Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart is Dead.


Big Journalism is reporting that Andrew Breitbart, the well-known and controversial blogger, author, and web impresario Andrew Breitbart has died. In his roles at Drudge, Huffington Post, and his suite of "Big" sites, Breitbart was a true pioneer in using the web to start often-raucous conversations and, far more important, challenged legacy media in important and transformative ways. From Big Journalism's notice:

Andrew passed away unexpectedly from natural causes shortly after midnight this morning in Los Angeles.

We have lost a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a dear friend, a patriot and a happy warrior.

Andrew lived boldly, so that we more timid souls would dare to live freely and fully, and fight for the fragile liberty he showed us how to love.

Andrew recently wrote a new conclusion to his book, Righteous Indignation:

"I love my job. I love fighting for what I believe in. I love having fun while doing it. I love reporting stories that the Complex refuses to report. I love fighting back, I love finding allies, and—famously—I enjoy making enemies.

"Three years ago, I was mostly a behind-the-scenes guy who linked to stuff on a very popular website. I always wondered what it would be like to enter the public realm to fight for what I believe in. I've lost friends, perhaps dozens. But I've gained hundreds, thousands—who knows?—of allies. At the end of the day, I can look at myself in the mirror, and I sleep very well at night."

Andrew is at rest, yet the happy warrior lives on, in each of us.


Media inquiries:

More on this as it develops. Andrew was a frequent and welcome guest at Reason events and, even when we disagreed with him on various issues, we always appreciated the massive energy, conviction, and humor he brought to any situation. Long after the various controversies and flame wars with which he was involved have been forgotten, his impact on 21st century media, especially his role in hastening the demise of a hidebound, pretentious, and faux-independent media, will continue. A lot of people theorize about democratizing the public square and bringing new voices and sources into conversations about politics and culture. Breitbart actually did it. It wasn't always perfect and it wasn't always pretty, but he blazed a path that surely leads to a far richer and more interesting mediscape than the one we all grew up with.

In 2008, Andrew, along with Fox News Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld, joined Matt Welch and me to talk about politics and culture at the Reason DC HQ. Here's that's video: contributor caught up to Breitbart on this year's CPAC in DC and asked him about libertarians. Read and watch his reply here.

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  1. Terrible news. Rest in peace to the guy who helped to take down ACORN.

    1. I forgot about that. That was indeed a good deed.

      Of course, all they did was open up under a new name.

      1. And whatever Breitbart did it pales in comparison to the staggering accomplishment that is Romneycare.

        1. Not to mention Michelle Obama. She’s just evil.

          1. I love you John!!

            1. The spoofer of an attention-craver craves attention.

              1. I am so pissed off I can’t post shit on here anymore without people knowing it is me!!

    2. I suspect assassination.

      1. Don’t even kid about that. Not that there are not creatures on the left like Shrike who would cheer such a thing. I refuse to even imagine something like that would happen.

        1. I suspect that drugs were probably to blame. Breitbart was exhibiting some rather odd behavior the last month or so and it had been speculated that he was indulging in drugs after he started screaming at Occupy protestors. The last interview I saw with Reason he was sweating profusely and looked somewhat disoriented, so I wouldn’t be surprised. Whenever you see someone die of “natural causes” in their early 40s, it’s generally a red flag unless you’re talking about something like cancer (of which there would likely be signs of him being treated).

          1. The last interview I saw with Reason he was sweating profusely and looked somewhat disoriented, so I wouldn’t be surprised.
            Don’t confuse The Jacket Effect with drugs.

          2. Will there be an autopsy? How do you die of natural causes at 43 and who says it was natural causes?

            1. It happens. Could be a heart defect or stroke or any number of things.

              1. In LA drugs IS natural causes…

          3. That would be ironic.

            1. Why? Was he a drug warrior?

            2. I don’t see how it would be ironic, he was pretty open in talking about the fact that he liked to do things looked upon as “bad.”

