Obama Warns That Republicans Will Re-Break the Economy, John Bolton Talks Iran, Mitt Romney Tries to Love Grits: P.M. Links


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  1. Yeah, um, boom times.

    1. Yeah dude. This ridiculously long and deep dip is a good thing to claim credit for.

      1. You know what’s amazing? Unemployment now is nearly two points higher than Obama said it would be without the stimulus plan.

        1. he is counting on people being unable to understand the difference between correlation and causation.

          1. Not the worst bet I’ve heard of.

            1. This is like the worst chat room ever.

    2. Media is filled with “glass half full” stories.

    3. Five more years of this and we’ll be back to the Bush era employment levels.

      So clearly Obama is going to need a third term.

      1. Ezra’s Constitutional Convention will allow that.

      2. If the Euro fails or the China housing bubble pops, expect the last three years to look like a golden age of peace and prosperity.

        1. Hell, 2001-2008 is looking like a golden age of peace and prosperity compared to right now.

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      1. I’m a cuntslutwhorecocksuckertrannie who doesn’t know how to close her legs. I’m advertising for fagdykes who swing both ways on the unlikely promise that I’ll get paid for posting this crap.

    5. They should finish the title on obummers quote, “the economy’s coming back….to what it was when FDR kept the great depression alive”

  2. http://www.forbes.com/sites/af…..rivatives/

    ISDA says Greece in default. I wouldn’t get ahead of myself on this whole imminent economic recovery thing.

    1. Here’s a more technical article, which I don’t pretend to understand, but I do note the conspicuous absence of the word “default”, and I have no idea if the “auction will be held in respect of outstanding CDS transactions on March 19” means the CDS’s will pay out.


      1. Could someone explain to me, in 900 characters or less, why a collapse of the Greek economy would even get us out of bed in the morning?

        1. Aren’t they the main supplier of Santorum?

        2. Domino effect?

          1. First domino falls. Great minds like Bernanke call it contagion.

  3. What is there to like or dislike about grits? They’re tasteless.

    1. It is what you put on them. It is like white rice.

      1. So you should make the grits float in soy sauce?

        1. You could.

    2. I don’t think I’ve ever had grits. Isn’t it basically like Farina?

      1. It’s polenta.

        1. Now you hit us with all of your fancy Italian names.

          1. It’s one of the great mysteries of the world that polenta is haute cuisine and grits are for rednecks.

            1. Image man Image. And grits are not for rednecks if it is served in a hip, new South regional food restaurant.

              1. Dont be fooled John, most of the patrons in fancy, hip, new south, regional food restaurants are two generations out from under a pine stump, at best. They are still rednecks. They just keep their shotguns in the closet instead of the back window of their pick-ups.

            2. Polenta is a peasant food in Italy is well. Only upscale in the US because it’s foreign.

              Though there are places that serve upscale Southern food, like Vidalia in DC or the Magnolia Grill in Durham, or other places.

              1. True and true.

            3. Violin is for for the elite the fiddle is for country yokels.

              1. I despise grits.

                1. I despise despisers of grits.

                  1. I despise despisers of grits despisers.

        2. Polenta is (generally) more finely ground and cooked for longer.

          Grits have taste.

          1. Pretty danged close, and there are variations on grits and polenta that are not really distinguishable.

            1. Yeah, there are variations on grits that are indistinguishable from the average polenta, and vice versa.

              The median grits are a little bit coarser and cooked more quickly than the median polenta.

              1. I like both quite a bit. I grew up eating those bad-for-you Southern breakfasts–eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, sausage gravy, grits, etc.

                1. Let the sausage gravy thicken, roll it in a pancake, delicious served as a cr?pe.

                  1. I recommend pineapple syrup and whipping cream as a topper.

            2. Are we really having this much of a forensic discussion on grits? I preferred the linguistic takedown on “slut”.

              1. Damn it! It’s a code word. Like ‘Canadian’ when in DC.

          2. Polenta has taste after you pan fry it in olive oil and salt it. Before…no.

          3. Polenta == Eurogrits

          4. If you make it like my mom does, pan fried in ham grease and then boiled with black coffee, grits will definitely have taste.

