Co-Founder of Invisible Children Arrested, Supreme Court Says No to Cameras on Obamacare Arguments, This American Life Retracts Story on Apple Factories in China: P.M. Links


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  1. Smut-peddlers stand tall, unafraid of a Rick Santorum, no-obscenity presidency.

    Santorum’s ineffectual time in Congress shows that’s not unreasonable.

    1. FuckShitPissCuntHumpMeHumpMeAllOrifices.

      Hi, Rick.

    2. FuckOOOh yeah everywhere all over.

      Hi Rick.

    3. Gimmme that FOE mutherfucker.

  2. Friend ? there’s just something about Joe Biden.

    Well, he is actually, no-fooling, brain-damaged.

    1. “These are what separates us from the lower animals and taxpayers.”

      1. “Count my fingers: four more years!”

        1. “Yes, these are the hands that strangled the life out of that poor girl they found in the trunk of the president’s limo.”

          1. “This is how many minutes Mr. Obama lets me stay in the room for when other leaders come to visit, but then I have to take a time out.”

            1. “M-O-O-N spells ‘Moon’!”

            2. Obama: Did you hear that, Joe? We’re moving to Oklahoma.

              Joe Biden *bangs pots and pans together*: Ooooklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma!!!

              1. “They’re fucking gorgeous aren’t they? Smooth, tender, supple; like the young, naked boys I keep in a shed behind behind my cabin.”

              2. Obama: Joe…calm down. Don’t make me get the genital cuff!

            3. My latest porno flick is “When Barry Met Joe” dedicated to clean-cut Rick.

    2. Joe Biden always uses the lamest gestures in White House games of Thumper.

    3. What took them so long to write the bin Laden communiques? That is not your grandfather’s CIA. Back then, the detail work would have been done before the raid, not nearly a year afterward.

    4. “I can count to potato.”

  3. Well. Co-founder of Invisible Children arrested for embarrassing reasons.


  4. Florida State is clinging to life here.

  5. Shoppers were drawn to Apple Store locations and retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy and Verizon to be first on the block with the new device. Many go to Apple Stores just to be a part of the enthusiasm on launch days.

    Mayhaps this is why Invisible Children’s Jason Russel was found yanking his crank.

    1. Was he using his invisible hand?


    1. Are you some kind of H&R stalker?

        1. That’s okay, so am I.

          1. Lucy, my eyes are UP HERE….

            1. Lucy’s about 25 years old, or a little less, if I remember rightly. Obsess over women your own age, you filthy old man!

              1. Whatever would make you think I’m “old”?


                1. Wait — you don’t oppose relationships between people with an age difference exceeding five years?

                  I bet you want to rape all the prepubescent girls, love contraception and abortion, and drink the delicious blood of newborn kittens to sate your hunger, you disgusting, DISGUSTING libertarian fiend!

              2. Maybe she doesn’t want a broke ass honky in his mid twenties just starting on his college loan payments, but would prefer a swarthy and well off Armenian in his forties who knows a thing or two about what a woman wants.

              3. Obsess over women your own age

                That does not fempute.

  7. Jose Canseco asked today how long it takes to clone a human.

    1. how long it takes to clone a human.

      About 5-10 more years of focused research (currently unfunded) plus 9 months.

      1. Less time for lower orders of life…like Jose Canseco!

  8. I’m getting an ad for “Immoral Sex Acts Taught in elementary School? Please Click Here to Sign the Petition.”

    Anybody know if they are pro or con?

    1. I’m hot for teacher.

    2. I need to adjust my surfing profile. I’m getting Lancome/Nordstom and Kohl’s ads.

      1. NTTAWWT

        no homo…

        1. If I start getting promos for Glee, I’ll worry.

          1. I’m apparently up for Environmental Defense Fund, HP computers and something about Sherrod Brown being a dick.

            The last one’s on the mark.

            1. Now Slippery Rock Univ and ITT. “Smarten Up, Almanian”.

              Well, fuck you, too, Ad Bot!

              1. They keep showing me ads trying to entice me to go to a university I already graduated from to get a degree I already have.

                Admittedly, that degree didn’t come from that university, but still. It seems a little pointless.

            2. This is sad: Tide Pods.


          2. I installed Do Not Track Plus.

            Without carpet humping guy and the slow load times due to at least 9 tracking bots employs they have lost my loyalty to their advertisers.

