Massive Chicago Cop Chokes Out a Tiny Mouthy Man


[UPDATE II: Via the comments, another non-private version of the altercation]

[UPDATE: Sorry folks, the Youtube poster just made the video private. A brief description: A small St. Patty's day celebrant appears to insult a giant Chicago cop. After a brief yelling match, the cop lifts the small man off his feet by his throat, carries him across the street, pushes him to the ground (by his throat) and arrests him.]

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  2. Procedures were followed.

  3. The worst part is how those drunken louts are cheering on the cop.

    1. Idiotic thugs will cheer any ass-kicking.

  4. Did he go out? I’m not so sure. You need really long strong fingers to cut off both carotids w/ one hand. And his thumb looks like it comes up short on the little guy’s right carotid (our left).

    Either way, that cop’s a fat fucker.

  5. Meh. He smarted off in class. How else is he going to learn not to provoke the agents of the All-Mighty State?

  6. I’m not expert, but I’m pretty sure that cop already had just cause to arrest the guy for disorderly conduct and/or public intoxication, right?. No need to assault the little guy.

    1. Yeah, that kid seemed really cooperative and reasonable. There was probably no need to use any kind of force at all. Cop should have just given him a timeout. And then a trophy.

  7. I can’t listen to the audio; what’s being said?

    Officer McPiggy sure is brave. How is that not assault, flat out?

    1. Didn’t you see the badge?

    2. How is that not assault, flat out?

      I know, right? It’s a testament to the patience of cops that he didn’t charge the little guy with assault. I mean, he pointed his finger at the cop.

      That was what you meant, wasn’t it, Epi?

      1. Since pointing a finger is the sign of “gun,” and since cops are the only ones in Chicago allowed to have them, I would like to applaud this cop from restraining from shooting the guy or arresting him for impersonating an officer.

  8. The video just went private. And I didn’t watch the whole thing the first time.

  9. why, that cop barely let him peacock!

  10. dunphy, in case you show up here, I ask you the same question again:…..nt_2913217

  11. The things we do for love.

  12. Doesn’t the state of Ill&annoying; or at least the city of Shitcago have a law against audio recording of cops (and perhaps real people too) without consent?

  13. micro aggression

    1. Bullshit – did you see the size of that fat fuck? There was nothing micro about that dude.

      Maybe next time he lifts some scrawny guy by the throat, that third cheesburger he had at lunch will lodge in his aorta and he’ll stroke out.

  14. Battle of the Titans: Principal vs Cop


  16. UPDATE: Sorry folks, the Youtube poster just made the video private.

    Gosh, what could possibly have prompted that?

    1. Not sure. Is Sasha vacationing in Chicago?

  17. Private, schmivate.…

  18. He needed to learn that his First amendment rights could be revoked for disorder or whatever.

  19. Is the cop saying “I’m a Marine!”, and if so, what’s his point? I don’t really understand what he’s jacking the guy up about.

  20. That’s not really a chokeout. That’s just a fat fuck grabbing a windpipe, which is pretty dangerous, actually.

  21. Again, this story has no context. We don’t know what the little guy was so pissed off about or what was said or happened in the minutes before the video was shot. The little guy might have deserved it… ? I’ve seen cops take down people like this who are being completely disruptive assholes and cheered them on myself.

    1. Decent dunphy spoof, you had just the right amount of apologist/copsucker in your tone.


    2. Decent dunphy spoof, you had just the right amount of apologist/copsucker in your tone.


  22. Pshaw. Here’s a better video about Illinois cops. Sorry for the length, but it bears repeating.

  23. The little dude made his mistake at 00:26. Cocking his elbows like he is going to hit the cop was all porky needed to jack him up.

  24. The girlfriend was handling the situation better than the thug-ass cop.

    1. While a police officer should de-escalate conflicts, I do not believe they are called upon to tounge-kiss people to do so.

  25. I thought the Big Bossman was dead.



  28. Why should I care about a skinny white guy?

  29. How long, exactly, should the cop allowed the guy to run his mouth in the middle of a crowd before taking nonlethal action? Should he have pepper sprayed him instead? It doesn’t appear that the cop went looking for this kid; rather, this kid was looking for trouble, and his wish was granted.

    And, of course, he probably was loaded into the (yeah, you saw this coming) WAAHHmbulance.

    1. The kid may have been (probably was) heading for an arrest before long, but grabbing by the throat is perhaps a bit much if one is really trying hard to stay on the safe side of non lethal, yes?

      1. True, but that’s what arresting a drunk looks like. The cop probably did go a little overboard, but with all the examples of actual police brutality, let’s not turn this twerp into the First- and Fourth Amendment poster child.

        1. I know a fella who works security for fancy-schmancy dance clubs. He deals quite handily with drunks. I’ll ask him if throat-grabbing is the right way to do it.

          1. He’ll probably say “no.” But then again, he is probably held accountable for the way he physically handles people, unlike a Chicago policeman.

            1. He did say “no”! Said it’s a sign that you’ve lost control of the situation. And proceeded to show me what he would do if he couldn’t talk the guy down.

              Also, let us say that it is a small world after all because he knows at least one of the players in this video. Should he make sure that this person knows of its existence or should he just forget he ever saw it?

  30. dunphy, your thoughts?

    Thin blue line? Just a bad apple? Not an “expert”?

    1. I’m gonna guess the “needs more context” argument. Because, you know, there’s a circumstance out there somewhere where a cop would be justified in doing this.

  31. That cop is fucking fat. That is all.

  32. Not much context here, but I’m leaning towards the dude bringing that on himself.

  33. Eh. At least he didn’t shoot him.

  34. Waaaaaaah. So the kid is trying to be a badass and I’m sure was encouraged to really ramp up his act when the girl stepped in.

    When you have somebody going through all the motions of jumping on a cop, it’s fair game.

    Sure, the cop will get in trouble for the neck thing but this was all the tiny terror’s fault.

    1. Just lie back and think of England.

  35. If the kid is doing nothing to actually harm the cop or anyone else, the cop has NO business putting his hands on him. Any other interpretation is pure horse shit.

    1. One tries to imagine what those words were that the officer of the law couldn’t more wisely have laughed off.

  36. I blame the victim.

  37. I see what they did there with the Street Fighter music…

  38. Unless the kid was verbally threatening the cop, there was nothing in the video that justifies this kind of treatment.

    Disrespecting a cop is not a crime. Even if I call the cop’s mom a $0.25 whore who likes getting gang-banged.

    Why couldn’t the cop have just walked away?

    It doesn’t seem from the video that the kid had done anything arrestable (or at least it didnt seem like the cop was in the process of trying to arrest him and he was resisting).

    Probably cop told the kid something that set the kid off ,and the kid starting mouthing off, probably talking about his rights and whatnot, and after a while the cop was like “Fuck this kid, im gonna teach him a lesson if he thinks he is gonna show me up in front of his friends”

    I didn’t see anything that resembled a threat to the cop or menacing motions by the kid towards the cop that would justify that kind of assault.

    1. My thought too. Unless there was a verbal threat that we didn’t hear, but the video doesn’t really support such an interpretation. Possible, but not plausible.

      Either way, grabbing by the neck is unprofessional at the least, and probably counts as assault.

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