You Just Might Fall in Love with Mia Love


Via Instapundit and PJTV comes this interview with a GOP candidate in Utah. Here's the writeup:

Mia Love is running for Utah's Fourth Congressional District on a platform of "fiscal discipline, limited government, and personal responsibility." She is also one of the smartest congressional candidates, and can quote Frederick Bastiat with the ease of an economics professor. Is the Tea Party focusing too hard on the presidential race, and what should the President be doing to lower gas prices? Find out what Mia Love has to say and see why she just might be the next star of the Tea Party movement.

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  1. WARNING: Video contains Glenn Reynolds discussing the Tea Party. TEAM RED apologia ahoy!

    1. You didn’t watch the video, did you?

    2. Why is he so hard to watch and listen to?

      I think it is the weird time lag. They need to edit those out or get a better internet connection.

      Hell have em talk over Ventrilo or Teamspeak for audio and synq up with the video in edit.

      The long pauses are excruciating.

      1. lol, Duke Nukem Forever Vent-ertainment

  2. It is not within the President’s scope to manage the price of gasoline. It’s nice to see some politicians acknowledge this.

    1. Funny, in 2008 he and his pals thought the iniquitous Chimpy Katrinaburton had a little dial on the Oval Office desk that made prices go up and down as commanded. Did Chimpy take that dial with him in oh-nine?

      1. I never saw anyone claim Bush had any control over oil prices as president. The argument was that Bush’s friends in the oil industry and financial markets could influence the price.

        1. …the oil industry and financial markets could influence the price.

          Right. The people who buy and sell oil determine the price of oil. Of course, the idea that markets work infuriates liberals.

  3. If the President feels it is within his scope to manage the price of gasoline (by managing its supply), perhaps he should acknowledge he is actively managing the prices of cocaine, marijuana, heroin, meth, and other drugs by continuing to support their prohibition. By extension, he is managing the profit made in the drug trade and is complicit in the acts that result from those artificial elevations of profit above the natural profit that would be made absent prohibition.

  4. Suggested campaign song: Show Mia Love:


  5. Oh, Bastiat…

  6. She cannot be an authentic ‘woman of color’; she has the wrong political views.
    Ms. Rice can make it clear.

  7. Sorry but that dude makes no sense at all man. None.


  8. She needs to get some more upstream. The lip pixelation looked like barf a few times.

  9. Fuckin’ Aunt Jemima bitch.

    1. Doesn’t this cunt know who she belongs to. She better get her black ass back on the plantation!! Slut!!!

      And of course the Fonz with AIDS would love her, fucking racist teabagging homo!!!

  10. I can’t wait to call her a cunt on my show!

    1. We’ll do our standard looking-away when you do, Bill.

  11. Screw congress, Love for president.

  12. I imagine Politico will start dropping a story a week on how she’s “unfaithful” to her husband, without ever backing it up, very shortly.

  13. I’ll bet two hands would cover the congressional Republicans that understand Bastiat and the basic histories of our schools of thought. About One finger would cover the dems.

    Maybe next time Mitt Romney is in Utah she can loan him some books and try to catch him up on this ideology he supposedly is such a fan of.

    1. She’s trying to get elected in Utah… Can’t risk alienating the mormobs by saying she’s not a fan of him.

  14. Mia Love You Long Time

  15. Mia Love You Long Time

  16. So much love here for Mia. When will “true” libertarians start dumping on her for being socially conservative? Or will “true” libertarians patronizingly just “give a sister a break”?

    1. How many splinters did you get from beating up that straw man?

  17. I don’t mind social conservatives until they want me to fund their government morality projects involuntarily.

    1. So I take it you condemn social liberals for insisting that CA schoolchildren be taught gay history, right? I can tell you’re not a person who promotes double standards.

      1. A very reasonable point, one I myself have made to others. Short version.. Ive been unfriended and called a homophobe for raising objections to just the kind of leftist child targeted, school supported, jackassery/propoganda you are referring to.

        A common refrain of mine, is that the difference between society and American propaganda, is that the soviets didn’t expect you to buy monthly subscriptions.

      2. Obviously legislating history is very Beijing-ish (a response to the Tienanmen Square incident was to inculcate hatred for the West in textbooks), but why does teaching gay history have coercive equivalence to Jim Crow marriage laws? I don’t understand that comparison at all. Gay history is so politicized and non-mainstream that it’s on the same level as legally treating gay couples as Hamburg Shiesse video enthusiasts and little more?

