Election 2012

What a Nevada Caucus Looks Like


Henderson, Nev. - Covering a caucus is a bit different from covering a primary or general election, because you only get to visit one site. You cannot jump from caucus to caucus because they all start and end at about the same time. Some reporters luck out and end up at really interesting caucuses like mine; others end up having really bad experiences.

One thing that struck me about the caucus I attended was that despite its chaotic beginings, everybody remained civil. Nobody started screaming and yelling when a new chair was chosen. Below are some quick videos of caucus day at Green Valley High School. 

This is a clip of what it looks like outside the caucus place when people first arrive. It is a bit chaotic and confusing, especially if you have no idea what you're doing or where you're going. 

In this video the people of precinct 7683 nominate and select a caucus chairman after the designated one failed to show up.