Super Tuesday Overrated But Candidate Eyes Are Still on the Ohio Prize, Obama Says GOP Candidates Too "Casual" With Their Iran Talk, G-8 Summit Moved to Camp David: P.M. Links


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  1. Also, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney are neck-in-neck for something Gallup calls “Positive Intensity.”


    1. Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparklemotion

      1. Nice Darko reference.

    2. “Positive Intensity” sounds like a brand of lube, and if so they should see if they can get a paid endorsement from Santorum.

      “Hi, I’m Rick Santorum and I only use Positive Intensity brand lube. It keeps the mixture extra frothy.”

  2. AK-47 Flash drive. This will surely get your kids arrested and kicked out of school.
    Employers in Texas pay for employees’ handgun licenses. The real tragedy is that you need a licenses to own something the Constitution says you can own.

    1. It looks like you nutratweeted the link.

      1. for some reason, it’s not working for me to put in the code. I even included the “” around the urls.

        1. If I copy and paste from word, it don’t like it.

          1. Use Wordpad or Notepad (included with Windows up through at least XP). They’re too dumb to try to “fix” your text by reformatting it without your permission.

            1. I noticed it actually changes the type of ” to a more italicized looking version. That’s what happened.

              1. You can turn off “Smart Quotes” in Word and you won’t get ” instead of “.

            2. If you can’t author your links in an HTML textarea, you’re not qualified to Internet.

              Please drop off your Internet license at your nearest government facility.

    2. No civilian needs a 16GB flash drive.

      1. Army forbids us from using them on our gov’t computers.

    3. You only need a license to carry concealed. Which, conincidentally, is the only way to legally carry a handgun in TX. But if you want to tote a rifle around, have at. No license necessary.

  3. Your thread – I shit on it.

    1. Watch it sage, Sandi doesn’t like people messing around his turf.

      1. Sandi’s a guy? I am disappoint.

  4. The President to Rush Limbaugh: “decent folks” don’t dig your salty talk.

    But they totally dig Bill Maher calling women sluts and whores and who also just gave me a million dollars.

    1. I heard some of this yesterday. I think it’s a pretty compelling riposte by the GOP talking heads, as it really highlights the hypocrisy of their shock.

      Reminds me of the crosshairs business.

      1. Maher in particular has been so awful. And they haven’t said a word about it. Nothing.

        1. But everyone knows that Bill Maher is a libertarian. You can’t peg his misogyny to the left!

          1. And he is politically incorrect too. Shrike told me so.

            1. Decent people? How would the leftists know what those are? It takes one to know one, you know.

          2. Yeah, the guy don’t speak English so good. Libertarian doesn’t mean leftist statist.

            1. You are just saying that because you are really a conservative Pro.

              1. What’s that mean? Do I get a name badge? Am I now electable?

    2. Okay, Rush.

    3. Maher did not give Obama $1 million – you fucking retard.

      He donated that to an independent PAC unaffiliated with Obama.

      1. That’s not what he said on his show on Friday.

        1. Shirke is retarded. And now he has lost his grip on reality. Apparently Obama’s seaman causes hallucinations.

          1. I agree shrike is fucked in the head, but I wouldn’t blame it on the Navy.

            1. Singular. Who is Obama’s seaman?

          2. Let me be clear: my semen is a powerful hallucinogen, painkiller, and cures all forms of cancer.

            1. He didn’t say semen; he said seaman. Maybe an admiral?

              1. Tom Cruise as Muhammed still has Seaman on his back.

      2. Jesus tap dancing Christ Shrike. I know you are retarded and an Aspy, so I try to cut you some slack. But could you take Obama’s cock out of your mouth just long enough to at least try to get a grip on reality?

        Bill Maher won’t return to “Real Time” on HBO until March 2, but when he does you can be sure he’s going to be talking about so-called super PACs.

        Why? Because the comedian just entered into the world of big-time political donations with his announcement on Thursday that he’s donating a cool million to the pro-Obama PAC known as Priorities USA Action.…..a-pac.html

        1. A “pro-Obama PAC” you idiot.

          Not to Obama. There is a huge difference.