          4. It wasn’t just you who noticed that he was sweaty, bug-eyed, and distracted looking, like he was having a cortisol rush or something, but other posters said he always looked that way.

        2. I’m not cheering, you dickhead.

          Although he did nothing of note in life where Hitch was a great loss.

          1. He just made people like you look like the frauds they are. That is of note.

          2. He created the Huffington Post just for you.

            1. Lo, did I not give unto you the Holy Word of Arianna?

          3. Hitchens died at 62.

        3. Don’t even kid about that.
          I am not kidding, it is something that I suspect.

          1. We are totally fucked if that were true.

          2. I’m a bit suspicious too – he sure made some nasty enemies. I’m always suspicious when people are emphasizing his death from “natural causes” while the body is still warm.

            1. These people he interviewed are open about lynching Black people. Think they care about White people who disagree with them?

          3. Well, at CPAC he said he had videos of Obama from his younger days and he was going to release them as the election got closer and closer. He said it would show the American public just how radical a guy he is, etc, etc. Now he’s dead at 43. Wth?

            1. Yes, Barack Obama had a pretty unimportant journalist killed before an election he’s probably going to win. Caught him!

              This is the kind of rhetoric that so endears the libertarian cause that I care about to independents and moderates.

              1. It’s true. Ray speaks for all libertarians. We voted on it and everything.

            2. Yes, Barack Obama had a pretty unimportant journalist killed before an election he’s probably going to win. Caught him!

              This is the kind of rhetoric that so endears the libertarian cause that I care about to independents and moderates.

      2. I know the title says Breitbart, but my brain saw Assange. Guess I’ve been expecting news about Assange being offed.

        1. Stalin is dead, the purges are over. Now they are back on track towards anybody who disagrees with them.

      3. I suspect assassination.


      4. I suspect assassination.

        A faked death is more likely.

    3. Really? People here actually fell for the whole ACORN thing? Laughable.

  2. Andrew lived boldly, so that we more timid souls would dare to live freely and fully, and fight for the fragile liberty he showed us how to love.

    I usually don’t speak ill of the dead soon after their demise, but in the case of very public figures one must make an exception. Breitbart was no defender of liberty.

    He castigated libertarians but a couple of weeks ago for not being in “the trenches”, ie, the fight against campus speech codes. From an ardent supporter of the drug war and many other anti-liberty policies that’s insulting.

    1. So in other words Tulpa, anyone that doesn’t help you get your pony isn’t a “friend of liberty”. This may come as a shock to you. But there is more to the world than how you see it. And some things are more important to other people than they are to you.

      1. I don’t recall any college students getting shot up by campus police over speech code violations. Plus, many colleges are private institutions which have every right to place whatever restrictions they want on those who wish to study there.

        1. I think free speech on academic institutions is a big deal. Colleges are supposed to be the keepers of our culture. And turning them into leftist indoctrination centers is a pretty bad idea.

          Again, he didn’t think your ponies were the end all be all. So what.

          1. Right, not wanting people to be killed and locked in cages for stupid reasons is a “pony”.

            My concerns are much closer to the heart of liberty than the freedom to say “fag”.

            1. And the power of Hollywood and the Major media doesn’t do anything to continue that does it? Breitbart did a lot to damage them. That alone makes him a friend of liberty.

              And spare me the drug war. You will get on here and shill for any number of people who support the drug war but do other things you like. You are just full of shit. If the drug war were some critical test for you, you wouldn’t be on here apologizing for Romney explaining how he is flawed but still okay.

              Do you think no one reads what you write?

            2. so you’re saying you’ve been a bigger defender of liberty than AB? get a grip dude. you’re nothing.

            3. John Peter Zenger opposed gay marriage. Well he would have if he could’ve even contemplated such a thing. No friend of liberty there.

              1. Shows what you know.

                All the founding fathers had a little ghey. Wigs? Makeup? Capris pants? Hello!

