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Hundreds of Ron Paul Supporters Occupy Cal. GOP Convention


The cloud of dread and hopelessness that has hung over the California Republican Party convention was blown away at noon today as Republican Ron Paul supporters stormed the Hyatt in Burlingame and raised the atrium with cheers of wild enthusiasm. 

The chicken looked good but the speeches sounded dull at a Newt Gingrich lunch for the California Republican Party.

The Paul rally briefly injected exuberance into a funereal convention being held by a failed and dying state party. Throughout the morning, Republicans had grumbled about the dim prospects for the party at the local, state and national levels. 

Though the state party leadership is trying to focus voters on one or two unifying issues in this vast state of 34 million people, local party officials note that the California Republican Party does not have the infrastructure to run a statewide campaign. Tim Holabird, a director for the Lassen County GOP, noted that his Republicans are facing far different issues  than those of Los Angeles and San Francisco or even the Central Valley (which is where the very faint voice of the California Republican Party can be heard best – usually complaining about the shortage of government-subsidized water). 

Nor has there been much optimism about candidates at the top of the ticket. Though one CAGOP staffer said all the presidential candidates had been invited, only Newt Gingrich accepted. During lunch today, Gingrich and failed presidential candidate Herman Cain both bombed as speakers, getting only sporadic applause, polite laughter, and a brief, unsuccessful attempt at a "Newt Newt Newt" chant. 

Plenty of room in the room for this long Newt Gingrich speech.

Gingrich's unfresh face had until this afternoon been the only emblem of the California GOP's dismal future. Convention attendees griped about the lack of young Republicans, the party's low voter registration, their own inability to loosen the Democrats' grip on every level of power, and the lack of enthusiasm generated by any of the party's candidates.  

Meanwhile, the party's hostility to freedom-oriented politics was best embodied by attendee Craig Newton, a retired prison guard on full pension who told this reporter he'd like to "punch" a Ron Paul supporter or a Democrat "in the face." 

That came to a ringing stop with the Ron Paul rally, which was the weekend's first sign of life. Paul supporters took over the main display area at the hotel, and crammed into balconies and stairways. 

Rick Williams, a West Hollywood candidate for Diane Feinstein's Senate seat, led chants of "End the Fed" and "Nobody But Paul," but the local libertarian movement was the real driving force behind the occupation, which was quickly dispersed by police and hotel security. 

Ron Paul Rally briefly energizes a deadly California Republican Convention.

Other conventioneers I spoke with disdained the Paul supporters. Several offered verbal support for the police as the Paul supporters were removed. But all acknowledged that this was the first evidence of true enthusiasm of the weekend. Although the regular conventioneers accused the Paul supporters of being outsiders, most of the ones I spoke with were registered Republicans and in some cases active party members. Marcus Negron, a Santa Cruz GOP central committee member, claimed to have worked for the Republican Party for 20 years, and Williams is a registered candidate in the Senate primary. (He is not the party favorite; that title belongs to Elizabeth Emken, whom the state GOP considers its best weapon against the formidable DiFi.)

After about half an hour, police removed the Paul supporters to the front of the hotel. There, under the leadership of San Francisco Libertarian Starchild, a remnant of Paul fans marched to the 101 Freeway. Paul supporters will be holding events throughout the convention.

NEXT: Scent of Death, Gingrich at California GOP Convention

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  2. Your photos, Tim? You’re really shitty with a camera.

    1. Short people make better photographers. An 11 year old is going to get better angles and have smaller, camera sized fingers. Tim should bring one along with him to shoot photos.

    1. Which car rental company are you, National?

      1. Aren’t they all in third?

  3. It’s 2.25.12 @ 5:38PM.

    Any guesses at when this thread will get crapped on?

    Inb4 “you just did”.

    1. 2.25.12 @ 8:46PM

      Who had 8:46? You win the pool.

  4. The neocons want the Ron Paul supporters removed, yet wonder why they don’t attract the youth, educated and enthusiastic? The Republican dinosaur party needs to change or become extinct. This is an important year for defining the Republican future.

    1. I’d be annoyed too if they came in like that. You want to be a force in the GOP? Take it over according to their own rules.

      1. Yeah, let’s get behind guys like Criag Newton, the retired prison guard on full pension who wants to punch RP supporters.

        Just what the GOP needs, more support from parasites like prison guards.

        1. Is he for hire?

          1. Maybe we could split the fee?

          2. Team Blue|2.25.12 @ 6:30PM|#
            “Is he for hire?”

            Are you crazy? He’s on full government pension! Why should he work?

        2. he’d like to “punch” a Ron Paul supporter or a Democrat “in the face.”

          So? I see the same lame threats posted here daily (usually directed at cops or politicians) by one or more of the lifer commentariat (paging “sarcasmic”). This place is as violent (rhetorically) a chat room as any I’ve seen.

          1. You must be one of those slavers who think that violence is a one way street.

            The prison guard is supposed to be a “peace officer”; he is not supposed to be possessed of a pugilistic, violent, shoot first mindset.

            The peace officer has a duty to do everything in his power to resist the urge to get physical and to see to it that he never initiates violence upon others.

            1. You must be one of those slavers

              Oh yes, I’m a “slaver.” Libertarian vocabulary is becoming as fossilized at its so-called philosophy.

              The prison guard is supposed to be a “peace officer”

              Actually, he was a retired prison guard at a Republican convention, exercising his freedom of speech (just like you), and he didn’t punch anyone. He simply expressed a idle desire to punch an enemy–he was blowing off steam–just as “libertarians” here do every day.

              he is not supposed to be possessed of a pugilistic, violent, shoot first mindset

              Belligerent speech is now a “pugilistic” and “shoot first” “mindset”? Does that go for “libertarians” too?

              1. The Right Attitude|7.29.11 @ 8:20AM
                Whenever I open a paper and a cop somewhere has been shot, I cheer inside.

                varados|8.1.11 @ 5:21PM
                In a different age, and in a different part of the world, the individual policemen, their wives, children and assorted relatives would have been hacked to death, dismembered, and dragged to a promontory by this man’s family, where wolves and vultures would have performed a clean up. What a shame we don’t live in that age.

                Artagnan|8.1.11 @ 8:57PM
                I hope that upon conviction they too are beaten within inches of death.

                Todd Junker|8.2.11 @ 9:49AM
                Execute these thug pig cops NOW. Any police personnel or politician public servant whom betrays the sacred trust of We The People should be executed on national television with extreme prejudice.

                Restoras|8.2.11 @ 11:01AM
                Eye for an eye – they should be beaten to death with their own flashlights.

                1. I take it all back. After consulting my handy pocket-Constitution (thanks, CATO Institute!) I see I have erred, to wit:

                  Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, unless you are a retired prison guard.

                  My bad!

              2. ….I thought all retired prison guards would be Democrats. After all they owe to Gray Davis, Arnold and Jerry Brown.

                And yes, Arnie is a DemoRepublicrat.

          2. Shorter Yup:

            Worst chatroom ever!

            1. What’s yur sign? I’m an Aries.

          3. This place is as violent (rhetorically) a chat room as any I’ve seen.

            Self admitted pussy fears freedom.

            1. Why did he mention sarcasmic and not me?

              According to the libertarian supercop who pollutes the threads regularly, I’ve more hate in me than Emperor Palpatine.

              1. I thought it was that you had more hat on you than Emperor Pimpintine.

                1. Now I know how Susan Lucci feels.

      2. Sorry, Robert, but the world doesn’t come with a set of rules. The closest thing is whatever everyone agrees to at that time. I think coercion should be low on the list.

