Solar Storms Not So Bad, Ayatollah Khamenei Praises Obama's Attempts to Avoid War with Iran, The FBI Spied on Christopher Hitchens: P.M. Links


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  1. Fist!

    1. This is like the worst chat room ever.

      1. You want to know what would make it the best chatroom ever?

        Conversing about the Reason Hit & Run Superpimp March Madness Tourney Pick-Em.

        It’s all set up. Alls you gotta do is go to the link.
        The password is: reason.

        Even a retard can fill out a bracket. And I’ve got it set up for each of you to fill out 2…for free!

        So come one, come all! It’s another reason for us to further isolate ourselves from the outside world.

        1. Even a retard can fill out a bracket

          Oh. That leaves me out. Darn it!

          Does the above qualify as whoring? Discuss.

          1. It does not count as whoring because it’s not a blog. Rather it’s an interactive game where people talk shit to each other, and enjoy the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

        2. This retard couldn’t do it because he didn’t realize the teams aren’t selected yet.

  2. Bibi is an asshole who thinks Obama is stupid enough to use for his ground war in Iran. He will have to hope for Romney instead. This is not 2003.

    1. Yeah, but this being an election year the Prez is especially vulnerable to the temptation of acting like MacArhtur. And I don’t mean leaving the cake out in the rain…

      1. Oh, no!

    2. Refueling planes and bunker busters. In return for delaying attack until post-election.…..he-electio

      1. That is probably the case. Obama is such a lying sack of shit. What a fucking turd. He is going to lie to the country to try and get re-elected and then get us in a war as soon as he possibly can.

        1. I hope Iran obliterates those fucking Jew-fags.

          1. They say anti-Semetism is socialism for stupid people. So it makes sense that you are an anti-Semite Shrike. Most leftists are.

            1. Most leftists are.

              [face palm]

              1. I said leftist, not American leftists. If you count leftists world wide including Europe, most leftists are anti-Semitic. The European left is almost entirely anti-Semitic.

                Sorry NM, a lot of your fellow travelers have flees.

                1. have flees

                  [face palm]

                  NM home of the flea, land of the plague.

                  1. If you don’t like the facts, you can always talk about the spelling.

                    I am not a liberal you are. Therefore I don’t have to defend or apologize for those people.

                2. John’s world where some = most.

                  1. I will give you credit NM. You will at least admit that some leftist somewhere is capable of fault. That puts you above MNG. And probably will get you kicked out of the tribe.

                    1. I can’t get kicked out of the tribe as I am not a leftist.

                  2. And I don’t see anyone on the Right ranting about the Jews and Israel and the evil corporations and bankers.

                    1. And I don’t see anyone on the Right ranting about the Jews and Israel and the evil corporations and bankers.

                      [face palm]

                      Yeah. Never happens. Ever.

                      Now the Zionist plot for world government, that’s different.

                    2. “And I don’t see anyone on the Right ranting about the Jews and Israel and the evil corporations and bankers.

                      Hmmm, never heard of someone named Pat Buchanan? Or the various right wing conspiracy theorists. Back in the nineties this was fairly common fodder for extreme right as well as the populist right, like Bucky.

            2. As much of a psychopath as Shrieking Idiot truly is, I don’t believe it was really him who posted this.

              1. Good point Mike.

              2. I heart the Jews for their outsized contributions to science and art.

                Mahler over Wagner.

                1. “Wagner is better than he sounds.”

                2. Has to be a shrike spoof. The real one would never be so kind.

        2. I will give Obama the credit he deserves. Letting Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney play stalking horse for his war with Iran is smart. They will beat the drums for war, he’ll call for restraint and keep saying “all options are on the table” (including bombing Tehran into rubble), then after November, it’s game on.

        3. Obama is such a lying sack of shit. What a fucking turd.

          Tell us what you really think, John, but for a change, try to say something you’ve never said before. Fun, no?

