Kurt Loder on Seeking Justice, Delicacy, and Jeff, Who Lives at Home


The new Nicolas Cage movie Seeking Justice is a cartoon vigilante film with a nice line in gaudy villains, and while it doesn't make, shall we say, complete sense, it's worth a look. As usual, Cage brings his straight face and dauntless commitment—the man doesn't phone it in. In Jeff, Who Lives at Home, by contrast, the writer-directors Jay and Mark Duplass have fashioned a sweet parable about a man's search for purpose in a world of drifting indifference. The picture has some inventively constructed scenes that stay with you, and some agreeably modulated comic performances, especially by Jason Segel, whose good-natured shlub with something unexpectedly serious on his mind warms the whole movie. Delicacy, meanwhile, tells the story of a princess who kisses a frog, notes that he doesn't turn into a prince, then decides she kind of likes the frog the way he is. The movie is very French in the way that it illuminates a simple story with precise comic detail. Kurt Loder reviews all three.