Obama's Drone Policy Backfires, North Korea Makes Nice, Davy Jones Dies: P.M. Links


  • The Obama administration's "excessive use of drone attacks undercuts one of its most laudable policies."

  • North Korea agrees to "curb" nuclear program.  
  • Davy Jones dies.
  • Israel and U.S. to talk more about Iran.
  • Another green company faces financial troubles.
  • Bernanke: No recovery in sight.

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    1. This is like the worst chat room ever.

  1. Israel and U.S. to talk more about Iran.

    “OMG, did you see what Iran is wearing today? What a total skank.”

  2. Bernanke: No recovery in sight.

    We’re just not hitting it hard enough!

    1. I could swear that we were well on the way to a recovery. Certain people keep telling me so.

      1. Y’know, now that you mention it, every time monetary policy seems to indicate we should tighten the money supply or raise interest rates, suddenly the recovery is in danger again. But nobody would ever play politics with the interest rates and money supply, right?

      2. It’s the Recovery Equinox!

      3. We are very rich as a society. That’s why 36% of the people do not have towork.

        1. Obama pays me not to work. He’s got my vote!

    1. I hear the sound of shit flying

      1. Are you my little Kansas fan who reads my blog from moning till night?

        1. Did you know that you are me?
          “655321” said so, so it must be true.

          1. Prisoner alex doesn’t have much to do

            1. It’s nice that they let the inmates use the internet. Helps with their rehabilitation. Take Episiarch. Please.

  3. “saying the country would carry out the agreement only “as long as talks proceed fruitfully.””

    Any bets that KJU is every bit as honest as Obama?

    1. This is probably a deal worked out to help Obama in the election.

      Isn’t this about the 5th time North Korea has said they would try harder and then 6-18 months later they start talking tough again. This schtick is getting really old but our politicians and media keep falling for it.

      I don’t really care if they get nukes or not as long as they don’t give them to terrorists. They may already have them although they are pretty backwards technologically.

      1. I’m in Korea right now.

        Although everyone is aware of NK’s tendency to lie, there is hope that KJong-Un is legitimately trying to open the country up.

        Could be true. Could be horseshit.

        Cautiously optimistic, am I.

  4. Davy Jones dead? He was hot shit back in the day. I remember my big sister and all her friends were in love with that guy.

    1. Was he found in his locker?

    2. It’s amazing how a group that was basically put together as a joke turned out to make some pretty catchy tunes.

      1. Unlike the pre-fab bands that came afterwards, they actually found some talent. I guess the producers didn’t get the memo.

    3. He looks like Andrea Tantaros. Over on Slate there is a picture where he could be her win, fraternal if not identical.

    4. But what does this mean for Captain Jack Sparrow?

  5. How to make psuedoephedrine from meth.

    I’m thinking of going into this business… I have plenty of buyers lined up. (Also, if you play it backwards…)

    1. Best synthesis ever.

    2. This might help as well (if played backwards).

      And please let me know when you’re in business. This allergy season is already kicking my ass.

  6. Although the Obama administration called the steps “important, if limited,” they nonetheless signaled that the country’s new leader, Kim Jong-un, is at least willing to engage with the United States, which pledged in exchange to ship tons of food aid to the isolated, impoverished nation.

    In other words, North Korea is going to feed our food to its military while continuing to enrich uranium and test its nuclear weapons.

    1. It’s win-win! Meanwhile, government propaganda will remind NK citizens how evil we are.

      1. Bags of rice and boxes of medicine marked US are merely tributes from the United States to honor the Great Successor.

    2. Even if true, I suspect the only reason they’d make the ‘concessions’ is because they ran into production problems. So long as they’re shut down anyway, might as well get something for it.

    3. Tons of food vs. a trillion dollar ground war launched by the Bushpigs?

      Tough decision — but Bush/GOP are demi-gods here. I keep forgetting that.

      1. Coming from the guy who bestows God status to his heroes.

        1. If John Bolton is ever again given a position of responsibility he should be shot point-blank in the head for the good of all.

          1. If John Bolton is ever again given a position of responsibility he shriek should be shot point-blank in the head for the good of all.

            There is usually a grain of truth in your posts, fixed this one for you.

          2. Most spoofers are easy to spot, you on the other hand are such a raving lunatic that the only thing that would tell me that it is a spoofer, is if you wrote something sane.