          1. Why rearrange the deck chairs, Fascinating?

        4. Bush lied, Obama lies, Romney, if elected, will lie. What else is new? On a related note, I’m wondering which presidents were the most dishonest, top ten

        5. And now it’s time for another game of partisan hackey sack with GOP shillster, John.

          1. Swing a dead cat, Sherm… you’ll hit one.

      2. The tankers—and the unspoken allowance for a strike to overfly Iraq—are the important things here. Israel’s easily capable of making their own hard target capable bombs.

        Wonder if Netanyahu had a representative ask the same concession from Romney?

        1. I bet so. It almost sounds too plausible to be true.

        2. According to Wiki the IAF has 4 Boeing 707s that make up their in-air refueling fleet. I don’t see why they’d even need our help with that.

          1. Because 707s are fucking old. Also 4 is not very many. My guess is they’d need more than that. Especially if the other countries they’d have to overfly on their way to Iran shoot some down (most of them aren’t exactly friendly afterall).

          2. Looks like Israel should buy some new fucking refueling planes. They can use all that money we shovel over to them.

            1. I’m sure Mcdonnell-Douglas, or whatever they’re calling themselves now, would love to sell them some KC-10s

              I can’t see 4 IAF KC-135s refueling an entire strike package, even if you give buddy packs to all of the F-15s.

              Given previous comments here about the Saudis not being happy about a Shiite nuke, wonder if they’d allow free passage for the Israelis? Or refueling at any of the myriad airfields they have?

              1. Saudi has already said (something like 12-18 months ago) they’d look the other way.

                And McDonnell-Douglas is part of those Boeing assholes.

  3. podium!

  4. BC government turns down $40 million.

    The Finance Minister keeps going on about fiscal restraint, yet turns down an easy $40 million for no reason other than sentimentality.

    Why the government is even in the stadium business in the first place is beyond me.

    1. popularity

  5. Nothing even mildly apocalyptic has happened in spite of today’s big old solar storm.

    My peter burned a little more than usual when I urinated today. But I was putting out a campfire at the time so admittedly…

    1. The skanky, possibly infected hos Epi says you’ve been fucking might have something to do with that burning sensation …

      1. But not account for the single, solar storm day increase in burning. LEARN TO READ.

        1. So, my not commenting on the solar storm thing is what gets your dander up, not the fucking skanky hos thing? 🙂

    2. Oddly enough, I noticed my foreskin retracts normally again while pissing today. Thanks solar storm!

      1. And I promise, solar storm, no more metal accessories down there to make it look bigger.

    3. Interestingly, the Federal Reserve has a point of view on Solar Storms and susnpots (I know, right?)…so maybe the true apocalypse is a trade waiting to happen 😉

  6. Fire and Ice

    # 11
    on top 500 Poems

    User Rating:

    8.8 /10
    (644 votes)

    – vote – 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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    Some say the world will end in fire,
    Some say in ice.
    From what I’ve tasted of desire
    I hold with those who favor fire.
    But if it had to perish twice,
    I think I know enough of hate
    To say that for destruction ice
    Is also great
    And would suffice.

    Robert Frost

    1. Two armageddons diverged in a wood and I
      I chose the zombie outbreak because, frankly, it was way cooler than either ice or fire
      And that has made all the … braaaains!

      1. I concur.


    2. Fire and Ice was a kickass movie.

      1. Ya, but it couldn’t hold a candle to Scorcher VI.…..tion-hero/

        1. Hear we go again… again.

    3. Good old Frosty.

  7. “We heard two days ago that the US president said that (they) are not thinking about war with Iran,” the Iranian leader was quoted as saying. “These words are good words and an exit from delusion.”

    “What the President said is unimportant, and we do not hear his words.”

    1. “he can kiss my Persian ass”

  8. As long as we’re discussing secular humanists, the Freedom from Religion Foundation has released an open letter to liberal Catholics calling on them to leave the Church:

    “Obama has compromised, but the Church never budges, instead launching a vengeful modern-day Inquisition. Look at its continuing directives to parish priests to use their pulpits every Sunday to lobby you against Obama’s policy, the Church’s announcement of a major anti-contraception media campaign ? using your tithes, contributions and donations ? to defeat *Obama’s laudable health care policy*.” [emphasis added]…..ic-church/

    1. Don’t leave your religion because we want you to believe the truth. Leave your religion because it is attacking our prophet Obama.

