a point for this reply:


    1. Even THINKING about voting for a Republican = right-winger.

    2. So, did he pass Fluke’s litmus test?

      1. If he did, it was a,,,,FLUKE!!!


        1. Almanian, folks! Give it up for Almanian! And don’t forget to tip your waitress!

          Try the veal. It’s to die for.

          1. Aaaaaand now… give it up for the comedic stylings of… shrike!!!

            1. Y’ever meet a Christ-fag? And what’s the deal with airline food?

              Thank you very much! You’ve been a wonderful audience. I could just kill you all.

    3. Yeah, heard this earlier today on radio.

      I wonder if his heart has actually changed on the matter or if he’s just pandering to independents.

      1. *squinty-eyed stare*

        Come on, anon – you know the answer

        1. I do. I now has a sad.

          1. But he sure knows how to work a pair of jeans, am I right?

            1. I will does the squinky-eyed thing around here!

  22. I wonde if “Red Jacket” is hiring? Cause I’d move to Looozianna to work there. Making guns, shooting guns, blowing up shit – GATOR. That would be a good second career after manufacturing.

  23. Courtney Love has still got it!



      1. From the looks of it, a bad heroin addiction.

      2. Actually, not bad for the living dead.

    2. Courtney Love has still got it!

      Hepatitis C?

    3. I used to be with it, but then they changed what “it” was. Now what I’m with isn’t it, and what’s it seems weird and scary to me, and it’ll happen to you, too

  24. Why is there a drawing of George H.W. Bush up there?

  25. French police are right now trying to bring in the allegedly al-Qaeda-tied man who is suspected of killing seven people.

    Time to call in Janet Reno.

    1. Frog BBQ. Yummy.

    2. Al Qaeda is a brand, not an organization. At least not anymore it ain’t.

  26. I’m sure Michelle polled well among wealthy liberal women who spend other people’s money, and tell other people how to live their lives.

  27. “Majority of Mexicans Approve of Government Cartel Crackdown”

    So their government is the Cartel? Or, is the Cartel cracking down on the government, or vice versa?

    1. Well, most of OUR government is a cartel, so it’s not really a stretch.

  28. lol. life imitates art.

    i JUST responded to a couple of nimrods who boxed in a vehicle and detained the occupants because they SUSPECTED they were involved with some neighborhood burglaries. I read them the riot act and explained that if the parties they boxed in had been armed they could have reasonably perceived they were about to be carjacked and mayhem could have ensued

    these two gents didn’t have REMOTELY close to PC to stop this vehicle, and they are darn lucky shit didn’t turn sour.

    just incredibly ironic to JUST have this detail after the aforementioned discussion

  29. Etch-a-sketches are interesting and relevant. Blue state primary victories and inevitable front-runner endorsements aren’t.

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