          3. even moustache czar?

      2. What fucking universe do you live in Demfag? I don’t think I’ve even seen the most right leaning people here support Bush.

        Rational my ass.

        1. The guy is not rational, he honestly believes the Christian Taliban is after him, then the keeps on accusing everyone here of being conspiracy nuts.

          1. They are not after me. They simply want to legislate morality for us all. Santorum agrees. Gingrich calls us secularists “anti-American”.

            Fuck them both. Fuck all Christo-fascist trash.

        2. You are certainly full of shit. Republicans are plentiful here – and I mean Newt Gingrich type assholes like ‘John’ and ‘Ken Shultz’ and ‘Mike M’.

          there are plenty more…

          1. Perhaps even worse, there are Team Blue fucks like you here.

          2. They don’t think that the Christian Taliban is after them. Nor do they call people “christfags”, you on the other hand are pure garbage,

            You keep on calling people rednecks and a whole bunch of other slurs, I can’t think of any person here that fits your redneck definition more than you.

            1. So I have a way with words? If the Democrats had balls they would sponsor someone like me on the radio.

              Believe me, I can run extemporaneous for hours.

              The fat stupid bitch Limpdick would piss herself. I am goddamn ruthless.

              1. Why not go ahead and do it yourself, you are a financial genius and therefore wealthy, you can pay for it yourself, you could become world famous.

                Or perhaps you are nothing but an insignificant little shit who is a genius in his own mind, the reason you can’t get ahead in life is because of the Taliban keeping you down I suppose ?

              2. shrike|2.29.12 @ 5:33PM|#
                “Believe me, I can run extemporaneous for hours.”

                Shriek, I’ve watched your blathering for years.
                If you were a tenth as good as your momma tells you, you still wouldn’t be worth pissing on.

              3. Air America awaits you.

                Oh, wait, they went tits up a couple of years ago. Maybe that should be a warning to you.

              4. The fat stupid bitch Limpdick would piss herself. I am goddamn ruthless.

                Stop stealing worthless nerd-bragging from reddit. Everyone knows you get the shit beat out of you daily.

        3. I’ve told this psycho at least twice before that Bush totally sucked, as if everyone here didn’t know that already.

          I’d tell him to just go fuck his own mother, but he’s too busy jerking off to his back issues of Playgirl.

          1. OK, I retract that statement. Seriously.

            I played golf at a high level. You put a 4 on the card you made a 4 unless proven otherwise.

            But there is a lot of abject hate on this site. What did the guy do to you? A mandate to buy health insurance you already buy?

            Is that the worst?

            Did he lie us into a war and kill 4400? Did he usher in a market collapse? Did he squander budget surpluses? Did he sit idle while terrorists killed 3000?

            C’mon? A little objectivity.

            1. Obama kept Gitmo open. He expanded Afghan. He followed Bush’s plan in Iraq (although the tried to stay longer) He wasted $1T on ‘stimulus’ for his buddies. He send billions to GM and Chrysler to save the unions pensions, screwing numerous shareholders. He bought thousands of used junkers with taxpayers money (Cash 4 Clunkers) He assassinated an American in Yemen. He provided cover to the Libyan rebels. He supported the Islamists in Egypt.

              But he took some kick-ass vacations and even sang a few times. Great.

            2. Obama made every bad thing Bush did “bi partisan” you crazy fucker. Now when President Romney tortures people, gets us into wars without going to congress, kills American citizens with drones no one on your side will be able to say shit because you let Obama do all of that and more.

              Just what the fuck did you hate about Bush? Deficits? Obama did those even bigger. Warrantless surveillance? Got that. Wars? Got that. Drone strikes? Got that? Killing American citizens without trial? Oh even Bush didn’t do that.

              You hate Bush because he had an R after his name. You fucking loved his policies. Don’t tell me you didn’t because Obama hasn’t changed a God damned thing. And shut the fuck up about Iraq. Obama followed Bush’s plan in Iraq. And he escalated Afghanistan. So it is a wash.

            3. shrike|2.29.12 @ 5:48PM|#
              “I played golf at a high level. You put a 4 on the card you made a 4 unless proven otherwise.”

              Put-Put! Put-Put! Put-Put Golf!
              Hey, that windmill hole is really tough, right?