      Serious atheists should be ashamed of those people.

        1. Good. That is just pathetic.

      1. And they wonder why some people call them “militant”.

          1. Everyone else has to actually be violent to be called militant. We atheists get the label merely by making an unapologetic counter argument.

            While being an unrepentant dick about it, too.

            1. Ahh, did someone make you question your rediculous, contradictory beliefs?

              (kinda like that? Don’t be such a pussy. There ain’t nothing militant about that.)

            2. “Ahh, did someone make you question your rediculous, contradictory beliefs”

              No, someone made me question their ability to use a dictionary

              “mil?i?tant? ?[mil-i-tuhnt] Show IPA
              vigorously active and aggressive, especially in support of a cause: militant reformers.
              engaged in warfare; fighting.”

              MILITANT Atheists who think that violence is required to be militant are idiots.

              1. And saying or typing something slightly dickish is “vigorously active and aggressive”? Or was it the releasing of an open letter which was “vigorously active and agressive”?

                It’s pretty obvious why you’re not sticking with a handle. You’d have defend idiotic statements like that. I’d imagine it’d end up being a full time job pretty quickly.

              2. Watch who you’re calling an idiot, comrade!

      2. Serious atheists should be ashamed of those people.

        I would if I felt I had any kinship or affinity to them. I don’t identify with those people any more than I do with Catholics who think contraception is a sin.

      3. Lord, yeah, Coeus is right, we are. Also feeling marginalized, othered by my own kind.

        1. There has been a lot of microaggression around this issue. 🙁

    2. instead launching a vengeful modern-day Inquisition

      Noone expects the Spanish Inquisition!

      Seriously though what planet are these fuckers from when speaking up for one of the tenets of your beliefs = murdering untold thousands? There’s no equilivancy there. Not even close. What a bunch of assclowns.

      1. 3000-5000 over the course of 140 years. Just saying. I don’t agree with anything anywhere but it isn’t really an untold number.

        1. I just said that because I didn’t have the actual number off the top of my head and was too lazy to google it.

    3. What would you expect from an organization calliing itself “Freedom from Religion”? Such a goal can only come about by actively suppressing religion.

  9. Hmm. Ads seem to think I’m in the market for companionship — apparently of the paid variety. Russian cupid and I deny it strenuously. In a college town I have no need to pay more than the cost of several drinks for short term companionship.

    1. But that kind of short time companionship won’t give you the pleasure of taking half your stuff.

      You get what you pay for.

      1. Eww. Refreshing drew BBW Cupid. I blame the Morning Links for that.

        1. Ooh, Filipina and Latin American Cupid. These, I would click if I didn’t believe it was a giant scam (and know the average sanity level among such women to approaches zero).

          1. I knew a Filipina woman who was one of those MOBs — super hot looking, late 20s, married to a guy in his 60s who would leave her alone for weeks while he took off for the Mainland to “ride motorcycles”.

            I pointed out to her that motorcycles were prolly not what he was primarily riding there.

            She was, needless to say, looking for a chance to upgrade.

            1. Now for the money question: did she upgrade to you (assuming you’d actually be an upgrade, which I have no way of knowing)?

              1. I only ask because I’m married and therefore will probably never get a chance to bang a super hot 20 something Filipina, so I’m forced to live vicariously through others.

                1. You say that like being married prevents you from getting a GF or Mail Order Bride of your own.

                  1. Only because I take marital fidelity more seriously than Newt Gingrich does. Or maybe I’m just not as patriotic as he is, or I’m too lazy. Or both.

                    1. “Only because I take marital fidelity more seriouslyhaven’t yet found a hot 20-something Filipina who loves me enough to let me fuck her, and who I would prefer more than my current wife


              2. Of course I’m an upgrade. 🙂

                No, she didn’t upgrade to me.