                1. They were just confident in their manliness. It’s like Scots and kilts.

        2. Not if they receive federal funds.

        3. Plus, many colleges are private institutions

          Well, let’s see, there’s Bob Jones U., College of the Ozarks, Hillsdale College. I think there is one other one that I can’t bring to mind. Other than that, there are no other truly private colleges or institutions in the US. If you agree with the argument that if an institution receives fed dollars than it must live by federal rules, then campus speech codes can’t be defended.

      2. I totally get that you can’t expect everyone to agree with you, and just because they disagree doesn’t make them evil.

        But on what planet can opposition to the freedom to do what we want with our own bodies, with no consequence to others, coexist with “defending liberty?”

    2. And aren’t you the one who is always on here shilling for Romney? Did I miss when Romney came out against the drug war? You will kick a guy who did a lot of good things on the day he dies. But you will fucking support Romney. Really Tulpa?

      1. I don’t shill for Romney, I consider him the least flawed of a very flawed field.

        If someone came out and called Romney a great defender of liberty I’d be just as shocked.

        1. You totally shill for Romney. And if you don’t think he is a friend of liberty, why the fuck are you going to vote for him? And why are you on here telling us how he is really ok? Spare me.

          1. Spare me.

            John, please spare all of us. Thx.

            1. Looks like I am back in town. John can you please pay attention to me?

          2. Voting is like sex. Sometimes you can’t find anyone attractive but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your rocks off anyway.

            1. You may have a point there Tulpa, I’m shocked.

              Walk of shame, knawing your arm off the next morning, they never call, a surprise 9 months later, broken promises, a lifetime of financial obligations, etc.

              1. Not to mention the Santorum cleanup.

    3. Agreed with what the other two said in reply and I’ll also add that Breitbart was right. Libertarians except for Ron Paul have pretty much zero presence on college campuses, where future generations of voters and supporters are cultivated. Too often libertarians seem to think that we’ll win on the quality of our ideals alone…but that’s utter horseshit. Our ideas may be better, but you still have to win elections to change laws and you have to put in the legwork for years before you see results. Most libertarians I know aren’t willing to do that…they’d rather sit back and bitch because things don’t go their way. That’s why we don’t even get a million votes in presidential elections…we never put in the work to build a following. I don’t fault Breitbart for telling the truth, no matter how insulting that is to a libertarian like yourself.

      1. Too often libertarians seem to think that we’ll win on the quality of our ideals alone…but that’s utter horseshit.

        Not true, libertarians think that our black robed overlords will impose liberty by judicial fiat.

        1. You made me shoot my morning caffeine beverage out of my nose with that one. Well played, good sir. 🙂

      2. So much this. Saul Alinsky was absolutely right about one thing: modern politics is all about organization and agitation. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

        I’ll be the first one to admit that I don’t have half of Breitbart’s energy and dedication. I wish that I did.

        Libertarians and freedom lovers will never become a respected political force in this country until we get off our asses and get organized.

        1. Libertarians are always going to be at a disadvantage in that landscape because of our reluctance to take government money.

          Leftist protest movements are to some degree self-sustaining because the “grease” they get comes in the form of government money that directly or indirectly funds the movement, which they have no qualms about accepting.

          1. Running a campaign without government money hasn’t been a problem for Ron Paul. He’s had no problems raising funds.

            1. RP hasn’t raised nearly enough to fund a big movement. He can’t even campaign in every state.

        2. Funny that getting organized thing. Sure it’s necessary for political expediency, but it also kinda flies in the face of the individualism that is at the core of libertarian ideals.

      3. Libertarians have zero presence everywhere, not just college campuses (ahem ahem ahem). There really aren’t that many of us. And in any case, I strongly question college campuses as a fruitful target for libertarianism; young people who are actually working are much more likely to see the value of self-ownership than someone whose mommy and daddy are paying for them to party and fuck.

        1. Libertarians have zero presence everywhere

          So clearly Breitbart was wrong for trying to change that in a fairly important part of our culture. Piss off Tulpa.

