Newt Gingrich Goes "Grassroots," Director of National Intelligence Warns Congress About Iran, CBO Says U.S. Will Have Trillion Dollar Deficit for the Fourth Year in a Row: P.M. Links


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    CBO gives dismal economic forecast for 2012

    1. Underperforming. Yes. We need a shareholder derivative suit.

      1. Let me be clear: this president is irresponsible and unpatriotic.

        1. I want a new board and new management.

        2. We’ll be the judge of that

          1. You guys don’t exactly have a great track record.

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    2. looking for the bilover?—datebi*cO’m— is a site for bisexual and bicurious singles and friends.Here you can find hundred of thousands of open-minded singles & couples looking to explore their bisexuality.sign up for free.

      1. What is this billover anyway? Is it like Gulliver? Or is it an amount suggested for a tip on your restaurant cheque, the bill-over? I’m confused and don’t know what it has to do with small l libertarians. And don’t get me started on biquorius.

  2. Hysterical over Hysteria:…..more-43769…..teria.html

    1. There has better be some top-notch “Crucible” jokes in both those articles or I am not clicking.

      1. What about twitching cheerleaders?

    2. It’s such a magical mysteria

    3. Erin fucking Brockivitch is on the case. Has she already identified an company with deep pockets as the culprit? I’d bet she had a list handy.

  3. Asking for sex is rape:…..-the-edge/

  4. Asking for it is rape:…..-the-edge/

  5. FITCHBURG — It was a horror movie come to life.

    Judy Sanchez woke Thursday to the sound of heavy footsteps in her stairwell, followed by a loud motor. She got to her kitchen in time to see the blade of a chain saw rip through her front door.

    “It was so crazy,” Judy Sanchez said. “I was terrified.”

    Jan. 26 was the day of Operation Red Wolf, a multiagency sweep during which 16 people in Fitchburg were arrested on charges related to gang activity, drug trafficking and illegal gun sales after a two-year investigation by federal, state and local law-enforcement officers.

    The people sawing through her door were FBI agents, looking for a gang member suspected of trafficking cocaine. But they went to the wrong address.
    photo COURTESY Judy Sanchez The door to the apartment of Judy Sanchez at 391 Elm St., in Fitchburg after FBI agents used a chain saw to tear the door down.

    Sanchez said the ordeal traumatized her and her 3-year-old daughter, Ji’anni, and she is unsatisfied with the agency’s response to the error.

    About 10 FBI agents came into her apartment at 391 Elm St., that morning, guns drawn and pointed at her. There was no knock, and they didn’t shout that they were from the FBI until after the saw was buzzing through her six-panel front door, she said.

    She believes it took about three minutes for them to saw a big rectangle through the door, then kick in the center. She shouted repeatedly that they had the wrong place.

    Once the first agent was inside, she was ordered facedown on the floor at gunpoint. Her 3-month-old pit-bull Lexi wet the floor, and she was instructed to grab the
    dog and hold her. To do so, she said, she had to reach through the dog’s urine.

    Sanchez doesn’t know how long she was held on the floor, but estimates it was between 30 and 45 minutes while her daughter cried in the other room. It was a cold morning, and she was not allowed to put warm clothes on.

    “I was still at gunpoint the whole time. I was freezing,” Sanchez said.

    The FBI agents kept asking her where Luis Vasquez was, and she said she didn’t know.


    But the FBI did say they were sorry and fix the door.

    1. Two years of investigation and they still get the wrong fucking house. That is incompetence on a criminal level.

      1. They don’t call them “Famous But Incompetent” for nothing.

      2. Two years of investigation and they still get the wrong fucking house. That is incompetence on a criminal level.

        Fixed. They were following departmental policy.

        1. SUCK ME DRY, Joe M.

    2. Shit, she’s lucky her dog didn’t get the chainsaw.

    3. pitbull = guilty

    4. Fuck me, but if I see a chainsaw coming through my door, I’m opening fire.

      Sure, I’ll wind up dead. May not even take any of the bastards with me, since I’ll be shooting through a thick door.

      And yes, if there’s a chainsaw coming through my door, I will fire “blind” through the door.

      1. That’s what I was just thinking, RC. How the hell can they justify a fucking chainsaw? My wife would be a widow.

    5. Three minutes to gain entry? What the hell kind of operation was this?

    6. The link is full of “great” stuff.

      The three-minute door.