            4. What did the guy do to you? A mandate to buy health insurance you already buy?

              Is that the worst?

              You make it sound like that’s a minor issue. I sure don’t think it is. While I think that the wasted trillion dollar stimulus, bailouts of his union buddies, green energy micromanagement of the economy, etc, are sufficient by themselves to put him in serious contention for worst president of my lifetime, this -I’m gonna tell you how to run your life- attitude of his is the thing that pisses me off the most. Even if Obamacare didn’t blatantly violate the Constitution, I’d oppose it. I’m an adult. I get to make my own decisions. What I don’t need is some Washington nanny trying to run my life.

              Did he squander budget surpluses?

              No, what he squandered was money. Trillions of dollars of it. The fact that there was already a surplus when he took over does not excuse that.

  7. “Continued improvement in the job market is likely to require stronger growth in final demand and production,” Bernanke told the House Financial Services Committee in his semiannual report to Congress on monetary policy.

    With pearls of wisdom like that, it’s no wonder he’s in charge of the entire economy.

    1. ^This^.
      It is a typical utterance from “the experts”. Have these people no shame?
      Oh, for a live televised debate among Bernanke, Geithner, Ron Paul, and Karl Denninger.

      1. I would prefer Peter Schiff over Denninger.

        1. But with Denninger, you’re more likely to get a spittle-flecked rant. And charts.

          I read his blog, don’t get me wrong. I disagree with him on some things, but when it comes to our leveraged economy, its unsustainability, and the inevitability of the crash of the welfare state, he’s got the goods, as far as I can tell.

    1. Re: rather,

      Heath care, and oil are two purchases we cannot live without

      You and what other oil-eater being, rather? As for healthcare, if all doctors were sent off in the third space ark, I would still be able to live to a ripe-old age.

      Just to tell you that such wrong premise compelled me to immediately leave your blog to run to the restroom. That’s the men’s restroom – you know, run by men?

      1. “People without health insurance have a 25 percent greater chance of dying prematurely than those with coverage, according to a new national study that offers a compelling argument for insuring all Americans.”


        Not even in our time can a man expect a normal life expectancy without medical intervention

        1. Life expectancy is an estimate, not a guarantee.

        2. Re: rather,

          “People without health insurance have a 25 percent greater chance of dying prematurely than those with coverage, according to a new national study that offers a compelling argument for insuring all Americans.”

          Oh, don’t tell me – and people with no car insurance are most likely to have car crashes, right?

          You don’t even consider the logic of the stuff to which you link, rather.

          Not even in our time can a man expect a normal life expectancy without medical intervention

          Really? So much for healthy lifestyles.

          Again, you’re not consudering the logic of what you’re posting.

          1. “the study showed that lack of health coverage has an impact on longevity comparable to other social factors such as poverty, unemployment and low educational level. Personal health factors such as smoking, drinking alcohol and being overweight reduced chances of a long life more dramatically.”

            1. So I guess we outlaw:
              and low educational level.
              That’ll fix it.

              1. No we acknowledge the obvious: a free market is not always the genesis for change

            2. Unless they controlled for everything properly, this could just be showing that poverty is associated with lower life expectancy. Some of this is genetic, but mostly environment. If you are poor you are less likely to have a job with healthcare and less likely to have the money to pay for healthcare on your own and more likely to smoke, drink to much, abuse drugs, live in squalor, etc. All of these things also correlate with lower life expectancy. Did they control for all of these in this study? If not, it is worthless.

                1. Cite that counterword

        3. People without golf carts are more likely to die from gunshot wounds. Thus we should provide free golf carts for all.

          I’d Rather not.

        4. People without health insurance have a 25 percent greater chance of dying prematurely than those with coverage,

          People without health insurance are also more likely to be from social/economic classes that have lower life expectancies, and more likely to have lifestyles that aren’t conducive to long, health lives.

          1. prejudicial much?

        5. Not sure you want to be quoting and article from 1993 that only interviewed people once for their study.


          1. “The National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy research organization, established in 1983. Our goal is to develop and promote private, free-market alternatives to government regulation and control, solving problems by relying on the strength of the competitive, entrepreneurial
            private sector.”