          1. Breitbart was no libertarian (and he himself would have said this) so put that canard away.

        2. I was introduced to libertarianism in college. So were several of my friends. I don’t see college students as anything close to a hostile audience. What libertarianism lacks on those campuses is any kind of organizational support.

          1. Students for Liberty is building a campus presence. Their recently concluded conference in D.C. had over 1,000 attendees. They have 500 campus chapters. Suggestion: all those who want more campus libertarianism, go to SFL website and donate money.

            1. SFL is a good organization, but they’re tiny compared to the leftist college presence. By all means donate money though, it would be nice to see them grow. These are tough times for them.

          2. I don’t see college students as anything close to a hostile audience.

            Today they are. I could show you a cage full talking about “so called individual rights”.

            Things were somewhat different back in the 90s when I was in college (not sure about your time period). Booms are good for proponents of economic liberty.

        3. There really aren’t that many of us.

          Not true. What there isn’t is that many people who *self-identify* as libertarians. The average American, though, when quizzed on the issues, tends to lean libertarian though, at least ideologically. There’s been a number of surveys that has borne this out.

      4. Andrew was a great American. He was right to kick libertarians who will often stand up for legalization of pot, but when the more difficult issue and important issue of free speech demands support, they can only be found underneath a cloud of smoke.

        1. Those are stoned liberals, not libertarians.

        2. the more difficult issue and important issue of free speech

          Bullshit. Nobody ever got so much as thrown in jail for violating a campus speech code.

          And colleges are voluntary organizations anyway. You don’t like the speech code, go somewhere else.

      5. Orly? I guess the Student for Liberty groups are not good enough for you

    4. Andrew Breitbart was the right’s Keith Olbermann, I suspect not many people here would react the same way about Olbermann. Pretty hilarious.

      1. Keith is not a regular part of Reason’s orbiting personalities.

        So no a regular reader of Reason Hit and Run would not react the same.

        A better comparison would be The Hitch.

  3. This guy did so much to take down traditional media, and most people will never know it. Good dude.

    1. It is a terrible loss. To much passion and imagination for one human body. I hope Heaven isn’t perfect so he will have something to do there.

  4. I’m shocked…This is a huge loss in the fight to usurp the left media. I didn’t always agree with him, but he was necessary. This one is hard.

  5. Damn.

  6. At CPAC he mentioned he had some dirt on Obama’s college career he was going to release. I hope it still gets released.

    1. How Breitbart like. Your first thought is a political hitjob.

      He was a liar anyway. Always promising something like that and slicing and dicing tape to fit his tall tales.

      1. In other words he embarrassed people you like. Jeer on any drone strikes today Shrike?

      2. Not enough christfag.

        1. This might be one of his stunts.


          1. right, because nothing says humor quite like “I’m dead. Oops..just kidding.”

            1. Didn’t some ancient SNL comedian do that?

              1. Mark Twain?

          2. Fake your own death, shrike.

            Or, do the world a favor and actually die.

          3. This might be one of his stunts.

            It would be LOLZCATZ if it was, and is more probable then a Suki’s assassination theory.

            but the magic eight ball says “Outcome Unlikely”

  7. So young…

    1. Young, dumb and full of cum.

      1. How old is shrike? We know the “dumb and full of cum” part…

  8. This sucks.

  9. gee – 43. I’m closing in at that age myself.

    1. Dont delude yourself by trying to put an age to it. I was looking at a dead 17 year old 10 hours ago.

      1. !!!


      2. oh, no delusions – the grim hand of death is ever present.

      3. I hope he wasn’t in your bed.

  10. Wow…very unexpected. He didn’t look so good in the video that Reason showed of him a few weeks ago, but he was relatively young to die of “natural causes” unless you’re talking cancer or a heart attack.

    He’ll be missed. I didn’t always agree with his views, but I thought he was more of a realist than people gave him credit for and the work he did was impressive.