      2. Weight Watchers for men.

    3. I’m getting a banner video ad for a dating website that shows this really hot brunette in a cleveage-rific top typing on her computer.

      1. I’m getting an HIV treatment ad and Reason Cruise.

        1. One of those things follows the other.

          1. I laughed.

      2. It never ceases to amaze me how many flawless, photoshop enhanced, or straight biologically impossibly proportioned women a) live near me and b) are desperate to get fucked tonight.

        Thanks piratebay!

    4. Now I’m getting a redhead in a short skirt who thinks Spelling is Hard.

      1. Please email me your cookies.

    5. I’m getting an ad for Strawmen at a 10% discount.

    6. I have images turned off. I don’t get the ads.

  9. The court will post audio files and transcripts on its website ( ) within two hours of the end of the proceedings on each of the three days set aside for argument, March 26-28.

    That snoring you’ll hear will be coming from the eight justices who have already made up their minds.

  10. Wasn’t Wired also guilty of making some wild claims about Foxconn?

    1. They ran a coverstory awhile back that claimed 17 suicides for a million workers was a big deal.

  11. Fortunately, at least two actual bands thought “Smut Peddlers” would be an excellent name for a band.

  12. Breitbart discusses old Constitutional Law exam from Professor Obama in 1996

    Part I:

    Part II:

    Basically, it’s hypothetical situations involving, first, a law against unmarried people getting fertility treatment, and, second, a couple laws related to African-American employment in a big city. Breitbart thinks that Obama’s comments, in a memo explaining the exam, tilt in a lefty direction.

    These articles come under the heading of “The Vetting,” perhaps suggesting that Breitbart isn’t impressed by the background investigation the media did on their dream candidate in 2008 – and again this year.

  13. Lucas, by the way, considers himself a conservative, votes Republican and donates generously to several libertarian and right-wing causes. And when he casts a ballot in the November election, he hopes it will be for Mitt Romney.

    “I would support Romney of course,” the director of “Men in Stockings” and “Hunt & Plunge” told Yahoo News. “There is nobody else to support.”

    “I am not in love with him, but I like him,” he added of Romney. “I don’t see any danger coming from Romney when it comes to porn. It’s just not there. And I think he will be much better than President Obama. Not that it will be difficult to be better than President Obama.”

    When you’re a progressive and you’ve lost the gay adult film producers, you know you’re in trouble.

    1. Wow. WOW!

    2. Since the guy identifies as a Republican, it doesn’t really sound like he was lost to Obama.

      1. Meh. So did Colin Powell.

  14. HASHTAG AMA HASHTAG SBK this weekend! Woo hoo! Plus the Daytoner Two Hunnert with the wussy 600’s since Dunlop? can’t seem to figure out how to make tyres that stay together for the Big Boy Bikes?.

    And I think the XR1200 race already went off today…

    Motorcycle roadracing. Fuck yeah!

    1. Australian GP

        1. CAN NOT WAIT

          1. I can’t wait either, but Jesus, what has the FIA done? Excepting McLaren, the new cars all look like they were designed by Barbara Streisand.

            1. Yeah those are nutty noses. I don’t like Red Bull’s front end at all.
              I think McLaren has an illegal rear wing device they’re trying to hide.

    2. Call me ignorant, but:


      1. World Superibike’s (WSBK) already launched. AMA SBK commences this weekend, MotoGP shortly thereafter. I think BSB goes in a couple weeks.

        This is all alphabet soup, isn’t it? I understand – motorcycle racing’s right behind Curling in the American Consciousness?

        1. Women’s world curling starts this week.
          Cute 20-somethings in matching outfits screaming for 3 hours.
          What’s not to love?

          1. Yeah buddy. My pipe band has been called upon to play at Women’s Curling Events (never men’s for some reason) in the Windsor and London, Ontario areas over the years.

            Really, really, weird, but they love the pipes, and we love the money and free beer…

            1. they love the pipes

              Do tell.

            2. pipe band

              *runs to Teh Google*


                My last band (the Grade 1) – we won a lot.

          2. What’s not to love?

            Women’s beach volleyball?

              1. what’s with all the teams having men? isn’t that cheating?

                (yeah, yeah, coaches….shut up)

      2. Beats me. The guy’s deranged – talking about some Lebanese city for some reason.

    3. Roger Hayden hit 206 mph yesterday, 2 lap trap speed qualifying for superbikes. Yeah, the 1000’s would be tough on tires for the 200.