          1. No there is not you fucking moron. The thing was created by the Obama people as a way around the campaign finance laws.

            We got it. You defend Obama no matter what. But stop fucking insulting everyone’s intelligence.

            1. “You defend Obama no matter what”

              Ah, John’s favorite go-to line for any disagreement.

              It’s like Linus’ security blanket. The other day he was ranting about how this Jesse Helms aid was obviously defending Obama.

              1. You are really angry today. Too bad no cares.

                1. “You are really angry today. Too bad no cares.”

                  I care. I love to see MiNGe worked up into a frothy mix of overcompensation for his low-self esteem and a lifetime of painful regrets.

              2. Regardless, in this case he is right.

                1. The only people I have ever accused of defending Obama no matter what is Shrike and Tony. And that is not true?

            2. The thing was created by the Obama people as a way around the campaign finance laws.

              Exactly. And that’s why the single best thing about an Obama loss in November would be knowing that Bill Maher threw away a million bucks.

    4. I like it when people bring up Maher in relation to the Rush debacle.

      Because it emphasizes the point that they’re the same thing.

      1. More or less. Limbaugh has apologized. If Maher doesn’t, shouldn’t he have to leave polite society?

        1. If Maher doesn’t it suggests he means what he says, which suggests he’s more serious than Limbaugh.

          Thus, Maher is bankable even when unrepentant, and Limbaugh is a toady of his advertisers and he knows it.

          Which is more admirable is left as an exercise for the reader. As is determining which holds more water: a) Sandra Fluke is a slut, or; b) Sarah Palin is a cunt.

          1. No. Maher just hides behind the idea that he’s a comedian, so nothing he says should be taken seriously.

            1. Limbaugh hides behind “illustrating absurdity by being absurd”. In other words, a comedian.

              Again, they’re the same people.

              1. Whether they are “the same people” or not is irrelevant. Maher bills himself as a comedian, Limbaugh does not. Because of that they are held to different standards.

    5. Let me be clear: what I really meant to say was the decent people don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh, or for that matter anyone but me or my party appartchiks.

  5.…..latestnews George Washington Chicken McNugget sales for $8,100. Doesn’t even look like him.

    Another reason to love our friendly neighborhood TSA.… TSA makes Mom pump milk.

    1. “We accept responsibility for the apparent misunderstanding and any inconvenience or embarrassment this incident may have caused her.”

      Again with the “accept responsibility”. BFD!

      1. “may have caused her”

        Total. Bullshit.

        1. Also, “apparent misunderstanding”.

          At least it’s “We accept responsibility” as opposed to “Responsibility is accepted”. /sarc

      2. When they start firing people for these fuckups, then I’ll believe them when they say they accept responsibility.

      3. BS translation:

        “We accept responsibility for the apparent misunderstanding” = We’re sorry that the clueless rube was too stupid to understand that airport security is far more important than any temporary discomfort or humiliation she may have been forced to endure at the hands of one of our jack booted thugs.

        “and any inconvenience or embarrassment this incident may have caused her.” = Any embarrassment or inconvience that she may have felt was her own fault for being so prudish about pumping milk in a public women’s room. She should just be thankful that we didn’t make her do it someplace where we could watch.

  6. Barack Obama’s Gay Muslim Transgender Prostitute Nanny:…..stick.html

    1. Yeah yeah, we saw that this morning and were unimpressed.

      1. Well, I’m hoping someone will run with it.

        1. Well, I’m hoping someone will run with Santorum.


        2. Tread lightly. I for one will not stand for any mocking of the LGBTMPN community!

  7. No, Iran is not a game. The GOP isn’t rattling the saber, either. You are.

    1. I think it’s nice Pro L doesn’t even feel the need to feign he’s not a conservative anymore. Let your freak flag gly buddy!

      1. What? How long have I been posting here? Are you entirely insane now?

        1. Dude, I’m glad you don’t even hide behind the libertarian fig leaf these days. People should be themselves.

          1. Whatever.

            1. It’s been nice to watch, you have taken the GOP line more and more until it’s pretty much all you have now.

              Now please go back to selling that the GOP is less belligerent on Iran than Obama.