        1. The world doesn’t have rules, but organiz’ns do, sometimes augmented by law, in this case state election law. I’m part of a group that took over a county party in NY 30 yrs. ago. The 1st attempt was rebuffed by those who were in knocking out a lot of candidates via the election law and prescribed proceedings, the 2nd attempt succeeded, and we’ve been in ever since. (Same thing’s under way with libertarian Republicans in Fla. who were similarly knocked out at the state level once.) Why can’t the RLOVEUTION people do likewise?

          The world didn’t “come with” the present leadership of the political parties either. How do you think they got to be where they are? Whatever they can do, you can do; it’s not like they were superhuman.

          1. The problem is that the GOP doesn’t follow its own rules when it appears that Ron Paul folks might get an advantage. Look at the 2008 Nevada convention for an idea of how the party apparatchiks play Calvinball.

            1. Yea you pretty much just summed it up, I mean look at Iowa, Nevada, and Maine when the straw polls didnt work out in the leadership’s favorite candidate.

            2. So? How did the apparatchiks get to be the apparatchiks? They have elections, don’t they?

              1. “If you don’t like the fact that they rig the party leadership elections, just beat them in the party leadership elections.”

                1. If you have to “rig” the election, then be the one who rigs it. None of these people have some magic that only they can do. They all started out just like you.

          2. Whatever they can do, you can do; it’s not like they were superhuman.

            No, but the current leadership in all likelihood had the approval of the previous leadership. The changes in the parties have been fairly incremental for decades, and if you go back to the last era of paradigm shifts you’re also going back before the era of ballot access laws.

            1. So get the approval of the previous leadership, or beat them in a proxy fight.

          3. Who wasn’t following the rules? The Ron Paul march through the convention area was not the first, the hired college kids for Emken did it first, though they were a bit anemic.

            The event was coordinated by the Republican Liberty Caucus, who are all registered Libertarians, and who boasts numerous central committee members throughout the state. At the last convention Ron Paul was introduced by national committeeman Shawn Steel. Today we also had a liberty candidate forum, and Tom Del Bacarro (state GOP chair) asked for a couple of minutes to address the crowd.

            WE ARE FOLLOWING THE RULES! There is of course push back because the lords want to keep their cushy fiefdoms, but we are not being sneaky with our methods.

            1. You mean you have to register to be a libertarian? OUCH!

              1. <re-reads his commment>


      3. You want to be a force in the GOP? Take it over according to their own rules.

        Good point, but the Paul people have tried that in the past (the 2008 Nevada convention is a prime example) only to see the party leaders change the rules using underhanded tactics.

        For all their moaning about not having new people coming into the party, it’s a clear case of “Big fish in small pond > small fish in big pond”. They’re not looking for new leaders and new ideas, they’re looking for butts to fill seats, mouths to phone bank, voters to vote as they’re told to, and then shut the hell up.

        1. So be the party leaders. You write as if there were a caste system determined by genetics. Have you ever asked any of these people how they got their positions? Don’t any of them ever talk to children, etc. to encourage them to become the next generation of whatever it is they do?

          If the party leaders change the rules using underhanded tactics, I’m sure there are rules on how to use underhanded tactics. Easy to complain of being cheated when you lose, but I think those are just sour grapes.

          I wrote downthread about how they used underhanded tactics against us on our 1st attempt. So our leader became knowledgeable about underhanded tactics so we could use them too, and succeeded on the 2nd attempt 2 yrs. later. You want to win, you gotta learn how to play the game.

        2. wow, tulpa full-out speaking sense today

      4. Actually we ARE taking over and they don’t like that either. They have been changing the rules mid-stream to try and screw Ron Paul supporters. In any case if he does not get the nomination and win the presidency a few things are certain.

        #1) Full collapse of the dollar. The GOP and DEMS will be in for a big surprise when this happens and the poor and middle class rise up. Think Greece in the U.S.

        #2)Luckily we have the NDAA, The Patriot Act, HR 347 and Predator drones patrolling the U.S. to keep us safe from this LOL.

        #3) China or Russia decide that they have had enough and invade our weakened country. Nobody intervenes to help us because we have pissed on most of the world with our foreign policy.

        #4)America ceases to exist as we know it.

    2. Old guard Californian republican ponders the one message that can energize his party..

      If only those Ron Paul supporters would shut up with their message of liberty he could come up with one.

      So very sad.

    3. We were NEVER removed by the police or hotel staff. Ron Paul had a table at this event, and the liberty rally was happening in the same hotel. This is an outright lie.

      1. You are right. The police did show up, but they were just there to make sure nothing got out of hand. Nothing did. The marchers voluntarily moved outside.

        1. I was there too. We left on our own.

    4. Republican mammoth party would be better.

  5. The republicrats are two sides of the same coin. Neither party has your interests at heart.

    1. Now this is change we can believe in:

      1. Is that Obama’s new ad?

    2. EXACTLY! right on, man… 2 parties so you can think black and white and can be more easily marketed to

  6. Great article! It really shows that Ron Paul is the only candidate with real support, I have noticed this all around the country. He has really been gaining steam! Ron Paul 2012!

  7. Sorry, this cult of personality makes me as uneasy as the Obama cult. When they start chanting something about smaller government instead of just some guy’s name, then I’ll be impressed.

    1. Chanting impresses you? Why so uneasy with the “Obama cult” then?

    2. Cries of “Hope!” and “Change!” don’t get you fired up?

    3. “End the Fed” doesn’t qualify?

      1. Nope. Fed-bashing isn’t at the top of my list of things that need to be done in Washington.

        1. If you don’t think ending the Fed is important, you don’t know much about economics or brainwashed by school.

          1. Given the degree of difficulty involved, I think it’s quite sensible to put drastic monetary reform (like ending the Fed) low on one’s priorities.

            1. Turning off the printing presses isn’t hard at all.

            2. The Federal Reserve was created with the stroke of a Presidential pen. It can be destroyed the same way.

          2. Ending the Fed, or the particular bankers privileged over any other currency, is completely unimportant. What’s needed is to end their privilege; it’s possible that that’s what you meant. Repeal the legal tender laws, and then the question of what a “dollar” (or other unit of currency) is becomes a fact subject to customary law.

        2. They aren’t chanting the RIGHT things about smaller government. There’s only one way to shrink the govt.

          Sheesh, you guys!

          1. please do some in depth research on the FED.

    4. The candidate’s name is a proxy for the candidate’s platform. I can’t believe anyone would call this a “cult of personality” as if an awkward septuagenarian in a baggy suit was some sort of iconic inspiration in and of his self. It’s about the ideas.

      But by all means if you have a catchy chant that incorporates all the things Ron Paul stands for but doesn’t say “Ron Paul” we’d be happy to hear it.

      1. Fuck off, slavers!!.. not to you, as a slogan.

        1. It’s catchy.

      2. It’s not like LaRouche, true, but libertarian activists have been used to impersonal formulations. Whether attaching particular significance to the man is good or bad I’m not sure, but if it makes libertarian agitators seem a little more concrete and less geeky, that’s probably more good than bad.

      3. TANSTAAFL!

          1. But how do you pronounce it?

      4. “…as if an awkward septuagenarian in a baggy suit was some sort of iconic inspiration in and of his self.”

        Can someone please get Ron Paul a well-fitting suit? For the love of pete, he looks like he’s wearing someone else’s clothes. I realize people only care about a candidate’s wardrobe when it’s a woman, but the man looks ridiculous. He doesn’t have to wear something trendy, just something his size.

