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Rick Perry At CPAC: Running For President Was a "Great Experience"


Washington, D.C. – Former Republican presidential candidate and current Texas Governor Rick Perry took some questions from the Bloggers Lounge at CPAC today. Perry, a one-time frontrunner, addressed issues ranging from the Keystone pipeline to helping Republicans get elected in the fall.

"I'm going to be working all across this country asking men and women who are running for Congress or are in Congress to sign on to a Tenth Amendment effort, that they're going to devolve power out of Washington, D.C., give this back to the states, and allow the states to be the deciders on a huge number of issues," he said when asked about his efforts to influence the 2012 campaign.

"You have an administration that has taken the most sweeping steps to impede states rights from the standpoint of our environmental issues. There are about ten or eleven rules coming out of the EPA that are not the EPA's business," he said.

When asked about what he would have done differently during his presidential run he said, "Oh yeah I would have probably have do a lot of things differently."

Perry called his run for president a "great experience" and he said he does not regret running. 

More from Reason on Rick Perry. 

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        1. That photo could make anyone hate implants.

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          1. Yeah John. Why?

            1. No I don’t. When I have ever said that? I, unlike you just prefer breasts.

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                You like big breasts. That’s fine. I got my fill of milk when I was an infant, so big ones aren’t that important to me.

                You really should see a shrink if it’s that big of a deal.


                1. Prefer them being there as opposed to missing.

          2. Uh…tons. That’s why chicks get them.

            1. Not totally true. Some self conscious women get them to boost their own self esteem.

              1. That’s absurd. As we all know, women should derive all of their self esteem from how hot guys think they are.

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              1. Dear Penthouse:

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                1. Trust me. When I got the job I thought it was going to be a Penthouse letter. Then I met the clients.

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            3. I don’t have anything against implants, but I certainly prefer natural, and I’ll take small and natural over large and fake any damn day of the week.

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                1. RPA,

                  You are correct. The other thing is that most of the time it cuts off the nerves to the things. So even if they look good, and most don’t, they don’t work. That is a massive drawback.

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      1. You know how painful that surgery is? She has be addicted to pain pills.

    5. Holy shit, this woman lives maybe 20 min from me.

      1. Are you in MoCo? What part? I grew up in TW before it became the monstrosity it is today.

  3. Not for us it wasn’t.

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  5. Of course it was; his wife told him so, and also the programming helped

  6. “I really enjoyed making a fool of myself on national TV, over, and over, and over…”

  7. There are about ten or eleven [thousand] rules coming out of the EPA that are not the EPA’s business

    Fixed at no charge, Rick.

  8. “Governor Perry, looking back on your campaign, do you wish you hadn’t been so wicked retahded?”

    1. Please tell me you aren’t a Masshole.

      1. Fuck you, you beat me to it!

      2. Quinn is from Taxachussetts, you chowdah-heads. And I have been going to that joke-well as long as he’s been posting here.

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      1. It’s “Bostonian”, southerner.


        1. Southern or not, my good friend, being a turncoat douche like me just ain’t that easy! And Bostonites beat me at it by a handsome margin, so I’m a little vindictive.

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  9. I have to admit, who wouldn’t want to have Rick Perry’s life? He hangs out in Austin with one of the most cush jobs in America. When he is not out hunting or drinking with his buddies at some ranch, he is banging various UT coeds. Why the crazy bastard wanted to trade that for being President we will never know.

    1. Well he did get to fly around the country on someone else’s dime and meet even more connected people who have different ranches he can hunt and fish on. Plus, he was probably scouting beach houses somewhere with decent beaches.

    2. banging UT coeds?

      Am I the only one here who looks at Perry and cant help but see him in lipstick wearing a woman’s robe and some awful high heels?

      For some reason I cant quite put my finger on, he screams ‘old queen’ to me.

      1. All of my liberal friends in Texas swear that he is a total lush in Austin and is known to bang coeds by the bushel. Maybe they didn’t hear the rest of the story that those were not coeds but frat boys.

        1. haha. I dont know, that is just the vibe I get off of him.

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      1. You can have him. I’ll take Kate Moss.

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  12. Doesn’t Perry know that returning power to the States will result in the return of slavery?

    1. Of course he does. Hello, he is the governor of Texas. Of course he wants to return to slavery.

      1. We just want to use the Mexicans for it now. Otherwise, there’s no hope of a resurgence for the Cowboys or Texans.

        1. Unless Perry comes back and wins the election and uses his new found power to drone strike Jerry Jones, I don’t think there is much hope for a resurgence of the Cowboys. Congratulations Dallas, your team is now owned by Al Davis in cowboy boots.

          1. *sigh* It’s depressing because it’s true.

            You still need to fire fucking Gary Kubiak though.

            1. I hated Kubiak when he played. I can’t stand him as a coach. Typical fucking Shannarat disciple dedicated to his bullshit system. I refuse to root for the Texans, a team I adopted while living in Texas, until they fire him.

            2. That’s Abraham Benrubi right? He’s a good guy. Also he looks like the kind of guy you don’t want to piss off.

          2. Al Davis in cowboy boots

            I am so using that.

        2. Ahem, first playoffs and playoff win ever. Don’t lump us in with your shitty Dallas team.

          1. Does beating the Bengles really count as a “playoff win”?

            1. It does when it’s the only one. My point is he used the term “resurgence,” if this past season was the most successful in franchise history where is there to resurge to from here?

