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From Outsider to Insider: Ron Paul Supporter Moves Up Elko GOP Ladder


Elko, Nev. - Marla Criss did not really care about politics before 2008. Then she learned about Ron Paul.

Today, she's the chairman of the Elko County Republican Party.

Criss, who's been chairman since 2010, was elected as a Ron Paul delegate to the controversial 2008 GOP state convention in Reno. She walked away from the experience determined to make changes after what she saw happen there. 

"We were appalled by what happened at the convention four years ago, so we got involved at many levels and worked to make the party much more responsive to the regular people," she said. 

Criss, along with other Paul supporters, worked their way into the local party infrastructure by attending its meetings and running for positions. Criss spent two years on the party's executive board before running unopposed for party chairman. 

"We kinda took it over," she said.

After taking power, the Paul supporters rewrote the party bylaws. "We worked to really open it up to more than just one group that always did it. We got a lot more young people and different people involved," she said. 

Criss emphasized that they did not do this just for Paul supporters but for the county as a whole. During our interview she wanted to make it clear that when she supports Paul, she's doing it as Marla Criss private citizen, not Chairman Marla Criss. "The county party and its officers cannot endorse candidates in an official capacity," she said.

Paul is making a campaign stop here tomorrow. Criss hopes he'll draw a bigger crowd than when he stopped here in 2007. The organization Elko's Paul supporters built in 2008 is still largely intact, and volunteers have been making phone calls and interacting with voters. "We've had a few sign waves downtown, that was good. We've been in parades. Given away about a thousand Ron Paul balloons at a parade," Criss said. Though they are not performing traditional canvasing.

When asked about how many Paul supporters have gone through caucus training, Criss said she didn't know, but speculated that many already went through the training in 2008.

Paul is popular here because "there is a real independent libertarian streak in this area, everyone wants to be left alone," she said.

As the party chairman, Criss declined to speculate on the outcome of Saturday's caucus, saying only that she hopes there are enough ballots and paper for everyone that attends. 

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  1. Delicious. The juice from that story dribbles down my neck... I'm waiting for the primary or caucus where Dr. Paul wins it all!

    1. You be ailin.

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  2. That's a hero right there. Making things happen. Not waiting for someone from on high to save us. Awesome.

    1. I agree. I was just thinking that I don't have the determination to do something like that, but thank goodness there are people who do. To the extent that our broken and corrupt system can be changed, that's how it's done.

  3. The scandal that finally broke the camel's back?

    Also, cool story. Have read multiple ones about about this happening in NV, Maine and Iowa. It bodes well for the future even if RP doesn't win this year.

    1. I have my doubts. Maybe Obama and Holder will go down together. Obama should have asked for his resignation months ago.

    2. The only thing that bodes well is congress in 2013 passes a large cut in spending compared to 2012 and the sitting president signs on. The rest is masturatory speculation.

    3. Reading the article I see that the criminal suspects were heads of a GOVT subsidised group with a planned economy agenda.

      The fact that THEIR CEO's were being paid 'obscene' salaries and were making predatory loans and were cheating on taxes probably doesn't fit well with the idea that greed and crime are a private sector disease.

      Most likely this has a lot to do with why there was so much reluctance to act and thus publicise the situation.

    4. The DOJ source said Holder does not want to admit public officials accepted bribes while under his leadership.

      And what Holder does not want, Holder does not get.



  5. Since it's so rarely mentioned, from the previously mentioned 'Hispanics in Politics' Event in Las Vegas, RP talks about the Letter of Marque and Reprisal

    1. Watched the whole three part series.

      Holy crap Paul is so effective here compared to his debate performances (which admittedly are better now too)

      He took the lack of time limits to really spread out and comfortably and logically and stylishly lay out his ideas.

      He stuttered less, seemed calmer, seemed relaxed and thoughtful, compared to the debates where he often seems nervous and unsure and loses control of his syntax and sentence order.

      Has 60 minutes/dateline etc done a Paul profile recently? Cuz that's the kind of thing where he could really get across to a large audience. The long form suits him so much better (As I suppose it suits any serious political discussion)

      His Google talk from 2008 was in this same vein but he was much less streamlined then.