          2. What the balls?

            1. I know, he’s lost his mind. Like I’ve not said eleventy billion times that I oppose our intervention in the Middle East altogether. And my anti-government, anti-deficit, anti-regulation, etc. positions are so consistent with conservative values. Ditto my tolerance for a whole host of social issues. . .Jesus, what the fuck?

              Really reaching these days, dude. The president is C-in-C and has been saying all sorts of tough guy shit. While I suppose the GOP could try to declare war with its one house, pretty much all in the president’s hands in this day of unconstitutional war. Like the most recent one when we bombed Libya without even a nod from Congress.

              1. No, you’re line is clear, like John it is to constantly sell that while you’re not 100% behind the GOP, they are always the lesser evil.

                You’ve been a pretty good GOPer lately actually.

                1. That is because I converted him MNG. I get paid to do that. And despite all your efforts to stop me, you lost another sheep to the other flock.

                  1. ” I get paid to do that.”

                    You should get paid considering the hours you put in dude.

                    1. Seriously, matching John’s posts with comments that he’s commenting too much is almost as rational as calling a known libertarian a conservative.

              2. He has been getting worse and more angry lately. I am starting to think he is going to pull a Joe and run away.

              3. Pro

                I bet you didn’t know you were one of my conservative minions. You can kiss my ring now.

                1. I guess opposing the horrors of the current administration makes me a conservative. So I suppose I was a liberal during the Bush years. Crap, I don’t know how people keep up with this observer-based reality stuff.

                  1. Welcome to the team Pro.

                2. Bullshit, John. He is my minion. I will claw your eyes out if you try to steal him! Or maybe I’m his minion. I get confused. Whatever. Eyes clawed out is the real takeaway here.

                  1. I’m the Urkobold’s minion. He’s not fond of dotted lines, either.

                    1. No way Pro. You heard MNG. I have corrupted you along with everyone else on the board.

                      From now on you can address me as The Dark Prince.

                  2. God Damn is Sugar Free. I want a minion!!

                    1. Maybe Epi will work out a time-share with Gojira.

            1. Not a bluff, bitches, not a bluff!

            2. I’ve said here a few times his sabre rattling is one reason he’s lost my vote.

              But Pro L and some of the other GOPer lites (and full blowns) trying to argue his sabre rattling matches the full blown war drumming of the GOP? Well, we know what that’s about.

              1. Hey dipshit, there has never been a more pro-war president in the history of America. In fact, try as you may, you cannot name one.

              2. But Pro L and some of the other GOPer lites (and full blowns) trying to argue his sabre rattling matches the full blown war drumming of the GOP?

                Obama: Israel is our friend and Iran with nukes is scary, so I may or may not blow them up.

                Santorum/Gingrich: Iranians scare us with their nuclear talk and Farsi and prominent noses and must be stopped.

                Sorry, MNG, but I’m not really seeing much of a difference.

                But I am delighted to know that either Ron Paul or Gary Johnson can count on your vote in November (you know, the two guys not in favor of blowing up Iran?).

            3. As our trollish friend well knows, it won’t be a Republican who orders bombs dropped on Iran. I’m sure they’d do it, too, but if a war starts this summer, how will it not be the president’s war? Especially in these days of ignoring the Constitution?

              1. Sell it hard Pro, sell it hard.

                1. What is he selling? Is Obama not the commander in Chief?

          3. There are only two libertarians who post here – fluffy and Thacker. Episiarch is a misanthrope with no party.

            1. Shrike,

              You are not fit to judge a fucking dog show.

            2. That’s actually well said, though I’m not sure I’d give you Thacker.

              Zeb is pretty libertarian, not a conservative in a libertarian dress.

              1. I’ve seen it all. MNG is now deciding who’s a True Scotsman Libertarian.

                Dude, stick to stalking John. You at least meet the (admittedly minimal) qualifications for that.

                1. How dare you question my qualifications for anything! I hold a doctorate you ignorant, undereducated cretin!

  8. Back from the ATL – why did none of you mention the Clermont Lounge? That was the greatest place on earth!

    Anyways, we went to a gun show and I’m interested in the Ruger 9mm with the built-in laser sight, or a nice, solid revolver (unsure of brand or size). For general home defense. Opinions? The man was not that helpful because he was too busy pimping out his AR 15.