            1. Damn son. I’m on this.

      2. Wow. I always knew there was something wrong with you. And what the fuck is Farina?

        1. Farina, John.

          You do realize that no one serves grits outside the south, right? I would actually like to try them, because I like to try everything, but have never had the opportunity.

          1. I know you can’t get good grits outside the south. But I would think you could get some grits. Surely some hipster in Seattle has started a fake soul food joint.

            And yeah, it is a bit like Farina. But it really is Polenta. Pro is right.

            1. There’s good grits at several places in Seattle thanks to people who have moved there.

            2. What the fuck?

              I make good grits. Hell, I make really good grits. You just need to start with nice fresh corn and not be afraid to cook with lye. (Although some heathens use oil or fatback)

              And while it takes a loooooong fucking time, it’s a delight when done right.

              1. As an addendum, I just want everyone here to know that I have nothing against fatback. As a matter of fact, I fucking love me some fatback. It’s just that grits need to go in lye. That’s what ends up making the hominy all white.

                1. Technically, isn’t it not hominy if lye isn’t involved? Not all grits are hominy; you’re saying that the only good grits are hominy grits.

                  Also, fatback is delicious.

                  1. you’re saying that the only good grits are hominy grits.

                    I’m actually saying that the only grits, period, are hominy grits. If someone tells you otherwise, ask them how their Yankees are looking this year. They’ll fucking know.

                    1. Well, they’ll have the offense to compete, but I don’t know about the rotation….wait a minute!

            3. what the fuck is Farina?

              Cream of Wheat.

              1. That’s what I was thinking. Not grits or polenta.

            4. One of the enduring curiosities of the military: the Army serves grits worldwide. I don’t care where the fuck you are on planet earth, if you are getting a hot breakfast that’s not a t-rat tray, grits are on the menu.

              1. It’s easy to transport, store, and cook in bulk.

          2. There are plenty of places in Seattle that serve grits. I’ve been to some.

            Silver Fork in Mt. Baker, also a ton of Cajun and Creole places like Toulouse Petit, etc.

            1. Mt Baker may be technically within the Seattle city limits, but I sure as hell am not driving out there for some Farina.

              Now, Toulouse Petit…that’s close. I may have to try it.

              1. I thought you only ate out at Delfino’s or Kylies, Epi.

                1. I’ll get you for that, dude.

                  1. Haha! DPDSHPWNAGE!!!

              2. I only know Mt. Baker because I take the light rail from the airport when visiting my girlfriend, and one of the stops is Mt. Baker.

                Toulouse Petit falls more into the category of “fancy New South regional food restaurant.”

                Silver Fork is an example of the “cheap diner that happens to be Southern and thus has grits.” Probably more authentic of the typical grits eating experience.

                The Kingfish Cafe is another soul food place, that one’s in Capitol Hill.

                1. I tried The Kingfish Cafe when visiting. That place was delicious. I cannot confirm an availability of grits.

                  1. Their website has grits on the menu. Haven’t been there, just heard about it.

          3. Epi, see my recipe below.

          4. Salt and butter the fuck out of them.

            I’d estimate that about 95% of the salt I use at the table on an annual basis is put on grits. Mix that shit with some scrambled cheese eggs and you’re golden.

        2. Farina is like grits only more yellow lookin.

          1. Then I guess I have had “grits” before.

            1. it’s all the same shit.

        3. The only Farina I’ve ever had is Dennis Farina. IN MY DREAMS.

        4. Farina is what fags call cream of wheat, John.

          1. I like Cream of Wheat. SUE ME

    3. They’re tasteless.

      Add cheese and hot sauce. Enjoy.

      BTW, I make great grits and I’m at the 45th parallel north.

    4. Lots of butter and salt….then put an easy over egg in them, mash it all up. sprinkle with sharp cheddar.

      It is pretty good.

      1. No sugar, by the way. That’s an abomination on grits and on polenta.

        1. Grits. Suck.

          1. Nope, they blow.

          2. grits are the food of the gods. Try ’em at your nearby Waffle House, where they’re slow-cooked…

            1. Dude – no. I get hashbrowns at Teh Wafful Haus.

              Grits. SUCK.