        1. For one thing, because there is no such thing as “gay history”. History is what happened. The purpose of teaching “gay history” is not to teach what happened, but to propagandize on behalf of gays. Whatever claim may be made about why or how “gay history” is being taught, the reality will be that any negative portrayal of a particular gay or gays in general will be called hateful and the perpetrator will be politically and professionally lynched and it will be done with the coercive power of the state behind it.

          What exactly does Jim Crow have to do with marriage law? To call that a spurious connection is to be gracious. Not changing the definition of marriage has nothing to do with preserving the enslavement of a class of people based on their skin color.

          1. So you’re more worried about not being able to tell 12 year olds about Jeffrey Dahmer than you are okay with telling them about Harvey Milk? Are you under the impression that because certain people think blacks are inferior specimen that it’s therefore too controversial to teach about MLK in public school?

            You can call it spurious all you want but the connection is plain: separate but equal legal rights in various areas. Either get rid of marriage for straights or give it to gays, but sitting around saying everything is fine is state discrimination.

            1. separate but equal legal rights in various areas

              No homosexual is legally denied his or her Constitutional Rights anywhere in America. Just because you call something a “right” doesn’t make it so. Don’t confuse your wants with actual rights.

            2. So you’re more worried about not being able to tell 12 year olds about Jeffrey Dahmer than you are okay with telling them about Harvey Milk?

              The purpose of teaching about Harvey Milk in a special “gay history” curriculum would be to promote the idea of gays as “victims” who must be given special protections and compensations and to cast any push-back against the political efforts and goals of gays as being instituted by horrible, hateful people. The purpose would be to try to make opposition unthinkable. Such has been the standard tactics to suppress opposition that liberals have used in racial and gender politics for years. The power of the State, used to coerce belief.

            3. … blacks … MLK

              Race and homosexuality are not equivalent. Gays are simply copying the successful political strategies used in the civil rights movement to try to give themselves special treatment.

              Incidentally, I see no reason to teach “black history” or to have “African-American” departments at universities, either. Such departments are used primarily to propagandize and indoctrinate, to promote victimhood, racial entitlement for non-whites and racial guilt for whites, collectivism, identity politics and political alienation. They also bestow a veneer of scholarship upon some “professors” who are nothing more than political agitators.

              The civil rights movement is an important part of American History and should be taught in the History department, not treated as a separate entity. The same holds true for “gay history” as well (except for the “important” part).

          2. To purpose of gay history is also to inoculate children against the intolerant propaganda spewed by social conservatives, who wish to use the coercive power of the state to stamp out the “gay lifestyle.”

            Let’s not pretend social conservatives wish to protect children from propaganda. According to the family research council:

            “Those who advocate full acceptance of homosexual behavior choose to downplay the growing and incontrovertible evidence regarding the serious, life-threatening health effects associated with the homosexual lifestyle. Education officials in particular have a duty to provide information regarding the negative health effects of homosexuality to students in their charge, whose very lives are put at risk by engaging in such behavior. Above all, civil society itself has an obligation to institute policies that promote the health and well-being of its citizens. “

            1. To purpose of gay history is also to inoculate children against the intolerant propaganda spewed by social conservatives

              No, it isn’t. The push for “anti-bullying”, which is actually an attempt to establish the authority of school officials to bully students who express political attitudes counter to liberal dogma, teaching “gay history”, “hate crime” laws and university campus speech codes are all avenues being used by gays to systematically use the power of the state to attack their political opponents. There is no corresponding effort by those who oppose using the government to promote homosexuality, at least no effort that has been successful.

  18. Pardon the bad grammer.. bed time.. no glasses on/lazy.

    Night 🙂

  19. If she would only advocate for farting in jars, she would really rock!

  20. “She is also one of the smartest congressional candidates…”
    Faint praise…that.

  21. I like her. I’m a new fan of hers as well as Fredrick Bastiat. I’m glad my brain doesn’t work like those writing some of the goofy, off topic comments here. Libs seem to have become the party of bad taste & hate. Good luck Mia, though your biggest reward is in being the person that you are. By the way, I think I saw a youngster’s head hiding behind the furniture in the background.

  22. Mia Love is the only candidate in this race who has shrunk gov’t. She turned a $3.5 budget hole into solvency and a AAA+ S&P credit rating. Her city’s library, civic events, and arts council are all volunteer run!

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