    1. Stay away from laser sights. They don’t help much and they make your hands look way shakier than they really are.

      1. I strongly disagree, in many DGU’s the person is either shooting in low light (which criminals seem to prefer) or can’t bring up the sights in time.

        1. If you can’t bring up the sights in time point shooting is faster than trying to acquire the target with the laser. Practice point shooting for these types of encounters. For low light the laser doesnt illuminate the target anyway so tritium sights are better.

          1. The laser doesn’t illuminate the target in low light??

            And not that I would discourage any reasonable practice, acquiring a target with a laser is very fast.

            1. I think what I should do is get to a range with a rental model with laser sights and see how it feels.

              I liked the revolvers because of the simple mechanism, so I’ll see if I can shoot one of those, too.

              1. I should moderate my comments with ” whatever works for you.” There is never only one best solution for everyone.

              2. Not all lasers are created equal. Some of the cheap ones are quite bad. For revolvers, Crimson Trace makes them for all the S&W and Ruger frames, afaik.

            2. It makes a bright red spot. That doesn’t provide the kind of illumination i was talking about.
              I have shot in darkness with and without a laser and I greatly prefer night sights for that kind of situation.

              1. You can have both. Or all three if you buy that S&W shield gun 🙂

              2. Any opinions on reliable, not-too-heavy revolvers?

                1. Go buy yourself a nice .22 revolver. Don’t listen to the he men gun nuts who tell you that a .22 isn’t effective protection. BS. A .22 will kill you just as dead as a .45. And most people generally don’t want to be shot by anything. When you pull out a revolver, the guy on the business end isn’t thinking “hey that is only a .22”.

                  And on top of that, they are loads of fun to shoot and the ammunition costs next to nothing.

                  1. If you pull out a gun on someone that person shouldn’t have time to think about what caliber it might be. While I agree .22 is great for practice, you want what is going to disable the criminal and end the situation as quickly as possible.

                    1. Robocain,

                      A .22 with a high velocity round will do that. Getting shot is not like the movies. It generally ruins the shooties’ day and causes him to stop whatever he was doing.

                2. Get a smith 5 shot 38 special. I dont remember the model number but you can get them with a pocket clip mounted on the frame to keep it clipped into a pocket or purse. 38 special is a great defense round. I love revolvers for their simplicity but I always carry a semi because I shoot them better and they are more easily reloaded.

                  1. Or a .357 and run .38 rounds through it. The .38 rounds are lighter and not quite the hand cannon .357 mag rounds are.

                  2. I agree, but I say get a 5 shot .357, but load it with 38+P or whatever you feel comfortable shooting. They also make ammo especially for short-barreled revolvers.

                    1. I agree, but I say get a 5 shot .357, but load it with 38+P or whatever you feel comfortable shooting. They also make ammo especially for short-barreled revolvers.

                      I’ve got a Ruger GP100 loaded up for home defense just the way you describe.

                    2. Also, do not fire a .357 from a short barrel inside without ear protection, or you will permanently damage your hearing. Even outside, with a long barrel, with someone else shooting a good distance away, .357 is brutally fucking loud.

                    3. And heavier revolvers are easier to shoot than light revolvers. If it’s not EDC, bigger is better.

                    4. Depends Cain,

                      Some people just don’t feel comfortable with a big bore handgun.

                    5. I wasn’t talking about the caliber. Weight and barrel length reduce recoil. Larger guns have bigger grips.
                      I don’t know of anyone who finds handling a mouse gun easier.

                    6. Wrist strength does come into play, Robo. Bigger is better until you can no longer hold it up and steady.

                    7. OK, so no one-hand shooting a Desert Eagle, then? How much does the heaviest .357 DA revolver weigh?


    2. Is it still open? Do they still have the big black stripper there? And BTW, that is totally the place where Atlanta hipsters slum it.

      1. I only saw a couple hipsters, but we were there early (we’re old folks). The man says it’s closing soon. I hope they reopen somewhere else because you don’t see places like that everywhere.