      Will Google?has Google done a candidate forum this election?

  6. "not performing traditional canvasing"

    Why not?

  7. The Donald is going to support El Newto.


    1. Cheaters hang together?

    2. Newt is fond of eminent domain.

    3. He just wants The Grinch to steal christmas again.

    4. Bulk deal on hairspray?

  8. The salty tears of true believers nourish my soul.

    But just for shits and giggles, let's discuss the voting preferences of reason staffers in 2008.

    1. But the hollow victory of supporting hypocritical candidates based on their electability is so much more satisfying.

    2. Is that the discussion you were looking for?

    3. My womb has borne a disease.

  9. "Racism is simply an ugly form of collectivism, the mindset that views humans strictly as members of groups rather than individuals . . . By encouraging Americans to adopt a group mentality, the advocates of so-called "diversity" actually perpetuate racism. Their obsession with racial group identity is inherently racists . . . we should understand that racism will endure until we stop thinking in terms of groups and begin thinking in terms of individual liberty."

    - Ron Paul

    On this Israel thing??? I'm a simple man, got a question.

    If Iran got the BOMB, why would they blow- up Israel, if they consider it HOLY LAND ?;-)?
    Ron Paul 2012

  10. Gotta just love those bought and paid for politicians.

  11. Ron Paul 2012! No one else will do! Boot Newt! Omit Mitt! As for Slick Rick...who cares about him anyway?

  12. Barry Young,KFYI right-wing talk host said, "I'd vote for Obama before I would vote for Ron Paul". Yet in the same breathe said, "we need those young energetic Ron Paul supporters to come into the fold and support our nominee".

    Such SHORT TERM thinking means that they have OPENED THE DOOR to the Republican Party APPARATUS. Positions of Power are there for the taking. Its a 4 year TAKE OVER that is open to us. They will be swallowing the poison pill today to get our votes on the mistaken assumption that we will be the ones who "change" over time.

    The article is right on the money. It says;

    "To ensure that they are heard ? not just now but after Election Day, too ? Paul and his followers are working to gain a permanent foothold in the Republican Party nationwide. One state at a time, Paul's supporters are seating themselves at county committee meetings, and standing for election as state officers and convention delegates, to make sure their candidate's libertarian vision is taken into account. The goal is a lasting voice for an army of outsiders that has long felt ignored and sees the nation headed toward ruin if things don't change."

    But let me tell you Ron Paul Patriots - DO NOT BE SATISFIED WITH A 'Foothold', climb inside their GOP apparatus, get access to their voter Database - THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THEY HAVE - and take over REAL positions of power.

    Go inside like a new employee, learn the ropes, but keep your integrity, know your long term goals and directions. We will reshape the party. There are MORE of them, so be quiet, be humble, but be very very persistent. Their quest will be for personal power and aggrandizement, yours is for the Movement. The R3VOLution will be on the outside, the RP bots will infiltrate and take over control.

    There will be times that you will be pressed for your personal choice, I suggest you keep Ron Paul out of it. If you feel you owe it to others to tell them, then tell them. If you feel they are being honest with who they like, I suggest you look deeper and watch over time. I have seen McCain supporters fake their love for others, just to see who they are dealing with. Information is power in this game. Your facebook page will be looked at. Your bumper stickers too. So you have a big choice to make, be an open RP supporter working your way up the GOP establishment, or be an undercover one, a RP Bot acting as a virus to the GOP machine.

    The RP virus bot route;

    If you feel that you need to disguise yourself while inside the GOP, know that someone will ALWAYS ASKS, "who do you like?", and they will TALK to their republican friends about you. Trust me on that one. Then, to stay undercover, I highly suggest that Ron Paul bots should say: "I confess I liked Herman Cain, we certainly need more black conservatives, but now I have no preference, I just believe in freedom and want to beat those evil democrats." Those who buy that line will open up and tell you about who they really like, and then tell you why you should like their choice too. Stay publicly "undecided", privately for the R3VOLution. The fastest ones to do that will ironically and naively be Ron Paul supporters. But its best to be "undecided and not so sure yet". That is where the power is. When you run into higher party officials, your undecided but gun ho against Democrats position will get better treatment than if you are a KNOWN "Huckabee man", or "Santorum man" or "Newt man" or "Romney man". "So who did you vote for?" will be the final question that tells people where you stand, but also in these meetings people watch what statements you applaud, nod your head, and give verbal support to. Your answer is "I always vote for the republican on the ticket, and you?" That is my best advice on deflection.

