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Ron Paul's Biggest Super Tuesday Success Came in a State He Never Visited


Vermont was the highlight* of Ron Paul's otherwise disappointing Super Tuesday.

He went from 6.6 percent of the vote and no delegates in 2008 to 25 percent of the vote and 4 delegates in 2012, a major improvement when you realize his official campaign did very little in the state other than run a smattering of radio and TV ads. From phone banking to voter identification to canvassing, the Paul operation in Vermont was run almost entirely by his supporters. Unlike Alaska, North Dakota, Idaho, and Virginia, Paul never set foot in the Green Mountain state yet still managed to improve his result more there than anywhere else.

This morning I received an email from one of the main Paul organizers in Vermont, Steven Howard, with this nugget:

We had three goals besides winning: 1) Keep Mitt below 50%.  Accomplished.  2) Get Ron Paul above the 20% threshold to get at least one delegate.  Accomplished.  3) Finish ahead of Rick Santorum.  Accomplished. 

To recap: Paul's biggest success on Super Tuesday came in a state that he never visited and that his campaign never formally organized in.

*Yes, I know Paul killed it in Virginia but that was an anomaly as the only other guy on the ballot was Mitt Romney.


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  1. Our politics up here are almost universally depressing. Hooray for the bright spot!

  2. Strange that 25% in Vermont gets Paul more delegates than 41% in Virginia.

    1. Paul would have gotten delegates in Va. if he had kept Mittens below 50%. I was hoping…

      1. If he had kept Mittens below 50%, Paul would’ve won the state himself.

        1. Yeah, I thought of that after I posted, unfortunately.

    2. It’s just because of the different rules for handing them out. If Virginia had been completely proportional, instead of winner take all by district, Paul would’ve gotten closer to 20 delegates. That’s probably why he didn’t make a huge effort in Virginia either. Not enough payoff where it counts.

  3. Ron Paul Revolution
    Bring us back
    The constitution!

  4. Great work Steven, I hope that someone like you gets into politics to pick up the torch of Liberty. While you, I, and others greatly admire Dr. Paul, it’s the ideas and not the man that matter most, and people like you will be our future leaders.

  5. It is striking how much better Paul is doing this time around than in 2008. Problem is, “better” in this case does not amount to “good enough.”

    The real question is whether this movement Paul has built over the last four years can survive his retirement.

  6. So the less people know about Ron Paul, the better he does. Makes sense. Imagine how all Paul’s racist, homphobic baggage would play if the tiresome old fuck were taken seriously by anybody outside dimwitted libertoid circles.

    1. Oh Max, you’re such a delightful little scamp.

    2. dimwitted

      Projecting again?

  7. Absentee ballot for Paul in the NEK. You are welcome.

    1. Not from Irasburg I hope – Santorum voting scum….

  8. The results in Vermont do not surprise me one bit. If fact I was thinking yesterday that if Paul had re-registered as a Democrat before the Primaries he would have gotten a lot higher percentage of the votes than he is as a Republican.

    The results in Vermont confirm this line of thinking

  9. Perhaps organizers in remaining states should contact Steven, Jessica and the other leaders in VT to find out what they did right.

  10. Paul has no fucking chance.

    1. Who the fuck ever thought he did?


    Here’s the AP results map.

  12. If only Dr Paul had dropped in on Vermont for just one day of campaigning. Would that have been enough to win over the state? We’ll never know. But we are aware that he spent a whole lot of time in New Hampshire, not to mention about 50 times the money. Yet he won a higher percentage of the vote in Vermont. Not to mention that in NH the party leaders didn’t endorse anyone, while the VT Establishment dragged old Governor Sununu across the river to give Mitt the official endorsement. Yeah, thanks for that BTW. Congratulations Vermonters, you’re few but you did a mighty job for liberty.

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