        Are you talking about Blondie, the beer-can crushing lady? She was there. And the old lady with the glow rings and the little red riding hood costumes.

        They mixed my drinks really, really, really strong because the man is a friend of the bartender. Next day was crazy hangover.

        1. I am talking about blondie. I used to live about two blocks from there. My wife and I went a couple of times. It is a great place. I am sorry I missed the thread where you asked where to go. I could have told you about some other places.

          1. What I wasn’t prepared for was the smoking. I had no idea there were still places in this country that allowed smoking. Having just quit last summer, it was a challenge. I came away unscathed, though (other than my clothes reeking of ‘baccy).

            We also went to the Vortex and Zesto. Also Holy Taco.

            1. I actually like the smoking. The rule in Atlanta is that if you allow smoking, no one under 18 can enter your establishment. So the trade off is, smoking in return for no kids in bars. And that is a trade I will take any day.

              The Vortex is fun.

            2. The Highlander is an awesome bar if you make it back to ATL. Open ’til 4am. Nice place to finish off a long bar crawl or just chill on the deck late on a summer night.

    3. Revolver.

    4. I don’t know about greatest, but it’s certainly … interesting.

      1. My retirement plan now involves working at the Clermont 😉

    5. Go with a revolver or shotgun for home defense. And I would suggest a .38 special revolver with hollow-points; won’t pull a number on your eardrums like the .357 or .44, but will still get the job done.

      Not a fan of laser sights. Most defensive shooting situations occur in a range of about 10 feet. I don’t think the laser adds anything.

  9. The President to Rush Limbaugh: “decent folks” don’t dig your salty talk.

    He should be chastising the leftwingers for repeating those salty words to the decent folks.

    1. It is not salty if it is about Sarah Palin or Michelle Malkin.

      1. Those bitches had it coming.

        1. Spoof. Even Shrike isn’t this stupid, although he tries.

          1. You kno what’s amusing? John had to think about this for a while…

            1. ^^This is what an asshole looks like^^

  10. The moon is a leading cause of cruise ship water damage, I see. What is the appropriate response?

    1. Actually, it’s the moon and New York City.

    2. Nuke the moon!

      1. Dang, that was gonna be my suggestion.

        New suggestion: Antimatter bomb the moon.

    3. Mold lawsuits.


    Military seeks sixth sense training.

    1. But does it involve staring at goats?

      1. No, but it does involve following Haley Joel Osment around.


    Mass Effect 3 Review

    I’m excited. I preordered on Amazon with same day delivery (99 cents). I can’t wait to play this game!

    1. My copy was just delivered to my desk here at work.

    2. Are you selecting the Gay Romance Option? NTTAWWT

      1. I’ve got a bisexual female renegade alignment character as one of my ports from MA2.

    3. All I’m saying I better be able to have some Krogan, Rachni, and Geth in my army. I didn’t make those decisions for free.

      Although technically

    4. All I’m saying I better be able to have some Krogan, Rachni, and Geth in my army. I didn’t make those decisions for free.

      Although technically

      1. I need to wrap up Lair of the Shadow Broker and Arrival First

  13. Who ever wins, we lose.

  14. Cell Phone Jammer a hero or pest Tried to post the CNN article about this in the AM Links, but got spam blocked. Anyway, I think someone having it in their own home is fine, so long as it doesn’t interfere with reception off their property.

    1. I just built my whole house as a Faraday cage.

    2. “Our actions should send a strong message to retailers of signal jamming devices that we will not tolerate continued violations of federal law,” Ellison said in a press release.
      In October 2011, the FCC warned 20 online retailers about the illegality of selling and marketing signal jamming devices to Americans. But, with a quick Google search away, an American can order a cell phone jammer online.

      So let’s see, giving some online retailer – and the Feds – my name, address and documentation in writing that I violated this law that they have just promised to get tough on would be the thing to do. Right?

  15. The May 18 G-8 summit has been moved from Chicago to Camp David…

    I thought they now weren’t allowed to protest where there are Secret Service charges present anyway.


    The people of Wichita Kansas stand up to crony capitalism give away to big hotel chain.

