New Mexico Cop on Paid Leave While Being Investigated for Raping Sex Workers


A New Mexico state trooper is on paid administrative leave after being arrested last week for coercing prostitutes to have sex with him. Timothy Carlson first came to the attention of the Albquerque PD vice squad last spring, when they caught him in his car with a prostitute. According to KRQL13, Carlson had his gun and badge on him when he was stopped last year. Why he wasn't arrested then is a mystery, though the stop did prove to be the start of a nearly year-long investigation: 

Investigators followed Carlson and in one incident they say the agent allegedly hi-jacked another man's date with a prostitute.

The prostitute turned out to be a confidential informant for APD. She told police Carlson pulled her and the John over last month, wearing his badge and displaying his gun. She says Carlson told the John to leave and offered her a ride home.

She says Carlson threatened to arrest her if she didn't sleep with him.

Carlson picked up the same prostitute Friday night, and that's when he was arrested.

He's now on paid administrative leave pending an internal investigation by the Department of Public Safety.

He faces extortion, bribery, public corruption and rape charges.

Advocates of decriminalizing prositution often point out that sex workers suffer appalling violence and extortion at the hands of their managers and clients. We should add "law enforcement officers" to the list of risks sex workers face, and not just because of Carlson. 

From Feb. 18, 2012

A Raleigh police officer accused of having sex with an underage prostitute made an initial appearance in court Friday.

Jason Brandon Hoyle, 34, of the 8600 block of Maryel Way in Raleigh, is charged with promoting prostitution of a minor and participating in the prostitution of a minor. He is free on $100,000

Hoyle is accused of paying a 17-year-old prostitute $140 for sex at the Fairfield Inn by Marriott on Cedar Creek Road on Feb. 7.

Police allege the girl stole a Raleigh police-owned laptop computer, an Apple iPhone 4 and $800 after the encounter. She has been charged with solicitation for prostitution, larceny and possessing stolen property.

(Note that the minor is also being prosecuted.) 

From March 2, 2012

Police reports from an internal investigation of convicted rapist and disgraced ex-cop Anthony Rollins paint the picture of a sex fiend who prowled for women long before he was taken off duty and arrested.

The reports come from the Anchorage Police Department's files on Rollins and were filed in court Friday by a lawyer for women suing the 13-year veteran officer and the city that employed him. The lawsuits say Rollins' employers should have known he posed a threat to women after catching him having sex while on duty.

Christine Schleuss, a lawyer for five of the nine women, is seeking more information from the internal investigation reports because the summaries provided to her are incomplete, she said in the Friday filing.

From Feb. 11, 2011

A former Bakersfield police officer has been arrested for allegedly having sex with prostitutes while on duty.

Albert Smith Jr. resigned Tuesday and was arrested Friday on a warrant charging him with seven counts of engaging in acts of prostitution, according to police.

"For the police department, and everybody involved down here, this is very disappointing," Bakersfield Police Department Chief Greg Williamson said.

From Sept. 29, 2008

This item only made it into the Washington Times' briefs. The short story had these details: Colin Hatch, a 23-year-old Capitol Heights church deacon gets sentenced to 14 years in prison for sexually assaulting a DC prostitute at gunpoint.

Pretty bad. Here's what they left out: Hatch was two weeks from taking a new job as a Baltimore City Police Officer. And his method of assault was particularly horrific.

According to a sentencing memorandum released by the D.C. U.S. Attorney's Office, Hatch picked up his victim one night last November, near the intersection of 10th and K Streets NW. She got in his car, they agreed on a price ($100, for sex) and drove somewhere more private. The victim told police Hatch seemed like a nice guy at first. But when she climbed into the back seat, he turned mean. He pulled out a gun and demanded oral sex. From the memorandum:

"Once he became erect, the defendant forced [the victim] to engage in vaginal sex. During the course of the sexual assault, the defendant lost his erection and forced [the victim] to perform oral sex on him a second time so that he could regain his erection."

George Washington University Professor Ron Weitzer made the case for legalizing sex work in Reason last year.

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  1. Yeah, but did you see how they were dressed? They were asking for it.

  2. Carlson had his gun and badge on him when he was stopped last year. Why he wasn’t arrested then is a mystery

    I think the latter mystery is answered by the former fact.

    1. If it had happened in Silverdale, WA, he would totally have gotten arrested, so there’s no systemic problem.

      1. I live very close to Silverdale. What am I missing here?

        1. dunphy’s supposed haunt.

