"I Don't Want To Run Your Bedroom or Your Boardroom": Nick Gillespie Talks to Students for Liberty on Stossel


On February 23, 2012, I appeared on Fox Business' Stossel show that was taped last week at the International Students for Liberty Conference in Washington, D.C.

Some info:

Co-author with Matt Welch of "The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What's Wrong With America," Gillespie explained why the historic rise in independent voters, massive deficits at all levels of government, and growing visibility of politicians such as Ron Paul and Gary Johnson make him optimistic about the future.

About 7 minutes.

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      2. Combo of both, I think. Men that are attracted to politics are kind non-manly on average, and DC is chock-a-block with chicks (the ration is outrageous), so odds are you can get a hot one.

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    1. He seemed genuinely crazy-angry, and played the part of a jaded and changed man pretty fucking well. I give it the benefit of the doubt.

  11. Social Conservatives can not get elected nation-wide without the support of Libertarians. They are one the wrong side of polling on almost every issue that they make an issue over. Therefore, they have to reach out (pander) to Libertarians and other pro-war “small-government” types in order to remain nationally relevant (think of spendthrift Santorum suddenly advocating for fiscal restraint).

    Liberals, on the other hand, have a broad base of different groups that traditionally support them (minorities, Jews, blue collar types, etc) and tend to be on the right side of polling on social issues. They can afford to enforce more “ideological purity” within their ranks when it comes to economic issues.

    I just can’t bring myself to vote for any of the likely Republican nominees– they will just say any crazy thing that they think will help them get elected.

    1. Their problem is mixing ‘social’ with conservative. They truly do not see this. For them, it is perfectly natural to want to regulate people’s personal behavior, especially when it comes to sex.

      They will rant and rave all day long about the left’s controlling of the minutia of our lives, but if you just whisper ‘sex’ in the back of the room they go ape-shit and start foaming at the mouth. If you can stand to listen to what they say, you will notice that you could take any lefty control-freak bullshit and replace whatever they want control over with the word ‘sex’and it would be the social conservative party line.

    2. So-con fucknuts *actually* believe the US is Christian country at its core, always has been, and is under attack from radical .

      Given this idiotic premises, EVERYTHING they do is based on “returning” the US to some voluntary theocracy that never actually existed in most of it (except in some of the psychotic fundie colonies).

      They utterly fail to realize that a coke snorting fag in San Francisco named Alvarez is just as American as they are, actually probably moreso.

      So-cons only exist because of stupidity and widespread ignorance.

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      2. They utterly fail to realize that a coke snorting fag in San Francisco named Alvarez is just as American as they are, actually probably moreso.

        How do you figure “moreso”?

        1. Gay pride, drug abuse, San Francisco, and “ethnic” names are American as FUCK. That’s why.

  12. They utterly fail to realize that a coke snorting fag in San Francisco named Alvarez is just as American as they are, actually probably moreso.

    How do you figure “moreso”?

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