    1. I have seen that before. And it is more than a bit true. You are not the top of the food chain in grizzly country.

    2. It would be better if they didn’t slip up and use the word “shit” in the last sentence.

      1. It helps the feeble-minded.

        1. Sitting is for the weak and feeble!

  17. Notes from “Moving Secularism Forward”

    – The talk was well received, and to my surprise Ron Bailey’s argument for libertarianism drew more audience ire. My surprise was due to the fact that I positioned myself as firmly not a liberal, while Ron implicitly argued that libertarianism is just a variant of liberalism.

  18. Americans are the worst tourists. Coincidentally, we’re probably the worst terrorists, too. We don’t have a habit of blowing ourselves up.

  19. The decision by the White House to move the Group of 8 economic summit to Camp David while the NATO summit remains in Chicago might have split the reasons to protest. But it won’t diminish the number of people – tens of thousands, by some estimates – who plan to come to Chicago for a rally and march to protest everything from war to poverty, said Andy Thayer, a leader of the Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism and the Gay Liberation Network and one of the principle planners of the Chicago protests.

    Making it even more of a circle jerk than those protests usually are.

    1. Why don’t they ever protest the war on drugs? I’ve never heard of one march. Closest thing to a protest I’ve heard is Hemp Fest in Seattle. But you can get a million dudes together if the issue is that they want to be better fathers and husbands.


    Five Leadership Mistakes of the Galactic Empire.

    1. They failed to win hearts and minds on Alderaan.

    2. …by adopting a management style of “failure leads to Force choking,” Vader…

      That’s some funny shit right there.

    3. My friend and I have been over this: The Empire clearly offered advantages to a large number of people over the venal and corrupt Galactic Republic.

      I mean, look at how poor the Galactic Republic’s management was. When one of their member states was blockaded by the Trade Federation, it took months to muster a response.

      Furthermore, to most people, the Jedi probably seemed like distant dicks who only showed up to Force test and then take your kids. Also, with the whole “no marriage” thing, who wants to bet the Jedi had a pedophilia scandal?

  21. EXCLUSIVE: Infamous international hacking group LulzSec brought down by own leader…..forcement/

    1. exclusive, huh?

      Well, I posted a gizmodo link about it this morning.

      1. It is a Murdoch enterprise. Carnival barkers gotta bark.


    Bin Ladin not buried at sea. I seriously doubt anything Stratfor said was true. So I doubt this too.

    1. Simpsons did it.

      1. Not to start any rumors, but I hear they made hummus out of his ashes and sold it in Afghanistan.

  23. It’s 4:59 PM EST, let’s see some Super Tuesday coverage already.

    1. It will only end in tears.

      1. Yummy and sweet …?

        1. It’s 4:59 PM EST, let’s see some Super Tuesday coverage already.

          OK. My wife and I will be voting for Paul in around an hour, this will have no effect upon the outcome.

  24. File under no shit:

    Cops among Florida’s worst speeders, Sun Sentinel investigation finds…..6919.story

    1. They do it for your safety.

    2. Photo galery of speeding cop’s victims:…..otogallery

      1. read some of the related articles about how many of them don’t get in trouble for wrecks that kill people.

  25. Leave it to Lucy to do the PM links right.

    1. Lucy Da Man!

  26. The moon and a mirage helped sink the Titanic says science.

    When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s an iceber-

    Hey! Get back down to steerage, you ethnic.

    1. That’s Logistics!!

  27. Jesus Christ, John was posting a plenty during the AM Links and here eight hours later is still going strong for the PM ones.

    Dude, don’t your fingers get tired? You should seek help.

    1. And you should go fuck yourself and mind your own business. You really are a nasty, petty and generally awful person.

      1. Do you think it’s normal behavior to blog eight hours a day dude?

        I realize you’re a fanatic and all, but really. Check out this thing called life, there will be people hating Obama while you’re away.

        1. I don’t think it is any of your business. If you don’t like it, call Reason and have them ban me. Or stop coming here and then you won’t have to worry.

          As I said above, you are just a really nasty guy. I am sorry you are like that.