              1. Your opinion on all matters has been discounted accordingly. Thank you.

                1. All I hear is “blah blah blah blah I’m a dirty whore”

                  1. The Case Against Almanian:

                    * Dislikes grits
                    * Likes Cream of Wheat
                    * Eats at the Waffle House

                    Really, why trash your credibility so publicly?

                    1. It’s all a ruse to gain cred with….nah, I got nothin’…

                    2. Go have some grits. Not at the Waffle House.

                    3. As a born and raised Alabaman, I have to say the waffle house is good for a lot of things, but grits ain’t one. Wallpaper paste maybe.

                2. Your opinion on all matters has been discounted accordingly. Thank you.


        2. Pro L, you could have just said, “Don’t be like Nelson Rockefeller.”

      2. Lots of butter and salt is right. Unless you’re eating cheese grits. Then it’s an entirely different process. You gradually add in the finely-shredded cheddar (mild or medium is probably best for grits) while still in the pot.

        I just thought of something: I wonder how cheese grits would be with pepper jack?

        1. you can get more or less the same effect if you mix grits with some spicy sausage. A bit of added texture, too.

          1. mix grits with some spicy sausage

            Ew – seriously? So gross….

            *I’m picturing a Latin Lover having sex with my mind’s-eye image of rectal*


            1. that’s the wonder of grits – they can mix with anything: scrambled or over easy eggs, crumbled up bacon, ham bits, whatever. It can approach a sexual experience, but your description is why we can’t have nice things. Thanks. Dammit. Kills the breakfast for dinner option.

              1. Love breakfast for dinner.

                1. Mmmm…Brinner, far better than Dinnfast.

            2. I would never have sex with rectal. Unless my wife said it was okay, and her ass really is as nice as she claims.

              Come on! The bitch is off the charts crazy. She is bound to be an exceptional fuck if she’s not a spine breaking heffer.

              1. I’d play with your wife, and no you couldn’t watch. Not that I’m a lesbian but a woman who is married to a libertarian needs to know what an orgasm really is.

                – Naturally, I’m not responsible when she dumps your fat ass

                1. My wife would eat your sorry ass alive. There’s a reason she is with me. I can handle her. Most of the species can’t.

                  1. I have no doubt she would; as I would do for her
                    -mutual honey

                    BTW, bring us our breakfast in bed

                    1. You see, it’s crazy shit like that I have no doubt she would; as I would do for her
                      -mutual honey

                      BTW, bring us our breakfast in bed that makes me consider the possibility that you might be fuckable.

                  2. Your wife would eat her ass?

                    Eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww. You gots a naaaaasty woman.

                    1. Ever see Naked Lunch, Sloopy? Remember the insectoid creature that was fucking and eating the Arab boy alive? That’s my wife except not as attractive.

              2. Come on! The bitch is off the charts crazy. She is bound to be an exceptional fuck if she’s not a spine breaking heffer.

                The operative word there being “if.”

            3. One of my favorite restaurants has a creamy grits appetizer with venison sausage and wild mushrooms. Yum.

              1. Sounds good. My wife and I used to eat at a Cajun restaurant that served some sort of shrimp and grits meal that was great, and we’d also get fried grit cakes with a tasso sauce–delicious.

      3. Goddammit Suthenboy, you just made me really hungry.

    5. That was like reading two dozen comments between Ray Charles and Andrea Bocelli.

      Polenta — yellow
      Grits — white

      1. Not necessarily.

      2. Grits can be yellow (or have yellow flecks) if they both have some of the husk and aren’t hominy (no lye).

    6. They are a vehicle for tasty and delicious butter and/or cheese.

    7. shrimp and grits= delicious

  4. http://www.theatlantic.com/nat…..ca/254118/

    The Atlantic explains how to be a bum.

    1. Jason?

    2. If you are going to be a bum,this is the kind to be. Nothing offensive about the way he chose to live. The Atlantic commenters strike me as exceptionally stupid sheeple today but perhaps this is typical,I rarely go there so I don’t know.

  5. Obama: this imminent economic rebound thing happened on my watch, you’re welcome.

    Didn’t unemployment go up in February?

    1. Nevermind. I remember now that was Gallup, which since it was worse set of numbers we’re going with the 8.3 percent figure.