        1. He should get Barry’s tailor. Those are real suits. Even BushieBoy had some nice ones.

          1. Then again it’s what’s in the suit that counts.

            1. Of course, but appearance matters too. Marginal voters care about that kind of shit. Every little bit helps.

    5. Excuse me, Professional Critic, but did you just get paid to write that? Ok, now everybody: “small-er-go-ver-ment” “small-er-gov-er-ment” “end-the-fed” “Steve-Jobs-not-gov’ment-jobs” “Ron Paul’s mess-age” “2-4-6-8-what-do-we-appreciate? Professional Critics!” Yehhhhh.

      1. There’s an ‘n’ in Gov-ern-ment.

    6. This is a paid troll or someone repeating talking points for free (even more lame). I called out a troll on Twitter today who was saying the Paul movement was a “cult of personality” and that he was a “messiah.” This is propaganda.

      The reality is that Paul as a personality is awkward, poorly dressed, an average speaker, and kind of a nerd – who nonetheless has consistently stood for clear, rational principles of government and sound money. This is the farthest thing from a personality driven movement, it’s about principles, ideas and philosophy, the torchbearer happens to be Paul.

      The irony is that Mitt Romney has the true cult of personality. How many people who support Romney say its because of his principles? None. They’re attracted to his personality, e.g. he’s a businessman, he ran the Olympics, he looks Presidential, etc.

      Truly Orwellian Propaganda.

      1. Romney a cult of personality? WTF? His biggest knock is NOT showing much personality, which is just fine by me. I like that he seems capable and efficient, able to face fiscal problems and resolve them. The proof of his acumen comes in the respect he shows Paul. Unlike the rest of the GOP, MR is not tossing Paul aside; he appears to like him and seems at least willing to give the Congressman’s ideas a fair hearing.

        1. Romney, like Obama, is the cult of personal good looks, with whatever policies you like. Unfocused, cloudy messages and lots of teeth, nice hair.

        2. A lot of politics is personality in one sense or another. It’s no coincidence that although we don’t have a formally hereditary form of gov’t, people like Romney are children of other people who were themselves prominent politicians. The name carries a certain weight.

      2. I’d be happy if I felt Paul was worthy of all the attention. As a man of ideas, I think he’s great, and I love him in the Congress. But to my mind, he lacks the temperament to be President.

        But I’m not an anarchist like most here. I just want a balanced budget and an axe taken to the spending.

        1. And just who on the national scene is going to shrink the budget other than Ron Paul??? No one. They are all big-govt, ward-healers.

      3. Don’t feed trolls. They thrive on it LOL

    7. Sorry, this cult of personality makes me as uneasy as the Obama cult. When they start chanting something about smaller government instead of just some guy’s name, then I’ll be impressed.

      I’ve had the same uneasiness. A lot of Ron Paul fans love him a lot more than love or even understand his message. It’s been detrimental. Gary Johnson would do much better in the general election.

      1. I think RP’s fans can sometimes go overboard and not see the forest for the trees, but comparing the rLOVEution to the Obama cult is insane. He’s a wrinkly old white man who sounds like Barney Fife and probably doesn’t smell too good either….not comparable to Barack the Leg Thriller.

        1. A cult isn’t so much about the man on top as it is defined by the people in the cult-but you’re still right. Certainly a huge difference can be found in the quality of intelligentsia/’upper men’ attracted to each. Leg Thriller indeed.

        2. You know, they do wash up now after delivering the baby.

          1. need a medical license to do that too, which you will never get.. or anything of equal or close caliber, for that matter.

    8. Sorry, this cult of personality makes me as uneasy as the Obama cult. When they start chanting something about smaller government instead of just some guy’s name, then I’ll be impressed.

      Oh I see. You’d be more impressed by a mob that had no leader. You’d be more impressed by people who just wish there was a leader somewhere, somehow, that will listen to their chants, take them seriously, and act on them.

      Would it impress you more if they were all just praying out loud together? “Oh Lord, deliver us from the evils of Big Government…..”

      No wait, then there’d be this “Lord” cult of personality thing going on. We can’t have any people (or people-like things) involved, gotta be utterly dis-embodied to impress you.

      Sorry, this pipe dream bullshit makes me uneasy. I’ll be much more impressed when you’ve finally gotten a grip on reality.

      1. I’d like to see more evidence of love for small government rather than just a love for Ron Paul.

    9. Well, the name thing goes on with all candidates. I guess you’ll never be impressed.

    10. Oh God, now I’m going to be up all night thinking of ways of impress you. Damn, I really wanted to get a full night’s sleep too. GFY

  8. “hostility to freedom oriented politics was best embodied by attendee Craig Newton, a retired prison guard on full pension.”

    What a loser.

    GOP cognitive dissonance.

    1. There is no upside to molly coddling people like Craig Newton – the GOP would be far better off ostracizing prison guards on full pension who want to punch RP supporters.

      No room for tax feeders.

      1. I somehow read that name to be Craig Newmark (craigslist), another freedom-oriented-politics-challenged Craig. (Big Fat Billionaire Obama Donor)

    2. How can you say he’s a loser? He clearly won, and the rest of us lost.

      1. If you can’t hack it in the private sector, that is usually a pretty good clue.

        Who the hell “aspires” to wear a badge and tote a gun?

        Not the best and the brightest nor those who can operate upon a peaceful, non-coercive basis.

        1. Somebody’s got to do it. It’s a job like any other; gov’t needs people like private employers. At one time Reason had pro-privatiz’n stuff re prisons, but lately they’ve noticed there could be a problem there.

          Most people think badge and gun signs of prestige and responsibility. Granted, it doesn’t look as glamorous to adults as to kids, but still a position that commands respect, and in this case, prison guard, it’s a job that most people would not be willing to do because it’s depressing and dangerous. It’s volunteering to go to jail and spend a large part of one’s life there.

          It doesn’t require the best and the brightest, but neither do the great majority of jobs. Superlatives have meaning.

          However, because of politics, the cost of their labor has been bid up, and the union boss represents the winners who have extracted from us more money than the job probably should command.

  9. Ron Paul drew bigger crowds in Idaho than Mitt romney, santorum and gingrich. His message was well recieved. Ron Paul draws money from average peole, while Mitt, santorum, and gingrich only attract the very wealthy to their campaign stops. Ron Paul will win Idaho, no doubt there. What other states will go to him?

    1. Ron Paul will win Idaho, no doubt there.

      “Doubt” does not mean what you think it means. Idaho is the second most LDS state, and Republican LDS voters are about 90% behind Romney.

      1. From the LDSChurchNews website, on Idaho:

        “Jan. 1, 2009: Est. population, 1,524,000; Members, 406,764; Stakes, 119; Wards 958; Branches, 105; Missions, 2; Temples, 4; Percent LDS, 27, or one in 4.”

        Romney’s campaign would have to spectacularly implode to lose Idaho.

        1. I’m a member of the actual LDS church, not to be confused with the people who left the church to form other churches using the same name, and I’m voting for Ron Paul. Just because someone is LDS doesn’t mean they’re going to vote for someone who is LDS. “The Book of Mormon” preaches several times that war is bad and the only time someone should go to war is in defense. I do not remember every war story in the book, but the wars I remember in “The Book of Mormon” were never fought in “preemptive defense”.

          1. The Nephites at the end of the Book became the aggressors which ultimately led them to their own destruction (America today?). You are absolutely right, war should always be in defense. I’m a Mormon- and I’m voting for Ron Paul.

        2. I have heard from an ex-girlfriend whose family is in Idaho that LDSers in Idaho are pulling for Paul.

          1. My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night said the Mormons were all gonna vote for Ron Paul. I guess it’s pretty serious.