    2. The ad I see is practically NSFW. Nice sponsors, H&R!

    3. I got ads for It’s kind of scary that it knows my taste in women like that. Though not as scary as if it had run ads for a website called

      1. Let’s Rule 34 that thing. I’ll bet with a ticket to vietnam, a DSLR camera, and $2500 cash we could get that up and making money in 3 weeks.

  10. Great moments in my boyfriend didn’t have to go into work today after all…

    Second day in a row, I would suspect, as he surely took off yesterday to see the statue unveiled.

  11. FL lawmakers 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one. The House is pretty much waiting on the Senate for the budget and redistricting, and apparently have too much time.

    “Two Florida state representatives got into a debate over the lyrics to Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” on the floor of the Florida House of Representatives Wednesday while discussing an amendment to the Florida Evidence Code regarding allowing certain types of hearsay as evidence:”

    1. That was a bit surreal.

  12. Jose Canseco has lost it on twitter.
    “Who is behind the conspiracy and the lies”
    “Why are they lieing (sic) does anyone have an idea”
    “Jealousy hatred and envy the American way”
    “All the haters bring it on you complete me”
    “Come on haters is that the best you got make my day”

    1. “Why don’t you haters jump into a mma ring with me and feel the pain”

      He’s on fire

      1. Clearly another Adonis warlock with tiger blood.

    2. Jose Canseco has lost it

      No need to go any further. Sounds like he’s back to doing the good shit.

  13. Heh. Porn Actress teacher draws no protesters. Probably because the fact that she wasn’t practicing on students is a new twist in the LA school district.

    1. Maybe the parents felt it was none of the school district’s goddamn business what kind of side job the teacher got to earn more money?

      Naaah, too libertarian for the statist hell that is CA.

    2. You gotta at least link to a picture:…..iffany-six

      1. Apparently an office worker at the school somehow stumbled onto one of the videos

        So. Was this person “stumbling” onto the video while at work in the school? It is ambiguous from the article (and I read elsewhere that it was some kids that “stumbled” across it, which actually makes more sense to me). But if this office worker was supposedly working while s/he “stumbled” across it, I have feelings about that.

        1. “I found them while looking for material on … uh… anatomy.”

          “You’re a Spanish teacher.”

          “Look over there!” (runs off)

        2. “Really, honey. I was just crossing the street and I stumbled onto that 22 year old Korean woman…over by that hotel.”

    3. Unless she was shooting a double anal scene in the science lab, I’m not sure what, if any problem anyone should have with this. Sure some intrepid, sexually awakening middle schooler might stumble across her work on the internet, but the question is, who has she harmed?

      Obvious answer: No one.

      1. I have mixed thoughts, in that while I agree that it shouldn’t affect her employment, it might be kind of hard for her to actually teach students who have seen her tape. At that point I would think the teacher/student dynamic is probably irrevocably gone. Maybe a transfer is the answer, I dunno.

        1. There probably isn’t a male in that class who hasn’t already ran those scenes in his head with every moderately attractive teacher in the school, video or not. Trust me on this.

        2. I think you are probably right. Which is a shame. If the person who first noticed it could have minded his own business, they wouldn’t have to worry about it at all.
          But teaching 8th graders with that information out is not going to go well.

          1. I think the appropriate, non-statist response would be to do something about it only if the tape prevented her from doing an effective job of teaching, rather than this knee-jerk preemptive bullshit.

  14. today’s big old solar storm

    Good practice for the cyberwarriors, though.

  15. Pat Robertson: It’s time to legalize pot and treat it like alcohol.…..t=1&f=1001

    1. Robertson told the Times. “I’ve never used marijuana and I don’t intend to, but it’s just one of those things that I think: This war on drugs just hasn’t succeeded.”

      Why limit it to MJ, Pat?

      1. Walk before you run.

  16. RAACIST!!


    Sibileus has no idea if Obamacare adds to the deficit.

    1. Oh, she knows. She just can’t politically tell the truth.

    2. Simply stated, we will not stand idly by as Republican senators publicly embarrass us.

  18. Hood had said the Governor’s Mansion trusties and about 165 others didn’t meet the requirements of the Mississippi Constitution, which says people seeking pardons must publish notices for 30 days in a newspaper.