      “The FBI assistant special agent in charge recognized legitimate concerns the resident had about the mistake,” the statement read.

      the concept of compensation for property damage and trauma from a misdirected police raid is too broad a concept to identify a policy for what the department would do in a similar scenario.

      It goes on and on.

      1. Seems like one of those hand rams would’ve done fine. Fuck me, these guys are idiots. I’m sure there will be excuses about how they couldn’t surveil too closely because the intended target is a supercriminal… Fuck, against these guys I look like a supercriminal.

    7. The people sawing through her door were FBI agents, looking for a gang member suspected of trafficking cocaine. But they went to the wrong address.

      Chainsaw? I gather she had a wooden door. Didn’t everybody go to insulated steel doors in 1975-2000 when we were all being told we were headed into Mad Max World?

  6. Clapper also said the country has the capacity to build a nuclear weapon if and when it feels like it.

    Which means there’s nothing we can do to stop them other than (a) making sure they don’t feel like it by stopping our policy of invading countries on a whim, or (b) sucking up and dealing with the reality of a nuclear Iran.

    Of course, it’s likely that Clapper is just misleading us so as to bang the war drums.

    1. Which means there’s nothing we can do to stop them

      That is only true if we have no way to take away their existing ability. And that hardly a given.

      And what is this about dealing with the reality of a nuclear Iran? I was told for years on here by every right knowing commenter that Iran had no nuclear program. Remember the old NIE that said they stopped work in 2003? Reason and nearly everyone, except me, on this site swore that was gospel and Iran had no nuclear program. Hell, Fluffy still says that.

      And now it is inevitable? So you people were all full of shit back then? Really?

      1. It’s extremely likely Clapper is the one full of shit here. The Israelis don’t even think Iran is nuke capable yet, and they have every reason to jump the gun on that estimation.

        I’m just showing that his latest scaremongering “proves too much” as we in the math industry would say.

        1. If his claim is they could but haven’t, that is bullshit. There is no reason to believe they won’t build one first thing.

          That said, it would be nice if people would get their story straight on Iran or at least admit when they change their positions.

          1. It would be nice if the various US government officials would get their stories straight since they have been saying every thing from Iran having no active nuclear weapons program to oh my god we are all going to die. Even better it would be nice if they actually provided evidence to back up their opinions

            1. If Iraq is any indication, I wouldn’t bet on it. And if they do bring supporting evidence, it’s more likely to be “evidence”.

              1. Five Iranian nuclear scientists have been knocked off in the last two years, in addition to the weird computer virus that only affects a centrifuge. At least the Israelis are on the ball.

          2. “”If his claim is they could but haven’t, that is bullshit.””

            That seems to be his claim, and it probably is bullshit.

            Sounds like the run up to Iraq all over again.

            Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice.. .. .. .. Won’t get fooled again.

      2. Someone recently suggested that all of this is just to prevent Israel from destabilizing things by (probably correctly from their perspective, if nothing else is done) blowing up Iran’s nuclear facilities.

        Certainly, someone is killing Iran’s nuclear scientists.

        1. It might be the Saudis or the other gulf states. They have more to lose than Israel. Israel can threaten Iran with nukes. What can Saudi do?

          1. Pay someone else to threaten Iran with nukes?

            Also, Iran isn’t likely to nuke a country with Mecca in it. Heck, that might even protect part of Israel (which, I’m told, has its own holy sites).

            1. Israel has the Dome of the Rock, which is holy but not nearly as holy as they claim. It oddly got more holy when the Jews took it over.

              And the Persians hate the Sunnis and the Arabs. They wouldn’t nuke Mecca. But they don’t buy for a minute the Saudi Royal family claims of being guardians of Mecca. They would think nothing of nuking Riyadh

              1. We are talking fission bombs, so I suppose they could do some tactical nuking without damaging the holy sites. Of course, if they nuke anyone, they won’t be running their country anymore.

                1. The holy sites in Saudi are Mecca and Medina. Riyadh is just a shitty city in the middle of the desert.

                  1. Mecca and Medina? You’re making those places up.

                    1. No I am not Pro. You can look it up.

                    2. Where? Do you seriously think I have The Oxford Index of Holy Places in my office?

                    3. Science, John, you really think Pro L hasn’t heard of Mecca and Medina? You have to learn when people are pulling your chain. Or you can fail to do so and continue to amuse the rest of us with your obtuseness.