            1. More LSD! Timothy Leary for Secy of the Navy!

              LDS?? …. OH, never mind.

            2. No, they’re voting for Pedro.

              1. If you vote for me, all of your wildest dreams will come true.

                1. Get your own line, kid.

      2. Did you miss the ReasonTV H&R feature on Mormons for Ron Paul. It’s probably going to be more like 55% Romney, 40% Paul, 2.5% Santorum, and 2.5% Gingrich in the LDS electorate

        1. Questions deserve question marks. I feel great shame for giving a sentence such a slight.

  10. it’s a short slide from “End The Fed” to “Kill the Jews” which is what Paul supporters will be chanting when he doesn’t win the nomination. Barbarians. Thank you Burlingame PD! I hope next time they use pepper spay and tasers on the RP version of the infamous brown shirts.

    1. I see that you have already completed the slide.

    2. Sorry, Mike, but you need help. It’s no wonder that the old Republican Party has started wars all over the world instead of encouraging free trade and good relationships. It will be a pleasure to watch you GOP fossils beg for a speaking position in the 2016 RP FREEDOM Convention.

    3. “I hope next time they use pepper spay and tasers on the RP version of the infamous brown shirts.”

      50 unintentional-irony points awarded for that statement. If person A is using violence to silence person B, the “brown shirt” is not person B.

      1. So how eles do you deal with neo-nazi’s and their sympathizers? By giving them flowers and asking them to behave like civilized human beings? BS!

        1. nice going, mike. You sound like the typical Dem, offering up scare words and not much else. No one says ‘kill the jews’ but a lot of folks have noticed that their defense system is pretty stout; they do not appear to need ours as much more than a psychological backup. Yes, I am sure if Israel were attacked, the US would help but the Arab basket bases have fared poorly thus far.

          1. “No one says ‘kill ..”
            Pauls’ biggest supporters the neo-Nazi groups and the KKK do.Stormfront has direct links to his fundraising apparatus and has been promoting his campaign for months. The owner told the NY Times in December that he has several dozen members working on Ron Paul’s campaign. Paul has yet to challenge the claim.

            1. so libertarians are the new Aryan nation? Really? Maybe Paul is not challenging the “claim” because it is laughable on its face. And no one takes the Klan seriously anymore. Face it – your state is screwed, largely by self-inflicted wounds. You don’t want Paul’s folks? Fine. Good luck with Noot and Ricky from PA.

            2. “The owner told the NY Times in December that he has several dozen members working on Ron Paul’s campaign. Paul has yet to challenge the claim.”

              Yep, and he has yet to tell us when he stopped beating his wife!

            3. Mike, I think someone needs to do a little research. I believe you’re confused.

              Yon cannot get farther away from racist than libertarian.

            4. The real anti-Semites are those bastards in DC who are holding the Israelis back from meting out some real justice.

            5. Mike, The ONLY candidate who wants to get OUT of Israel’s way, so they can defend themselves the way the want, is Ron Paul. Netanyahu specifically said to the U.S. about 6 months ago: “We don’t need your troops, we protect ourselves.”…. We don’t need your democracy, we’ve already got it”, We don’t need you to rebuild us, we are already built”. So tell me Mike… if the Prime Minister of Israel publicly tells the U.S. these things, why in the fuck don’t we listen to him? Obama, nor any of the Republican candidates can let go of control long enough to let Israel make it’s own decisions. Israel is far from being able to defend themselves, and they aren’t a poor nation either. It’s time for us to get out of their way, and let them handle their business.

              1. correction: far from “not” being able to defend themselves.

            6. If we’re counting support based on money, RP’s biggest supporters are actually active duty military members I think.

            7. Yeah, you can continue with this chickenshit crap and you are free to vote to reelect the Killer Of Africans and Asians Barack H Obombster.

              1. are you maxipad’s little brother?

          2. What do you mean by “biggest”? They’re certainly not the most numerous.

        2. mike|2.25.12 @ 7:10PM|#
          “So how eles do you deal with neo-nazi’s and their sympathizers?”

          Dunno, mike. Why are you asking?

    4. mike|2.25.12 @ 6:43PM|#
      “it’s a short slide from “End The Fed” to “Kill the Jews””

      Is this reverse-godwinning? Or just stupidity?

    5. Mike, you’re a fucking retard

  11. Our 2 hour Beep-n-Wave rally got twice as many beeps and thumbs-up today AND the older drivers are starting to learn where their horn is located! We had a great time in the blowing snow.

  12. Do Ron Paul supporters goose step and give the fascist salute, or are they waiting for the balance of forces to shift?

    1. The inside secret is that us Paulbots are actually aliens trying to collect as many soft brain humanoids into one spot, so that we can take them over. Our fearless leader has rented a large building somewhere in Tampa, Florida in August and he has instructed us to herd the “soft-brains” in that direction. Please reply with more proof.

      1. Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos!

        1. Lol! I thought of this quote after reading Erick Erickson’s SMOD endorsement.

    2. For now they do so in the privacy of their own homes while posting how much they love dear leader on websites like A3P and Stormfront. But give them a few weeks…

      1. mike|2.25.12 @ 7:02PM|#
        “For now they do so in the privacy of their own homes…”

        mike, meet max. You two ignoramuses have a lot in common.

        1. We’re just one guy. I take different names to fool you guys.

    3. Ron Paul has never harmed a black person or other minority person. You can go to the polls and vote for the documented Killer of innocent African and Asian children, Barack YurLider 0-BOMB-ster. that will give you a good psychic thrill.

  13. California and all these blue states need to embrace the Ron Paul supporters in the worst way. They are the future of the party period.

    1. Sorry California is a multicultural state. RP’s white nationalist rhetoric (he says he would have voted against the Civil Rights Act and the South was on the right side of the Civil War)is not going to be embraced by many.

      1. Multiculturists can be shallow and simplistic like that, i grant you.

        1. keep it on Stormfront.

          1. that’s why they keep reelecting plundering military interventionists like Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein.

      2. mike,
        you are as dishonest as the talk show folks who purposely misrepresent Paul. Re: CRA, he says govt should not be allowed to dictate whom you have as customers. If your business is stupid enough to openly discriminate, then it is stupid enough to be put out of business by people who want no association with its kind.

        By the way, CA is ample evidence of how multi-culti DOES NOT work. Sure, it makes for fine street festivals and the like, but at some point, nations depend on common language and common customs and common laws to get things done.

        1. The problem with Dear Leader’s claim re CRA is that the foundation of the Civil Rights Movement was based on boycotts. The Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Woolsworths Boycott et. et. So Paul’s solution is either based in ignorance of history or most likely revisionist history.

          1. nope…boycotts, at least of the bus system, proved effective and actually put the lie to the idea of “you gotta have a law” for everything. Transit changed its ways because it needed the revenue.

            All of which is beside the point. The Repubs have no voice in CA and the state is going to shit; those two facts may not correlate, but Dem-only rule is not working for you. When Cinco do Mayo becomes bigger than July 4th, tell me how well things are going there.

            1. Keep it on stormfront krypto Nazi.

              1. you have the state you deserve. Congratulations. Sorry if the rest of us want no part of it.

              2. mike|2.25.12 @ 7:54PM|#
                “Keep it on stormfront krypto Nazi.”

                Oh! Oh! Look!
                Our latest troll can accuse people of being Nazis!
                How original!

                1. Mike is secretly a nazi who is trying to accuse Ron Paul of being a neo-nazi so he can infiltrate the republican party and kill Rick Santorum. With future president Rick Santorum’s body, he will resurrect el fuhrer Amy Whinehouse and turn the United States of America into New Germany. It’s totally true, Mike told me himself.

