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  1. Pew: Liberals most intolerant online


    1. Liberals most intolerant online


      1. Libertarians will give you a run for the money too

        1. Haven’t you been banned yet? No? …

        2. My anus is bleeding.

          1. You’re such an ass; I bet you didn’t know my song was about you

      2. best – liberals most intolerant of intolerance

        1. and to liberals, intolerance is not believing every aspect of liberal dogma, or worse, daring to think for yourself.

          1. To liberals tolerance means being intolerant of anyone who disagrees with them, equality means anyone who does not agree with them is inferior, inclusiveness means excluding anyone who disagrees…

            Liberals proudly demonstrate their qualities by doing the opposite of what the quality describes.

            1. cause ur many liberal friends told u so eh?

              got it

              1. Cause the research shows it.

                Got it?

            2. Conservatives are pretty much the same, they just don’t claim to value tolerance or inclusiveness they way liberals do.

              1. Pretty much

        2. That’s us!

          1. lol

            …but it must be true: libertarian post weekly how tolerant they are right under the latest spoof of Tony, WI,….

            1. I’m very tolerant of the right of morans to be morans, but I also reserve the right to ridicule them (not that I do any spoofing here – that’s a whole ‘nother issue).
              You wanna be an idiot? Knock yerself out. Just don’t take me with you.

              1. The Morans are actually Democrats.

              2. Thanks, Citizen!

            2. My anus is bleeding

        3. best – liberals most intolerant of intolerance


    2. I’ve definitely blocked some of my liberal acquaintances (and relatives) on FB, not because I disagree with them per se, but that I just don’t want to have to listen to them piss and moan about [liberal outrage of the day/hour].

      I can get that perspective anywhere. I don’t need their myopic worldview added to the noise.

      1. same here. I expect it to get worse with the election coming up.

        1. My problem is more with the fucking FB Jesus freaks — which is kinda ironic, since I’m a Christian myself.

        2. I havent blocked anyone, but Ive banned facebook until Jan 21.

        3. Yeah, I try to keep FB a politics free zone. I usually succeed, but I had just about enough with the 3 dozen daily “slut” posts.

          Really? This is the big news? Not the endless wars or crippling national debt? Fuck all of them.

          1. There is nothing more important in the world than the hurt feelings of young middle-class white women. Nothing. Why, if Kony had kidnapped some YMCWW, there would have been a MySpace campaign against him.

  2. “How some kids with a van are changing the pro-life movement”



    1. But the liberals told me that pro-lifers only care about babies in the womb. These stories make no sense.

      1. cause you have teh lub-rahl friends like santorium’s friends w teh gayz.

        got it

        1. got it

          And you’re probably the only one who did. Seriously, your complete lack of effort is uncanny.

          1. /sarcasm

            it tries moar harderz

            1. My comment above was not about the content of your message since I couldn’t figure out what the fucking content of your message was. That’s what my comment above was about. I guess it’s nice to have an example of the idiocy we should all be wary of right here on display every day.

              1. moar education please!

                eyes kneed itz

    2. Will they be saving ejaculate too?

      1. If you’re that hard up for it, you can have this old sock lying on the floor of my bedroom.

    3. They’re not changin that much: the anti-choice will still be based on emotional drive first and last.

      1. Why do you think it is an emotional response and not a logical response of when someone might believe your rights begin?

  3. “Congress never gave the IRS the authority to license tax preparers, and the IRS can’t give itself that power.

    But last year the IRS imposed a sweeping new licensing scheme that forces tax preparers to get IRS permission before they can work. This is an unlawful power grab that exceeds the authority granted to the IRS by Congress.”


    1. I thought that was more of a “suggestion.”

    2. But tax preparers have a right to earn an honest living without getting permission from the IRS.


    3. A bureaucracy that oversteps its boundaries? Say it isn’t so!

    4. The IRS is an important agency that we can’t live without. There is no way it would do anything not in the best interests of the people its constituents.

      1. I’d just like to say “Tony” that your recent spoof work has been exemplary!

        1. Who can tell the difference? The worst Tony spoof still has elements of Tony in them.

    5. They also require that anyone who works on a return at all get this license. In the past the “preparer” was the person who signed the return as preparer – generally a partner in a firm or a CPA practicing as a sole practitioner. Now even junior staff have to pay this $63 fee to get a PTIN that won’t go on the return. Preparers who aren’t “supervised preparers” (working under a CPA) have to pass an exam and pay the fee.

      The deadline for all old preparer PTINs was 12/31/11. So every tax preparer in the country, from first year staff to the managing partner in every firm or solo practice, was charged $63.

      1. I wonder how long it will take for them to require all of us who do our own taxes to get a license to do so.

        1. I wonder how long it will take for them to require all of us who do our own taxes to get a license to do so.

          Florida used to do this: they required preparers of sales tax returns (just about every business) to pay a $5 fee for the privilege of paying taxes. The requirement was dropped several years ago.

        2. No no no. That’s not how the game works. This will just lead the CPA’s lobby to go to congress to make it illegal to prepare your own tax return.

          Congress will mandate that every citizen use a “licensed professional” to prepare their taxes via the Commerce Clause. It will pass with full bipartisan support. Suck it bitches.

  4. “Has the ‘era of porn’ led men to think rape is OK? But it cannot be a coincidence that sexual violence against women in Britain is on the increase. A recent survey of 1,600 women on Mumsnet revealed that an astonishing one in ten women say they have been raped, and more than a third subjected to sexual assault…. As a mother, I find this simply terrifying.”


    1. Since “The bastard didn’t call me the next day” now equals “rape”, I would tend to question the statistics.

      1. “I wouldn’t have fucked him if I was sober” is now considered “rape”.

        1. So is “he didn’t remember my name the next time I saw him.”

    2. Funny that in the US, sexual violence against women is on the decline.

      1. I’d also venture to wager that porn is more prevalent in the US.

        1. sweden, ukraine, spain, france, germany….need I go on?

        2. It’s possible that porn in the US is tamer; less bite to it than the British variety.

          1. less scat anyway

          2. It’s possible that porn in the US is tamer; less bite to it than the British variety.

            Or perhaps, just perhaps, rape victims in Britain can’t legally have any weapon to defend themselves with?

            1. Or perhaps, just perhaps, rape victims in Britain can’t legally have any weapon to defend themselves with?

              Exactly where I was headed with this. An old neighbor of mine from Scotland, now an elderly woman in England, had her home broken into and she was robbed. When they tried to rape her she escaped her bonds, beat one senseless and drove the others off with her cane. She was charge with assault and carry of a weapon.

          3. less bite to it than the British variety

            IIRC, there was some biting in the Eliot Spitzer scandal.

            1. I guess I should have used “teeth” instead of “bite” for my joke to be obvious.

          4. Plus, some of those chicks in the Brit stuff don’t get near a US porn film.

          5. It’s possible that porn in the US is tamer;

            Since porn is on the intertubes these days, how can it be different in the US than elsewhere?

            1. Youporn even has a category called “German”. It’s cool if you like unshaved pits and greasy hair.

              1. Youporn is the nastiest site. How many ugly women giving ugly men blowjob videos does the world need?

                And at some point isn’t the male obsession with blowjob and facial videos a bit gay? NTTAWWT. Seriously, at some point you start to wonder if they are living vicariously through the woman in the video.

                1. Porn companies aren’t going to give you their hottest properties for free….sheesh! I tend not to look a free porn gift horse in the mouth, though.

                  1. There are attractive women on Youporn. It is just that they are the minority. And I am constantly amazed at the number of blowjob facial videos on there. It must be an obsession with some people.

                    1. I am constantly amazed at the number of blowjob facial videos on there. It must be an obsession with some people.

                      John, allow me to unravel this mystery for you. Here’s the trick:

                      You find a vid where the guy’s junk matches yours, then, with perfect alignment between your junk and the junk onscreen you CAN ACTUALLY FEEL THE BLOWJOB.

              2. Youporn even has a category called “German”. It’s cool if you like unshaved pits and greasy hair.

                And the krauts are scat freaks too, at least from what I hear.

                1. I found the Kraut porn on Youporn to be really tame. Much more so than good ol’ Made in the USA porn.

                2. Muuum, if you were in a German shiza video, you’d tell me, right?

                  1. That’s Schei?e to you!

            2. English hetero prn is strange and disturbing. Way more femdom/malesub than US-made. Which is fine so far, but the UK stuff invariably involves really hard face-slapping (women slap men). Hmmm…

    3. Has to be asked:
      Does this have anything to do with the proportion of non-British citizens/residents?

      1. racist!!! well, someone had to say it.