          1. Haha, I don’t try to get people banned or threaten to sue them John, that’s for other folks around here.
            I’m just saying that it’s pretty pathetic to post somewhere eight hours a day, five days a week. And you know you do it so you want to talk about something else…

            Eight hours a day…Guys, this is what fanaticism looks like…

            1. Well good for you. If anyone gave a shit what you think about anything, it might interesting. Since no one does, it is not.

              1. Do you at least take a break to pee, or do you just go in a milk jug and empty it during Hannity?

            2. I thought fanaticism looked like following one guy around and commenting on all of his posts, even when they’re not at all about you or an issue you’re interested in.

              1. Nice try, you’re conservative comrade can fend for himself you know.

                1. You’re really off with your homonyms today… A bit of drinking today?

            3. I’m just saying that it’s pretty pathetic to post somewhere eight hours a day, five days a week.

              Not if you just happen to be stuck in front of a computer eights hours a day, five days a week. Hm, I wonder what kind of circumstances could create that scenario? Perhaps something like a day job?

              1. A day job in which he posts hundreds of posts a day? Again, nice try in defending your FreeRepublic Friend there.

                1. Any longtimer here can see that during Obama’s presidency this place has de-volved into FreeRepublic lite. About half of those who post regularly are like John, little Donderdos. There was a time when that was different.

                  We see it pretty starkly at times, like in some of the recent Iran threads where half of the people are beating the war drums…Longtimers here are like “is Free Republic down today?” But you don’t have to wait until an IRan thread if you pay attention..

                  1. I think MNG is about to go Joe on us. You guys have all become conservative free republic clones. The evil John has ruined everything. I am leaving.

                    That is where this is going right?

                2. You really have lost your mind. Why does my presence here upset you so much MNG? Tell us. Get it off your chest. Maybe you will feel better.

                  1. I already said it. This place has become full of movement conservatives, it used to be a place for libertarians and those who were not libertarians but who were sympathetic to their ideas to debate.

                    Now it’s like reading Free Republic or Michelle Malkin.

                    1. Then maybe you should just leave in protest. Everyone has just come and crapped in your little sandbox.

                    2. Eh, to the regulars I say, do what you want, it’s your board to ruin…

                    3. What do you want MNG? Do you want the big ignore? Is no one supposed to respond to me anymore? I think you might want to heal thyself first before demanding that of others.

                    4. to the regulars I say, do what you want, it’s your board to ruin…

                      When you actually make rational arguments, which is rare, I actually like you being around. When you stalk John about how he does this or that or is going to vote for Romney or whatever…not so much.

                  2. John, it is clearly a gay crush. NTTAWWT MNG is basically stalking you. You are the poster he wishes he could be, if he was a man.

                3. MNG, a more important question is who gives a shit? Why would you spend all your limited time on this site arguing over such trivialities? Of course, this is the MNG/John love/hate relationship, so anything goes, I guess.

                  1. What’s pathetic is MNG in stalker mode. Go find a meatsack to follow around, hoser!

                    1. Isn’t it possible that it’s rather spoofing MNG?

                      She could annoy John and drive of MNG at the same time, thus removing one of the biggest distractions that keep John from noticing her…

                    2. That is an interesting theory Tarran. But I doubt it. The whole “you guys are just pawns for John and rightwing shills, where is the Reason I used to know” thing has been a common MNG theme lately. I think it is probably him.

                    3. What’s even crazier about it is there are plenty–plenty of folks around here who aren’t GOP shills by a long shot, and MNG is focused on a small number of posters that he’s always been focused on.

  28. “Disney is either racist or sarcastic”…..sarcastic/

    1. “…and Roger Myers was loved by all the people of the world, except for a short period in the 1930’s after he made his short film ‘Nazi Supermen Are Our Superiors’.”

  29. “The president to GOP candidates: You are not the Commander in Chief and this Iran problem is “not a game.”

    Obama isn’t the Commander in Chief either – he just tries to play one on TV.

  30. You guys are just as bad as the MSM, making all these primaries seem like they’re actually about something. Just stop it already! Intrade has made it obvious for months that there’s (almost) no way in hell that Romney won’t get the nomination.