                    4. I think he was playing along by the time he told me to look it up.

                    5. What? Medina is in Ohio!


        2. Iran also has violent internal opposition to the regime. They could be getting help from Israel etc., though.

          1. That is another good theory. I would imagine the opposition isn’t too keen on getting in a nuclear war with Israel.

            1. Indeed, though a counter-argument is that even anti-regime Iranians are often very nationalistic and want nukes for the prestige.

      3. I’m pretty sure if we start dropping JDAMs and Tomahawks like rain it would negatively affect their ability to build a nuke.

        Or Mossad could just keep whacking their nuke guys. That seems to be putting a damper on things.

    2. MOPping Up: The USA’s 30,000 Pound Bomb

      say allo to my lil friend !

  7. Bad Parenting:…..-back.html

    1. I know this is applicable to just about any DailyFail link, but WTF is wrong with the UK? Why is every woman in her 20’s a single mother making choices that range from questionable to fucking moronic? This one doesn’t look quite as bedraggled as most, but I’m deducting points for naming the ill-fated child “Ffion.” I don’t care if it’s Gaelic or Welsh or some shit, it’s still stupid.

      1. The men in their 20s aren’t much of a catch either. Go to Prague sometime.

        1. It’s actually gotten somewhat better, as far as huge gangs of nasty, drunk limeys roaming the streets in the center. I think the exchange rate has declined and Britain is doing worse in general.

      2. I don’t care if it’s Gaelic or Welsh or some shit, it’s still stupid.

        Worse than “Dagny”?

      3. I’m deducting points for naming the ill-fated child “Ffion.”

        Try saying it with a lisp.

        1. It doesn’t have one already?

      4. I’m deducting points for naming the ill-fated child “Ffion.” I don’t care if it’s Gaelic or Welsh or some shit, it’s still stupid.

        Hey! My sister’s name is… No, just kidding.

        Yeah, Ffion is a top-ten common name for Welsh girls. But I can’t imagine why the hell anyone would name a girl for a poisonous plant?

      5. Doesn’t look particularly dangerous to me. It’s probably about as dangerous as Interstate driving. It’s not like she’s free-climbing.

        I wouldn’t do it, but I’d take a toddler camping. Plenty of opportunities there for a sprog to be maimed by fire or killed by coyotes or abducted by Yetis, but I’m not completely retarded. I assume this broad isn’t either.

    2. But they are cool urban yuppies, so it is okay. In the mean time, lets take away anyone who owns a gun’s kids for safety reasons.

      1. Menna Pritchard, 26 – who states brazenly that ‘life is about taking risks’ – scales sheer rock faces while carrying two-year-old Ffion.


        Including the risk that a 20-something single mom won’t be able to support her kid. That risk, however, is one for the taxpayers. We wouldn’t want mom’s free spirit to be dimmed by nasty things like responsibility.

    3. This kid will either be fucked up as a football bat, fearless, or dead by age 17.

    4. What the fuck is a degree in “outdoor education”?

    5. It’s bad optics for her to be wearing a helmet while her child is not but I don’t think this was actually that dangerous if the kid was strapped in properly. No more dangerous than driving your kid around in a car.

    6. I don’t know about now, but when I was in scouts it was pretty common knowledge that we were more likely to get seriously injured playing football over rock-climbing. Having said that, she should have had a helmet on her kids head.

    7. On my 50th birthday a year ago I climbed the highest mountain in Queenstown, New Zealand. Not an enormous achievement — it is all a trail with nothing technical, and only takes about 6-7 hours round trip, but there are some pretty steep parts that you are on all fours scrambling over rocks. I got to the top and felt exhilarated, especially after seeing much younger people turning back. I was feeling pretty proud of myself till a young woman pulled up alongside me with a toddler on her back.