      2. I think that it has most to do with the fine English tradition of going out and getting blind drunk all the time.

        1. don’t disparage the only remaining good thing in england.

    4. Two things:

      1: self defense is illegal in the UK

      2: They’ve imported a whole bunch of Muslims.

    5. from that article..

      “The consequences of this [porn] are only just beginning to be understood. But it cannot be a coincidence that sexual violence against women in Britain is on the increase.”

      Why not? Criminology is an extremely complicated subject, because humans take so many factors into account in their decisionmaking. Weapons regulation has been steadily increasing in britain for decades, with this dumb “journalist”‘s correlation = causation reasoning I could just as legitimately blame women being unarmed and vulnerable. Or I could blame population increases, increases in the national GDP, increases in hoagie consumption. Literally billions of correlating trends, and this article tells readers to just assume a causal relationshit with this one.

  5. The Weak Dollar Caused the Great Recession

    To mistake credit default swaps, subprime mortgages, easy loan approvals, and all the rest with the fundaments of the crisis is to fail to ask why markets for these things suddenly materialized out of nowhere from 2003 to 2008. It would be news if these things had developed outside of major dollar devaluation. But since they in fact developed in the face of major dollar devaluation, the real story cannot be the financial sector’s accommodation of the new dollar weakness, but rather the fact and origins of that weakness itself.

    1. This. This is a good article and not just because he says what I’ve been saying for a while.

  6. “One might think, after all their training we give our police officers (and all the trust we place in them) that they would all be ‘responsible gun owners.’ One might think that. But one would be wrong.”


    1. The officer was later identified as Derek Carlile, who has (you guessed it) been placed on ‘administrative leave’ pending the investigation.


  7. “Law enforcement officials across the US have been left baffled by a crime wave targeting an unlikely item — Tide laundry detergent.”


    “Police say reports of nationwide spike in Tide thefts doesn’t wash”


    1. “Police say reports of nationwide spike in Tide thefts doesn’t wash”

      You couldn’t pay me to use Tide. I have some sort of allergy to the stuff; makes my legs itch, of all things.

      1. just Tide? Most do that to me. I wish I could remember the brand/model of detergent that doesn’t *scratch scratch scratch*

        1. just Tide?

          Gain does it too, and I think there may have been a couple others, but Tide has always been the worst. I use various “free & clear” detergents; i.e., ones that don’t have any dyes or perfumes. I’ve never had a problem with any of those, and they get your clothes just as clean.

          1. You know, I’ve been noticing this lately. I’ve also noticed that putting the washer on “extra rinse” reduces this effect drastically.

            1. I’ve also noticed that putting the washer on “extra rinse” reduces this effect drastically.

              I guess it’s a true allergen for me, as running an extra rinse didn’t mitigate the effect. In any case, I just bought a brand-new washer, and it doesn’t have an extra rinse.

              1. I just bought a brand-new washer, and it doesn’t have an extra rinse.

                Thank you Some-Federal-Water-Saving-Mandate.

                1. PS: just run the cycle again with no soap.

                  Sure, it’s probably double the was compared to a single cycle with an extra rinse, but hey, whatchagonnado?

                  1. double the was

                    water. (wtf?)

                  2. *insert King Of The Hill episode about low flow toilets*

          2. Back on-topic, Junkie Friend? tells me that baby formula is a big black-market moneymaker too.

            1. Hmmmm….maybe off-the-truck Ensure is the next big thing.

          3. What, you don’t use the White Injun method of rolling in the mud, covering yourselves with leaves and making yourself STEVE SMITH bait?


      2. Funny, we use Tide because it’s the only detergent my wife has found that doesn’t cause allergic reactions in my wife.

        1. how many wives do you have?


      1. Too late. They got a clean getaway.

    3. Who will be laughing when 30 tons of Tide get dumped in the Mississippi river? Huge swaths of land in the south could be washed away!


        1. RACISS!

          1. Don’t worry, it’s colored safe…

            1. +1 is insufficient.

              this is worth at least 15 internetz.

              1. I stand corrected.

                1. don’t let it happen again.

            2. Shhh! Plan to conquer the heart land of America, ancient Chinese secret!

    4. I’m surprised this doesn’t happen to batteries.

      A package of batteries small enough to fit in your pocket costs more than the big thing of Tide.

      I guess maybe there’s less of an urban street market for batteries.

      1. Could it be to make some new drug?

        1. For brainwashing?

          1. i lol’d.

            1. That does it. I’m entering my nomination of H&R Commentariat as best new comedian of 2012.

              1. the collective acceptance speech is gonna kill.

      2. That’s why batteries are usually located at the POS or near a customer service desk. They also usually have some sort of electronic article surveillance tagging either imbedded in the packaging or attached by the retailers.

    5. They used Tide to clean up Montoya’s latest big fiery mess at the Daytona 500. Coincidence?

    6. Since it’s only one brand of detergent, it stands to reason that this isn’t strictly economic. I’m wondering if there’s some ingredient in that brand, not present in others, that’s useful in some sort of illicit process.

      1. No, for some reason the article focused on Tide.

        All name-brand detergents are desirable for shoplifters.

  8. “Well, considering she just kept repeating the first sentence of the top Google result for “critical race theory,” it’s a safe assumption that somebody was reading it into her earpiece.”



    1. Soledad will always be the cute chick on The Next Step to me.

  9. DC: Drivers fume as local gas prices break the $4 barrier

    1. move to brazil where our gas goes now…fat american moran

      1. what’s with all the hate on Morans? Is it cos they is Irish?

  10. “Some 10,215 new federal regulations from the Obama administration are costing consumers, businesses and the economy overall $46 billion annually, more than five times the regulatory price tag of former President Bush in his first three years in office. Worse: just implementing those regulations had a one-time additional cost of $11 billion”


    1. 10,215


  11. Atheists ‘Slaves Obey Your Masters’ Billboard Raises Tempers In Pennsylvania

    “If this had been Detroit, there would have been a riot,” said Aaron Selvey of Harrisburg

    “Just imagine if those people had seen this racist billboard.”

    1. I thought it might be an anarchy billboard for a second, that would be an interesting news story.

    2. “Comments are closed for this entry”

    3. Nice billboard.

      Also; thanks for lending support to my argument that religion suppresses freedom of thought.

    4. The billboard was quickly replaced with an ad for the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra.


    5. If only Newt Gingrich and Paul Krugman could come together on this issue and call for the destruction of this billboard to fight back against the war on religion and fix Harrisburg’s failing economy.

      1. Yeah, they should be tearing down all the billboards in town on a daily basis.

    6. More proof that many atheists choose to be atheists because it gives them the maximum opportunity to be douche bags.

      1. Oh come on, the bible is full of shit like that.

      2. Just wait til they mention the part about killing a woman who’s not a virgin when you marry her.

        1. and sending menstrating women to teh caves

          1. That’s actually a pretty good idea.

      3. Well, the state legislature did decide to declare the year of the Bible or what have you.

        “Why are we celebrating this again?” seems like a reasonable enough question.

        1. But all they did was piss a bunch of people off. If you want to do that, fine. It is a free country. But don’t then piss and moan about how no one likes atheists. Isn’t that the whole point of this board? To make people angry and offend people?

          1. The billboard is for the people who will scratch their heads and say, “Wait, the Bible says WHAT?”

            You could put up a billboard with some Mises quote about socialism in a neighborhood in Detroit, and the majority of people would be “angry and offended”. But that wouldn’t make it a bad idea, because maybe there would be people who weren’t.

            1. Doubtful. The whole point of the billboard is to fuck with people. And don’t get me wrong. That is perfectly fine. It is the constant whining from atheists about how disliked they are that bugs me. Sure your disliked. That is because you purposely go around and fuck with people and argue with fundamental beliefs. That is not a way to make friends and influence people. Live with the fact that it is going to make you unpopular.

              And don’t even get me started on the double standard with Islam. When atheists go to Detroit and put up quotes from the Quran about pederasty, I will be impressed. Until then, I will consider them a bunch of annoying douche bags picking on politically correct targets.

              1. It is the constant whining from atheists Christians/Muslims about how disliked they are that bugs me. Sure your disliked. That is because you purposely go around and fuck with people and argue with fundamental beliefs. That is not a way to make friends and influence people. Live with the fact that it is going to make you unpopular.

