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Cancer Cure Crimes


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which instigated four grand juries and two trials during its 12-year campaign to put Stanislaw Burzynski in prison, said it did not matter whether the Texas physician's unconventional cancer treatments saved people's lives. The point was that he had failed to get the FDA's permission first.

But according to Eric Morola's 2010 documentary Burzynski, which compellingly chronicles the doctor's long-running battles with state and federal regulators, the Phase II clinical trials that the FDA approved in 1996 under congressional pressure have supported what the teary testimonials of patients and their families suggested: Although Burzynski's antineoplastons are far from a cure-all, they seem to be more effective, and are certainly much less devastating in their side effects, than radiation and chemotherapy for certain deadly, intractable cancers. In 2009, a dozen years after Burzynski was acquitted of the last remaining criminal charge against him, the FDA gave him the go-ahead for Phase III clinical trials. —Jacob Sullum


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  1. Documentary? It’s a propaganda film! Science works by peer-reviewed publication, by exposing your work to review and replication by your peers. Burzynski chooses instead to use propaganda films, legalese threats and the like. The FDA are not the only ones who have identified failures to follow basic ethical and scientific principles; he’s in court again now. There is, of course, an outside chance that he might be a lone visionary, but after decades of highly expensive (to the patients) “trials” with no credible published results, the possibility is looking more remote by the day.

  2. Well, you folks at might be convinced by a “documentary”, or to give a more accurate description of the Burzynski movie “advert”. But scientists tend to rely on evidence in the peer-reviewed medical literature. Funnily enough, Burzynski seems rather reluctant to publish his “miraculous results” there. He’s started a great many “clinical trials” (which are not really clinical trials, but a little ruse to allow him to charge people eye-watering sums of money to get unlicensed drugs), about 60 or so I believe, but so far has only published the results of one of them.

    I wonder why? Could it be that the results aren’t everything the advert promises?

    I would encourage anyone interested in the truth behind Burzynski not to assume that everything claimed in the film (which, let’s face it, is an advert in all but name) is accurate. There’s plenty of information about him on the internet: just Google him.

  3. And here am I, a political Crank, in the middle. I’m not persuaded by a “documentary”. On the other hand, opposition by the FDA is rather more to his credit than not. What I want to know is, what do his peers in the medical profession think? Not that I’ll take their word as gospel; but it might be instructive to know.

  4. How anyone could watch “Burzynski” and not come away disgusted by the obvious collusion between the FDA and the Cancer industry (who make Billions annually made from a process that is nothing short of murder). The first two comments above are typical of the posts on alternative cancer treatment blogs. Usually its oncologists (the 2nd poster, based on his web address, sells to oncologists so that’s not a mystery) who make the lame case for the US cancer establishment. If you get cancer in this country and let the white coat thugs give you chemo or radiation your goose is cooked. All it takes is a little research to discover the truth. Chemo has a total remission rate of 3% at best. Several of the alternative treatments get scores of 50% for patients already hit by immune-system-killing chemicals, and up to 80% for chemo virgins. The lies and murder can’t go on forever. Within our lifetimes what is the greatest scandal in American corporate history will be common knowledge, and much of Big Pharma’s ill-gotten gains will disappear. The American Cancer Society and the FDA and the AMA share in culpability and should feel similar effects. Read Burton Goldberg’s “Alternative Medicine’s Guide to Cancer” for a detailed political history of the criminal enterprise, or just read any of dozens of books by others with impeccable backgrounds, most of them MDs who have walked away from corruption and death and have set out on a path of healing patients rather than poisoning tumors. “Burzynski” should be seen by everyone who has lost a loved one to cancer.

  5. approved in 1996 under congressional pressure have supported

  6. supported what the teary testimonials of patients and their families suggested:

  7. FDA approved in 1996 under congressional pressure have supported what the teary testimonials of patients and their families

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