Come See the Matt Welch/Jonah Goldberg Libertarian/Conservative Smackdown Tonight in D.C. at AEI! Or at Least Watch the Live Podcast! Also, Listen to the Pre-Interview!


In hell, duh

As mentioned previously in this space, I will be debating Jonah Goldberg tonight at the American Enterprise Institute on the question of "Are Libertarians Part of the Conservative Movement?," for one hour beginning at 6:30 pm sharp. I hear RSVPs are filling up, so get on in there if you care to bolster the libertarian hissing (or finger-wiggling!) section. It's at the AEI Conference Center, at 1150 17th St., NW, Washington, DC 20036, two blocks from Farragut North metro station. There will be wine & cheese after, perhaps as an olive branch to the "cheese-eating surrender monkeys" contingent.

For those not near the evil Beltway, there will be a live video feed at this link. From what I understand they might even be taking questions (or reading hilarious insults) from the online rabble.

Yesterday, I got the ball rolling with a lively podcast interview with the AEI folks, which you can listen to here.


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  1. Don’t you have a book you should be pimping?

    1. ^ Speaking of pimps.

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  2. I think now would be a good time to go ahead and let the GOP commit suicide. They’re so intent on doing it.

    1. True. Some people might worry that it would let the DNC rule unopposed, but I think if the GOP truly disintegrated, a lot of the internal divisions in the opposition would become more apparent (with no clear external enemy to unite them), which might rip Team Jackass apart too.

  3. “cheese-eating surrender monkeys”
    Someone isn’t getting laid; does Matt’s merit the sleeping with the enemy treatment?

  4. Welch thank goodness you didn’t rate a chimp-like caricature like that Gillespie-Coulter disgrace…

    1. They tried to make a caricature, but people kept thinking all the drawings were k. d. lang.

      1. That explains the higher than expected ticket sales.

  5. “… libertarianism is ultimately incompatible with conservatism”

    Oh, nonsense Matt.

    1. Well, there are libertarians who believe in God. How does one reconcile that apparent contradiction? I’ll tell you. One does it by banishing metaphysics and epistemology from the libertarian realm of ideas, leaving only politics. Yes, it’s an unobjective, inconsistent, contradictory mess, but the kids seem to like it that way. For instance, note the many varieties and flavors of “libertarian” that grace these forums. Who is right? Nobody and everybody! Libertarianism is more anti-establishment tantrum than philosophy. Not that conservatism isn’t intellectually and morally bankrupt as well.

      1. “Libertarianism is more anti-establishment tantrum than philosophy. Not that conservatism isn’t intellectually and morally bankrupt as well.”

        They can fit well together then.

      2. Libertarianism is more anti-establishment tantrum than philosophy

        No it’s not. It’s anti-authoritarian. Big difference. Very big difference.

        1. It isn’t anti-authoritarian at all. The entire philosophy is founded on private property (the owner is the authority)

      3. You should try trolling in a more popular thread next time. You didn’t catch much here.

      1. Please disregard my comment then.

        Make it: Oh, nonsense paraphraser.

  6. Conservatives of the AEI type hate freedom, so draw your own conclusions.

    1. Freedom and liberty are not synonyms.

      1. Actually, yes, freedom and liberty are synonyms.

        Look them up in the dictionary. They absolutely overlap in their meanings.

        Sarcasmic usually you are on top of your game but you are dead wrong on this.

  7. just wondering: is there a reason that when i scroll over the picture of “where do libertarians belong,” a little box shows up saying “in hell, duh!”

    1. Yes. You should try that scrolling over thing with other pictures. There’s no telling what you’ll find.

  8. Matt, make sure you go pee before they tape the gloves on.

  9. Jonah Goldberg sits at the right hand of satan. You must burn him alive for the good of all mankind Welch.

  10. Where do Libertarians Belong?

    Check the cover–

    “In hell, duh.”

    Where did that come from?

  11. Most assuredly libertarians are NOT part of the conservative movement and I’m not even sure they they should speak to conservatives?well, at least not if they are seeking intellectual discourse. Poor Jonah is off on this one, yet again and he can complain all he wants, but most of us are really tired of Jonah and the wail.

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