                  1. CA can go to hell. Just don’t send us the bill.

                  2. he told me the same thing that scumbag!! he told me that in nazi germany hitler made no secret of his wanting toget rid of freedom,HE WAS ELECTED FOR IT BY THE PEOPLE AND IT LED THE WORLD TO MADNESS!!
                    then mike said thats why he wants obama to win again he dosen’t like freedom, I KNOW ALOT OF MEHECAN’S AND THERE ALL VOTING RON PAUL because they came here for freedom and obamas turning us into stalinistic russia and MIKE LOVES THAT IDEA HE EVEN SHOWED ME A PAMFLET HE WROTE


                    2. Let me be clear. Math is hard.

      3. The CRA was good in its demand that state and local governments stop discriminating against blacks, but terrible in its commandeering of private property. In typical government fashion, it did too much.


        Interesting. A white nationalist with Hispanic, Catholic, Greek-American, and Jewish support groups.


      5. Check out Ron Paul’s coalitions. Hispanics, Catholics, Protestants, Greek-Americans, Jews, and Mormons.


        1. Great clip… check this one out.

          1. No, it’s much easier to bolster a fake argument by pulling the race card.

      6. Way to malinterpret the arguments, lots of straw men thrown out there.

      7. Mike I live in California. I used to be a die hard Republican. I am voting for Ron Paul, as well as MANY others here in our state. Like it or not, there are MANY disenfranchised former Obama supporters here, who are now supporting Ron Paul because of his support of INDIVIDUAL rights, as well as his vehement disagreement with how the court system preys on minorities with regard to stiffer sentences… predominantly blacks. The only candidate who can beat Obama is Ron Paul. Get used to the fact that people are starting to wake up to the truth. Oh and please do yourself a favor and stop listening to the mainstream media… especially if you want FACTUAL data/information. Otherwise, you’ll continue making yourself look ignorant with these posts of regurgitated mainstream media spins

  14. Republicans deserve everything they have coming (or not coming).

  15. The GOP in California is so lost, when enthusiastic supporters of a GOP candidate show up, they call the cops to have them thrown out?

    The state GOP should be staying up late every night trying to think up new and better ways to get enthusiastic young voters into their convention, but nooooOOOOOOoooo.

    That’s like finding a winning lottery ticket on the ground and using it to blow your nose.

    1. Being enthusiastic does not include cramming into balconies and stairways and blocking access to staff and guests and otherwise creating a disruptive atmosphere. Total lack of class by Paul supporters.

      1. Oh for Pete’s sake!

        I want to change my analogy.

        It’s like a pizza delivery truck burst into a room full of starving people–and all the starving people say they’d rather starve to death than eat pizza.

        The GOP is DYING in California for lack of support. If you’ve got people wanting to cram into your convention? I hate to be the one to tell you now, but that’s a good thing.

        1. Not a good analogy overall, although the truck bursting into the room is a fair analog for disruption. It would be a good analogy if instead of pizza, it was full of something the delivery people said was a type of food, but was not recognizable as such to the occupants of the room.

        2. Not a good analogy, although the part about a truck bursting into a room is a good analog to this type of disruption. It would be a good analogy if instead of pizza, the truck was full of material the delivery people said was edible, but that the occupants of the room did not recognize as food.

          1. “the truck was full of material the delivery people said was edible, but that the occupants of the room did not recognize as food.”

            Yeah, it’s true. Paul really isn’t handing out the so-con intolerance, nor the rent-seeking that the RINOs in CA find acceptable.
            Shame on him for not offering the tired, old pap.

            1. And the GOP and conservatives aren’t into the notion of legalizing heroin and having a blame america foreign policy. Apart from these two issues, you might actually have a candidate that many on the right will support. Although probably still not the types that would attend a GOP convention.

          2. It would be a good analogy if instead of pizza, the truck was full of material the delivery people said was edible, but that the occupants of the room did not recognize as food.

            Here’s the problem with that analogy.

            Ron Paul’s the closest thing the GOP has to Ronald Reagan.

            There, I said it.

            I’m not a Paul supporter. But if the California GOP dumped everything else they got and went full blast for Ron Paul? Maybe in a couple of election cycles, the GOP might start being relevant in California again.

            Really, the GOP hasn’t been relevant in California since Pete Wilson was governor. If you have some better plan for revitalizing the GOP in California, I’d love to hear it.

            1. The GOP needs to win a challenge to our “Top Two” (Louisiana-style) primary system, or perish along with the third-parties. Under present election law in California, a voter in the primary will be able, for any given partisan office, to choose any candidate from any party (including independents), but only the top-two vote-getters will advance to the general election in November. In most parts of the State, that could easily mean that millions of November’s voters will see only two DEMOCRATS on the ballot for their local and state partisan offices, with no write-ins allowed.

              1. I didn’t realize how bad it was.

                And the GOP is always laughing at libertarians for being irrelevant!

                I suppose that’s one difference between libertarians and the GOP in California. Libertarians sometimes worry about being irrelevant, but the California GOP insists on being irrelevant.

                LOL. I crack myself up sometimes!

                And speaking of relevant…


                1. And of course that’s because the Republicans were already ineffectual. They kept fielding weak candidates, so reformers got this runoff system enacted to produce more competitive general elections. If the 2 strongest candidates are both from the same party, the thinking went, serves the other party right for not putting up a competitive candidate.

                  Still, there will be elections. If it winds up that you have to be a Democrat to be competitive, then so be it. What difference does the label mean, ultimately?

            2. How do you think they reacted to Reagan for years?

              There are always plenty of Reagans and Pauls around, but very few of them ever get to be “Ronald Reagan” — or even to be Congressman Ron Paul, for that matter! It’s not as if success of this kind is likely for any of them.

      2. mike,
        has it dawned on you that if there is some bad behavior, perhaps it has some roots in the attitude of the rest of the GOP toward Paul? Noot and Ricky from PA, and their henchmen in talk media and Fox, regularly and routinely belittle Paul as some outlier, the proverbial crazy uncle.

        A lot of us on the right have zero use for the would-be moralist in chief types the conservative establishment wishes to foist on us. I am as fiscally conservative as anyone but have absolutely no interest in regulating the private behavior of consenting adults. But that’s okay; CA is a wasteland of its own making and you are stuck with it. The fear is that your disease may spread eastward.



        2. CA is not a “wasteland of its own making.” It’s all of those immigrants who have turned the tide in the last 30-40 years. And before someone calls me a racist, I should add that I mean the immigrants from North and East of the border. The hardworking folks who have settled here form South of the Border actually help our situation more than hurt — or they would, if we would repudiate the welfare-entitlement state the immigrants from North and East have foisted upon us.

      3. shorter mike:
        Hey, this is a funeral! No enthusiasm allowed!

      4. Neither does the OWS, ahem, “movement” when they prevent private businesses from functioning which, in turn, prevents the employees of those businesses from making a buck to support their families. So much for “social justice”. I assume your an OWS supporter judging from the crap coming from your head.

        1. TO WHOM ARE YOU REFERRING TO OWS IS A BUNCH OF LAZY FULL OF SHIT COMMIES, WHO ARE BEING PROPPED UP BY SOME VERY rich assholes who want to rob america of your freedom of self interest and ron paul people are the very opposite we “RPP’S” WANT YOU TO KEEP YOUR MONEY SO YOU CAN HELP OTHERS IF YOU WANT TO, THEY WANT YOU TO GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THE GOVERNMENT TO WASTE UNDER THE GUISE OF HELPING OTHERS, THEN THEY CUT EDUCATION BUT ALWAYS FUND TO BUY SOME NEW 25MILLION DOLLAR BOMB, THOSE LITTLE STINGER MISSILES WE GAVE THE afgans to fight the russians with and that are now being used on us, just the rockets alone cost over 100 G’S.
          id rather just pay the teacher my self thank you very much

      5. Being enthusiastic does not include cramming into balconies and stairways and blocking access to staff and guests and otherwise creating a disruptive atmosphere. Total lack of class by Paul supporters.