                1. Sparks, the religionists play the “persecution” card, which is laughable to anyone outside that bubble of delusion.

            2. The billboard is for the people who will scratch their heads and say, “Wait, the Bible says WHAT?”

              This a million. John, you’re incapable of imagining a reaction other than anger, that’s why you think it’s the goal. The goal is to get people to think.

              1. Well Joe, the billboard seems to be a real hit judging from the article. People generally can’t stand atheists. Poll after poll shows that. And this is a good example of why. It is what it is.

              2. Think about being angry?

          2. Isn’t that the whole point of this board? To make people angry and offend people?

            You mean the billboard or the comment board here at H&R? Either way, I’m going with yes.

          3. But all they did was piss a bunch of people off.

            And exactly what do you think

            the state House’s recent designation of 2012 as “The Year of the Bible”


            1. That pissed off fewer people, so it’s okay, apparently.

              1. Didn’t say it was okay. I am sure it pissed atheists off. So the solution to that is for atheists to go prove they are just as bad?

                1. The state made a legal proclamation about religion. A private group bought billboard space. Which is more obnoxious?

                  1. Definitely gonna have to side with the atheists on this one, especially if it was in reaction to the state government declaring “the year of the bible”. I’m a Christian and I think that is pretty fucked up.

      4. Yes, John, that’s why atheists choose to be atheists: an all-you-can-eat buffet of douchebaggery unavailable to theists.

        I think you just like watching yourself type.

        1. Unlike other religious groups, we also enjoy purposely fucking with people and arguing with their fundamental beliefs.

      5. We didn’t bring it John. We’re just refusing to let you ignore or whitewash the evil and crazy in your sacred texts.

    7. The billboard’s not even a little racist.

      1. u mean the source is racist

        1. No way. It just lends credence to tyranny.

          1. Yeah. The slaves Paul was addressing were the same color as their masters, usually.

          2. More or less. But no more so than any other philosophy that claims that the material world is irrelevant.

            1. I agree. All organized religions have the same theme though: Obey your master, whom you can’t see or hear, unless it’s through a few select people we ordain.

              1. Nobody ever mentions the disorganized religions.

                1. Hail Eris! Hail Discordia!

                2. I think there was something about the Westboro Baptist Church the other day.

    1. Way late, man. Like two days ago somebody posted this.

    2. At least Neo is still alive. What’s that? Oh….

  12. “An Albany, Georgia, business owner probably thought he was merely exercising his rights and exemplifying his patriotism by flying an American flag outside of his business… when he received a ticket and was threatened with jail time”


    1. C’mon People, for christsake, remember to obtain the Proper Patriotism Permits! I can’t stress this enough.

      1. They should be called “Freedom Permits”.

        1. and they should be mandatory. on penalty of death.

          1. I believe that will be part of next years legislation. “The Maximizing Freedom through Paperwork and Death Penalty Act”

    2. ooh – a NEW yearly cultural war!!

      teh war on patriotism1!!11!

      send ur donations now now now

    3. From the pictures it looks like the flag blows into the street when the wind is right, and being that it is so low to the ground it could catch a passing vehicle.

      Not that that should be grounds for the government to get involved, but it seems to me like it’s not the best thought out place to put the thing.

      1. Not that that should be grounds for the government to get involved

        Unless it’s a privately owned street….I dunno.

    4. He claims … he should have every right to fly the nation’s flag wherever he wants, so long as there is no safety issues associated with doing so.

      Nice little business ya got here ….

    5. I’m so sick and tired of people turning run-of-the-mill contract disputes and zoning enforcement issues into some big First Amendment case simply because a U.S. flag is involved.

      First, that flag is WAY way too fucking huge for that little short pole. A flag that size is meant for something like a 60-foot pole. The right size flag for that wimpy little pole would be about 1/4 that size.

      Second, it certainly looks like it’s hanging over the sidewalk and the street. I’m sure there’s an ordinance saying you can’t place objects or hang things that project out over the sidewalk or street.

      The fact that the item happens to be a flag is a distraction and misdirection. It gives people the opportunity to get themselves in high dudgeon about how “oppressive” government “won’t let him fly his U.S. flag.”

      1. They’re not fining him for flying a U.S. flag; nor are they preventing him from flying one. They’re fining him for hanging a big fucking thing that swings out into the sidewalk and the street.

        All he would have to do is move the flagpole back 6 feet or hang it off his building.

        I don’t find this one to be outrageous.

      2. zoning enforcement issues

        Fuck zoning.

        ****ALL**** zoning is a violation of property rights, or, at minimum, a taking requiring compensation.

        This isnt about zoning.

        1. I generally agree that most zoning is bs. But you don’t have the right to create a hazard to other people. Especially if there is a viable solution to the problem, such as moving the flag back or using a smaller flag.

  13. “The name libcom is an abbreviation of “libertarian communism”, the political idea we identify with. Libertarian communism is the political expression of the ever-present strands of co-operation and solidarity in human societies.”


    1. “Also, we’re retards.”

    2. They’re British. They need to align with the “Bleeding Heart” crew.

    3. Oh for fuck’s sake.

    4. I’m going to start a new group called “socialistic individualism”.

      1. We at Free Market Collectivism join you.

        1. Occupy Your Own Destiny heartily endorses both of the above.

        2. Join Libertarians for Force and Fraud today and get this AK-47-shaped Chevy Volt key chain produced for the U.S. Government by non-union employees, free!

          1. Libertarians for Force and Fraud

            Sounds like a Republican Super-PAC.

          2. I’ll take 10,000.

          3. Charles Murray’s Libertarians for Force and Fraud


    5. Great, now they’re trying to pollute this label too.

  14. Democrats Face Ideological House Primaries

    It’s not at all surprising, given the media’s concentration on the fight for the heart and soul of the Republican Party between tea party conservatives and the GOP’s more pragmatic conservative wing, that most journalists have completely ignored the ideological fights within the Democratic Party this year.

    But those fights exist, and they could well presage a larger fight within the party at some point in the future, either during a second Obama term or after he leaves office.

    1. the GOP’s more pragmatic conservative wing
      which is the more pragmatic part, the one that is obsessed with gays, contraceptives, and all things team? Because it seems the TP side is the one actually doing the small govt walk.

  15. Chu renounces his desire for higher gas prices

    President Obama’s Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, renounced his previously-stated desire to see gas prices rise to match European levels in order to motivate alternative energy research, telling the Senate today that he wants gas prices to fall for the sake of the economy.

    1. Amazing! Dare I say he fears for his job?

    2. Chu Chu Trains!

      1. “…hugs and kisses and a Poo Chu Train.”

    3. High prices for now. It is amazing these people’s ability to lie with a straight face.

      1. He said he think that now is a bad time for Euro level prices (not quite changing his mind btw, but wtf) because the economy is weak and it could tip us back into recession.

        Which is odd because he made the high gas price statement 2-3 years ago at the beginning of the recession.

        So it follows that he is admitting that the economy is weaker after 3 years of Obama.

        1. by saying he thinks it’s a bad time for high prices now, he implies that a good time for such exists.

          1. About the third week of November, I guess.

      2. How long have you lived/worked inside the beltway, John?

    4. “When I became Secretary of Energy, I represented the United States government, and I think right now in this econo[m]ic, very slow, return — these prices could very well affect the comeback of our economy”

      This is why Chu gets paid the big bucks.

  16. http://mediadecoder.blogs.nyti…..e-presses/

    Print version of Brittanica is no more.

    Obviously the internet is a vastly superior resource for uncovering facts. But I think something is lost without print encyclopedias.

    I didn’t have Brittanica; I had shitty World Book. But I read those bitches cover to cover like 20 times.

    And the thing about reading an encyclopedia cover to cover that the internet can’t duplicate is that you acquire facts you didn’t know you wanted. The internet will tell you everything you ask it. But you can’t possibly know everything to ask.

    Sometimes you need “big pile of facts arranged alphabetically” to introduce you to areas of inquiry you didn’t know you needed. And Wikipedia doesn’t count, because it’s search-based.

    1. Print version of Brittanica is no more.

      Along with candles, horse-drawn carriages, and 8-tracks.

      And the thing about reading an encyclopedia cover to cover that the internet can’t duplicate is that you acquire facts you didn’t know you wanted.

      Your life is now complete!

      1. Yeah, but encyclopedias give you prosaic facts you didn’t know you wanted. Like the major exports of Uruguay and biographical details of Willa Cather and shit.

        1. What if I want facts I didn’t know I didn’t want?

          1. unknown knowns?

        2. I still have the Britannica set my grandmother bought for me when I was born. Boxed up, but still around.

          FWIW, I devoured the old Time-Life science series. It was good shit for the pre-teen mind in the days before every fucking electronic distraction that my kids have today.