          1. He works in Silverdale? That would likely make him a Kitsap deputy. Silverdale doesn’t have a dedicated police dept.

            1. That dude’s from Silverdale?

              That does explain a few things with regards to his law enforcement views. During my shore time at Kitsap, the local LEOs were something to be avoided at all costs ESPECIALLY the Silverdale boys. The fuckers were really anti-military when I got there but then 9/11 happened and we weren’t given quite as much shit after that. Still, I was part of base security and we HATED dealing with the cops off base. Assholes didn’t like all the Sailors and Marines fucking up their towns never mind the fact they’d have no jobs at all if it wasn’t for the Navy.

              I didn’t like Silverdale since it was the only place on the peninsula to do any decent shopping or dining without have to drive over an hour to Seattle. Whole town thought its shit didn’t stink because they had a fucking MALL (which was smaller than some K-marts I’ve been to).

        2. I don’t know where dunphy lives. I’m not sure what part of WA he predates upon. I just picked Silverdale because I lived there back in the wonderful time when my carrier spent almost a year in drydock in Bremerton.

          1. SSBN or CVN?

            1. He said “carrier” – that would be a CVN (or in my day a CVA or a CVAN.) SSBN’s are “boomers” or missile submarines – as opposed to SSN’s which are fast attack subs.

              Lot of sailors and ex-sailors around here apparently.

              1. Sorry, I missed the “carrier” part of his comment!

                I was in for a while but I had to go and wiki “CVA”; I wasn’t even BORN when that hull class was retired!

                1. By the way, from you’re posts the other day I assume you were in before ‘Nam?

      2. In any case, the paid leave is part of the proper policy, and you can’t punish him while the investigation is on…and ordinary people get the same consideration all the time.

        1. Yeah, I’m real sure Disney would give me paid vacation if they caught me raping Cinderalla on the Monorail!

        2. Procedures were followed. Who cares about what’s right, so long as we followed policy?

  3. A Sparta restaurant owner has settled his federal harassment lawsuit against a Sparta police officer for $25,000.

    Antonio Angelini accused Sgt. Jason Pipkin of violating his constitutional rights in retaliation for criticizing the police department in newspaper letters to the editor, according to the suit filed in U.S. District Court in Madison

    Prostitution and letters to the editor are not victimless crimes

  4. Last summer I was driving across town. I noticed an accident ahead so I took a side street to get around it. One block away I was stopped at a red light in what isnt the best part of town. There was a woman standing on the sidewalk with an umbrella. It was s sunny day. I made eye contact with her and she grinned like hell and came running over to my jeep. I rolled the window down about three inches and just said “Yeees? can I help you?”

    She said ” Can I help yoouuu?” I looked her up and down and replied that I was happily married. She started to turn away and I called her back. I pointed out that she had no tattoos, clean unwrinkled clothes, no gold teeth and her teeth were too clean, her eyes too clear and the umbrella was a dead give-away. Yep, she was a state cop. On my way home two hours later she was dressed completely different and much more believably.

    1. That sting netted over 100 people in two days. Included in the ‘johns’ were a city councilman, a police juror, a judge, and two cops. I found this out from a cop buddy of mine because not one word of it was in th elocal news.

    2. Tha fuck you helping out vice for?

      1. It amused me to point out that she had no idea what she was doing.
        I also got enormous satisfaction out of the arrests of the public officials.

        1. Hard not to feel sorry for anyone on their first day…

  5. But did anything else happen?

    1. Yeah, I got a good laugh out of it. So did she.

      I am sure if she had closed the umbrella the ending would have been much different.

  6. Well as bad as this ahole is, he’s still better than the vice squad is when they’re working. Their SOP is to have sex with the girls posing as johns, and instead of paying them, they arrest them. At least that’s how they do it in Ohio. Those aholes should be lined up against a wall and shot. Stupid vice pigs.

    1. I have to wonder how they explain the clamydia, crabs and herpes to their wives and bosses.

      1. The victim told police Hatch seemed like a nice guy at first. But when she climbed into the back seat, he turned mean.

        I’m sure they’re single, and the story goes a little like this:

        At the divorce hearing his wife told the judge Hatch seemed like a nice guy at first. But when she married him and moved into his home, he turned mean.

      2. The bitch set them up!

      3. I’m sure they probably use condoms. Their bosses and presumably their wives know about it since that is official practice. Columbus dispatch did a story about prostitution and vice game right out and said that was sop. After the sexual act they arrest them. Newspaper didn’t even question the ethics of it.

