Reason Writers on TV: Peter Suderman Talks Mitt Romney's Flip Flops on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano


On Wednesday, February 1, Reason Associate Editor Peter Suderman appeared on Freedom Watch to discuss GOP primary frontrunner Mitt Romney's book, No Apology, and the candidate's record of flip-flops on healthcare. Approximately five minutes. 


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  1. Napolitano requires Suderman to be in a different location, because he finds Suderman’s contention that Homeland is “a thinking man’s 24” to be pretentious and insulting to the average Fox News viewer.

    Needless to say, the Judge can’t stand the actual sight of Suderman.

    1. Suderman said that? That’s more scandalous than KMW telling everyone that Ron Paul would be president over her dead body.

      1. I didn’t say anything about Homeland on TV. But I wrote a piece about the show:

        1. Rather than view the bureaucratic process as a trifle to be dismissed, Homeland goes out of its way to remind viewers that the internal politics of the security bureaucracy?as with other government agencies?hinge on the personal biases and inscrutable incentives of the leadership as much as questions of national security. The show recognizes that bureaucracy is often an end in itself.

          So I guess you missed the episode where Jack shot Mason – his supervisor – with a tranquilizer dart. That’s hardly marginalizing the bureaucracy. How did I miss your sacrilegious article when you posted it?

          And I watched the first episode of Homeland but Claire Danes didn’t shout at anyone once to find out where the bomb was, so I gave up.

          1. If by “morally ambiguous”, Suderman means “I miss most of the plot because I was distracted by the possibility of a Claire Danes nude scene,” then, yeah, I would agree.

          2. Jack shot Mason – his supervisor – with a tranquilizer dart.

            Well, to be fair, who hasn’t?

    2. Cosmotarians. What can you say.

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  2. OT: Bernies Sanders and Tom Coburn were just on Dylan Ratigan.

    Come someone tell me what’s up with Coburn’s Vladimir Lenin-stache?

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