          1. The Time-Life series were awesome. At least the ones that were real history and not “Mysteries and UFO’s” or such nonsense.

            They were at exactly the right level of detail for general interest works: better than a high school textbook, but not so boring that a teenager will put it down in disgust.

            I really should track down the editors of the Great Ages of Man series and send them a fruit basket. Every dollar (admittedly a meager sum) I made writing the last couple of years dates back to the moment when a 9 year old me opened my mother’s copy of Imperial Rome to a random page and there were these gorgeous color insert photos showing recreations of Roman battles done with painted miniatures. It completely blew me away.

            1. That was from the other grandmother, which my mother left behind after she split from the guy we were living with at the time.

              “I thought they were his.” No mom, *your* mother bough them for me. They arrived at the house about once per month. Remember?” I managed to keep 2 or 3 of them, but the bulk of them were gone. I wanted to strangle her.

      2. You can still get all of those. I have a house full of candles and you don’t have to try hard to see a horse drawn carriage in PA, NJ or even NY:

      3. Um…candles and horse-drawn carriages still get made.

    2. Huh. I guess I waited too long to buy a set. On the plus side, those 2010 editions still seem to be available…

      1. I guess I waited too long to buy a set.

        hurry up and check ebay/craigslist now, before people realize.

    3. I read “The Book of Knowledge” cover-to-cover. A mid 1950s edition. The articles on manufacturing matches and salt remain burned into my brain.

    4. Don’t even need to read it cover to cover to get the benefit. Look up what you need, find a weird bunch of stuff next to it on the page, read it, expand your tiny brain. And it hadn’t been written by a fat primitivist troll or other intertubez luminary, but by someone who actually knew their stuff. We had a really third-rate one – Columbioa – which was still great. Also when i was 4 I licked the gold off the page-edges of Volume 16. Try doing that with a website

      1. I licked the gold off the page-edges of Volume 16. Try doing that with a website


        1. Try doing that with a website


    5. But I read those bitches cover to cover like 20 times.

      So did I…as a way to pass the time at school. And oh man, any class-trip to the library to research for a particular subject…ha, I’d never make it to the subject.

    6. I didn’t have Brittanica; I had shitty World Book.

      World Book was awesome! The original artwork, the graphic presentation of info., the assumption that grade-school kids had half a brain — there was nothing like it.

      1. Yeah, World Book was what the rich kids had when I was growing up. We had Funk ‘n’ Wagnalls. Like two bucks a volume at the grocery store.

    7. Sometimes you need “big pile of facts arranged alphabetically” to introduce you to areas of inquiry you didn’t know you needed. And Wikipedia doesn’t count, because it’s search-based.

      As another dork that read encyclopedias as a kid, I disagree. You’ll get the same experience taking hyperlinks at random from Wikipedia articles. I used to waste 4 hours a day at work (yes, I had nothing better to do) starting at random things like Albert Pujols and ending up reading about Botulism.

      1. +1,000,000

      2. “used to”?

        wikibinging is as much a part of my day-to-day now as breathing and eating.

        1. I actually work now. Most days, anyway. My last job was about 3 hours of actual work a week. By the time they finally got around to laying me off I was playing World of Warcraft for 3 hours a day at my desk (being one of 3 people in office space designed for about 80 has its advantages).

          1. “day-to-day” doesn’t have to be time On The Clock.

            1. I understood it as such since that’s where I’ve always done mine. But between increased actual work and starting grad school I don’t have as much free time as I used to. Wikibinging only seems to happen on weekends while I’m nursing my hangover or waiting on line for something.

          2. oh, but you’re probably one of those lame people with a life. sucker.

    8. Who needs Brittanica when we have Wikipedia?

      1. Ironically, much Wikipedia content is from the 1912(?) Brittanica – the most recent version which is in the public domain.

        Also, it’s good to have written references in case the interwebs become unavailable. As Heinlein recommended, I keep a small collection of engineering and science reference books, just in case.

        1. Yeah.

          If I ever accidentally come into possession of a time machine, I can grab my copy of How It Works and head out to Eloiland in no time flat.

        2. As Heinlein recommended, I keep a small collection of engineering and science reference books, just in case.

          Any you can recommend? I’ve wanted to do that for some time now.

          1. Mostly my old textbooks and reference books I scrounged when the school/library was throwing out old editions. However, Audel’s Carp & Builder’s Guide is essential.

            1. Thanks Tonio. I’ll see if I can round that one up.

              I shudder to think of how useless and helpless I will be after the Zombie Apocalypse hits.

    9. I had shitty World Book. But I read those bitches cover to cover like 20 times.

      You and me both.

      The internet will tell you everything you ask it.

      I dunno, I think the internet is where free association goes to gambol, myself. I find out all kinds of shit on the internet that I never even knew to ask.

      But I agree that print encyclopedias deliver something that the internet cannot.

    10. I think that is the biggest thing that is lost in moving to electronic books. I too have spent lots of time and learned many just browsing through reference books.

    11. Nicholson Baker wrote an interesting essay (or two?) in The New Yorker a few years back about the demise of the library card catalog and how much information was lost when electronic catalogs replaced tangible catalogs.

      1. You know, way back when I was in school at least one English class every year was devoted to learning how the library worked. Card catalogs, Dewey decimal system, etc. Schools don’t do that anymore.

    12. I had my mom’s set of World Books. From the 1950s. It was great fun reading about the French control of Vietnam and the possibility that men would fly in space some day. . .in the mid-1970s.

      In my earlier years, I had The Young Children’s Encyclopedia (a Britannica publication), which I loved. I actually picked up a set for my daughter some months ago.

      Books have their advantages, but the sheer amount of information available electronically is hard to beat.

    13. for me, it was the “Joy of Trivia” and later, ‘The Straight Dope’ collection. I love meaningless, arcane knowledge or bizarre historical facts.

      1. Me, too. I still own probably thirty books like that (including most of The Straight Dope series).

      2. Cecil Adams is the man.

        1. Who is, most likely, Ed Zotti.

    14. My main concern is how easily the digital world (especially Wikipedia) can simply be rewritten. Plus, you never know when a supervirus breaks the whole damn thing. Having something on paper might be inefficient and less complete, but it’ll be more useful after the apocalypse or the communist takeover.

    15. Encyclopedia’s are a tool of the city-statists.

  17. The Go-Nowhere Generation

    But sometime in the past 30 years, someone has hit the brakes and Americans ? particularly young Americans ? have become risk-averse and sedentary. The timing is terrible. With an 8.3 percent unemployment rate and a foreclosure rate that would grab the attention of the Joads, young Americans are less inclined to pack up and move to sunnier economic climes.

    1. Gee, I wonder what large, beastly, Byzantine, all-powerful entity that promises a plasma on every wall could cause risk aversion?

      1. could be simply teh fatz

        1. Come on o3, LET’S MOVE!

    2. Another thing that I’ve noticed is how thoroughly non-entrepreneurial my generation is. Very few people I grew up with either have or plan on running their own business or starting their own company even if they have no other prospects (myself included, but I’m skilled, experienced, and lucky enough to find well-paying work even in times of 10% local unemployment). I don’t think that bit of intangible capital slowly declining bodes well for our future.

      1. Even microbusinesses are slowly becoming more and more capital intensive.

      2. I’ve tried to start up some businesses…..Then I do the research and find out how many permits and licenses I need and I give up.

        I have some capital in the form of a college fund just sitting around, I’d like to put it to work. Guess not. Good job government!

        1. ^This. I’d love to be able to start my own business, but the government has made it damn near impossible.

          1. I cannot say enough on this topic. For example, I’m really good at helping my circle of friends work through interpersonal problems. So I thought hey, I can rent some office space, advertise, bam instant counselor/therapist. Wrong. You can’t do that without being licensed.

            Then I thought I’d make a decent PI, but there are huge licensing requirements for that too.

            Then I was going to put my (I think) fantastic chili recipe to work. Get a cart or a truck, pull up in the business district, make some money. Reason readers will well know the issues with that.

            I mean, I’ve kind of gone Gault by default, working cash jobs and doing some gigs here and there, living off the grid as much as possible. But what I really want to do is get rich by providing a service to paying customers. But I do not have the capital to give the parasites the vig and create a successful business.

            1. Continued:

              The thing that pisses me off the most about this shit is that if the bargain was “pay off the worthless leeches to keep them from rioting” I could tolerate it. But it isn’t. The baragain now is “pay the salaries of the people who will spend their entire careers trying to destroy your business”. Fuck that. I might be willing to pay for bread and circuses, I am not willing to pay for the blade which will cut my throat, for the chains that they will bind me with.