            1. “The National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) is a non-profit American conservative think tank[1] whose goals are to develop and promote private alternatives to government regulation and control. Topics addressed include reforms in health care, taxes, Social Security, welfare, education and environmental regulation.

              The NCPA was founded in February 1983[2] by British businessman Antony Fisher[3] together with Dallas businessmen Russell Perry (CEO of Republic Financial Services),[4] Wayne Calloway (CEO of Frito-Lay), John F. Stephens (CEO of Employers Insurance of Texas),[5] and Jere W. Thompson (CEO of the Southland Corporation).”

              This is more like it; they have what I’d call a truth/edit issue

              1. There are so many errors in that right wing think tank report, I can’t be bothered.

    2. Heath care, and oil are two purchases we cannot live without


      1. so, we can never have a free market

        1. So rather is an ignoramus.

          1. I sincerely hope you are twelve and time is still on your side

  8. Colorado-based Abound Solar announced this week it has been forced to lay off 180 of its 400 workers as it tries to retool to produce a more efficient type of solar panel in order to keep a technological edge on Chinese manufacturers who are flooding the market with less expensive models. Abound received approval in 2010 for a $400 million government loan.

    Am I the only one who sees the obvious solution here? Mandate that Detroit install American-made solar panels on every Volt by 2014.

    1. And American made fire extinguishers.

      1. As long as those extinguishers are solar powered.

    2. Flooding the market == shipping a hundred solar panels.

      1. Considering the size of the market for solar panels, shipping 100 of them probably would ‘flood the market.’

    3. Blizzard Entertainment is also cutting 600. I hear that’s global warming related.

    4. “”Am I the only one who sees the obvious solution here? Mandate that Detroit install American-made solar panels on every Volt by 2014.””

      More like mandate solar panels on homes that receive federal mortgage assistance.

      1. Now you’re talkin’!

      2. A solar panel on every roof, and a Volt in every driveway!

        1. And a fire department for every city block.

          1. Who else will keep the children from burning alive while they sleep? Certainly not tight-fisted conservatives.

  9. Will someone please think of Megan McArdle’s former classmates’ children!

    Almost as good as her pleas for TARP-passage to protect the jobs of her peers in 2008. Meagan explains how it is far more devastating for the well-heeled to cut back their children’s extracurricular activities than for poor people to be evicted and eat at soup kitchens.

    1. Hilarious. Apparently, when rich people overextend themselves, they really overextend themselves, so when the drop comes, its a long drop.

      You know, if you’re making a ton of money, maybe you should think for a minute that you won’t be making a ton of money every day for the rest of your life. And, if you want live in the short-term, don’t complain when the long-term gets here and you didn’t do a damn thing to get ready for it.

      See, also, ants v. grasshoppers.

      1. Some comments refer to those who fail to show appropriate sympathy to their grasshopper betters as “leftists”.

        Class warfare goes both ways.

    2. She has a point, in that all tragedy is relative to your baseline.

      That said, a more tone deaf article could not have been written by even Helen Keller.

    3. What made the TARP pleas extra good was that it was right after she railed against the auto bailouts. Ms. McArdle is all for the free market until it involves her friends from Wharton losing their jobs. Then someone needs to do something.

      Tone deaf is too weak of a term for McArdle.

      1. Maybe tone deaf isn’t the word for it. She seems to be doing well at The Atlantic. Maybe she’s catering to her audience.

        1. True.

          But Megan has no problems taking herself seriously. I really think she actually believes this stuff. She really thinks life as an over educated rich white girl is really tough. She is hysterically sheltered and provincial. But thinks she is worldly wise and street smart. This is a women who says she can’t spend the night in really isolated placed like the DC suburbs because it scares her to be out in the country. No kidding.

          1. I don’t believe that can possibly be true. Being that ignorant has to be an affectation.

  10. the administration’s excessive use of drone attacks undercuts one of its most laudable policies: a promising new post-9/11 approach to the use of lethal American force, one of multilateralism, transparency, and narrow focus.

    What policy? There were campaign promises, but never any policy in that regard. His actual policies have been even more warmongerish than Bush’s.

    1. No one can out Bush, Bush!

      You might tick some people off!

    2. According to shrike that’s unpossible cause all of us here just LOVED the bushmeister.

      1. I remember lots of Bush-cheering during those 8 warmongering years.

        1. shrike|2.29.12 @ 7:46PM|#
          “I remember lots of Bush-cheering during those 8 warmongering years.”

