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Nevada for Dummies


With Florida in the rear view, our attention turns to this Saturday's Nevada caucuses. At first glance, Nevada looks like a libertarian paradise: no income tax, legalized prostitution, legalized gambling, everything is 24/7, the regulatory environment is friendly to business. Dig deeper, and you find a state with just two (sorry, Elko) urban centers, a scattered rural population, high unemployment, and a housing market that has imploded. Just as Florida's were last week, all of Nevada's problems will be in full view of the entire country for the next few days.  

Even though this is the first nominating contest in the West, Nevada's influence has been downplayed due to the intense focus on Florida. Some pundits are even suggesting, unwisely I think, that the nomination was wrapped up last night. If that were the case, the networks wouldn't be hyping their Saturday night coverage with such vigor. Long story short: Nevada still has a significant role to play in the GOP primary.

One of the best political writers in the state of Nevada, Jon Ralston of the Las Vegas Sun, has an amusing primer on the Silver State for the candidates. Here he explains what Nevadans think about the controversial Yucca Mountain project:

• The third rail of Nevada politics: The media are more obsessed with Yucca Mountain than most regular folks. But because the media are omnipotent, you better come up with something better than what most of you used in the debates. I wouldn't use the phrase "sound science," either — we've heard that one before. I would focus on a simple pander and hope no one follows up: "I can promise you as president that I will never put the health, safety and welfare of Nevadans at risk." It has worked for many Nevada candidates, so it's worth a shot.

Whole thing here

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  1. And while pandering, please remember that most residents are former Californians. Unfortunately, there is a 50/50 split between those who wanted a clean break from CA and those who don’t understand why NV doesn’t provide as many services as California.

    If you choose to bash California, you’ll get 100% of the native Nevadan vote, however.

    1. 100% of the native Nevadan vote

      All 93 of ’em eh?

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  2. Alright, so I was wrong on South Carolina, but that never stopped me: Ron Paul wins Nevada! You heard it here Frist.

  3. Romney did wrap up the nomination by winning Florida. Gingrich isn’t popular in the Northeast or the West, and had to sweep the South to have any chance. Gingrich raised very little money until the fourth quarter, and isn’t even on the ballot in Virginia (his home state these days) and a few others.

    Unless Romney makes a major gaffe or some scandal is unearthed, he can coast to the win.

    1. Your assumption lies on the notion that Gingrich will continue to be the popular not-Romney. I agree that Gingrich is done after his bad showing in Florida, there are two other guys who can fill that void, and Gingrich can get revenge and endorse Santorum.

      1. Gingrich can get revenge and endorse Santorum.

        Endorsing Santorum is what made Newt lose his first two wives.

    2. “Unless Romney makes a major gaffe…”

      Did you hear him this morning explaining how he doesn’t really care about the extremely poor?

      1. Yes, and the way you phrased it is how the MSM will play the edited clip. He made it clear what he was saying, but of course the disingenuous media will edit just the part where he said “I’m not concerned about the poor…” and will cut it off there. Standard bullshit.

        1. I heard it in context and understood what he meant. I doubt the MSM will hatchet him for it until the general election. I agree standard BS.

  4. We used to go to Vegas every Feb for bidness. Now we don’t. I almost miss those trips now…

  5. The Bunny Ranch switched to Ron Paul from Obama.


    Their rationale? Obama signed off on allowing the sale of horse meat. I saw the interview and it was bizarre. Apparently horse meat sales violated their budding libertarian sensibilities.

    1. Hof tells me this one comes with a special deal. During the month of January, he said, the ranch is offering two bunnies for the price of one. All you have to do is come in and say: “I’m pimping for Paul.”

      1. I love this:

        Newt Gingrich came in at a close second. According to the Daily Caller, Hof said, “We thought real closely about supporting Gingrich ? because he’s a cheater ? and we like cheaters.”

      2. Whenever I have flipped past that show, I either can’t get a boner or it goes away. Them bitches are really stank.

  6. Romney did not wrap up the nomination in Florida. That much I agree with.

  7. Dig deeper, and you find a state with just two (sorry, Elko) urban centers, a scattered rural population, high unemployment, and a housing market that has imploded.

    All of that might have something to do with the fact that the state is comprised mostly of rocks and sand, something like 75% of it is owned by the federal government, and a lot of that is radioactive from the nuclear weapons testing of the 1950s.

    Other than Vegas and Reno, there just ain’t a whole lot out there. And most of Vegas is just an overly glitzy, gaudy shithole, really. Although I have to admit I haven’t been there in over 10 years. But based on the several times I was there (mostly for business), I have no desire to go back.

    1. We fly in cheap, rent a car and drive north for fantastic hiking around Ely and Great Basin National Park.

      Pioche (north of the Shithole) is cool old west town.

      No tourists anywhere, man….

    2. My little piece of hell hole has a a quiet gated community with mountain sheep out my back porch, horse trails within 500 yards, awesome neighbors, parks, and a 20 mile view across the valley (awesome at night). YMMV.

  8. Does Area 51 have a caucus? I’m guessing they’ll go for Gingrich’s moonbase crap.

  9. delegate estimate (Its better than what the news site use):

    Romney 67
    Gingrich 27
    Paul 9
    Santorum 6

    67 is a long way from 1144.

  10. Reno is the best place in the state. Elko ain’t bad, but it is a small town. Las Vegas is my idea of a hell hole.

  11. Nevada’s delegates appear to be bound for one round based on proportional results from the caucus, so Paul wont be able to win the way he (supposedly) won Iowa.

    1. Colorado and Minnesota next Tuesday appear to work like Iowa, however.

    2. Nope. the straw poll is just that and has no bearing on delegates.

      But, being republicans, even die hard Ron Paul delegates will sell themselves out for a folding chair, just like they did last convention.

  12. Disclaimer:Las Vegas resident going on 12 years.

    I’m not sure that this one’s true:
    The folks in Reno think the South wants to rise up and steal money from them (shhh ? it’s true)

    Since most of the money in the state comes from Clark County, it’s at least somewhat reasonable for Clark County residents to expect most of the spending to be there as well. That’s not so much stealing as it is a demand that certain things be proportional or closer to proportional than they have been for a while now.

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