  6. If I though the GOP were capable of Grand Strategy, I would say that they are trying to throw the 2012 election.

    The economy is going for shit and looks to be in the dumpster for the next several years. There is nothing any pol can do to prevent it.

    So, lose in 2012, let Team Blue wear the mess for the next 4 years, use the 2014 and 2016 elections to get control of Congress and the White House.

    But I don’t beleive the GOP could think their way through a tic-tac-toe game.

    1. No way are they that smart. But honestly, I think you are right. The really big crack up is coming. It would serve the Kenyon Jesus right to take the fall for it.

      1. Kenyon Jesus? Isn’t he a tailback for the Ducks?

        1. I thought he was the 4 man for the New Jersey Nets.

          1. phenom shortstop from the Dominican in the Dodgers chain. And it’s Hay-soos’.

            1. Speaking of names, I’m in the middle of a bet with a friend of mine that Yu Darvish will end up with the nickname “The Whirling Darvish” or some-such variation by the end of the season. Any Rangers fans out there? Can you guys help me make this a reality?

              And in case anyone is interested, Banjos and I are taking a trip next weekend to PHX. I’ll be at some spring training games from Thurs-Sat, in case anyone is interested in getting drunk at a baseball game.

  7. Obama Warns That Republicans Will Re-Break the Economy

    I mentioned this in another thread. I think this election is going to be about who can convince voters that the other guy will wreck things even more. Neither Romney nor Obama has anything positive to brag about.

  8. Church defaults differ from residential foreclosures. Most of the loans in question are not 30-year mortgages but rather commercial loans that typically mature after just five years when the full balance becomes due immediately.

    Its common practice for banks to refinance such loans when they come due. But banks have become increasingly reluctant to do that because of pressure from regulators to clean up their balance sheets, said Rolfs.

    Time for the Obama Administration to swoop in and save the day.

    Any second now.

    Swoop in.

    Save the day.

    1. How come no one has said, “If your church is underwater, you shoulda built an ark!”

      1. They were waiting on you, I guess.

    2. We’re guaranteed a bailout. God is too big to fail.

    3. And interfere with the business of a religious institution? Perish the thought!

  9. The U.S. and Afghanistan have agreed on terms of prisoner transfers from the former country to the latter.

    Transfer prisoner control, right? I think the prisoners are and will remain in Afghanistan.

    1. CORRECTION: We’ve just been informed by a Taco Bell representative that the Dorito shell taco’s shell is in fact made from the same stuff as Doritos chips.

  10. Look. Everyone knows that there is only on story today that has any real significance. Pat Robertson has decided that he wants god to bring ruin to the country in the form of tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, and possibly rock and roll music.


    Why pretend anything else matters?

      1. i hate you.

        i hate you so much.

  11. The incident has divided the Orthodox faithful. Vsevolod Chaplin, a spokesman for the Orthodox Church, said the pair should be “punished severely” but suggested a prison sentence would be too severe. A group of several thousand believers has written a letter to Patriarch Kirill calling for him to show mercy.

    Punished severely? I guess if they don’t have the state to act as their merciless god, the Orthodox Church will do.

  12. It’s almost baseball season, and the Texas Rangers have decided to stop showing at their stadium the classic Nolan Ryan vs. Robin Ventura beatdown out of respect for Ventura who is now the manager of the Chicago White Sox.

    1. Nolan’s fist was never the same after what Robin’s face did to it

    2. Seriously? That’s a pussy move on their part.

      I wonder if Ozzie Guillen will start showing it at Marlins games for the lulz.

  13. “radical feminist” punk band Pussy Riot face serious jail time.

    Ah – THIS must be that “war on wimmins” my ex-friend was telling me about.

    Wait, no…he said it was happening in the US. Hmmm – OK, back to I am confuse.

    1. Pussy Riot

      Heh heh heh heh heh

  14. Being punk in other countries is much punker than being punk in the West: Putin-dissing Russian “radical feminist” punk band Pussy Riot face serious jail time.

    In your face The Soviettes and The Devotchkas!

    1. Got to admit, Pussy Riot is a great band name. Do they live up to it musicwise though?

      1. I thought OWS was a Pussy Riot.

        1. +1 from here to eternity.