          Oh,m look, shriek remembers what he wants to!

  11. With a determination that has surprised many, Obama has embraced the CIA, expanded its powers, and approved more targeted killings than any modern president.

    What’s the surprise? Using CIA drones means Obama gets to wage war without having to deal with the military. It’s an American leftist’s dream.

    1. Timidi Droni mater non flet

    2. For an American leftist war is all about how many soldiers you lose on your side, if you lose none it is not war. That is what the Nobel prize is awarded for after all.

    3. “”Using CIA drones means Obama gets to wage war without having to deal with the military. It’s an American leftist’s dream.””

      It’s only a leftist’s dream if Obama is doing it to save the starving people from warlords.

    1. To be fair, so do most almost all others in the world as well.

      1. Yea, but the “racism is bad and we say we oppose racism so we’re right on this so we’re right on everything so it’s alright for us to indoctrinate at will” attitude is annoying.

    2. How is it indoctrination, if it’s by choice?

      1. Re: Pips,

        How is it indoctrination, if it’s by choice?

        Because if you don’t believe what we do, you will be harassed to the point of acquiescence

      2. Well, most people choose to join cults as well.

        1. Most people that join cults, that is.

    3. …when you raise a young person with one set of ideas, reinforce them via a faith community, and then send that young person far away from the community, to a place where they’re exposed to a lot of different ideas, they often change their beliefs.

      …if the typical American college was more like Hillsdale or Notre Dame or Bob Jones than Harvard in its value judgments, I cannot believe President Obama would be equally enthusiastic about subsidizing them.

      I have a solution. Public high school grades 13-16. Hear me out. It makes higher education mandatory, continues the public school indoctrination that the left loves so much, and allows students to remain at home for another four years of forced Sunday service attendance by the rightwing parents. Let the competing indoctrinations continue to fight it out.

    4. This was hilarious:

      Conservatives are always complaining about liberal college professors, but in my experience the average faculty member is attuned to keeping his or her beliefs and the ideas he or she teaches separate. Insofar as deliberate indoctrination goes on in higher education it almost always comes from staff, administrators and classmates.

      The professors are a lot more passive-aggressive about it. Sure, there’s a few that will make openly partisan/ culturally ignorant remarks, and they’re usually confined to the 101 courses. Most of the time, it consists of opening a topic for “discussion,” and letting the largely left-wing student body try to intimidate the few right-leaning students into silence, or simply throwing out a few off-hand dog whistles like “Rush Limbaugh” or “Fox News” to let the students know that dissent from their worldview will not be tolerated.

    5. “If I think back on residential life at Pomona College, my alma mater, I suppose Santorum would reject the deliberate effort to normalize homosexuality in the minds of students who’d never been around out gays and lesbians before, the distribution of free condoms and lube by campus health, the implicit embrace of non-procreative sex, the institutional support for affirmative action, the creation of race-based mentor groups, and the co-ed dorms, among other things”

      The Atlantic and its right-wing talking points again!

  12. I’m still pissed off about the shrinking candy bars.
    It’s an outrage!

    1. The market cannot possibly compensate for this outrage!

      Someone tell John to shit himself over this outrage!

      1. Say what you will about Asma al-Assad, at least she didn’t shrink the candy bars!

        1. AT least Shrike will pay attention to me. He is the only person on here crazier than I am.

          1. How sooooooon they forget!

          2. Oh spoofer, why can’t you quit me?

    1. “Mom, I can’t bear to go to school. Its boring and the teachers suck!”

      “Here honey, take some heroin. Its how I make it through my shitty life.”

      1. 35-five-year-old Shantel Parker

        Layers of editing. That’s what make journalism betterer!

        1. Heroin? Don’t mind if I do.

  13. Another green company faces financial troubles.

    Those that really love green

  14. Repeating my question from this morning, since I was so late on AM links: any of y’all know a good alternative to the now defunct Cheggit, if you used it? My bf is particularly annoyed with the poor “content discovery” options on other sites people have suggested to him…I know there must be some former Cheggit users here.

    1. Honestly, I have no clue what Cheggit is.

      1. It was a porn torrent tracker site thingy…and I know y’all aren’t all getting all your porn softcore from the Daily Mail these days! Thought H&R would be our best bet for help, sigh.