  8. Now I want to see this movie:…..-SICK.html

    1. Nope – says it’s a ShakyCam production.

  9. Start the reactor. Free Mars……..omach.html

    1. I was thinking The Dark Half (book, not movie).

    2. Straight from The Venture Brothers.

  10. ATF Death Watch 135: The Smoking Gun


  11. NBC executives decide they’ve had enough semen:…..edule.html

    1. HEY!!

    2. We vacationed in Davos one year during the summer, it was fairly cheap and laid back and the hiking was nice.

  12. Kristen Bell (still hot) Sloth Meltdown

    1. They should really, really leave such lists to Maxim, who at least don’t include people like Tina Fey and Demi Moore.

      1. Who decided Tina Fey was that attractive? I really never got that.

        1. I wouldn’t say she is unattractive, but I’m sure I can think of 99 women who are more attractive.

          1. If I saw her on the street, I wouldn’t think she was ugly. She is an attractive over 40 mom. I guess I am asking, who decided she was worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as Kristen Bell and such?

            1. Kristen Bell isn’t on the list, John.

              1. Or whoever. You know what I mean. Fay is not a Hollywood sex symbol.

                1. Tina Fey has the the golden WHR of 6 million.

          2. Kate Middleton is #11.


            They really should leave this to Maxim, just to not look stupid.

            1. You know how there are people who review movies? You should review lists of women.

              1. Nah. I only review other people’s reviews of women.

                1. You could review other people’s reviews of other people’s reviews of women, as that’s an underserved market.

            2. The ass alone should get her in the top 100. She is kind of the ultimate rich bitch.

              1. The media, naturally, favors fame over actual talent. For instance, the best actor in the world is quite likely some guy who does local amateur theater in Ocala. And it’s almost certainly true that the most attractive woman (or man) in the world is not famous. Probably the top ten million.

            3. AskMen is perpetually in danger of crossing the line into full on trolling. Half of the shit they post seems like it is designed to get the Jezebel crowd worked up (“10 ways to tell your girlfriend she’s fat” and similar charmers). Maybe this list is a similarly carefully crafted almost-troll.

              1. Well, if so, then they got me, because this list is retarded.

                1. You should read it more. It is a like a how-to guide for douches who want to be even douche-ier.

                  1. So that’s what Warty reads every day. It all makes sense now.

                    1. How do we know that AskMen isn’t Warty’s brain child?

                  2. If women didn’t go for that type, they would be evolved out of the species.

              2. There’s a Five & Diner here where the guy who owns it apparently has some sort of Jedi Mind trick where he convinces the hottest young women to wait tables there. Then, for his grand finale, he has a slightly older, even hotter than the rest woman be the manager.

                I think my favorite along these lines was when Stanhope visited the potato factory in the UK:

                Stanhope at the potato factory

    2. How many of these chicks would still be hot without their makeup and push-up bras? That’s the real test.


  13. Is it just me, or does the Ron Paul doll look a lot like Peter Schiff?

  14. Newt should have used this instead.

  15. At the same time, according to CBO, the economy will remain sluggish, partly because of higher taxes.

    But, looking on the bright side, we’ll have more revenue to pay interest on the Debt.

  16. “Sexual Coercion” is the new rape:…..-the-edge/

  17. Squirrels keep stopping this spam:…..-the-edge/

    1. Newt is an historian. He knows these things.

    2. My favorite Newt quote is the one about how Fannie and Freddie hired him because of his skills as an historian not to peddle his political influence.

      In other news, they also hired LaBron James for his ability to calculate actuary tables not to be the ringer on the office basketball team.

      1. I think you could run a killer series of campaign ads against Newt (or just about anybody) with nothing but clips of the candidate set to a laugh track.

  18. I keep trying to post an important article about “sexual coercion” and I keep getting that it has been “marked as spam by a third-party”.

    1. Try placing it in quotes and prefacing with ‘It is within the realm of possibility that’.

        1. Did you try it?

          That filter’s not as smart as Anonbot.

          1. Oh, what the hell…

            “It is within the realm of possibility that…..-the-edge/“

          2. Still blocked.

            1. It is within the realm of possibility that “an important article about ‘sexual coercion'” can be successfully posted.

          3. Do you like b*secsual love, then try our website, b*secsual%com, operators are standing bi.

  19. S&P, Dow see best January in century-…..?iid=HP_LN

    Obama market gains highest in history among any president (real numbers)…

    1. And the CBO says 2012 is going to be much worse than 2011.…..doom_obama

      Weren’t you telling us in the other thread how the CBO was the last arbiter of truth?

      1. 2% GDP? (I won’t go to Town-Hall).

        Bush left us with -8.9% GDP in q4 of 2008.

        2% after that is a fucking Blake Griffin dunk of the year.