  18. Rick Santorum won Mississippi and Alabama.

    Let’s see Matrix come around bragging about being from Alabama today.

    1. I live in Alabama. I’ve lived here less than two years. But, my home state (Oklahoma) did pick Santorum, much to my chagrin.

      1. matrix, as someone would grew up in AL, I share your chagrin. Amazing how the alleged conservatives in that state vote for a guy who supported EVERY govt expanding excess of the Bush years. But he hates gays and he’s not Mormon, so there you go.

        1. I figured you were from this state, given your moniker.

          1. have you been forced to declare allegiance yet?

            1. allegiance? To ‘Bama or ‘Burn?

              I’m a UGA fan… or as one of my Auburn co-workers says… thUGA.

              1. as you may have already learned, AU/UGA is the oldest rivalry in the South and remarkably close down to the level of total points scored. My bride is a GA girl, so the Dawgs are okay in all but one game for me.

                1. They allow mixed marriages in AL now?

                2. Yeah, I’m well aware of the rivalry. I’ve been a UGA fan for a long time. My grandfather, who is from GA detests Auburn, but is okay with Alabama. After moving here, I’ve come to loathe Alabama and barely tolerate Auburn.

                  Alabama fans remind me a lot of OU fans, but they still have a little more class than OU fans, who are some of the worst in college football.

                  1. funny part is Vince Dooley is an AU grad and Pat Dye is a UGA alum. Lot of cross-over in this one. No argument about bama fans though many likely say the same of us. I have discovered the rivalry is more tolerable when living outside the state. Damn, I miss football.

  19. Every successive article about this asteroid is a little less dismissive of the threat from it.

    Time to worry a little yet?


    1. Is it made of Tide laundry detergent?

    2. Time to worry a little yet?

      Nah. Party like it’s 2039!

    3. Imagine the prosperity we’d enjoy recovering from that disaster!

    4. It’s a 1-500 chance to take a 100 megaton hit. Much of which will be lost to the upper atmosphere. Still not a lot of fun for anyone within 15 miles or so of the strike. Play with an impact effects calculator here. Thankfully, there’s a lot of the Earth’s surface that you wouldn’t notice a 30 mile across scorch mark.

      FWIW, Apophis is a 5x bigger boom should it hit.

    1. I still love that first picture.

    2. Does it make me weird that I kinda prefer her as Peggy?

      Although everybody talks about how hot Hendricks is on that show, and nobody ever talks about the true phenom of Mad Men hotness: Pete’s wife.

        1. That blows my mind, too.

          And she’s in the show’s ultimate patriarchy moment, so that makes her even hotter:

          The scene where she storms out of the room while they’re arguing, and he harrumphs and shouts, “Get back here!” like he’s her father – and she obeys.

          I watched that and said to myself, “Man, patriarchy had some really good features.”

          1. She also has this cool Lady Macbeth streak as well. Pete Campbell thinks he’s in charge – only as far as she lets him be, it seems.

      1. She’s hot, so is Draper’s new wife, and a bunch of the women he’s dated. The whole show is full of hot.

      2. But the same doesn’t go for the men. Draper bestrides the world, a sexual Colussus. Sterling stands small but sexy in his shadow. It’s then a long drop off in quality.

  20. For John’s spank bank…


    1. The horse costume is appropriate.

    2. Sarcasmic, you are at least posting pictures of women now rather than transvestites. That is an improvement.

      1. You were born in the wrong era.

        1. All libertarians were.

          1. I consider John to be more of a conservative than a libertarian.

            My point was that he would have been more at home in an age where, how shall I put this, standards for attractiveness were different than they are now.

            1. I am only conservative in that I am not a self loathing Rothbardite. My views on blue laws and the law in general are anything but conservative.

              1. LOL, besides myself, I’ve met several Rothbardians, and not one of them could be characterized as self-loathing. To the contrary they are all full of la joie de vivre.

            2. John, from where I’m sitting you definitely come across as more of a Bircher than a Lib. Not a consistently party-line Bircher, but still a Bircher.

              I say this without malice. Also, I’ll be the first to admit that I fail many Lib purity tests.

    3. Cupid on the right is cute. I don’t think I’d bother engaging in old-timey fisticuffs for any of the others.

    4. Wow, women were ugly as sin back then. I mean, I realize they’re British, but this goes beyond that.

      1. Taschen has a collection of vintage porn and, by and large, the stars (male and female) are dead ordinary, because oddly not many people were attracted to this line of work. Nonetheless, the punters paid good money for images of tiny-chested women titty-fucking, etc. And of course I paid good money for the book…

        1. most of the female stars of the 70s and 80s were no great shakes either. Not sure if it was the fashion/hair choices, or just a strong ug factor for the type of women who went into porn back then.

          1. most of the female stars of the 70s and 80s were no great shakes either . . . just a strong ug factor for the type of women who went into porn back then.

            I feel the same. For me, it’s that they didn’t shave down there. For me, for certain activities, that’s an absolute deal-breaker.

            1. Staight boys are so squeamish.

    5. I can’t get into vintage burlesque. I just keep thinking how rarely those women would have bathed.

      Even with pin-up photos from the 40’s I sometimes find myself thinking, “She would have been hot. Too bad she probably didn’t shower every day.”

      1. People has running water and showered in the 1940s. The brush your teeth and bath public health push started and finished in the 19th Century. Victorians were maniacs about cleanliness and quack medicine.

        1. I don’t know, man.

          40’s era fiction still has ubiquitous references to “the weekly bath”.

          And people definitely did not wash their hair every day.

          The plumbing might have been there, but I’m not sure if people used it like we do.

          60 years from now, people will probably think we all showered twice a day and used every possible kind of hair product and body spray. “They had access to all this stuff at CVS.” The trend is to more and more anal personal hygiene. Pretty soon we’ll be like Japan, and we’ll all wear masks.

          1. Funny you mention that. Just the other day my mother, who grew up in the 40s, commented on how “we only bathed once a week back then”.

            1. Sarcasmic, what do you think the over/under is on total body hair shaving / removal being standard personal hygiene in the next 30 years?

              It’s funny to think of someone from the 40’s seeing what women do now and saying, “You wax your WHAT?”

              1. total body hair shaving / removal being standard personal hygiene

                I thought it was.

          2. Maybe so. I thought the whole “Japanese wear masks” thing was a myth. But I was in Europe last winter and saw tons of Japanese tourists wearing them. I would say the majority of Japanese tourists I saw were wearing them. It was the weirdest thing.

            1. Japanese wear masks if they’re sick or during allergy season (The govt chopped down all the natural growth forest and planted cedar (sugi) and now all the Japanese are allergic to sugi) Also, they often wear masks in cold weather to prevent the nasal drip from breathing in the cold air. They esp. do this while riding their bikes in the cold, and Japanese do A LOT of bike riding…

          3. And people definitely did not wash their hair every day.

            people do that?


            1. Yeah. It’s a pain but I look greasy as fuck if I don’t.

              1. Stop washing your hair and there’s a career in German porn awaiting you

              2. It’s a pain but I look greasy as fuck if I don’t.

                There’s a period of perfection from about 2days after washing my hair to about day 7 afterwards. Before that period, it’s too fluffy, and after it’s too greasy. But man, during, it’s Just Right.

                1. I wash my hair daily, but only Groom n’ Clean (for that classic Mad Men look) can control the bushiness.

            2. Even back in the 60s women would go to the salon every week for their shampoo and style– you know, the beehive and shit. Once a week washing with hair sprayed into a helmet. I’m Asian, and have dry, coarse hair, so I wash my hair every five days or so unless I’m sailing or fishing a lot–then I have to wash it. white people tend to have greasy thin hair, so they wash it more often…

              1. i’m going to attribute some mongolian infusion to the hungarian part of my whiteness.

        2. Even if the 50’s, a girl’s excuse for not going out on a date might be “Sorry, I have to wash my hair that night.”

          Honey, if you make appointments to wash your hair days in advance, thank you for turning my request down.

      2. I can’t get into vintage burlesque. I just keep thinking how rarely those women would have bathed.

        That’s what I’ve always thought too. Whenever I see some 1890s social gathering depicted in a movie or on TV, my first thought is, “I bet it STANK in that room.”

        1. Hey, it didn’t stink half as much as Capitol Hill does now.

        2. they had cigars to cover the scent, and there was always lots of liquor on hand if the cigar-stench wasn’t enough.