            2. We did spot them our starting quarterback and OLB.

      2. Don’t be a dick, John — Texas is nice. South Texas (Mexico), on the other hand…

        1. West Texas (NM) and North Texas (CO & WY) are pretty nice too.

          1. I was actually very surprised at how nice Wyoming was the first time I went there (2001). It doesn’t even have Alabama Syndrome (very attractive and pleasant rural and suburban areas pockmarked by mini-Detroits everywhere).

            1. The plains and mountain states are just nicer than the South. They were never cursed with slavery. Their populations were made up of people who has some ambition and work ethic. There is something about the South that eroded that in rural people.

              If you go to Texas or Oklahoma you can damn near draw a line across the state marking the Hillbilly and the western rancher zones. The former is a disgusting mess of meth heads and chop shops. The latter is all these well kept farms and ranches. The same is true of Missouri. North of I-70 is just like Iowa and Indiana. It all looks like the set of Hoosiers. South of I-70 and it is fucking swamp people.

              1. you can damn near draw a line across the state marking the Hillbilly and the western rancher zones.

                That line has been drawn. It is known as “I-35”.

                1. I would say I-45 RC. Places like Bastrop and College Station and Brennen are not so bad. But east of I 45 is downright scary.

                  1. It is scary. I mean really scary.


                  2. Places like Bastrop and College Station… are not so bad

                    Unless you have to live there. “Woohoo! We’re goin to the Dixie Chicken agin!”

                    1. Bastrop is right outside of Austin. It is pretty much a bedroom community. So it isn’t so bad. And College Station is where A&M is. It is a nice college town.

                      And the Dixie Chicken is five star cuisine in places like San Angelo or Midland.

                    2. And the Dixie Chicken is five star cuisine in places like San Angelo or Midland.

                      Sadly, this is true.

                  3. It’s definitely I-45 as John said the area from there to Austin isn’t bad. Aggies are fun to make fun of but they aren’t swamp people like those East Texas hicks.

                    1. Don’t ask me why, but I once thought it was a good idea to avoid Houston and drive from Beaumont up to Longview on US 69 through Lufkin and the big piney woods. That was a scary ass drive.

                  4. Out here in West Texas, we use I-35. That puts Austin “over there”, where it belongs. Also Dallas, but we get to keep Fort Worth (and the Hill Country), which is only meet and just.

                    Also, I-35 is pretty darn close to where you really see a change in climate, from rain(ier) and suitable for farming, to dry and better for ranching.

                    1. True RC. but there is a nice little farming belt in between I 35 and 45 that is not scary. It is not “west” Texas but not east either.

                      I wouldn’t put Central Texas in with places like Beaumont and Lufkin. For me the West really begins in Kerrville. It is amazing how different Kerrville is from San Antonio which is only an hour away.

                    2. Well the vast majority Austin is west of 35 so your going to have to rethink your paradigm.

                    3. Well the vast majority Austin is west of 35 so your going to have to rethink your paradigm.

                      I know, but for these purposes, we use the Mo-Pac.

                    4. Hey now, Houston is a cosmopolitan oasis in East Texas.

                    5. Christ Almighty, when I visit my father in Houston and watch the news it is just one murder on top of a shooting on top of a robbery every damn night. Why in hell anyone would want to go there, much less live there, is beyond me.

                    6. It’s a big city, thus, there’s always a murder to report. And why in the hell are you watching local news in the first place?

              2. I wont point out why, but driving through alabama, georgia, north, and south carolina is the same way. As soon as you drive up out of the coastal plains and river valleys it gets peaceful. If you stay the night in a hotel in the hills it is dead quiet. No police cars to be seen or sirens to hear. The opposite is true on the coastal plain. You lay in your bed awake all night listeniing to yelling and screaming, breaking bottles, sirens……

                There is quite a cultural difference.

                1. That is interesting Southern. I would have thought it would be the opposite with the plains being quiet and the hills scary.

                  1. Prior to 1865 there were no farms in the hills. The valleys were full of them. The contrast is very stark.

                    1. That conflict goes back to settlement. The reason why the British were able to take Savannah and Charleston so easily but go their asses kicked when they got off the lowlands was because no one in the hills was willing to fight to save the rice kings on the coast.

                    2. I think you are missing a crucial piece of the puzzle. I would have thought it was obvious and by now everyone screaming at me “raaaacist!!”

  13. Coming to Broadway-
    Rick Perry:Turn Off The Dark

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  15. IMHO, there is no hope for you meatbags. Despair and view your doom: The bacon milk shake.


  16. I have never met Rick Perry. But whenever I see his picture, I always imagine him giving off a stench of a lot of cheap cologne and bourbon.

    1. I met him in ’98 when he was running for Lt. Gov. It was outdoors, but I don’t recall smelling any bourbon on him.

    2. Ask Ron Paul, the next time you see him.

    3. He, Mitt, and I all missed our calling in gay porn.

      1. The griefer troll is stalking again.

  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhDhDRvHaGs

    How this was not added is beyond me.

    1. That is what every political speech ever given sounds like to me.

    2. …..Come to think of it….I am sick of the primary. It is very tiring looking over into a bucket of turds and trying to pick the best one.
      As John pointed out earlier, why would anyone want that job?

      We need a draft for political offices. The people most qualified never want to have anything to do with politics.

  18. “Perry called his run for president a “great experience” and he said he does not regret running.”

    Other “great experiences” Rick has enjoyed:

    Shitting a cactus

    Getting his dick caught in a wringer

    Bending over to pick up the soap in the East Texas Maximum Security Prison

    Taking the SAT

    Being touched by Mitt Romney

    Listening to Newt Gingrich

    Bitch-slapping his advisors for telling him to run

  19. an experience Rick Perry has never known: working in the private sector.

  20. Clearly they are ALL corrupt as the day is long lol.


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