    1. but he was relatively young to die of “natural causes” unless you’re talking cancer or a heart attack

      Most likely the latter. During one of my deployments, there was a junior enlisted guy who died right in his room from a heart attack, and he was in his mid-20s. Sometimes you just don’t know what’s going to trigger these things.

      1. Had a friend who was a Marine who died shortly after a PT session of a heart attack…thing was, though, that he was a partier and lived a pretty hard lifestyle. I doubt he was on drugs or drunk when he died, but that abuse catches up to you after awhile.

        1. In your buddy’s situation, that may have been the case. I’d be surprised with this other guy though; from what I knew of him, he was a typical comm geek that wasn’t exactly a social animal. Sometimes things like heart defects or other factors that might have been missed in MEPS can spring up out of nowhere. Obviously, it’s pretty rare, and in Andrew’s case, given his age, it’s tough to tell exactly what it was. I guess we’ll know more after the autopsy.

  11. Horribly sad. The conspiracy theories and lefty-blog glee will be even sadder.

    1. They’re no different than this place. Same script, just another cast of characters.

      1. There are some extremists on this site, but all in all, I think reason has more people who are less assholish than the team red team blue sites.

        1. Especially in the infamous cop-shoots-dog threads, where libertarian assholishness shines most brightly.

          1. STFU Rather.

          2. STFU Rather.

  12. Fuck, how do you die of “natural causes” at 42? Sad news all around.

    1. natural causes means no foul play or self-induced event occurred. Could have been some sort of congenital problem that was undetectable. Happens.

      1. A lot of times it’s an aneurysm. A friend of mine almost died at 21 from a cranial aneurysm. Still has stroke like disabilities.

  13. I am sorry to hear this. Rest in peace Andrew.

  14. If Flynn needs a job, hire him back. If the payroll full up, get rid of Riggs. Nobody’ll miss young Mister “Murder Drones”.

  15. sad. breitbert definitely was a valuable member of the “new media”

  16. Nick’s flying his leather jacket at half mast today in honor of Andrew’s passing.

  17. Breitbart will be casting a vote for Obama in the next election.

    1. I didn’t know he resided in Chicago

      1. That’s not a requirement either.

  18. Matt Drudge’s bitch was really Davy Jones?

  19. davy jones, breitbart…..who’s going to make three?

    1. “…and baby makes three…”. soooo…




    2. Whitney Houston?

    3. Racist!

    4. Michael Moore or Al Franken. (please, please, please)

  20. This sucks. I don’t see anyone stepping into his shoes anytime soon. The most engaged warrior against the lying media in my lifetime.

    1. First Ron Paul, then this…
      How will we go on?

      1. Don’t you guys love me?

  21. What a terrible shock. He made some important contributions to the conversation and had a bit of PT Barnum about him as well. RIP.

  22. Wow, shocking. I’m sure there will be some conspiracy theories born from this.

    As for Breitbart himself, he was far from perfect, but he did plenty of good stuff. He was definitely more of a standard issue conservative than a libertarian, but he embarrassed the hell out of a lot of lefties, and for that I salute him.

    1. “he embarrassed the hell out of a lot of lefties”

      Like that time when he edited a testimony by Shirley Sherrod to depict her as an anti-white racist, even though that’s the opposite of what she did?

      1. As for Breitbart himself, he was far from perfect…

  23. Death is “natural”, whatever the cause. We all die sooner or later. However, 43 is a bit on the youngish side.

    Breitbart is someone I’ll actually miss, unlike, say Whitney Houston or Strom Thurmond.

  24. I will remember his impromptu takeover of last year’s Anthony Weiner press conference.

  25. He is editing footage and slandering people in hell now.

      1. “Commonist” is a communist. Get it?

  26. This is like the worst wake ever.

  27. Too young. Thoughts especially to his family. It makes me even sadder that many of the “informed” lefties I know will be crowing and making snide comments about him for the next week or so. The first time I hear, “bet Breitbart wished ObamaCare were fully implemented now” I’m gonna put someone in a fucking wheelchair.

