Updates From Florida's Romneypalooza


Tampa, Fla - There is a weird mix of people outside of Mitt Romney's victory party here in Tampa. There are Tampa Bay Lightning fans all decked out in silver and black garb, a mostly well dressed crowd of Romney supporters milling about, there are PETA protesters decked out in pig costumes passing out flyers about farm subsidies and there are the usual handful of Occupiers.

Before you even get inside there is an senior with a cane inspecting bags as people come. Once you get by him the professionalism of the Romney operation really stands out. At the door there are volunteers slapping "Romney" stickers on all attendees as they enter. In the center of the check-in area there is a huge merchandise table selling all kinds of Romney wares.

I talked to this couple, the Pennoyers, after they were finished picking through the wares the campaign was selling. They were very happy with Romney's inevitable victory here.

Outside there were Billionaire For Bush types with suits and hats hanging around and then there was this Occupier who called Romney a fascist because he said America needs a "CEO in chief." He told me that they have people inside and plans for after the event. It was not clear if actual Occupiers made it by Romney's lines of security before the event.