      2. Speaking of Pussy Riots, I wonder what Sandra Fluke and her friends are getting up to this weekend.

        1. But why would lesbians need condoms?

          1. For the men they prey upon to assert their superiority. You know, by raping men.

          2. They use them when it rains at their slutwalks.

            1. And condom balloon fights during pajama parties.

  15. I am watching “Gettysburg” on Teh Histoire Channel.


    1. The Nazis win when Rommel’s tanks crush Lee’s fortifications. Close call until the tanks come in, though.

      1. You BASTARD!

        I thought Beowulf held them off. Ah well

        1. Yeah but the South did fight with such determination. Did the Confederacy give up after the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? NO! Because nothing is ever over!

        2. Mel Gibson trots around on a horse in front of the Confederate army and yells, ‘the South will rise again!’
          Not understanding his accent they hear, ‘fuck this, let’s make home still gin!’ Upon which they turn around with whoops of ‘fuck yeah!’

          1. And so the first true bourbon was born.

            1. Isn’t that the one where Matthew Jessica makes Dewayne Wayne cry?

      2. Wait, I think I saw this before. Is this the one where Rommel ended up being a ghost the entire time?

        1. No, silly, that was Antietam.

          1. Ultimately, though, it was the crushing defeat at the Battle of Serenity Valley that doomed the Confederacy.

            1. Fucking Boer bastards.

    2. Boat sinks, everybody dies.

      Oh, wait, that’s Titanic. Sorry. I got nothin’.

      1. Dude, I never even saw the movie and know that is wrong. Women and children, remember?

        1. History says that, but the blue-skinned terminators Cameron added finished the survivors off.

          Hell, I dunno, I haven’t seen it either.

          1. Really? I always thought it was one of those shitty movies that does well, anyway. I had no idea it involved terminators.

    3. Shaka, when the walls fell

      1. Best episode of Star Wars: Obi-Wan’s Adventures.

      2. I learn SO MUCH when I come to Reason! Thanks!

        1. Now if only you’d learn to love grits.

      3. Shaka, when the walls fell

        Pro Lib and Epi eating pizza.

        1. That’s a paradox.

          1. No, this is.

              1. I thought this was.

                  1. Could it be this?

    4. Lincoln makes contact with aliens

      1. As seen in the movie Confederates & Aliens

  16. My brother, a civil engineer, tells me that the drilling companies have told his company they wont be needing them anymore. No more surveys, No more power lines etc.
    They specifically cited Obama and his EPA as the reason. No more drilling.

    Economic recovery- my ass. The numbers they are giving us are faked. There is no construction, real estate sales, and now no drilling. P&G has been working half-time, The tank-car manufacturer is laying off, Two IP plants within a hundred miles have shut down…..
    All that is locally. I dont know what things are like where y’all are but they are shit here.

    1. Oh boy – that’s some bad-sounding intell from your brother.

      Yeah, economy is still spooky from a bidnessman perspective. I don’t know who’s buying our fucking cars, but they are and we keep making money, so I’m whistling past the graveyard for now. We makin monies, so….s’all good.

      But oil companies backing off drilling? That’s fundamental shit…not good.

    2. That sucks, dude. We’re stacking new hires in here until they won’t fit. Plans are in the works for a new 150 acre campus to put us all in one place.

    3. Things are getting better here every day. Why, we had a guy tell us at the gym the other night that Obama has saved us from the Bush wars, had resurrected the destroyed economy and was forcing companies to take care of their employees, which they wouldn’t have done otherwise.

      Yesiree, it’s salad days out here in the central valley.*

      *Except, of course, it sucks pretty bad out here. Unemployment is literally twice the national average and the only people who feel safe are public employees…and people like me that do well in bad economies anyway.

      1. I drove I-5 a couple of weeks ago and it looks the worst I have ever seen it. They need to turn the water back on stat. Fuck the delta smelt.

    4. get used to it..it’s going to be the narrative as the cheerleading for Obama starts in earnest. No matter that the number of actual jobs is now lower than when he took office; no matter that fewer people are counted because bennies ran out or they took part-time work; no matter that a lot folks took whatever job they could find for less than they made before.