    1. I’m gonna put someone in a fucking wheelchair

      Figuratively, right?

      1. Sadly no. I do business and dinner with a few of these people.

        1. And you’re going to assault them? For their opinions?

          1. Why don’t you just attack their website and post stupid shit under different handles like I do?

          2. No, for their smarminess (asshole).

            1. You realize assaulting someone for speech, even if it is “smarmy,” makes you the bigger asshole, right?

              1. Giant asshole vs. stuck in a wheelchair. Tough choice.

      2. Naw, BoscoH sells wheelchairs.

    2. I mean, it’s hard to do in a chat room. Just sayin’.

      1. I mean, I am off between my feminist critique of western logic and my history of women in medicine class. So why not come on here and post stupid shit. Seriously, it is the closest I am ever going to get to have any men pay attention to me.

        1. Yay! A spoofer is here! How ya doin’, spoofer?

          1. Everyone knows its me!!

            1. Not that you crave attention, spoofer.

    3. I bet Breitbart wished ObamaCare were fully implemented now.

      Want me to tell you were I live?

      Breitbart hated leftists. We return the favor.

      1. Virtual catfight!


      2. What a loser you are.

        He popped balloons filled with hot air, left or right. He always did it with flair and humor. He will be missed.

        1. Did he ever *edit* footage to depict an *innocent* republican of discriminating against a black farmer?

          eh, rac?

          Breitbart hated people like me, I should return the favor. The people he slandered and hated also had kids, so the fact that he spawned before dying is no reason to be respectful.

          1. Did he ever *edit* footage to depict an *innocent* republican of discriminating against a black farmer?

            Actually he edited the video for time to focus on the inappropriate response from the biased audience.

            1. Yeah, the Breitbart haters are really hitting the “Breitbart destroyed the virtuous black woman meme” today.

              As I recall there were several back-and-forths about edits at the end of which Sherod still looked like she needed to be fired.

          2. context is everything.

      3. I bet Breitbart wished ObamaCare were fully implemented now.


    4. And the winner on that new online wheelchair seat is one Matthew YIglasias.!/mattyglesias/status/175240732045619200

        1. Nah. There’s enough for everybody right here.

          1. It’s okay when WE’RE full of venom.

            1. Anyone who assigns himself to a team (red, blue or libertarian) is a collectivist puppet.

      1. I think if you read Yglesias’s timeline, there’s a bit more nuance than you’ve implied.

        1. Matt Yglesias ? @mattyglesias
          If you think @AndrewBrietbart’s opponents shouldn’t be glad he’s dead, you’re not taking his life’s work seriously.

          But that was a whole 13 minutes later, so totally out of context, I guess.

          1. Breitbart would love that.

            1. Right. I think Yglesias is paying an honest tribute to Breitbart.

              1. …Breitbart is dead.

                Yeah, we knew that already.

          2. Can some for the life of me explain why anyone should listen to Yglesias? He’s the Kim Kardashian of pundits, famous for being famous.

            1. He’s marginally better than Ezra Klein, so he gets to be in the bottom of the barrel, but not actually scraping it.

              1. I think we should burn copies of the Constitution, like, because it’s, like, a hundred years old an’ stuff.

  28. Today one of our modern day great patriots has passed away. Andrew Breitbart was a hero for our common cause to save our Republic, a man of exceptional courage and candor, a true force to be reckoned with! He will always have a home in my heart and the hearts of all patriots he so ably inspired.

    Rest in peace, dear Andrew, and know that your legacy will be carried forward with us, your fellow patriots. I pledge to you here and now that if there is foul play I will not rest until whoever is responsible has paid the heaviest price the law can exact!

    1. Don’t care for paeans to anyone. He was flawed like everyone else.

  29. Hard to feel any sympathy for a neocon and I leave it at that. Same went for Ted Kennedy, Robert Byrd and Falwell.

    1. …”an enemy of my enemy is my friend” stock.

