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England's Nigel Robinson was trying to download some music when he came across images he believed to be child pornography. So he alerted local police. Shortly afterwards, local child services ordered that Robinson, who has been charged with no crime, should have no unsupervised contact with children, including his own. "It makes you feel as though you shouldn't have reported it in the first place," Robinson said.

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  1. “It makes you feel as though you shouldn’t have reported it in the first place,”

    Ya don’t say. So even Brits are learning never to call the police.

    1. The Brits are well ahead of us in that regard. British police love to push around meek law abiding types while avoiding actual criminals.

      1. British pPolice love to push around meek law abiding types while avoiding actual criminals.


      2. Leave me out of this.

    2. Feck them limey gobshites! Drink! Arse! Girls!

  2. Remind me again why our parents and grandparents went over there to get killed and maimed saving them from the Nazis?

    1. The Brits are a selfless lot, always showing us how it’s not to be done and to give the rest of us an opportunity to learn form their obviously intentional mistakes.

      They suffer for all of us, you know.

    2. Dirty work? Not really worth protecting England, but worth the effort to weaken Nazi advancement to protect our selves?

  3. Keep your head down: no snitching. Any voluntary interaction you have with law enforcement is more likely to cause you a problem than any actual criminal.

    1. This. The best course of action is to stay off their radar.

    2. +1. It’s sad but true that we have to fear the police more than the people from whom the police supposedly protect us.

  4. OK you have to admit that was pretty stupid dude, I mean like seriously.

  5. Guy offers girls a ride in a snow storm, gets charged with disorderly conduct.…..storm.html

    1. We did that one yesterday.

      But yeah, pretty clearly, the lessons are: don’t interact with other citizens, and if you see something, don’t say something.

    2. He should have just called the police to pick them up. Then he wouldn’t have been charged with anything, instead just being barred from seeing children.

    3. The thing about this that really gets me is that they seem to be charging him because of what other people thought his intentions might have been. He did nothing bad or disorderly in any way. But because the girls thought it was weird that some guy offered them a ride, he gets arrested.

      1. and folks still wonder how the Kitty Genovese murder happened. Trying to do the right thing seems to result in a smack upside the head more than a pat on the back.

        1. It happened because she got stabbed in the throat and wasn’t able to scream for help

    4. I did this with a retarded kid I would see at the gym, who would come in with his mom. I saw him running out of the place, by himself, and up the street (it’s in a residential neighborhood).

      I was in my car and stopped to make sure he was alright, knowing full well that this incident would be viewed in the worst possible light by anyone else, by default. I was going to be damned if I read the headline the next day of how he disappeared and not have done anything about it.

      Our culture is so fucked.

      1. I did the same thing with a stray dog. She had a collar and no tag, so I drove around the neighborhood to see if there was someone out looking for her. There was a 10-year-old boy out walking around. I stopped beside him, rolled down the passenger window and said “Have you lost a dog?” The dog popped her head out of the backseat, grinning and whining happily. He shook his head, I said thanks, and drove off.

        Afterwards, I realized that I had acted out the first few moments of a child abduction. At least I got the dog back home.

        1. Talking to a strange kid with a puppy in your car?


          You’d have had a difficult time proving your innocence from that one.

          1. Nah, I would have just told them that I was a cop-hating libertarian and they would have let me go.

            1. They would have searched the van and found the candy.

              1. Ahem… SugarFree

                1. Fisherman don’t eat their bait.

                  1. He would just show his little diabetes bracelet and claim he was holding it for a friend.

              2. Ahem, that’s MY shtick.

        2. Afterwards, I realized that I had acted out the first few moments of a child abduction

          Practice makes perfect.

        3. Not too long ago I saw a little kid standing alone on the sidewalk, staring blankly. There were a couple of women standing just far enough away and paying just scant enough attention that it wasn’t at all clear the kid was with them. I almost wanted to check; my male counterpart later said there was no way in hell he was getting anywhere near the kid. I will echo the chorus of: our culture is so fucked.

          1. The only people who can ask questions of strangers without getting into trouble are the police, and some least trustworthy strangers you can encounter are the police.

          2. A pretty girl like you would have gotten away with it. As for your “male counterpart,” I’m sure he looks like a molestery douche and would have gotten arrested. Possibly do him a spot of good.

      2. Once, I was walking with my wife, and hauling my 6yo in a wagon. Ahead, there’s a church and a little 2-3yo kid running around, nearly getting into traffic. No parents or anyone else is in sight.

        My wife takes the kid by the hand and brings him into the church. It seems the little guy got away from his siblings while the parents were in a conference. No one knew he was missing.

        Needless to say, I stayed away from the situation and let my wife handle it. I would have hated to deal with if I was by myself – kidnapper! molester!

        1. ok, sure, except while your wife was taking the kid inside, that left you standing there with a kid in a wagon, you DIRTY CHILD ABDUCTERER!!11oneoneon

  6. “Smith!’ screamed the shrewish voice from the telescreen. ‘6079 Smith W.! Yes, you! Bend lower, please! You can do better than that. You’re not trying. Lower, please! That’s better, comrade. Now stand at ease, the whole squad, and watch me.'”

    1. Obama’s morning cabinet meeting. Feck! Drink! Arse! Girls!

    2. Obedience is not enough. Unless he is suffering, how can you be sure that he is obeying your will and not his own? Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation. Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.

  7. I have a simple rule: I never talk to police, children or women unless I already know them. It’s sad, but so is our culture.

    1. Yet you come here and spill your guts, you gun hoarding, over the speed limit driving fockers.

    2. Pretty much, yeah.


    America’s dad Tom Hanks in blackface making racial jokes with drugged out rock star. What will Obama tell Moolusha and Soosha?

    1. America’s dad Tom Hanks in blackface making racial jokes with drugged out rock star. What will Obama tell Moolusha and Soosha?

      Let it go, John. They’re of the leftist-Hollywood cultural elite. There’s simply an oblique meaning to all this that you and I aren’t sophisticated enough to understand.

    2. “Moolusha and Soosha”, really?

      1. Whatever the fuck the Obama brats’ names are. I always forget.

  9. “It makes you feel as though you shouldn’t have reported it in the first place,” Robinson said.

    “By George, I think he’s got it.”

  10. Eh, what music downloading sites is this guy visiting??

    1. This is why I don’t do BitTorrent.

  11. Fisherman don’t eat their bait.


  12. I have to wonder if there’s more to this story than is being reported. I imagine when you call the police to report that you’ve stumbled across child porn, they’re going to want to examine your computer more thoroughly. Maybe they found something more when they did? Still, either shit or get off the pot: unless he’s being charged with a crime, give him his kid back, now. As it is, this is nothing more than kidnapping.

    1. It’s probably one of those SOP deals where the child porn exists on his computer, whether or not he put it there on purpose doesn’t matter. It is there. Therefor the computer is forfeit, as is his right to see any children even if they are his own.

      There was no judgment call made here by the police.

      There were just following policy.

      Policy is policy.

      1. Nothing they can do, their hands are tied. It’s policy.

      2. ..complain about the {POLI]cy of the [POLI]ce and [POLI]tical class, yet never seem to condemn the [POLIS]- the Agricultural City-State they loathe and love.

        “Oh Father State, protect me from the evils of Sustainable Life with your Gambol Lockdown!”- Fibertarian City-Statist

  13. Will never let the police take his computer and its images of his beautiful young boys.

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