    1. Screw Inatrade. Collective wisdom is not always correct.

      1. Elections are the opiate of the masses.

  31. I’ve actually been pretty happy with Obama the past few days as he has stood up to the GOP war drum party…

    Romney’s quote at AIPAC today was the best of them all I’d say, that we would stand by Israel in “all conditions and consequences.” Nice.

    1. Next you will tell us how you plan to vote for him this fall. Let me get my surprised face out.

  32. Eight hours a day…Guys, this is what fanaticism looks like…

    Says the guy who follows John around like a puppy.

    1. I post maybe at most an hour or two a day. John literally goes a full shift.

      But nice try.

      1. Whatever gets you through the night honey.

        1. You post all through the night too? Shit, don’t you need to sleep?

          1. I never thought I’d defend John (a bit too partisan for me) but your obsession with his posting is what’s really pathetic. Breathe. Try some mung beans and meditation.

  33. People, it’s not that hard of a lesson to learn.

    1. And here is the other half of the devolution. Sugarfree doesn’t want my trolling, he needs only honest posters, like posting about what girl is the hottest or hate-trolling feminist sites and posting responses here.

      It’s like one half Free Republic and one half Teen Beat around here lately.

      1. Now you are going to bitch and moan about the hot chick links? What the fuck kind of humorless prick are you?

        1. A little of that is fun, but that kind of stuff is like half of what goes on now.

          If a person sympathetic to libertarianism were to stumble into here they would be like “WTF, libertarianism is like a middle school prom put on by the Heritage Foundation?”

          1. If you only you could just control what everyone else likes, thinks and posts, life would be great wouldn’t it?

            1. He’s the right person. Just put him in charge already!

            2. Don’t you see, John? Raising the tone of discourse in the comments is MNG’s burden – and he faces it alone.

  34. Question: If libertarians are the ones with all the Aspergers and social awkwardness, why is it universally the lefties around here who have nothing better to do than troll the other posters?

    1. Well, it’s only a few people — they just do a shitton of trolling.

  35. Are you entirely insane now?

    *outright, prolonged laughter*

  36. Crap, I don’t know how people keep up with this observer-based reality stuff.


    1. No!! [Slugs P Brooks.]

  37. How’s the book from this morning going?

  38. John, I do believe you’ve become the Hand Banana for MNG’s Carl.

    1. I have driven him nuts. I have finally done it. I didn’t mean to, honest.

  39. Here’s $.02 (or less) worth of input on .22 loads:

    CCI makes a round called the “Velocitor” which is an extra high velocity round with a serious hollow point like a self-defense round.

    I sure as fuck wouldn’t want to get hit with one; they rip the shit out of a gopher.

    1. Take any 22 round and try shooting apples or potatoes. The bullet will command respect. They will mess you up.

    2. Yes they do. They are not your father’s .22. They are nasty rounds and perfectly appropriate for home defense.

  40. moar substinz plz

  41. Alternative perspective on the lesbian communion situation:

    “She was reportedly agitated by the fact that the funeral was being presided over by Fr. Guarnizo, who is well known for his outspoken defense of Church teachings….

    “Johnson initially came into the sacristy to discuss the details of the two eulogies that were supposed to be delivered, but left abruptly and returned with her brother and another woman, whom she introduced as her “lover.”…

    1. Sounds like she decided to make it all about her instead of her deceased mother. Quelle suprise.

  42. “The priest proceeded with the Mass, but decided to remind the congregation before Communion of what is required to be properly disposed to receive [Commuion]. when Johnson approached for Communion anyway, Fr. Guarnizo turned her away in a manner so discreet that the Extraordinary Minister standing a few feet away did not know what had occurred. Johnson then crossed over to the Extraordinary minister’s line and *was given communion.*” [emphasis added]

    She made sure the priest knew of her behavior, and as a result, she had to get *into another line* to receive Communion. (The “extraordinary ministers” are non-priests who “hand out” the communion hosts).

  43. Decent folks don’t dig Obama, especially when he opens his mouth.


    Drunk flying or why I love lawyers.
    I can’t wait to see the ‘I’m not drunk because my body is just a container for the booze’ defense

  45. How’s the book from this morning going?

  46. How’s the book from this morning going?

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