        1. This recovery has been the weakest since WWII. By far. Nothing to crow about. After a steep recession, we have typically gotten steep recoveries.

          But not this time.

          1. True, but this is the first Credit Crash since 1929.

            Recessions are normally inventory work-downs.

            1. 9% unemployment. Effectively near 15% if you look at the labor force participation rate.

              Eat that raw bitch. Obama will be remembered as the worst President since Hoover. And few will ever admit to have voted for him.

              He can go back to his evangelical church in Chicago. I thought you hated Christfags there Shrike.

            2. Recessions are normally inventory work-downs.

              Agreed. I mean, it’s not like we’ve got a housing glut or any?whoops.

              1. We’ve got both! Too much inventory and busted credit lines.

                2% GDP is a fucking miracle with a dead housing market.

                1. It’s also a pure fabrication, boosted by government spending that isn’t actually creating any net product (key part of GDP).

                  1. It’s also a pure fabrication, boosted by government spending that isn’t actually creating any net product (key part of GDP).


                    As long as government spending is part of the GDP calculations, it’s hard to argue that higher GDP is good at a time when we have the most government spending ever.

                2. 2% GDP is a fucking miracle with a dead housing market.

                  7-10% deficit spending to get a 2% increase isn’t exactly a great rate of return.

        2. That means Obama has done nothing but produce the worst recovery in living memory and hasn’t reduced unemployment by a single percentage point.

          Only someone with the sanity issues you have could look at that as anything but a dismal economic record.

        3. 2% GDP growth after borrowing (and spending) 10% GDP by the Federal Government = -8% in Brett’s adjusted for reality GDP.

    2. He’s also the most recent President.

    3. Let me be clear.

      ** pumps fist **

    4. Looks like Wall Street is getting some return on their investment. Since Obama is running his campaign on Wall Street money, I guess they deserve it.

      1. $700 million in personal contributions in 2008 and less than 4% from Wall St liberals.

        And Obama will do a cool billion this cycle.

        Eat it raw, bitch.

        1. And hundreds million of that from people like Jon Corzine and Goldman Sachs. Eat that raw bitch. Obama is a crook.

          1. I read that, but knowing Corzine he is just trying to buy a pardon.


            1. but knowing Corzine he is just trying to buy a pardon.

              And why would Corzine think a pardon could be purchased?

    5. Obama market gains track Bernanke money printing. Anybody can get the stock market to go way, way up if they flood the markets with free liquidity and crush bond rates.

      Google “financial repression”, shrike.

      While you’re at it, ask yourself how pension funds that are heavily invested in bonds that are paying anywhere from 0-3% are going to hit their 8% growth targets.

      1. The term “adjusted for inflation” is a bit beyond shrike’s grasp.

        It is funny what an Obama dead ender he has become. The worse things get for Obama the weirder shrike seems to get.

        1. You are clueless, John.

          Rasmussen has Obama at a 51% fave rating (vs 47% unfav) today.

          Wait until Romney is skewered for the out of touch asshole he really is.

          WE WIN.

          1. Oh he is an incumbent with a 47% unfavorable rating. That is a real ticket to re-election. You are pathetic Shrike. The dumbest person ever to post on here.

            1. That was his winning margin 51-47.

              So Obama is holding up despite persistent UE…

              You fail.

              1. Yeah because “favorable” is the same as “re-elect” and one poll that doesn’t account for registered much less likely voters means so much.

                Jesus, do you even have an fucking IQ above a 100?

                1. By definition, half the people don’t.

              2. Not exactly. It has only been in the last few days (since SOTU) that Obama has been positive on Rasmussen. For the last 2 years at least, he’s been negative in their poll. But keep on cherrypickin’.

            2. Oh he is an incumbent with a 47% unfavorable rating. That is a real ticket to re-election.

              Except that Mitt fucking Romney is the worst presidential candidate for either party since Dewey.

      2. I acknowledge that Bernanke has been an integral part of the asset recovery (with the other Fed Govs from Obama)

        He deserved his Time MOY award for 2009, no doubt.

        1. The asset recovery doesn’t mean anything if the prices are just rising to keep up with inflation you half wit. Is there any inanity you won’t utter in order to suck Obama’s cock?

          1. From a Bush cock-sucker?

            Your guy is a proven failure. 61% of historians name him worst POTUS ever.