      I’ll just say it again – these dubious results are no accident. Everything this man does is designed to lead to a single outcome – increased govt dependence. When you starve Social Security but call it a “tax cut”, is your intention something other than driving a program over the cliff? When you rob medicare to pay for Obamacare, is your intention something other than driving the other big program over a cliff?

    5. Not sure you (or your brother) are getting the whole story here – a lot of our competitors are losing work from The Industry (as we called it in Houston) because the EPA and FERC are becoming increasingly anal about rejecting applications because of typos, formatting issues, etc. There aren’t any higher environmental standards, but they are raising the barriers to entry.


    1. Too curvy for sarcasmic, but this picture is just gorgeous:


      1. WOW! Steamin hot.

        Oh, thanks, for the Fred Armison pic immediately below the hottie….stupid newspaper!

      2. We had this yesterday

          1. Clearly she’s the Bailey Quarters of “Mad Men”

      3. First picture: damn.

        Second picture: Holy Mother of..Whoa!

        Third picture: Bravo!

        Fourth picture: Fred Armisen? I can’t get jiggy to this shit!

      1. That’s a real nice photo.

  18. The links are dull, and the discussion on grits is equally silly; interesting reading:

    Targeting and Bondage ? –Blog Series #3 Biological Wiring Or Trusting men


  19. They’re telling me on Le Channel Histoire that Lincoln is a great Man? and Team Blue was fighting for a cause that was Just and Right?, while Team Grey are Devil Spawn and must be stopped from hurting teh brown peepul and kittehs and teh ‘murcan Way?.

    Given Reason’s post asking what libberfibbergibbertardians “should think” about The War of Northern Missteps That Only Ended When The South Was Overcome By Team Blue’s Superior Assets and Industrial Base, discuss….

    1. Oh, Lincoln was great if you measure things by influence. He took the first stumbling baby steps down the road we’re all traveling. Good? Not so much.

      1. We can take the imperfections.

    2. Everybody on Team Blue were so happy about the war that in New York they had riots to get drafted

      1. That made me blow a little snot bubble

    3. They’re telling me on Le Channel Histoire that Lincoln is a great Man? and Team Blue was fighting for a cause that was Just and Right?, while Team Grey are Devil Spawn and must be stopped from hurting teh brown peepul and kittehs and teh ‘murcan Way?.

      That’s a pretty accurate synopsis, even with Lincoln’s imperfections.

  20. A sandy vagina talking about what’s interesting and what’s not – now I’ll buy THAT for a dollar!


  22. Pussy Riot huh? Cool sounding name. Sounds like it would be alot of fun too…except….been to a few, and the next day you feel like you rode 100 miles in the back of a cement truck.


    Alternating current wins.

    1. My car’s electrical system and my watch beg to differ with you…

  24. Ruh roh – Pickett’s Charge. This NEVER gets better no matter how many times they try it….


  25. Fuckin’ dude took a direct hit from a cannonball!



    2. He’d look good with DeNiro re-enacting that baseball-bat scene from “The Untouchables”

    3. What the fuck was that?!?

      All we really need to know, is it legal to shoot it?

      1. I think it means Bigfoot is gay. NTTIATWT

        1. /rant

          OK, this is a perfect place to clear this fucking shit up. It’s supposed to be NTTAWWT, which is short for: Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That.

          Fuck all this NTTIAWWT or the even worse NTTIATWT, which makes no fucking sense at all. I don’t even know what that fucking means, goddammit.

          Anyway, I hope this clears up all of the stupidity out there. Carry on.

          /end rant


    4. He was once deemed one of People magazine’s sexiest men alive

      Was that in the April 1st edition?

  26. Lots of butter and salt….then put an easy over egg in them, mash it all up. sprinkle with sharp cheddar.

    Dump in dog dish, go to Cracker Barrel for french toast.

    And they all lived happily ever after.

    except the dog.

    1. . . . go to Cracker Barrel for french toast.

      That is so gross.

      Grits with eggs FTW, you tasteless fuck!

  27. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/si…..15452.html

    I like how they mention the guy is a former navy seal, like that makes his opinions matter more.