    2. how about sympathy for the family that lost a 43 year-old father in his prime…

  30. Didn’t always agree with him but I was always glad he was there to hammer the left with their own hypocrisy. His performance at Anthony Weiner’s press conference will always be a treasured memory.

  31. Aren’t death-threads the greatest?
    Nothing exposes the worst in human nature like a death thread.

  32. I cant believe he is gone, dude was so young.

  33. What Breitbart did by selectively editing video, was the lowest of human behavior.

    Now, when *I* did it to Neal Boortz, that was for a good cause.

    1. We get it. Your team is butthurt. It isn’t fair. Get over it.

      1. …equals “butthurt”?

      2. …equals “butthurt”?

  34. Anyone wanting to avoid a rage stroke should avoid the Gawker comments about his death.

    Why I do this shit to myself, I wonder sometimes. Probably for the same reason I’m a Mets fan.

  35. Also, it is pretty rich for left wingers to talk about how hate ages you. If that’s the case… how the fuck don’t they all look like Emperor Palpatine after the Bush years?

  36. Andrew, I didn’t always agree with your politics, especially when it came to the foreign policy you supported. However, your efforts to provide a counterbalance to a supine Media were always welcome and appreciated. I am truly sad to know about your (too) early death. Rest in peace, my friend.

    1. I don’t think he can hear you.

  37. What I liked about this guy was that he wasn’t the most articulate guy who shared my views, but he no problem taking the fight to the other side. He had no problem going into that lion’s den on HBO:…..maher-show

    The “articulate” drivel coming out of Dyson didn’t trip him up for a second. Of course, he was using code the whole time.

    BTW, who was first to heckle Maher’s audience? Andrew or Hitch? I love that.

  38. Fuck.

  39. Andrew Breitbart…RIP…I give thanks for your life and all you have accomplished. Someone once said:
    “The brave always die young”. You will be missed but not forgotten.

  40. Maybe he had some redeeming qualities as a friend, but I considered him untrustworthy as a reporter and bombastic in style. He was humorless when I saw him on Real Time. He was out of control toward the OWS protesters at CPAC. What was that about?! Maybe he was upset because he knew he was ill and took it out on the protesters.

    1. When a person passes away on planet earth, we practice the counterpoint IYHNNTSSN.

      Ask your grandma what it means

      1. I know what it means. Awfully controlling of you to assume you speak for all inhabitants of Planet Earth and what their behavior should be.

        I’m sure his family is suffering. I know only what I observed from his public behavior.

  41. that sucks

  42. Breitbart was less than useless as far as reporting goes. Highly entertaining, always burning the candle at both ends, there’s little surprising news here. Getting attention however he can was his whole reason for existence. Behavior erratic as ever, seeming always trying to outdo his last stunt, a flameout looked like the most logical conclusion. Condolences to his family, if someone wants to step into his shoes, hopefully he/she can do so with a little honesty next time.

  43. I decided to leave my grazing pasture early today to reflect upon the passing of Mr. B. Sad indeed.

    Not just the passing. Sure, that’s sad.

    But you know what’s even more sad: that the clueless, vile Left controls so much of this country’s news and entertainment. From Sarah Palin’s front door to Mary Jo Kopechne’s watery grave, I keep reading on blogs, city and rural, how Breitbart was nothing but a Big Liar.

    Yet, I’ve yet to hear one single lie he ever told. The Shirley Sherrod tape was about the NAACP cheering at her comment, not about SS herself.

    Check on Nick Gillespie’s CNN piece and the comments. Ah, the tolerant Left…

  44. Hero no but a decent individual who believed that individuals should make their own choices…?


  45. Hero no but a decent individual who believed that individuals should make their own choices…?


  46. Maybe someone will selectively edit Breitbart’s obituary to make him look like a decent human being.

    1. Good point, the context totally mitigates helping sexual traffickers of underage girls set up a discreet brothel, fuckhead.

      Roman Polanski:
      Hey man, that thing with the per-pubescent girl? Totally selective editing.

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