    Hood contended that if ads weren’t run in daily papers every day for 30 days, or weekly newspapers once a week for five weeks, the pardons weren’t valid.

    Any respectable, living, breathing constitution is going to know that print journalism is dead at this point anyway, so why bother?

  19. Canada’s education woes.

    Mr. Watson nailed it. Our schools are run like a bunch of factories from the early industrial age. They have rigid work rules, negotiated for the benefit of management and labour (but not the parents or the kids). Seniority reigns, everyone has job security for life, and a distant, top-heavy bureaucracy decrees exactly what gets taught and how. Students of wildly varying talents proceed in lockstep down the assembly line until the system spits them out.

    1. One of the things that Dr. Philip Zimbardo addresses in this video is how we need to reform our outdated education system

    2. I’m confused. Are they describing Canada’s education system or ours?

      1. Canada’s.

        Not that there’s much difference, by the sounds of it.

  20. Carl Levin doesn’t “think” he would legislate to ban Rush Limbaugh from having a radio show. I guess that could be subject to think in the future.…..-silenced/

  21. The lights flickered at work today. Must be the solar storm.

    Or our marginally competent maintenance staff, or our piss-poor electrical system. Whichever.

  22. The FBI has released some of its files on the late Christopher Hitchens, including records indicating that he was the subject of a counterintelligence investigation in the 1980s.

    They just couldn’t have thrown a dying man a bone and released this before Hitch died? It would have pleased him immensely to have known this.

    1. I sure the file reads something like Hitchens got drunk and puked tonight. Followed by Hitchens woke up the next morning, got drunk and puked before lunch. And so forth.

      1. No, by all accounts, Hitchens could hold his licka.

    2. I’m not sure why anyone is surprised that the FBI had a file on Hitch.

      They keep tabs on people with far less controversial political beliefs than his.

  23. Gallup tracks unemployment as up for February: it was at 9.1 percent, compared to 8.6 in January.

    Gallup Schmallup, what do those idiots know about jobs?

    I am the greatest job creator in the history of mankind, and my evil minions, I mean the undisputed professionals in my outstanding government, will let you know shortly what the true official unemployment rate is without any fudging of the numbers whatsoever.

  24. They challenged his pardons? That’s a dead-end street. The pardon power is too inherent in the executive for the court to mess with it much. What were they alleging, some technical violation? If so, even more hopeless.

  25. 51% of Greek youth jobless.

    The average unemployment rate for 2011 jumped to 17.3% from 12.5% in the previous year, according to the figures, which are not adjusted for seasonal factors.

    Youth were particularly hit. For the first time on record, more people between 15-24 years were without a job than with one. Unemployment in that age group rose to 51.1%, twice as high as three years ago.

    1. Why can’t geeks find work?

      1. Who’s gonna hire ’em with the labor laws like they are?

  26. Nothing even mildly apocalyptic has happened in spite of today’s big old solar storm. Some planes were rerouted, though. And more storms might be a-rolling in in the years to come.

    That last part is making the Aboriginal Appropriator all tingly just thinking about it.

  27. Jose Canseco says:
    “If you love me I will love you back but haters need to be exterminated now who will help me”
    “Join my army to exterminate the haters its about time we stand up to them I will lead you”

  28. Gloria Allred wants county prosecutor to investigate Rush Limbaugh for his “slut” remark about Ms. Fluke.

    A Florida statute provides that it’s a misdemeanor to “falsely and maliciously imput[e]” to any woman “a want of chastity.” The statute makes no comparable provision for men (the Equal Rights Amendment is printed at the bottom of Ms. Allred’s letter).…..les/Allred Letter RE Rush Limbaugh.pdf

    1. Wow they really won’t let this one go will they?

      1. If they did that then people might start talking about the unemployment rate, or Iran, or the deficit, or the price of gas, or something else that actually matters. Can’t have that can we?

        1. Sex: Keeping adults from having important conversations on things that count for something since the Stone Age.

    2. A Florida statute provides that it’s a misdemeanor to “falsely and maliciously imput[e]” to any woman “a want of chastity.”