  15. TOLEDO (Reuters) – In a presidential election that could feature two Harvard-trained candidates not known for their common touch, President Barack Obama’s campaign deployed a new weapon on Thursday: Vice President Joe Biden.

    Speaking of campaigns being in trouble…

  16. Acclaimed Public Radio International program This American Life has retracted an entire episode about working conditions inside Foxconn, the Chinese manufacturer that builds much of Apple’s most popular hardware, after learning that a major contributing source “partially fabricated” information about his visit to the factories.

    Thank goodness they got the retraction out there before any dent was put in Apple’s new iPad release.

    1. The comments section of the linked article has some truly serious attempts at willful self-deception;
      ‘Yeah, it was lies, but it’s *still* right!’

      1. You were expecting them to be honest?

  17. You mess with Kony you get the masturbation curse. Imagine if all the politicians that want to get Kony also started masturbating in public.

    1. Eewww!!

    2. Seriously?

    3. That’s so gross.

  18. Supreme Court says no to cameras on ObamaCare arguments, compromises (vaguely) by offering up audio of the proceedings same day.

    If I were Bill Bennett, I’d bet those transcripts will be, um, incomplete.

    1. Some people are just Complete-Transcript Challenged?

    2. Whatever would make you think that?

  19. we would expect the White House staff to do better research than that

    Have the dumbasses at the WaPo not been paying attention the last three plus years?
    Oh, wait, no, they haven’t.

    Stupid motherfuckers.

  20. Watching Ken Burns’ Civil War series on NetFlix. I’m at the Battle of Gettysburg part, but really, if Grant had just been in command of the Army of the Potomoc from the beginning the war would have ended by 1862.

    1. I think Grant wins the Pensular campaign and takes Richmond

      1. Whoe’er shall march by triumphal arch,
        Whoe’er may swell the slaughter,
        Our drums shall roll from the Capitol
        O’er Patomac’s fateful water.

        Rise, bleeding ghosts, to the Lord of Hosts
        For judgment final and solemn.
        Your fanatic horde
        To the edge of the sword
        Is doomed — line, square, and column.

      2. I literally yelled at my TV when the narrator David McCullough talked about how McClellan waited to advance on Richmond despite having 3 times as many men as the Confederates when he landed on the peninsula. Ditto for his failure to crush Lee at Antietam.

        1. Partial OT: Do you think Lee would have burned DC to the ground had he torn through during and after Gettysburg?

          1. That is an excellent question. I will speculate no – didn’t seem to be in his character.

            1. I was actually hoping a HURR HURR REDNECK HILLBILLIES HURR northeasterners to show up, detect my sarcasm and what I was implying, and spontaneously break into a Saint Lincoln eulogy.

              But a serious answer works, too. šŸ˜›

              1. *northeasterner, singular. Proof-reading, how the fuck does it work?

          2. I don’t think so. Just capturing the Federal capitol would have been enough to bring the Union to the negotiating table, which was the goal of the campaign to begin with.

          3. I think the idea was actually to surround Washington and force a surrender, rather than to invade it directly.

            Baltimore might have been in more trouble, though. Of course, large parts of Charm City actually do look like casualties of war, so maybe it wouldn’t have made any difference.

            1. Actually, had Lee occupied even part of DC for as long as 15 minutes, Great Britain would have recognized the Confederacy’s independence, and that would have made a negotiated settlement much more likely. The Union could not have risked maintaining the blockade if Britain said they wouldn’t recognize its legality.

    2. Wait till you get to the part where the Taliban blow up Attila’s Elephant Garage. He is PISSED…

    3. A shame Grant wasn’t hanged for war crimes after Vicksburg. That would have been justice.

      1. Oh poor baby!! Did they take your slaves?

    4. If Lee hadn’t ordered Pickett’s charge, I could shoot John and get a medal today.

  21. Damn, I leave for half an hour, and like 10 new stories get posted. Can’t you assholes spread them out? I’m cancelling my subscription!

    1. Friday, Friday, gotta be Friday
      Post about a thousand stories
      Just before the deadline…

      1. Eewww!!

  22. My former middle school puts teacher on admin leave for reading to students from Ender’s Game after shithead parent complains

    1. The kid that complained to his parents about the pornographic book is going to get caught jacking off in a vandalized car in about ten years.

      1. Kony 2022!

    2. Lots of naked coed teenagers hanging around each other.

      I think Card subscribes to some bullshit theory that teenagers are not sexual therefor it is ok for the state to lump em all together in coed dorms with no supervision.