          1. And awesome mustaches.

            1. the smell-retardent properties of handlebar mustaches are woefully under appreciated.

        3. “The miracle at Philadelphia was that nobody passed out from the smell.”

        4. Yeah, but everything stank back then. I suppose you’d get used to it. And then die of some infection. Sanitation and hygiene are pretty great.

      3. Holy hell, has anyone been anywhere in the public in the last week? Most people NOW don’t bathe and wash their hair daily. Next time you’re out and about, take a random look at the greasy, bed head hair. A lot of people don’t even bother changing out of their pajamas. They just get up and show up. The general public is disgusting.

        1. No kidding. The whole “Axe body spray” thing is a substitute for taking a shower, people.

          1. I prefer a good dowsing of Febreze.

        2. I think on average the public is WAY more self-absorbed with their appearance than say a couple decades ago, especially men. I’m constantly amazed at all the primping, preening teenage boys I see walking around these day.

    6. Is it just me or are women’s faces actually prettier now than they were then?

  21. Newt Gingrich threatens to keep running.

    Gingrich is the only thing keeping Santorum from losing in the general election.

  22. Re-engineering humans to combat climate change

    1. Simpsons did it.

      1. So did Ron Bailey in a big giant article a few days ago.

        1. Ron “Aye Carrumba” Bailey.

    2. “bioethicist”

      I stopped reading there.

    3. Engineer humans to photosynthesize. I’ll take my Nobel Prize now, TIA.

      1. But then, a century from now oxygen would be classified as a pollutant by the EPA. Hmm…

  23. “What Do Men Think of Boudoir Photos?”

    I’m interested in hearing opinions from all of the DW dudes. Today, I somehow found myself in a random discussion with two male friends about their opinion of professional boudoir photographs. Mainly, if they were in a long term relationship with a woman, would they like to be surprised by a spread of professional, tasteful boudoir and/or nude photos of their lady?

    The younger (and single) male said, “No way! Why would you want pictures of territory you’ve already explored? That’s like getting a postcard of a city you’ve traveled extensively a hundred times. Boring!”

    The older (and committed) male said, “I’d be happy. It would take a lot of courage for her to do that and obviously she is trying to please me.”

    1. Why spend money at Glamor Shots when a nekkid cell phone pic works a treat?

      1. hardcopy is best…to pin the old lady to the dartboard in the mancave.

      2. Well, it will be a nice memory years later when those parts are no longer as photogenic.

  24. These morning links are interesting and stuff, but where do they tell me how early Kansas will choke, if any Big East teams will make it past the Sweet Sixteen, or which mid-major is most likely to make a run?

    1. Worried about something?

    2. As a Memphis State grad, do not talk to me about Kansas being a bunch of chokers.

      I still have bad dreams of free throw after free throw clanging off the rim.

    3. Ha. Except for one year when I picked the Final Four, the thing I’ve been most accurate about is the timing of Kansas’ exit.

  25. They don’t say what the line was. I never heard of Cousin Bang, either.


  26. The Harvard Business School alumni provided a set of recommendations for policy makers. They are familiar ones to those who follow policy debates — including simplifying the tax code, reforming immigration policies, investing in infrastructure, and strengthening the use of cost-benefit analysis in the regulatory system.

    Those are all highly radical ideas on Capitol Hill. How the fuck is electing go-along-to-get-along moderates going to bring any of that about?

  27. Barone: Pundits gasp as economy dents Obama’s poll numbers

    Obama’s February uptick and March downtick in the polls will probably not be the last fluctuation we will see in his political standing.

    Opinion about Mitt Romney, who at this writing seems virtually certain to be the Republican nominee, could fluctuate even more. Events could shift opinion too.

    But some fundamentals are unlikely to change. Voters’ focus is on economic issues, and on these most oppose the president’s policies. His media cheerleaders who thought his February numbers meant the election was over were fooling themselves.

  28. What’s up with Iran?

    This story has it all: lack of budgets, austerity, a snide president, and BLACK MAGIC!!!

  29. Canada is passing a new bill, , the Safe Streets and Communities Act (C-10), and it includes  a mandatory 6-month prison term for possession of six marijuana plants
    I guess the prison industrial complex has a new market 

    1. Will there be dog shooting?

  30. The Washington Post gives Ron Paul the two-paragraphy-story treatment.

    The MSM is going all Emperor Palpatine on Paul now: “Everything is going as I have foreseen.”

    1. The one thing you can say about most major media sources is that they do not like libertarianism. That’s true from the right and from the left.

  31. “She said she first experimented with women during her rebellious teenaged years, when she moved from England to the United States.”


    1. Damn… It’s been what, 10 years since that show was on?

      And I’d still hit it.

      1. Me too. She still hits well above her over 40 mom weight class.

    2. I’ll be watching X-Files in my bunk.

    3. She is still super hot. Yeah, I know this is filtered and photoshopped to death, but I can see by that.

      1. But did those experiments involve an anal probe?

        1. And will the results be published in a peer-reviewed journal?

          1. Are the letters to Penthouse peer-reviewed?

            1. Are the letters to Penthouse peer-reviewed?

              If by “peer” you mean “Karl as a teenager” and if by “reviewed” you mean “heavily masturbated to,” then yes, Penthouse Letters are very thoroughly peer-reviewed.

      2. Photoshop has kind of become a scourge. The SI swimsuit pictures are so photoshopped the women look like borgs. Since when did a woman having a freckle on her arm make her unattractive?

        1. spotless and hairless below the neck.

          1. At some point it is a little creepy. It doesn’t look real.

        2. I was watching Jeopardy! last night and apparently the term to describe this now is PHOBAR.

          1. PHOBAR

            What I would name my Pho place if I had one.

            1. There’s a Pho King in Alexandria, VA. but it’s not any good beyond the name. But I laugh every single time.

              1. My local place (in Rose Hill) is Pho Kim. They got me hooked on the Vietnamese iced coffee, the bastards!

                1. They got me hooked on the Vietnamese iced coffee

                  I had to face the fact that i had a problem with there were multiple rings of dried sweetened-condensed-milk all over my fridge.

                  1. “I had to face the fact that i had a problem with there were multiple rings of dried sweetened-condensed-milk all over my fridge.”

                    I can quit any time I want. I just don’t want to.

            2. My hypothetical Pho place is Pho King Yum

              1. Kristen, you get to be the head of marketing when I get the kitchen.

    4. Gillian Anderson went to City High School here in Grand Rapids. My wife kinda knew her – more in a ‘friend of a friend’ way.

      And on a side note, I once stood in William Shatner’s parking space. That’s my brush with fame.

      1. It’s not too late for your wife to try to reconnect for a three-way.

      2. Had a friend who nearly ran over Dick Clark in Malibu parking lot in the late ’90s. Apparently, Dick’s deal with the Devil not only kept him looking young, but surprisingly agile.

      3. I once stood in William Shatner’s parking space.

        Where no man, has, gone, before.

        1. Ha! +1

      4. “I touched the Shat. I felt the gift.”

      5. And on a side note, I once stood in William Shatner’s parking space. That’s my brush with fame.

        They filmed an episode of The A-Team behind my house one day when I was a teenager living in LA. I got to meet George Peppard. Very friendly guy. That was my very first brush with fame.

        1. I’m seething with jealousy!!

          1. I worked at Dulles International when I was 17. While there, I got to chat with Hulk Hogan and I got to escort Peggy Lee from her plane to her limo outside ‘A’ Terminal. I knew she was famous, but I was just a kid. When I got home that night and told my parents, they geeked out bigtime.

            1. Is the Hulkster as cool as I imagine?

              1. Is the Hulkster as cool as I imagine?

                He was actually very reserved. Quite polite without being particularly friendly. And a big motherfucker, too.

            2. Hulk Schmulk…Dirk Benedict was my first ever girlhood crush!

              1. Dirk Benedict was my first ever girlhood crush!

                I saw him that day, along with Murdoch and B.A., but I only got to meet Hannibal.

            3. The only brush with fame I have worth mentioning is greeting and escorting Buzz Aldrin up in the elevator, for a meeting. I still get a high from that memory.

              I’ve been in Mitch McConnell’s bedroom too, multiple times, but that’s another story.

              1. The only brush with fame I have worth mentioning is greeting and escorting Buzz Aldrin up in the elevator, for a meeting. I still get a high from that memory.

                An astronaut being escorted up an elevator . . . is it a bit of overreach to see irony in that?

