Rick Perry At CPAC: Running For President Was a "Great Experience"


Washington, D.C. – Former Republican presidential candidate and current Texas Governor Rick Perry took some questions from the Bloggers Lounge at CPAC today. Perry, a one-time frontrunner, addressed issues ranging from the Keystone pipeline to helping Republicans get elected in the fall.

"I'm going to be working all across this country asking men and women who are running for Congress or are in Congress to sign on to a Tenth Amendment effort, that they're going to devolve power out of Washington, D.C., give this back to the states, and allow the states to be the deciders on a huge number of issues," he said when asked about his efforts to influence the 2012 campaign.

"You have an administration that has taken the most sweeping steps to impede states rights from the standpoint of our environmental issues. There are about ten or eleven rules coming out of the EPA that are not the EPA's business," he said.

When asked about what he would have done differently during his presidential run he said, "Oh yeah I would have probably have do a lot of things differently."

Perry called his run for president a "great experience" and he said he does not regret running. 

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