        There was lots of this LACK OF CLASS in Madison WI and Columbus, OH last summer, as I recall.

        1. according to the people who were there they were allowed to do those things and the cops didn’t harass any body and nobody was really bothered by their presence

      6. I was there. It was noisy, but remember this was at a noisy convention. Another candidate (Emken) already had her (paid) supporters march through with identical signs chanting. This is the same party where the current chairmen had his supporters run around chanting his name six months ago. The same party where Whitman had paid supporters chanting her name.

        The difference? There were more Ron Paul supporters, and they were not being paid (or getting college credits) to be there.

        No accesses were blocked. No doors were blocked. The ability to get to where you needed to go was not hindered. And contrary to Cavanaugh, the cops did not remove anyone. They showed up, but did not break anything up.

      7. scroll up Mike… an actual supporter who was PRESENT at the hotel, said they were not removed, and that part of the story was b.s.

  16. The Thursday (2/24/12) online poll in the opinion pages of the Valley section of the paper contained the question “Who won the Arizona CNN debate”? My question is what time does the polling end for the day? I would assume the poll runs online until midnight of that same day. When I got home from work on Thursday I voted online later in the evening around 9:00 pm, and the results of the poll at that time were:

    Total votes: 1955
    Ron Paul: 37.65%
    Mitt Romney: 34.42%

    I was surprised by the results so I took a picture of the poll online. Friday morning I checked on the same poll and the results were:

    Total votes: 2120
    Ron Paul: 38.16%
    Mitt Romney: 34.10% – took a picture of the poll in the morning as well

    Then in Friday’s opinion section of the paper, the results were different than what they were the previous night.

    Total votes: 1637
    Mitt Romney: 36%
    Ron Paul: 35%

    1. Obviously they threw out the votes from Paul supporters who cleared their cookies to vote more than once as is standard practice (there was a tutorial on Daily Paul or another Paul forum a few months ago).

      1. Hey, mike! You left out Elvis’ alien love-child from your conspiracy!
        Your colleagues aren’t going to be amused.

        1. No, you’ve got the meme wrong. It’s the RP supporters that are the conspiracy theorists. Try to keep up.

          1. so the Paul supporters are holding Elvis’ alien love-child hostage? Or was it JFK? This conspiracy stuff is so hard to follow.

          2. I’m rubber and you’re glue.


        2. West of the Rockies line, you’re on the air. Hello.

      2. West of the Rockies line, you’re on the air. Hello.

    2. Probably on the deadline used by whoever was writing the accompanying piece, that was the total. Notice that fractions of a percent were not reported, so this was presumably human-written by someone who used the poll as source material. Had the reporter realized the poll would stay open, maybe he could’ve just included the ongoing poll in a frame and thus had up-to-date results.

  17. hey craig im a Ron Paul supporter and would love it if you tried to punch me in the face lol, how much is your bloated pension costing the tax payers by the way? the old republican party will soon die off( thank god) and its time for the new blood to take over, you guys are begging for new blood in the party but when it shows up with lots of energy you tards have the cops throw them out lol, Good bye GOP!!!! hopefully the new will be a hybrid with the libertarian party.


      1. so typical of Ron Paul supporters. Only a matter of time before their words turn into actions. Oh wait..the guy in New Jersey bombing synagogues in the name of the RP revolution…guess they already started.

        1. If that’s how Ron Paul supporters roll, you might want to consider posting anonymously.

          It would be unfortunate if they Salman Rushdied your ass.

          For them as well as you.

          You more, of course. But it wouldn’t be a great day for their movement.

        2. PARANOIA STRIKES DEEP at Daily$oros.

  18. Mike you are a d bag

  19. Yet one more tool to help educate people about the candidates based on their RECORDS, not what a biased media wants you to believe:

    Please use it. Thanks!

  20. Yet one more tool to help educate people about the candidates based on their RECORDS, not what a biased media wants you to believe:

    election4uspresident2012 dot weebly dot c o m

    Please use it. Thanks!

    1. SugarFree liveblogging is more interesting.

  21. Ron Paul needs to move to California and challenge Jerry Brown for Governor. What a great experiment for libertarian principles. Brown is hopeless.

    1. The experiment will not yield surprising or desired results.

  22. Newt Gingrich: Cunt Of Personality.

    1. And for the Aussies:

      Rick Santorum: Coit of Personality

  23. Other conventioneers I spoke with disdained the Paul supporters. Several offered verbal support for the police as the Paul supporters were removed. But all acknowledged that this was the first evidence of true enthusiasm of the weekend. Although the regular conventioneers accused the Paul supporters of being outsiders, most of the ones I spoke with were registered Republicans and in some cases active party members.

    Newt could piss in a cup and Republicans would call it wine, but Paul offers them pure cold water and they squint in suspicion and mutter to each other about how queer it tastes.

    (Thanks, George R.R. Martin)

    1. Is the ache Californian society feeling after being fucked violently by progressivism a good ache?

      1. Dirtier than you know, when you share that bed with Progressives, Theon thought, remembering the wedding night and the things that he and California had been made to do. “Lord Ramsay’s command.

  24. Where the fuck did all the pinko race-baiters and establishmentarianists come from? Mother Jones and the RNC, respectively, might be more agreeable environments for shitwads of those sorts.

  25. Executive Order 11110 was issued by U.S. President John F. Kennedy on June 4, 1963.

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was assassinated at 12:30 p.m. November 22, 1963,

    On June 4, 1963, a little known attempt was made to strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the government at interest. Mr. Kennedy’s order gave the Treasury the power “to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury.
    With the stroke of a pen, Mr. Kennedy was on his way to putting the Federal Reserve Bank of New York out of business. certificates are backed by silver and the Federal Reserve notes are not backed by anything. Executive Order 11110 gave the U.S. the ability to create its own money backed by silver.

    After Mr. Kennedy was assassinated just five months later, no more silver certificates were issued.

    1. Did you know that if the Lincoln Memorial had been in place when he was assassinated, his statue’s head would have been facing Pluto?

      1. The planet or the cartoon dog?

        1. More like the cartoon planet. Pluto being considered a planet is idiotic.


          1. “Pluto being considered a planet is idiotic.

            Sorta like the GOP being considered a political party in CA?
            Did I win?

      2. And did you know that, the moment you gave any weight to that factoid, your head would be facing Uranus?

    2. Hey, D.D., where’d you stash the loot?

  26. Maybe Ron Paul should take his marbles and go run independent. All the GOP seems to want to do is complain about the lack of enthusiasm or new people, but then complain about Paul enthusiasm and new people. All they seem to know is how to defraud an election with vote tampering. The other three are unelectable without Paul support anyways. They won’t get it if they try and steal it from him at the convention. Let our Good Ol’ Party crash and burn, so something positive can take its place.


    2. Maybe Ron Paul should take his marbles and go run independent.

      Been there, done that. The problem with this idea is that the Ruling Party has stacked the deck so high that the only way we’re going to ever get a free country again is by reforming one side of the Ruling Party in the process.


