C-SPAN's Brian Lamb Steps Down


You done good, son

Brian Lamb, founder of C-SPAN, and one of Reason's "35 Heroes of Freedom" (as selected for our 35th anniversary issue), is handing control of his baby over to his "two lieutenants, Rob Kennedy and Susan Swain." Reports The New York Times:

Effective April 1, they will become the co-chief executives of C-Span and Mr. Lamb will become the executive chairman, formalizing a management change that has been years in the making. Mr. Lamb will continue to host "Q&A," his Sunday night interview program, and will pursue other interests, like teaching.

The announcement will come on Monday, 33 years to the day that C-Span — short for Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network — came onto cable television, predating CNN and ESPN.

C-Span's commitment to carry every minute of the proceedings of the United States House of Representatives without commercials is taken for granted now, but it was an extraordinary act at the time, since most Americans then saw of Congress only what was reported on the nightly news and in newspapers.

It's always gratifying to see a classy media entrepreneur create what at least looks like a seamless succession plan….

Is Brian Lamb a libertarian? Watch Nick Gillespie's great 2010 interview with the master below, or read the partial transcript we ran in the magazine.

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  1. Sad day indeed. Brian Lamb is a pioneer of real news and the CSPAN model has not been copied enough.

  2. The passing of an era. The pre Y2K CSPAN was truly must see TV. Washington has adapted and it’s not as raw as it once was.

    Reason was well advised to place Brian on it’s list of heroes of liberty. It was a great thing he did for our country.

    Love that interview Nick. Brian trying to sidestep the question of his hard drug use is classic.

  3. While lately the CSPAN morning show has been a huge disappointment…Brian Lamb is one of the few people in D.C. that I’d take the time to cross the street and shake his hand.

  4. C-SPAN’s call-in shows are the last place you can see Paultards in the wild.

  5. When Brian Lamb interviewed me for Booknotes, I was very impressed. He had obviously read the book and thought about what it said?not something one can count on with TV interviewers.

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