Oscar Roundup 2012: In My Day, the Show Was Hosted By IRVING Crystal


In a gesture of solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, Angelina Jolie presented an award while wearing a Guy Fawkes mask.

For those of you who didn't stay up for all 48 hours of the ceremony, this year's Oscar for Best Picture went to The Artist, which I think is a Mel Brooks movie starring Marty Feldman and Dom DeLuise. Other winners included Christopher Lloyd Guest Plummer, for Beginners, and Meryl Streep, for The Iron Lady. In the evening's biggest disappointment, Streep did not accept her award by announcing "I AM IRON LADY" and blasting some Black Sabbath.

Hugo won five Oscars, and a guy named Oscar won five Hugos. In one of the documentary categories, an Iranian movie defeated a Holocaust movie, which is just the sort of scenario Rick Santorum has been warning us about. And Billy Crystal, who was originally slated to appear this year in the In Memoriam montage, instead did an almost lifelike turn as the program's host. The Academy hopes to replicate this success next year, when it exhumes Bob Hope.