  27. The idea that we were removed by police is an outright lie. We were not forced to leave by hotel security or police. Four squadcars showed up after the police were called by a Gingrich supported but they left soon after. We got bored and decided we would spend some time up on the freeway, but we only left for about 30 mins. Ron Paul had a table at this event. We also had permission from the hotel to be there as we had our own room for the liberty rally. The head of California GOP stopped by to say hello.

    1. “Four squadcars showed up after the police were called by a Gingrich supported but they left soon after.”

      I don’t know that this is true, but it wouldn’t be surprising for the Grich to call the cops if someone got more attention than him.

    2. give em hell dude we’re in it to win it

    3. Well Doherty seems pretty sure that the police removed “you”, so one of you is lying or blind.

        1. Dopeherty.

        2. Those people all look alike.

      1. Several people at rpf are saying they were there and no removal ever happened. I doubt they’re all lying.

      2. It was Cavanaugh, not Doherty. And I was a few feet from Cavanaugh when the police arrived. From our perspective it might have seemed as if the police had told someone to move the event outside. But that’s not what happened. The police did arrive, but the event was already winding down, and Dan the Man moved everyone outside about five minutes later.

        1. I saw police arrive, some milling around and then the Paul crowd move outside. I got the impression (as did other onlookers and a few Paul people I talked to) that the two events were connected. Others in other areas of the crowd may have gotten another impression. And I did not claim that there was any tension or resistance. But it makes more sense to me that the party wrapped up when the cops showed than that the crowd “got bored” and then decided to move the action out to the very lightly trafficked street outside the hotel. I’m also curious about how Brad confirmed that it was in fact a Gingrich supporter who called the cops. Ron Paul does indeed have a table down a little corridor from the showroom, and the Liberty Caucus held more events after the lobby rally, as noted in the original post.

  28. Oh, Ron Paul supporters. So like the 300 Spartans. Noted for their courage and moxie, but they can’t actually beat the Persian army.

    It don’t matter none how many Ron Paul supporters crash GOP conventions. They’re outnumbered by insurmountable amount of people who will deliver the state to Obama and the democrats.

    The left, especially the statist friendly, socially conservative brand in CA, is not going to flock to the GOP if Paul friends render it “libertarian”. The CA republicans already more or less borrow pages from the libertarian economic playbook. Whether they successfully follow through seems irrelevant, because voters of this state don’t care for them.

    Yes, libertarians like open borders, but so are democrats, and they not only win elections, but their fans prefer their economic policies.

    1. Yes, libertarians like open borders, but so are democrats,

      ::spit take::

      1. I nearly puked over the “economic policies” part.

    2. Ron Paul has message, the ethusiam and excitement. The only thing he doesn’t have is Goldman Sach’s money.

      1. “I got that sewed up, you chumps.”

    3. The CA republicans already more or less borrow pages from the libertarian economic playbook.


      1. Ummmmm, yeah they do. Listen to the more important ones who lend their voices on the John and Ken Show, KABC, and other right leaning media CA outlets. Their stance on regulation, big government, obamacare, and taxes are downright libertarian.

        Whether they actually follow through on their promises is a different story, but majority of the voters here aren’t keen on libertarian ideas. If every single CA republican was like Ron Paul, he would lose every election in a landslide.

        It doesn’t matter whether the CA GOP turns more conservative or more libertarian. Ron Paul mania was lukewarm even in some right leaning colleges like Chapman in 08, and I don’t see too much of it now.

  29. after reading this article id have to say the calif repubs have to be retarded aparently they want everyone to vote for who kisses the most babies rather then who makes the most sense.
    im a balls to the wall republican and i support RON PAUL he and his supporters are the future of the party and the old dumkoffs should get the hell out of the way including that retarded prisson gaurd the prisson lobby is just one of the poisens this nation is facing and ron paul’s the antidote, and any one who dosen’t see it is either blind or just not paying attention

    1. your a credit to you’re philosophy thx

  30. Ron Paul was great at the last debate. He made sense while the others simply want to go to war because Iran may or may not have a nuclear weapon. So much for treating others like you want to be treated. The other candidates have so many flaws I don’t think I could vote for any of them and while I like Obama the man, he just wants too much government for me. Keep spreading the word and don’t underestimate your vote- vote for Ron Paul.

  31. Ron Paul was great at the last debate. He made sense while the others simply want to go to war because Iran may or may not have a nuclear weapon. So much for treating others like you want to be treated. The other candidates have so many flaws I don’t think I could vote for any of them and while I like Obama the man, he just wants too much government for me. Keep spreading the word and don’t underestimate your vote- vote for Ron Paul.

  32. Ron Paul was great at the last debate. He made sense while the others simply want to go to war because Iran may or may not have a nuclear weapon. So much for treating others like you want to be treated. The other candidates have so many flaws I don’t think I could vote for any of them and while I like Obama the man, he just wants too much government for me. Keep spreading the word and don’t underestimate your vote- vote for Ron Paul.

    whatthehellbook . com

  33. Ron Paul was great at the last debate. He made sense while the others simply want to go to war because Iran may or may not have a nuclear weapon. So much for treating others like you want to be treated. The other candidates have so many flaws I don’t think I could vote for any of them and while I like Obama the man, he just wants too much government for me. Keep spreading the word and don’t underestimate your vote- vote for Ron Paul.

  34. Only a matter of time before the headlines scream Ron Paul Supporters arrested after violent clash with Neo-Cons

  35. This should put certain alliance rumors to rest.

  36. The only candidate who has the right bold ideas is Ron Paul and, only Ron Paul can beat Obama.

    If, Ron Paul gets the GOP nomination: Ron Paul gets the following voters:

    (A) 2008 Obama voters who thought they were going to get ‘Change’
    (B) 2008 Obama voters who voted to end the wars.
    (C) The VAST majority of the Independent vote,
    (D) The entire GOP voting block who dislikes Obama enough to vote for Ron Paul instead.
    (E) Ron Paul supporters coming out to vote in DROVES and, a machine like no other for the General Elections! (No other candidate can compete against Obama’s machine but Ron Paul! Wake Up People!)
    (F) Same-sex couples who want to be set free.
    (G) Democratic, disillusioned Anti-Drug war voters.
    (H) Libertarians.
    (I) Youth Vote (Obama has lost them to Ron Paul but, if RP does not get the nomination, they will go back to Obama)

    1. he gets the fibertarians, glibertarians, the -tarians disgusted with the Security State and air travelers.

  37. Independents have the largest voting block in this country. Republicans and Democrats are the minorities. For the GOP to attack the only candidate on the GOP ticket that can beat Obama is truly insane!

    The GOP did not learn anything from 2008. They keep doing the same thing over and over expecting different results! Only idiots do that!

    No Ron Paul supporter will vote for any other GOP Candidate. Independents will go back to Obama as will the disenfranchised Democrats and the youth vote!

    “If the Republican Party nominates a draft-avoiding, crony-capitalist, anti-gun, pro-choice, socialized-medicine candidate over a strict free-market Constitutionalist who served his country and carries our his political office with integrity, then the Republican party might as well change its symbol from an elephant to a wooly-mammoth now because that party will become extinct.”

    1. But independents don’t vote as a bloc. In fact, they’re less likely to vote at all than are voters affiliated with a party.

  38. Hmmm, open borders, no id required to vote.

    No wonder it’s so heavily Democratic. Do you really think people won’t move there and vote themselves free stuff it they have no consequences?

  39. The 9 Harbingers ARE HERE!

  40. In December 2011 Ron Paul Supporter Jules Manson,advocated assassinating Obama And His Children. Just last month a Team Ron Paul Member was Arrested For New Jersey Synagogue Bombings. And Monday approx 400 supporters donned military fatigues and marched in DC chanting “President Paul.” It’s high time law enforcement recognize the Ron Paul Army as a homegrown terrorist organization bent on spreading white nationalist revolution.