                1. You never know. He could just start stealing shit off of desks.

      6. “I touched the Shat. I felt the gift.”

        How did it change your life?

      7. it was a studio tour that I went on when visiting L.A. – oh, way back in ’84. Back when my brother wanted to become the next George Lucas, so we took a family trip to visit UCLA.

        Anyway – Burbank Studio. About the only think I remember was seeing the T.J. Hooker bar set, a bit of a Duke’s of Hazzard being filmed, and the special plaque that William Shatner got for his parking space.

        1. I’m one step removed from the Shat, because I met Iman a while back. I saw him in person many years ago at the only convention I ever attended (he and Nimoy were on together), but that was from waaay in the back.

  32. How did we get here? The firm changed the way it thought about leadership. Leadership used to be about ideas, setting an example and doing the right thing. Today, if you make enough money for the firm (and are not currently an ax murderer) you will be promoted into a position of influence.

    American Psycho was passed over for promotion?

  33. Jew Pond traded for a name to be decided later.

    1. So Nigger Lake was already taken?

      1. Bill Maher’s Progressive code word for that is “Kenyan.”

      2. You betcha!

        1. Rick Perry named half of Texas Nigger. Wow. This comment was one little island of incredible stupid.

          1. Who’re you callin’ stupid, city boy?

    2. “if people are offended by the name I don’t see why we shouldn’t change it”

      I agree. Who uses the term “pond” in the 21st century?

      1. People who know that there’s a difference between a lake and a pond.

    3. Just as well; those people in New Hampshire are real amateurs at Jew Pond-making anyway.

    4. As a NH resident, when the hell are we going to change the name of the White Mountains????

      1. Probably right around the time someone starts complaining about the Black Hills.

  34. Gun control and government health care = great society.

    Syria is the perfect example of why giving up guns is suicide.

    1. I thought gun control meant using both hands?

      1. Winner.

        1. Winner.

          Wow! Really?! A bumper-sticker slogan is all it takes to win these things now? Come on!

      2. more like hitting your target.

    2. The Shopper Source with hard hitting political opinion pieces. Who would have thought such a thing?

    1. It will be even better in three years.

    2. That’s July 22 everywhere else. Unless your country has the 14th month: Smapril.

      1. We don’t bow to your metric ways of doing things, nor your rational approximation of an irrational number.

        1. Well, it’s better than the crappy 2 decimal place approximation we get today. Maybe if we were on metric time, it would be easier.

      2. I have to deal with enough people from other countries enough that I have taken to always writing the month out to avoid ambiguous dates. I actually forget which order it is normal to put it when I have to use numbers.

        1. I still use mildates: 14 MAR 12. People look at it funny sometimes. I do it mainly because I can’t remember the numbers for the months.

          1. When I’m feeling really dickish I’ll write out the whole military DTG.

  35. Exploding hog farms!


    1. When pigs fly…

    2. Automatic Bacon.

    3. I feel sad for the pigs 🙁

    4. Yet more proof of how agriCULTure kills…

  36. Anti-gun crusade in a town near you?

    Super Villain “Hero” Soros is the champion of freedom, by taking away your guns!

  37. More correlation = causation. Is CO2 making you fat?

    1. I would read that, but I’m worried I would forget how to wipe my ass.

      1. I LOL’ed at this…

    2. I saw that this morning, and I fear to click because I know it’s some climate change bullshit.

      1. Trust your feelings, young anon.

    3. It’s definitely not making me fat.

    4. Wait, we’ll be shorter and fatter? Is this some sort of viral marketing for the Hobbit?

  38. Worried about combating gender-specific terms in your writing? Worry no more! There’s an app for that.

    In a column about Rick Santorum, I had used the word “spokesman.” The proofreader flagged it: “Gender specific expression. Consider replacing with ‘speaker,’ ‘representative’ or ‘advocate.'” Hmm. How would that work? The sentence read, “A spokesman said ‘there is little daylight between Ryan and Gingrich on Medicare.'” None of the suggested words would accurately convey who was talking. Every one would have changed the meaning and confused the reader.

    1. Just replace -man with -person. How hard is that?

      1. If you know the sex of the person being referred to, you should prefer a sex-specific term.

        “Joe Blow, the spokesman for Mayor Shinn, said ….”

        1. I’ve noticed a near-universal trend for police departments to scare up their least-ugly female, and trot her out for any kind of PR work.

          Could be a spokesbabe, or a spokeshag, I suppose, depending.

          1. Rush has been saying newsbabe for ages.

      2. it’s not hard, it’s just stupid. And if the person was a man, calling him a person just makes it sounds clunky.

      3. How do you know it’s a person Tony?

        Fucking speciest…

      4. Why replace anything? Go with what works.

    2. Who.

  39. In the 1690s Scotland attempted to set up a colony in what is now Panama. The region selected remains mostly uninhabited due to its inhospitability.

    A quarter of the wealth of the country was invested in the scheme, which failed, obviously. The economy of Scotland, which was already doing poorly, was then in such bad straits that Scotland decided union with England was the only path forward.

    But how is the Darien Scheme different from a Krugnuts wetdream such as the huge outpouring of money he discussed for the threat of an alien invasion he hoped for? Wouldn’t he be delighted at the prospect of spending a quarter of the nation’s worth on something?

    1. Alien invasion?

    2. So that is how they became cheapskates!

  40. Intel wants to introduce Internet TV. No, not something like WebTV, but streaming TV through the internet. Good luck getting ISPs to increase bandwidth and upgrade their infrastructures to support this.

    1. increase bandwidth? just use the bit they already waste on broadcast tv.

      though, netflix works just fine without that extra bandwidth.

      so, ummm, yeah, way to “introduce” something.

      1. well, most people have DLS or cable for their internet. So, getting rid of the broadcast TV waves would do little or nothing. They have to run new lines and upgrade their servers to support faster speeds and also stop giving us measly 150-250GBs per month.

        1. We know you meant DSL.

          1. yeah.

            It stands for “Disturbingly Slow Line”.

        2. I wasn’t talking about over the air broadcast, but rather the portion of my cable/dsl/fios line dedicated to carrying TV content.

          1. I getcha now. It probably would help, but they still need to upgrade their systems. And that still doesn’t help DSL (Drastic Suckage Line).

            1. i dont see why. the tv portion of the line is already handling HD-level content. Just let me pick the source of the stream. ta-da?

    2. I’d hold my breath waiting for a la carte programming from a cable/sat provider, but I’m not ready to die yet. I’d pay a $20 base fee plus $3/month for whatever non-premium channels I wanted. Here’s to wishing.

  41. Gun quiz!

    I did not do so well on this one… 5 out of 10.

    1. i’d try it but I hate the way CS Monitor does its quizzes. In a moment of madness I did the 96 question US citizenship test reproduced on it. That turned into around an hour of madness because of the crappy quiz design. BTW I got 94 right – and I.m not American. Goddamn I’m great.

    2. Site is painfully slow.

  42. Jeebus, that Orszag editorial was terrible.

  43. Geithner aide joins Goldman Sachs.

    I guess GS could use a PR guy right now.

  44. Wow, Pat Boone is featured in a “Bill Nelson Hates Old People” ad on the sidebar. I am definitely outside of the ad demographic.

    1. Side bar ads ought to be restricted to Snorg Tees ads only.

      1. And the Palmer Cash redhead.

  45. Peter Orszag: “If business leaders want better economic policy, they need to first help elect more moderates libertarians to Congress.”

    FIFY, Petey!

    1. Orszag should be arrested for dealing in weapons grade stupid.

  46. Ron Paul just keeps going and going. The Texas representative is making good on his claims of staying in the race and collecting delegates despite the fact that he has not won a single contest yet.

    They keep saying that even after he won the popular vote in the Virgin Islands.

    1. Virgin Islands is not a state.

      1. And it won’t be if it keeps voting for Ron Paul.

      2. But virginity is.

      3. Note that they said contest.

        1. It is implied that the contest be in a state.

      4. But it was a contest.

  47. I’m shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you!

    CBO: Obamacare to cost $1.76 trillion over 10 yrs

    President Obama’s national health care law will cost $1.76 trillion over a decade, according to a new projection released today by the Congressional Budget Office, rather than the $940 billion forecast when it was signed into law.


    1. and more:

    2. I tried to tell you all that we needed to pass the bill to see what was in it, but you didn’t want to listen.

    3. Go fuck yourself with a cattle prod, CBO. You should have told the truth and stood up for what was right when it really mattered.