      Honestly the Twilight series is a more realistic portrayal of teenagers.

      1. +1 Never got the Card love. He writes moral and emotional complexity into his fiction with the same artifice one goes about picking a header font.

        1. He writes moral and emotional complexity into his fiction with the same artifice one goes about picking a header font.

          Star Wars is the same way. It’s just that the plot is good enough that you ignore the wooden pathos.

      2. I think I can forgive the first one, because I tell myself it’s Ender’s POV.

        Ender has more than a little Sheldon Cooper about him. So for all we know all the other kids were fucking each other’s brains out, and Ender just never noticed because it wasn’t important to him.

      3. I think the oldest were just barely pubescent, and there was certainly a hint of sexual something while Ender was in Bonzo’s pod.

    3. Whoever that parent is she should kill herself. Ender’s Game is one of the best sci-fi books ever written.

      1. Agreed. Surprised Hollywood hasn’t ruined it yet with a film adaptation.

          1. Harrison Ford as the Colnel? Bean is some 19 yo pretty boy? WTF? WTF?!!!

        1. There was a great multiplayer mod in “Unreal” made from it. Ever play it?

    4. God forbid students get exposed to potentially disturbing new ideas in school!

    5. What the fuck is in Ender’s Game that would cause somebody to complain? It might be too much for actual little kids, but I think middle school kids can handle it.

      1. Hell, I’d never even heard of “Ender’s Game” before this.

        1. I didn’t read it until after I turned 30; my fellow sci-fi nerds have always said that OSC is a bit of a nut. He may be, but it was a hell of a good sci-fi novel. Protip: if you feel like reading it, avoid spoilers at all costs.

    6. What a lovely example of our public school product:
      Walter Purvis
      3:18 PM on 3/17/2012
      im 19. i left the public school system two years ago. i find this to be silly. when i was in middle school i wasnt reading these types of books. in my sixth grade year i was reading 1984, noam chomsky, michael moore, and other such titles in class. in high school i was reading jim nortons works. these may not seam apropriate for class but atleast i understood the context and the material at the time. this nonsense only hurts our civil libertys and in the end this will hurt the level of intelligence of the collective. and as a note i only went to public schools and i graduated with a 2.95.
      Read more: Schofield teacher on leave after parent complains of ‘pornographic’ book

  23. Nothing on Clooney?

    1. Rosemary, George or Tim?

        The Hollywood actor and sometime political activist, George Clooney, was cuffed with zip-ties and taken away in a police van after being arrested during a protest outside the Sudanese embassy in Washington DC.

        Clooney, who has long campaigned against the government in Khartoum, had intended to be arrested when he planned the protest, which took place on Friday morning.

        1. Can’t wait to see his Big House tats when he gets out! Although I hope they don’t publish video of the inevitable ass raping.

        2. Khartoum? Khartoum??! I’ll bet Clooney’s pissed that that damn Gere already called debs on Tibet.

        3. I guess when you are born to protest but one of your own occupies the White House, foreign embassies are your only option.

          1. Meh, Clooney has hated Sudan’s government for a long time. He didn’t just start when Obama became President.

            1. True that, and I should have mentioned it, but where are the protest over American policy? Why would any foreign embassy be less popular than the White House at any given time in the last fifty years?

      2. George. He & his father got arrested in Sudan.

    2. Nothing on Clooney?

      Eh, too easy. Besides, nobody gives a fuck about him now, and nobody will give a fuck about him after a snark bonanza.

      I would like to ask him at what point during his life he looked in the mirror and said, “Shit, I’m AN ACTOR. I know so much better than these plebes about what they need!” Maybe it’s an asshole’s version of a midlife crisis.

  24. I’m cancelling my subscription!

    *looks at clock, smacks lips*

  25. Is anyone keeping up with this?

    Ron Paul is the top draft pick for Americans Elect.

    Seems like he’s going to end up in the general election whether he likes it or not.

    1. Interesting, Mayor Bloomberg is not even mentioned. Given that is Lady Forester de Rothschild organization, it seemed likely that it was set up as a means for him to get on the ballot without having to do the dirty work that could taint a moderate’s fine reputation. I don’t mind being proven wrong when the world is a little less cynical than I suspect.

      1. Well, he’s #5 on the draft list, but I think that yeah, they were pretty much expecting him to step in and be the candidate.