    Btw Ron Paul undercover virus bots, not all openly Ron Paul PC's are indeed, Ron Paul patriots. Word to the wise. They may be simply people who have fallen in love with the man, not the principles. This is very common when some politician gets popular. Accept it and realize that such fan-worship in politics is crucial to building "the right candidate". Only 1% of the electric is ideologically "pure", and out of that, only 5% go viral, the rest just read their 'pure' books, pining for "the revolution" that never comes.

    Btw way, biologically speaking, all virus work this way. When it approaches a cell, it chemically 'looks like' the cell wall, "I am you, you are me", hence the cell wall does not "notice" it. Then after it puts on and wears the "C" cell label, it then pierces the cell membrane and inserts its bit of genetic code into the cell's DNA. Sometimes some viruses "just do the piercing" and then let other viruses enter the cell. With the new virus code, the Cell then starts making copies of the virus, not the cell. In GOP and DNC politics, the "white cells" that look for "infected cells" are also hiding and undercover. They are looking to identify you and neutralize you in the lowest position of power, that of a PC, or worse, kick you back to "voter status only".

    The GOP is not "un-penetrable". It has been penetrated and infiltrated many times. The last onslaught was from the 1980's Moral Majority regulars. Yes the GOP caught a Moral Majority Cold, its been hacking that runny stuff out in fits ever since Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson lead their born-again flock into politics. Those MM inside the GOP still in power like Santorum. These are the ones giving Mitt Romney the hardest time, its all about Romney being "not christian" you see.

    Back during the large Moral Majority onslaught, slipping in through the backdoor, was the Jacksonian Democrats or Warhawks from the radical Trotsky left, renamed NeoConservatives. Few in number, but still they knew right where they wanted to go, to the head of the GOP snake. Right to the Think Tanks and Conservative Media and of course to the top positions of the GOP, all supported via an alliance with the numerous Moral Majority GOP types who were too blind to see that their Moral issues would come in a far second to their neoCon goals.

    Ron Paul Getting to Speak at the GOP convention is a good goal, but not THE goal. Same with getting Rand or my favorite, Judge Andrew Napolitano to speak, it is great and but NOT really a coup of sorts. But the real R3VOlution coup inside the GOP needs a new blueprint of policy positions inserted inside the GOP and then it needs the real key people to hold key positions of power to make sure our policies get EXPRESSED and others do not.

    THis is how the NeoCons have literally taken over think tanks of both parties and the parties themselves. NeoCons simply do not have the numbers, or even OUR numbers. But they did execute a strategy in the 1970s that has paid off in the 1980s, 90's and 2000s'. The NeoCons and the Progressives/Socialist, like Lawrence O'Donnell in the MSM, are our true enemies. Both the NeoCons and Progressive/Socialists are two sides of the same ideological coin. Neither is bothered by the other. If ever their could be a real war between these two, it would be to our RP bot advantage. With them busy fighting, we could undermine them and insert our code into the GOP and DNC body politic. That means we need Ron Paul democrats as well as Ron Paul republicans. The D and R labels, being just that, meaningless letters on a sweater, no more than name badges that allow one to enter Republican and Democrat building.


  13. Miss Criss's story mirrors my own. I was blissfully unaware of politics in 2007, and someone told me to google Ron Paul.

    Life has never been the same. Started going to republican central committee meetings - got a seat on the committee when someone quit. And this year, I was elected chair of the county central committee, and will most likely chair our upcoming caucus.

    It's only the beginning - the committees are usually ripe for takeover, with low attendance and motivation.

  14. Marla has done great things for the Elko County Republicans. I have been honored to call her my Chairman. She has opened the party up and made the process more assecible to all. I applaud her for her hard work for Elko County! We all are very thankful for her!!

  15. That would be "canvassing" and I am ready for a job as the final proofreader.

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