      1. Key word: “Congressional”

    4. But…..but…..BENDING THE COST CURVE!!!11!

  48. Would it be better or worse for the contested convention scenario if Gingrich withdrew right now?

    No Gingrich lets Santorum win more states.

    1. No Gingrich might cause Santorum to win the whole thing.

      1. I still want the conservative establishment to explain how a former Senator who voted FOR the Medicare drug bill and No Child and the obscenity of DHS – not to mention its evil spawn, the TSA – and numerous hikes in the debt ceiling is a conservative.

        At this point, all I have is he hates guys and is not Mormon. If Ricky’s a fiscal conservative, I’m a 21-year old black woman.


          I’m a 21-year old black woman.

          How you doin’?

        2. He opposes killing unborn children and supports killing Muslims.

          What other criteria is there for being a conservative?

          1. there used to be this thing called small govt but conservatives only bring that up when Dems are in the majority.

            1. Conservatives may talk small government, but it’s only talk.

              They won’t to cut anything that will result in someone losing their job or their check (gotta show compassion), and since any cut will do exactly that, nothing will be cut.

              That’s why libertarians are evil people.
              Libertarians, if in power (which will never happen since as a general rule libertarians do not desire power so they don’t seek it and if you don’t seek it you will never attain it), would cut government even if it meant millions of government workers losing their jobs and millions of others no longer receiving a check.

        3. A lot of people (liberals and conservatives) seem to think that conservative consists of enthusiasm for war, not liking gay people and being anti-abortion.

    2. It’s early enough that if Gingirch endorsed Santorum, their combined votes/delegates would be plenty to beat Romney, who still only has ~500 delegates in the most favorable tally. We’re getting closer to the tipping point in the other direction though. I’d love to see more 30/30/30 splits.

      1. if you do the electoral math thus far, their combined delegate total is still less than Romney’s.

        1. That’s only because Romney has won more states, and gotten extra delegates because of that. A combined Santorum/Gingrich vote would be greater than his amount, and the bonus delegates would start going the other way.

      2. A Santorum win guarantees Obama is reelected in November after the disaster surrounding the birthcontrol issue and Santorum’s anti-sex stance.

        1. Santorum is probably easier for Obama to beat thant Romney, because Santorum can fire up the Dem base more.

          And that’s Obama’s entire plan for getting re-elected: fire up the Dem base, and hope the economy doesn’t cost him too many independents.

          1. I think you way over estimate the Democratic base. They will get fired up and convince themselves that the nominee is an evil monster no matter who he is.

            1. Tough to say for sure. How revved up can you get about a guy who inspired your Glorious Leader’s Crown Jewel? They can always go with the evil business angle of course.

  49. So this kid is like 35 and has Gold Man Sacks all figured out. Whiney little bitch!

    1. Who needs to give a shit about actual results and working for clients when your sugar daddies in the Federal Reserve are giving you billions upon billions in free cash?

      The Washington-Wall Street axis of evil is the greatest threat to our economic well being ever.

    2. Tyler Cowan just pointed out that Real question is whether the guy has an economic understanding of why Goldman’s culture has shifted, not obvious that he does…”. True dat. Two pages of butt-hurt over how it’s-not-me-it’s-you break-up bullshit

  50. Not a single mention of Ron Paul on NPR this morning. But they also made the switch to emphasizing delegates today to talk up Romney. Bastards.

    It’s also Steak and BJ Day. You’re welcome.

    1. Good news. I have two NY Strips lined up for dinner tonight, so I’m halfway there!

  51. http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=50163

    Highway bill worth billions to Soros and Pickens.

    1. The gun makers must love Obama.

  52. http://www.politico.com/blogs/…..17387.html

    David Axlerod bails on Bill Maher. Meanwhile, Limbaugh is taking in new advertisers and telling the ones who left they can’t come back. Who would have ever thought that Rush Limbaugh calling Susan Fluke a slut would ruin Bill Maher’s career?

    1. the advertising pullout was stupid. You buy an audience, not necessarily the host or the theme of the show.

      1. We keep hearing that the difference between Limbaugh and Maher is that Limbaugh is powerful enough to scare Republicans away from criticizing him, whereas Maher doesn’t have that power. In other words, there’s no political blowback (we’re told) for Democrats who denounce Maher.

        But their own argument hurts the Democrats, because it suggests that the can safely criticize Maher’s sexism but simply don’t want to.

  53. This is the Obama dick-lickers in the medias’ idea of scrutinizing his job performace: showing us his NCAA tournament bracket.

    Hey vermin, gas is about to go over $4, the economy is in the toilet, and the country is going bankrupt. Normal Americans don’t give a crap who this asshole likes in the tournament.

    1. ESPN pisses me off. They hire Charles “American Idiot” Pierce to write columns for them. And they kiss Obama’s ass at every opportunity. It is just nauseating.

      1. CBS was doing the same thing yesterday during the first of the First Four games. They were kissing his behind so much it made me sick.

    2. So, Obama’s an expert on college basketball now too? In addition to all the other things he’s an “expert” in? Like constitutional law, alternative engergy, capital investment, the automotive industry…

  54. Please, for the love of Lucifer, keep running, Newt! Brokered convention FTW!

  55. David v. Goliath (or Hobbitt v. Big People)-Hobbitt pub in England says it will have to stop it’s LOTR theme after warnings from Hollywood copyright owners:


    1. Oops, I misspelled Hobbit, better go into the Witless Protection Program.

    2. “it’s” is wrong too Eddie. Looks like you’ll have to live the rest of your life like a schnook

    3. And the IP monster continues to eat our culture.

      1. I can’t think of a better way to stoke anti-American sentiment than for a company in Hollywood, CA to come down on an English country pub, as if the Americans are trying to be Saruman in the Scouring of the Shire.

        1. And don’t forget it was an English author. Tolkien is dead. Those works should be in the public domain. Their continued copyright does nothing but serve a narrow interest at everyone else’s expense.

          1. If they cared about public relations, they’d simply license the pub, ask them to make a token (Tolkien) donation to the do-gooder work of the Tolkien Foundation, and everyone would win.

            Why do I doubt this will happen? But I’m willing to be surprised.

            1. License the use of LOTR stuff by the pub, not license the pub itself, you know what I mean.

            2. Public relations? We don’t need no steenking public relations.

              You’ll buy our crap, and like it, on penalty of 20years prison and/or $500k fine.

        2. Well, Hollywood could have English citizens who broke no English laws extradited to the U.S. for copyright violations.

    4. Those filthy tricksy hobbitses.

    5. http://www.myhobbitcafe.com/
      Lawyers have a lot of letters to write then…

  56. Strip club saves Little League in LA. Note the culprit — the school district who owns the diamond doubled rent and banned concessions.

    1. At first I thought the school district owned the strip club.

      “Could I have a table dance from Misty?”

      “No, Bertha has seniority.”

      1. *applause*

        1. I thought everyone had heard that joke already. But I’ll be happy to steal the credit.

          1. talent borrows, genius steals

      2. In the LA School District, they’d probably have 12 year olds up on the tables.

    2. Heart Of Gold Strippers ftw.

      1. Turns out all of the weekday day shift girls have sons in the league.

    3. I guess Chico’s Bail Bonds had a previous commitment.

    4. The traditional baseball fare of grilled hot dogs and hamburgers have also been banned at league games, the Los Angeles Times reported.


      God forbid they engage in capitalism to defray costs.

  57. Rollercoasters are the ultimate aphrodisiac. Cue The Ohio Players… or RHCP. Whichever you prefer.

  58. So, is there a consensus on Right to Repair laws? For example:


    While it would be great to get some competition in there to lower prices isn’t it the absolute right of the manufacturer to distribute tools and codes to whoever they see fit?

    1. I frequently go back and forth on this; it comes down to how you feel about patents & copyrights.

      1. Also, in this particular instance, it would put dealership services out of business at the cost of the auto manufacturer, thus significantly increasing the cost of repair.

        The aftermarket has done fine so far; I don’t see a need to fix something that ain’t broke.

        1. People claiming “that’s not fair” is what usually gets my back up. That being said, competition is good.

          1. Thing is, individuals can already purchase the same exact information systems. They’re just really expensive.

  59. Books are a tool of the agricultural city-statists. We need to burn them all and anyone who disagrees with me is a Nazi.

  60. Peter Orszag: But the first thing they should do is get involved in good old-fashioned electoral politics to boost the number of moderates in Congress.

    That right there is the difference between free-market capitalism and the corporate fascism we have right now.

    “When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators.” And this POS thinks the best advice he can give business is “Shop early for best selection.”

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