        1. You are right! I looked for him and didn’t see him. Snake bites and all.

          1. He has more votes than the declared candidates, too.

            Wait, did someone say Rothschild?

  26. So, one of the Invisible Children guys was caught engaging in self-gratification in front of an audience. But enough about the Kony 2012 video.

  27. Yet another officer on officer shooting. And they claim that the rising cop deaths signal a war on cops? I’d be if you subtracted the cop-on-cop shootings, officer deaths would be declining.…

    1. Posted this a couple of days ago.

  28. I’m trying to understand the story of the Zimmerman shooting.

    The police say they can’t arrest the guy because he claims self-defense.

    But I thought self-defense was an affirmative defense. In other words, since they know he killed the kid, they can arrest him and when he’s on trial he can take the stand and plead self-defense if he wants.

    Are they really helpless to arrest just because the guy has asserted self-defense? Or is that BS?

    1. The other thing I don’t quite understand is if a self-defense claim is possible if the shooter was engaged in a different illegal action before the confrontation. If he was illegally trying to hold this kid against his will until the police came (with absolutely no authority to do so), how can he claim self-defense if the kid physically resisted his assault? It would be like a mugger claiming he shot me in self-defense after I punched him in the face while he was trying to mug me. Since the guy admitted to the 911 dispatcher that he was going to go stop the kid, that would refute his claim of self-defense. Or at least you should need a jury to decide if they think the guy is telling the truth. Right?

      1. I was puzzling over that yesterday. As far as I can tell, you are correct, it makes no sense. I really hate when people jump on a racial angle, but unless Florida’s laws are drastically different from the rest of the country, I am at a loss to come up with a different motivation.

      2. Depending on state, if you somehow provoke the attack (while not committing a felony), and you try to disengage but are unable to, you can then legally defend yourself.

        Some states don’t have that provision, and if you provoke the attack you cannot claim legal self defense. And if you’re committing a felony at the time, any claim of self defense goes out the window.

        I do not know what Florida’s specific laws are, though.

        In that specific case, there were no witnesses as to how the confrontation got started. What we do know is that the kid was sitting on top of him and wailing on him at the time he shot him, which would prevent any attempt to disengage. So, right now, it can go either way.

        My guess is the police are holding off on charging him until they get more information. If they find any evidence he did provoke the attack, he’ll probably be charged.

        1. What we do know is that the kid was sitting on top of him and wailing on him at the time he shot him,

          Actually, the only eye witness states that they were both on the ground but separated. There is no knowledge of their relative positions at the time of the shooting.

    2. Its BS. The cops have 911 tape where they told him to stay in his car. At that point he gets out, he can no longer claim fear for his life and the “stand your ground” protections are invalid. He needs to be tried, at the very least.

  29. That sound you heard? It was the shattering of everyone’s bracket

  30. Yay Norfolk State!

    15 beating a 2 is as good as it gets.

    1. Fucking Mizzou.

    2. Sadly, yes

  31. “More than 20,000 California teachers pink-slipped”…..1NL9RC.DTL
    Oh! The HORROR! Teachers PROTEST, use kids as props! Must raise taxes right now!
    Well, turns out that the *union contract* requires all teachers of X seniority to be ‘pink-slipped’ if the budget suggests that Y teachers might be fired (which is damned difficult).
    And every year, the union trots out the protesters for whatever leverage they can gain over those who are ignorant of the circumstances.

    1. Wow, that’s great news. I wonder if those parasites have ever even considered the private sect- wait, I’m about to shit myself laughing.

  32. OT:

    When the government declares war on something, in time, it evolves into one. The war on drugs has become an actual war, with more Mexicans killed (50,000) than Americans killed in Vietnam (~ 45,000).

    The war on poverty has evolved into a war on the poor at the hands of the ever more militarized police.

    There must be other examples.

  33. This is fucking horrible:

    Court documents detail the children were allegedly paddled regularly, forced to eat horse manure, forced to perform sex acts, fed bar soap and cayenne pepper and forced to vomit food and eat it off the floor.…..hild-abuse

    1. Why is it that when bureaucracy fails, the answer is always MOAR BUREAUCRACY?

      The incompetent fucks who were supposed to be following those kids should be fired.

      I have seen too many of those stories. “Adopted kids tortured, raped, starved; [applicable state child welfare agency] shocked, promises investigation of case workers.” It’s always the same. They’re fucking bureaucrats. Even the ones who actually care are fucked by the indolence and inefficiency of the government that employs them.

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