Congressman Mocks DEA Agent for Claiming Medical Marijuana Is Dangerous Because It Causes Water Damage


Colorado's new special DEA agent in charge (emphasis on "special") told the Denver Post late last month that medical marijuana is dangerous because it can cause water damage in houses where children live. 

"By federal law, marijuana is illegal," Barbra Roach told the Post. "There is no medical proof it has any benefit. People are not taking into account what can happen to those who are growing it. There are homes with mold and water damage in the hundreds of thousands and there are children in there too."

The drug war truly does claim a new casualty every day.

Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.), who Reason nominated as a possible successor to Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), mocked Roach on Twitter and his Facebook page last week: 

"That's just a very strange thing to say. No doubt that some idiots have flooded their basements growing marijuana. No doubt that some idiots have flooded their basements growing tomatoes. I stained my tiles in my living room last year growing narcissus. Ok. So for this we need a federal cop busting people?"

"The fact that an opponent of medical marijuana uses arguments like 'it causes water damage to homes' shows how bankrupt that side is of facts." 

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