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Reason Writers Around the Internet: Peter Suderman Talks Mitt Romney, Game Change, Political Consulting, and Video Games on Bloggingheads


Why is Mit Romney so robotic? And why are his policy proposals so hollow? Are consultants now the primary force in American politics? Have video games like Mass Effect 3 displaced novels and movies in pop culture? Business Insider Politics Editor Michael Brendan Dougherty and Reason Associate Editor Peter Suderman discuss these questions and more on Bloggingheads:

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  1. United States Virgin Islands Republican caucuses, 2012
    Candidate Votes Percentage Unbound Delegates Delegates
    Ron Paul 112[3] 29.2% 1 1
    Mitt Romney 101 26.3% 6 7
    Rick Santorum 23 6.0% 0 0
    Newt Gingrich 18 4.7% 0 0
    Uncommitted 130 33.9% 2 1
    Unprojected delegates:[4] 0 0
    Total: 384 100% 9 9

    1. Have the Paulians set the date for this cycle’s RP wake?

      1. If the bisexual Paulians ever hip to this site we’re done for…

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    3. Once was enough.

  2. I dunno if I would use Mass Effect 3 as a prime example of video games displacing novels and movies; its endings are terribad.

    Then again, if Twilight is any indication…

    1. Knights of the Old Republic should count as a great example, though its graphics have not aged well.

  3. McCoy: [talking about Norman] There’s something wrong about a man who never smiles, and whose conversation never varies from the routine of the job, and who won’t talk about his background.
    Spock: I see.
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  4. How does this Bloggingheads thing fund itself? I have absolutely no interest to listen to a full hour of two guys talking to each other, and I know few people who would.

    1. I have no interest in looking at that thing on Dougherty’s face for an hour. Did some consultant tell him that was a good idea?

    2. I dunno, I’d pay a good bit of money to hear some of Hayek and Keynes’ conversations.

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