      Wow, I am glad I don’t live in Florida anymore.

      1. It’s cool. It’s falsely and maliciously. Pretty high standard.

      2. That would be an amusing trial. It could come down to determining whether or not she is in fact a slut if it must be done falsely and maliciously.

    3. “A Florida statute provides that it’s a misdemeanor to “falsely and maliciously imput[e]” to any woman “a want of chastity.””

      While “slut” may be unwarranted, is not a public statement by an unmarried woman that she has a use for birth control for non-medical reasons a tacit admittance of a “want of chastity”?

      1. in WA we used to have a similar law…

        “Defaming a woman”.

        lots of states have such outdated laws on the books. in MA we had “blaspheming the name of god” as a misdemeanor, too

    4. If Fluke isn’t a virgin how did he falsely impute a want of chastity?

    5. Of course if they did that then Fluke’s entire sexual history would be discoverable.

  29. The bitches are getting serious:…..rling.html

  30. Further proof that feminists can be offended by anything:…..billboard/

    1. They’d better take that down if they don’t want to get sued by that one guy.

      1. They should stick to their earlier, inoffensive ads, like “Christmas quality, Hanukkah pricing.”

    2. “…dehumanizes its subjects by suggesting that there is a material difference in value between an “escort” and a “hooker” and that this difference is directly linked to how society commodifies their labor.”

      And you are dehumanizing McDonald’s cooks when you suggest there is a difference between fast food and fine dining. They are human beings, you know!

    3. Back in the day there were things called Granny Dresses. Basically sacks that reached mid calf. They will stop the whistles.

      1. There’s also something called a burka…

        1. THAT’LL stop the whistles!

  31. In other news, chanting USA, USA is now apparently racist:…..index.html

  32. I thought this was interesting.…..8-13-11-19

    So, now both the left and the christfags want to legalize pot

    1. Wasn’t this on H&R yesterday?

  33. Fuck … take two


  34. So the best thing that can be said about Obama is that he might not start a war with Iran?

    1. Well, he doesn’t seem to have horns, cloven hooves and a tail.

      1. Come on, that would at least give him some Goth cred. As of now, he’s got nothin. Except maybe union cred, but punting on the Keystone pipeline seems to have hurt him there, too.

  35. Should Gingrich drop out?

    1. Yes

  36. Jobs? Jobs? Jobsity jobs? Gallup tracks unemployment as up for February: it was at 9.1 percent, compared to 8.6 in January.

    Gee, who could have ever predicted that jobless rates would rise after the Christmas season was over and retail establishments scaled back to normal employment numbers?

  37. Rush versus Rush…..ack_on.php

  38. the Canadian prog-rock legends are fed up with Limbaugh using their tracks as bumper music

  39. I may not be the smartest guy in the world. Hell, I may not be the smartest guy in the room. But I know a good thing when I see it. And The Reason Hit & Run Superpimp March Madness Pick-Em is a veeeeeeery good thing.

    It’s free. It has no rules. It’s anonymous (if you want it to be). And it’s run by somebody else so you don’t have to score shit.

    So, unless you’re a big fat pussy, you’ll click the link and enter the password: reason.

    And you’ll enter one bracket or two. Because that’s what people do this time of year, goddammit!

    1. Sloopy, gotta tell ya:
      College kids in squeaky shoes running back and forth accompanied by screaming comments from bulge-eyed, hyperventilating old farts who don’t seem to have a life?
      How do I set up a pool on whether red dries quicker than other paint colors, BAYBEE?!

  40. I’ll tell you ’bout Sandra Fluke,
    Man, does she love to fuck,
    The whole time she’s grinding,
    She’s not one whit minding,
    It’s all on the taxpayers’ buck.

    1. There once was a man from Nantucket/
      And I’ll bet he ‘knew’ Sandra Fluke…

    2. Who’s the guy who used to post really crappy limericks here…was it sarcasmic?

  41. Reasonoids going to the Houston rodeo next week?

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