        1. Probably a great recruiting tool:

          “Yeah, sometimes they want you put them in cuff before you fuck ’em!”

      4. I have to wonder how they explain the clamydia, crabs and herpes to their wives and bosses.

        You just beat your wife till she accepts the blame for bringing STDs into your marital bed.

  7. That’s about the only way for a cop to be held accountable for his wrongdoings- victimizing other cops, instead of little people.

    1. Oops… misread lede. Never mind.

    2. Oops… misread lede. Never mind.

  8. Bad behavior if confirmed…I do wonder about the outrage that the leave is paid while the investigation goes on.

    Innocent until proven guilty and all that.

    Outrage is tiring. Save it for later, when he is found guilty and gets a slap on the wrist.

    1. Double standard. Nobody else but a pubsec gets paid leave after being charged with felonies.

      1. No one?

        1. It’s definitely not SOP.

          If I was under public investigation for embezzlement, it is highly unlikely I’d be getting a paid vacation while they sorted things out.

  9. Isolated incidents. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  10. moar anticop nonsense from the reasonoid bigorati

  11. Fantasy headline: A georgetown university professional whiner is on unpaid administrative leave after being arrested last week for coercing prostitutes to pay for her contraception.

  12. This never would’ve happened if Gary Johnson were still alive.

  13. Question:

    Is there any public sector worker more worthless, more vile, more disgusting than a vice cop?

    1. Vice President?

      Nyuk nyuk nyuk!

  14. Nice work if you can ‘leave’ it.

  15. “Carlson picked up the same prostitute Friday night…”

    Way to discourage fidelity.

  16. It’s not like they are going to put him in jail.

  17. Vice cops…

    I run an escort service. There are six vice detectives on the force. My only real business expense is bribing them. Costs me 12,000 a month total. After they tried to screw the vig higher, I hired a PI. After a few weeks of surveillance, I find out that the vice unit is composed of two cokeheads, a chickenhawk, a tranny lover, and the other two are just normal vice cops, i.e. extorting streetwalkers, skimming the local sports books and selling the drugs they confiscate on the side. Got all kinds of pictures and video, and the mordida stays right where it is. I’m not saying all cops are dirty, but the local vice squad is 100% dirty. God it was the best moment of my life showing down that folder. I dropped it on the table, told them I had copies with friends to be released on the event of my death, and dropped the month’s bribes next to them.

    1. Cool story, bro.

    2. What’s wrong with tranny lovers?

    3. I always said that Denzel’s “Training Day” was more documentary than movie.

  18. I run an escort service…

    How does one’s life end up on that path?

    1. Making the right choices I presume 🙂

    2. Well me and a couple (female) friends were sitting around joking about it. Then we decided to go for it. That was a year and a half ago. It’s snowballed kind of a lot from there. Great money, and it’s actually very interesting work. Nerve wracking at times, and the hours suck, but the compensation is very nice indeed.

  19. Unfortunately, this isn’t news by the classic “dog bites man” test; rape and abuse by cops is the most common and serious problem faced by prostitutes in criminalization regimes, including the United States. This is not only because of the police attitude that it’s their “right” to abuse citizens of all types, but also because they know that in most cases whores don’t dare to speak up. If a prostitute complains against a cop, the BEST outcome she can generally hope for is that her complaint will be ignored; more often she is arrested and may even face further punitive rape and abuse from the attacker’s “brother officers”.

  20. Clearly, those women should just lay back and enjoy the New Professionalism.

  21. Carlson … allegedly hi-jacked another man’s date with a prostitute.

    1. Cock Blocking at Level 99!

  22. We should add “law enforcement officers” to the list of risks sex workers face

    So, your list was like 5k years out-of-date?

  23. Carlson had an arrest in Washington State for 2nd degree rape while he wsa in the Army. He then received a demotion from E-4 to E-2 while he was in the Army in Korea for raping a female GI. After the Army, he got a job w/ TSA at the Albuquerque Airport where he was forced to resign after two years for falsifying overtime. He then moved on to the Estancia NM, PD, then moved to the Sandoval County, NM Sheriff’s Dept. Criminal activity at those agencies is unknown. About 2010 he was hired by NM State SID as the former director was on his way out. Therefore, Carlson probably didn’t get a very thorough background investigation. I’m amazed that this shady character, with his history has been able to move around without getting caught sooner. Another reason for the polygraph and psych evaluation.

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