    1. Jesse Ventura refers to himself as a former Navy Seal three times an interview

      /at least

    2. I wonder how much money a Seal’s soul is worth. Guess I could ask the Democrats who recruited the guy what they paid for it.

      1. Guess I could ask the Democrats who recruited the guy what they paid for it.

        Or Heidi Klum.

  28. My car’s electrical system

    Why do they call it an ALTERNATOR, then?


    1. Why do you need a DC to AC INVERTER to run your computer from the cigarette lighter? Huh? HUH?? WHAT??? I CAN’T HEAR YOU??!!!

      1. Oh, sorry – just had the stereo up too loud. Can hear you fine now, PB

  29. Don’t forget John Sedgewick, and the greatest last words ever handed down to posterity.

    Don’t worry, boys. They couldn’t hit an elephant at this distance.

    1. Is he the Union guy that was snipered by a rebel?

      1. Yep. Highest ranking Union casualty of the war.


    Tim Tebow to be traded after The Broncos sign Peyton Manning.

    Where will he land?

    1. Manning will visit with the Dolphins as one of three or four teams he’ll talk to before he decides where he will continue his apparent Hall of Fame career.

      Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/201…..rylink=cpy

    2. Makes since if he is considering John Fox the kind of coach he would like to work under. Odd stat, Fox is the second most winning regular season coach that is currently active.

  31. 90lb Chelsea Garrett’s punched her in the chest with a Taser and ‘Taser tasered’ three times (once after she was handcuffed).
    The Stow Police “Use of Force Committee,” which is made up of three Stow police officers, reviewed the incident, and ruled that the officers’ use of the Taser was within department guidelines.

    I maintain the punching, and ‘Taser tasering’ a woman in diabetic shock was and attempt to win the Tricorder X PRIZE

  32. Is there a way to view comments with the nested ones collapsed, if you know what I mean?

    1. There should be a blue triangle that next to the “1 reply” stuff that will bring down the responses for that comment.

  33. 2 Demtards who signed the NDAA along with an overwhelming majority of Congress sponsor a bill to repeal the indefinite detention clause therein. You know, because they care about our civil rights.

    Perhaps accounting for that would have been a better idea BEFORE you voted to pass the law.

    And fuck this 900 character limit with a broadhead.

    1. And fuck this 900 character limit with a broadhead.

      When was that implemented?

      1. The past couple of weeks or so. It appears to be a weak attempt at staving off White Indian (which isn’t working).

        1. Obviously.

          He’s like the common cold: shake one off, only to get another.

      2. Also this:

        Even if the Republicans stomp on OUR rights, this President does no [sic] what he can and cannot do.

        Stomp on rights we don’t think are important!

        1. Exactly. These rights are so important and fundamental to the American project that WE FUCKING VOTED TO PASS THE BILL IN THE FIRST PLACE.

          This is no more than an attempt to regain progressive street cred just in time for voting season.

          1. If progressivism were a boat there’d be a lot of flotsam floating in concentric rings about it to tell you what now-burdensome thing was jettisoned recently.

  34. Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton reacts to rumors that Iran is cleaning up evidence of nuclear tests

    Fuck me, this whole Iran frenzy is getting so 2002-3. You’d think they’d have thought of a new script.

    “they’ve been caught yet again”??

    Caught with more pre-staged rhetoric? Absence of evidence? A potential *nuclear* holocaust?

    Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran (don’t talk about the economy or the deficit!) Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Or how horrible our current wars went! Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran FUCK!!! Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran “we’re *restraining* Israel!” (not creating the very situation to encourage the threat as much as possible) Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran …

    1. There’s a documentary called Iranium that lays a pretty good case that Iran is guilty.

    2. i especially love how he explains in detail how they only suspect iran was working on a “trigger mechanism” which means they were detonating spherical arrangements of perfectly ordinary high explosives.

      so apparently the study of blast kinematics is banned under the NPT too. because, y’know, shaped charges are totally useless in conventional weapon systems. i guess that leaves AKs and RPGs oh wait scratch that last one.

  35. I will add that John Bolton’s “office in Space” backdrop in the video was pretty fucked up.

  36. How Rick Santorum got a $2M VA estate…


    Spoiler: Santorum is involved with Creamcup Trust. Seriously, you can’t make this shit up.


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