        Thanks everyone so far.

    2. I used to use Empornium for blogging material and obscure exploitation films but it closed down long before Cheggit.There is still a lot of material on public trackers.

    3. I can only conclude that you are the best girlfriend in the known universe.

      1. I will be sure to mention that to him

    4. If you have trouble finding porn on the Internet… well, shit, I don’t know what to tell you.

      1. “”well, shit, I don’t know what to tell you.””

        Stop looking for porn at work?

      2. He has been talking particular about how helpful their apparently extensive tagging system was…so you didn’t have to just go by some misspelled title and a couple crappy screen shots to tell what you were getting.

        1. Either you’re plugging something or you have zero problems and are resorting to complaining how your porn isn’t Web 2.0 enough.

          I suggest calling 979-848-4575 and registering a complaint.

          1. That is fucking awesome RHO. That is the best post ever.

    5. I was a cheggit user. Its demise was saddening. DCMA sucks…

      You are an awesome girlfriend though, for the record. My last gf had a huge issue with my porn watching, despite the fact that she was a voracious consumer of the lady porn paperbacks.



      are the two sites I moved on to…have to build my ratio again 🙁

      1. Thanks for those, and sorry for your last gf. Boo-urns!

  15. Oh, look. rectal and the greifer are back at the same time. What a fucking coincidence.

    1. I’m inevitable.
      Lie back and enjoy me.

  16. Bernanke: No recovery in sight.

    […] Fed policymakers expect the jobless rate “to continue to edge down only slowly” this year, Bernanke said. In January, the Fed projected the economy would grow 2.2% to 2.7% this year and unemployment would be 8.2% to 8.5% by year’s end.

    “No, gentlemen, we have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work. …I say after eight years of this Administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started.”

    U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau, Jr.

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Feds are borrowing and spending something like 7% of GDP (1.3T of 15T). So really, the economy is shrinking by only 4-5% this year. Hooray!

    2. Seriously, what a juggling act this absurd administration has to try to pull off here.

      On the one hand, Obama deserves to be reelected because the economy is starting to do great, on the other hand we need to keep destroying the dollar because the economy isn’t doing all that great.

      1. There is no “destroying the dollar” you moron! The dollar has gained strength since 2008! (up 10%)

        1. Against the Euro? The Yuan? The Yen? Gasoline? Sugar? Milk? Flour? Rice? Beef?

          What’s your reference point, crazy man?

          1. Obviously not against the tin foil hats that you morons wear.

  17. Bingo! Where’s my sweater?

  18. If Congress passes further stimulus, it must be balanced by a long-term deficit-reduction plan, he said. “You need to think about DO both of these things together,” he said.


  19. Where the candy bars at?

  20. Davy Jones passing was unexpected news today. I watched the Monkees TV show all the time when I was a kid.

  21. a promising new post-9/11 approach to the use of lethal American force, one of multilateralism, transparency, and narrow focus.

    Fuck multilateralism. And how does increasing drone strikes decrease transparency? As long as the government acknowledges it’s good.

    1. Hellfire missiles are laser guided. That counts as a narrow focus, no?



    My boss is not my doctor. My health care choices are none of my boss’s business — and none of yours, either.

    Seriously — what’s wrong with you guys?

    Al Franken

    Republicans want to put your boss in charge of your health care.

    Is your boss a doctor? Probably not. And even if your boss IS a doctor, do you really want your boss deciding what kind of health care you’re able to get?

    If Republicans get their way, you could be denied coverage for contraception or any other treatment your boss doesn’t feel like you should have.

    Don’t let Republicans turn your boss into your doctor — sign this petition now!


    1. This was from me. I rarely post here after work hours, but whoa. Just, whoa.

      1. Beautiful, just fucking beautiful.

    2. So, Al, the President is a doctor and we all want to have him in charge of our health care choices?

      One’s boss is only “in charge” of a person’s health care choices to the extent that you have invilved your employer in paying for your health care. If you buy health care independent of your employer, your boss has no say at all. Unfortunately, you cannot avoid the diktats Obama that easily, and Franken apparently has no problem with that and thinks that is the way the world should work.

      Liberal talking points have just become painfully stupid lately.

  23. SEVO:


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