    1. These claims are completely false. There was zero connection between Manson and Paul. Likewise with the NJ bomber. The military march had about 1,500 people and there was nothing wrong with it. Do you oppose free speech when you don’t like what is being said? Boo hoo. Mitzberg, you sound like part of the problem.

    2. You sound like you are with the Obama-controlled FBI or DHS. Are you a Government plant? This is the OBAMA 2012 smear campaign shifting into high gear. for shit’s sake. Paul has not even won the nomination — your paranoia is premature.

      1. ALERT — $oros paid troll.

    3. Your cover has been pulled ___ $OROS PLANT!

    4. Um, that was a veterans march.

  41. For years, I was active as an Orange County Young Republican in California. That was a decade ago. Judging by the Cali Convention photos, it’s the same old bunch of people but with shriveling numbers. If they ever want to so much as blip on the political radar again, they’ll embrace the Ron-verts and promote them through the leadership ranks, or face extinction.

  42. A post-WW2 history of US foreign intervention policy and what the CIA calls blowback. For those who haven’t seen the Chaplain speech in the movie The Great Dictator (or haven’t seen it lately) stick around past the history lesson.

    Also consider, Obama promised to end the wars in his first 30 days in office “and you can take that to the bank”. How many active duty soldiers, knowing that the war was pure BS, voted for Obama based on that promise, are now dead? We won’t have to worry about them now voting for someone against military intervention policies, will we..

  43. Craig Newton, a retired prison guard on full pension who told this reporter he’d like to “punch” a Ron Paul supporter or a Democrat “in the face.”

    Bring it on, tough guy. We’re smart enough to take you to court and relieve you of every penny of tax money your union and the democrats put in your pocket.


    1. Your idle threat is as comical as his.

  44. New flash: That racist sack of shit Ron Paul will never be President.

    1. As compelling as your argument is, and concise facts you present, I will continue to support Ron Paul until he wins or is forced to withdraw. At which point I will write him in, to show my lack of approval for the rest of the war mongering Wall Street financed chickenhawks.

    2. Yes, I’m willing to continue to have Muslim children slaughtered by covert drones and cluster bombs, and America’s minorities imprisoned by the hundreds of thousands for no good reason, and the CIA able to run rampant with no checks or transparency, and privacy eroded further by the unchecked Surveillance State, and American citizens targeted by the President for assassination with no due process, and whistleblowers threatened with life imprisonment for “espionage,”

      1. (cont)

        and the Fed able to dole out trillions to bankers in secret, and a substantially higher risk of war with Iran (fought by the U.S. or by Israel with U.S. support) in exchange for less severe cuts to Social Security, Medicare and other entitlement programs, the preservation of the Education and Energy Departments, more stringent environmental regulations, broader health care coverage, defense of reproductive rights for women, stronger enforcement of civil rights for America’s minorities, a President with no associations with racist views in a newsletter, and a more progressive Supreme Court.…..fallacies/

    3. …to smear the candidate that has never harmed a black person and to vote for the African-Child-Killing Barack.

  45. Ron Paul 2012 , last chance this nation has , whether the neocon cowards like it or not

    1. last chance this nation has

      Political hacks have been saying that every four years for two centuries.
      But this time it’s real!

  46. I guess some persons would rather keep their little club at treehouse-top level. That’s the California GOP in a nutshell.

    Paulians are the only hope the party has to become competitive again in blue states

    1. their little club at treehouse-top level

      Your Paulian personality cult occupies a similar tree-house, but you’re too myopic to notice.

  47. A serious question for Tim: Why didn’t the Ron contingent attend and dominate the convention instead of crash it? It appears the Ron Paul crowd could have rivaled the legacy Republicans in size and of course dwarfed them in enthusiasm.

  48. What most of the media refuses to publicly acknowledge is that it’s like this all over the country. What you didn’t see outside of the Tampa, Fl debate was much more interesting than anything that happened inside that night. There were over 1,000 Paul supporters outside the event with signs, banners, huge electronic traffic signs bearing Paul’s name, a huge military transport decked out with Paul signs, and Paul signs spread out around the campus in all directions for a mile. Of course, the media never sent a single camera outside to show it.

    1. it’s like this all over the country

      We’re a legitimate movement!


      [tap tap]

      Is this thing on?

      1. I love the scent of Patchouli oil in the morning.

      2. There’s legitimacy when it comes to being pissed at criminal corporations acting the way they do, but zero legitimacy when your solution is to have govt “fix” the problems they helped create. And let me tell you, the “fix” is absolutely in.

  49. Subtitle should be:
    “Ron Paul supporters show respect at elephant dying ground but are herded away for being underage as most weren’t yet 60.”

  50. a best friend’s step-mother makes $65 hourly on the computer. She has been fired for 6 months but last month her check was $13549 just working on the computer for a few hours. Read more on this site makecash16. ?om

    1. You make more sense than the average libertarian spammer here.
      I am so going to visit that site!

      1. ….for those big bucks.

  51. Ron Paul calls himself the true conservative but has an openly gay sugar-daddy funding his campaign. Click my name for link.

  52. Ron Paul calls himself the true conservative but has an openly gay sugar-daddy funding his campaign. Click my name for link.

    1. So what? Who cares if Thiel is or isn’t gay? As expected, you see people in groups instead of individuals. You retards and your homophobia. Now go troll somewhere else.

        1. Thats because neocons are not people, duh.

    1. Lots of Nazis have been closet gays, so why not Ron Paul?

  53. The “funereal” GOP. Wake to be held in August, cremation in November. R.I.P. – Republicans In Politics. Not wishing them a peaceful rest as they despise peace.

    At the first sign of life, they did what Republicans always instinctively do: call the cops. Yes, the answer to everything (including liberty-loving enthusiasm) is the police state. Without Ron Paul we will be left with a choice of anti-business Democrats or pro-business Democrats (the GOP). I’ll be voting 3rd party if Paul doesn’t get the nomination.

  54. Ron Paul is the Nelson Mandela of the U. S. and if the leaders of the Republican Party could put him jail, they would do it in a heart beat.

    1. Thread winner!
      For crazy!

  55. Isn’t Starchild an official with the California Libertarian Party? If so, then it is extremely wrong for him – or any registered member of the Libertarian Party – to support a candidate of a competing political party.

  56. google “petition, CBS News 60 Minutes: Get Ron Paul on “60 Minutes

    1. google Petition for 60 Minutes to investigate Ron Paul’s white supremacist ties and involvement in a 1981 coup attempt with David Duke and Don Black.

  57. GOP: “You have too much enthusiasm, we’re calling the cops.”

    Go Ron Paul! He’s my President!

  58. I’m a registered republican but if Ron paul doesn’t win, after what the media has done to him I won’t vote. If Obama gets another term thank Fox News.

  59. Yuck- I wish Newt Swingrich would leave Callista at home (OK, he should just stay home himself, too). The woman is just creepy and she seems plastic IMHO. Ron Paul 2012!

  60. I am wondering how many people would have gone if they were not busy working etc. I certainly wanted to go but could not find the time. The money is irrelevant to me but the time is the big issue. I can’t leave my business to go up to San Francisco. Why not have it in a hotbed of Republicans like Orange County or something.

    Also, I have yet to see a real turnout for Mr. 1%er.

    He makes flaccid baloney look exciting.

  61. Hey support Ron Paul and become a free agent. Free agents support the truth and limited government.

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