Ron Paul

Ron Paul to spend Nevada caucus night in Minnesota


Elko, Nev. - Ron Paul willl not be in Las Vegas for a caucus night victory party on Saturday. Hell, he won't even be in the state of Nevada. According to his public schedule,  Paul will be stumping in Minnesota on the day of the Nevada caucuses. His campaign has confirmed there are no formal caucus night events being sponsored by the Paul campaign. Jesse Benton, Paul's national campaign chairman, said in an email that the campaign has to keep moving forward.

"We like to celebrate, but we also have a lot of work to do, so we will campaign in Minnesota while our first class operation turns out a great victory in Nevada," wrote Benton in an email to Reason. 

Seeing as the primary season is in full swing, this is not that shocking. Paul's plan is to focus on as many caucus states as possible, and spending precious time in a far-flung location like Nevada on election night is probably not the best use of his limited resources. Like we saw in Florida, the candidates will get live media coverage anywhere they go on the night of an election or primary. 

Both Paul and Rick Santorum spent the night of the Florida primary in Nevada and their responses to the results were shown live on all the networks. 

Information on where the other candidates will be on Saturday night was not immediately available.