            1. Don’t worry, Obama will relieve him of that honor. Worst recession and worst recovery since 1930. Obama has failed at everything domestically. He is just done.

            2. They’ve done studies, you know. 60% of the time it works, every time.

            3. Historians, weak minded twits who couldn’t make it in any other field. You add up those who call themselves Marxist, and those, like Newt in denial of their Marxism, you would probably get 61% or higher.

        2. shrike, you do understand that asset price increases as a result of easy liquidity is the very definition of a bubble, right?

          1. No he doesn’t.

          2. Faulty premise on your part.

            The S&P 500 earned $102 in 2011 – the best ever. Valuation is based on earnings and NOT M2.

            Deflation killed stock prices in 2008 despite M2 hikes.

            SUCK ON THAT – BITCHES!

            1. What a coincidence, then, that the market has faltered just before, and miraculously recovered just after, each round of QE.

              1. It’s like magic.

                I like the part about my S&P index basically increasing by the amount that I have invested over the last twelve years and no more. Buy and hold what?

            2. Re: shrike,

              The S&P 500 earned $102 in 2011 – the best ever. Valuation is based on earnings and NOT M2.

              If you believe that, I have a pointy monument to sell – it’s exactly 555 feet tall, if you were wondering.

              Deflation killed stock prices in 2008 despite M2 hikes.

              That’s because everybody went to the safe harbor that is cash, at the same time. But that does not mean the previous “earnings” and the subsequent “earnings” weren’t being inflated through cheap money, shrike. The actual production of goods and services index in this country has been going negative when adjusting for inflation for the past 11 years

    6. That’s funny, because my S&P 500 Index Fund, which I started buying in 2000, is still worth less per share than it was in. . .2000.

      So much for that 10% per year business.

      The economy is slowly going down the toilet, and we need dramatic changes–deregulation, massive reduction in government spending and market intervention, etc.

    7. Wow, short-term gains in two market indices? Now that’s real wealth! Surely everyone will have a job by tomorrow.

      1. Short term? Try 3 years, dipshit.

        And Dow and S&P are the two largest indexes with NAZ their only competition.

      2. All this really indicates is how volatile the market is. I don’t try to predict any market direction. However, I could easily see this headline in March: S&P, Dow see worst February in century

    8. Let me be clear, I agree with shrike’s reading comprehension (best January in century).

      Uhhh… never mind that the title of the article is:

      S&P, Dow wrap up best January in 21st century

      Or, that the article itself says the best since 1997.

  20. At the report briefing, CBO Director Doug Elmendorf said that the longer Congress waits to determine the best course of action, the worse off the economy gets. Elmendorf also said that huge increases in taxes or deep spending cuts would severely hamper economic growth in the near future.

    The best policy Congress could choose to implement would be the Bowles-Simpson deficit reduction plan. Not only would the plan both raise revenue and cut spending, but it would also simplify the tax code, improve fairness, increase U.S. competitiveness abroad, and spur economic growth.

  21. “College Student, Finds Cocaine In Textbook Ordered From Amazon”…..41527.html

    1. What. The. Fuck. The correct procedure here is to give a bump to your druggiest friend, and if he survives, have a fucking party.

    2. It was a college textbook, what did he expect?

    3. For what a college textbook costs they should all come with a bag of Cocaine.

  22. Obama’s Contraception Problem:

    “Should religious organizations that offer health insurance to their employees have to cover contraception? The Obama administration decided the answer is, more or less, yes….

    “E.J. Dionne…argues that the administration has screwed over its liberal Catholic supporters, which seems incontrovertible.

    “by the standard of medical care, contraception is not terribly expensive. It’s not the sort of cost you need to insure against. If all medical care cost what contraception costs, there would be no such thing as “health insurance.” We would all just pay for it out of pocket.”…..oblem.html

    1. They just want to prove a point and control the church. It has nothing to do with contraception. It has to do with the idea that no one in this country should be allowed to express certain beliefs.

      And I have no sympathy for his liberal Catholic supporters. If you claim abortion is the most important moral issue today and then vote for the party of abortion, you are either a liar or an idiot.

    2. My problem with being required to cover contraception (and abortion) is that they are purely lifestyle, elective expenses.

      They shouldn’t be covered by insurance at all.

      1. Hey, the Government pays for my lube, don’t it?

    3. How about all forms of voluntary association be left alone and not just one particular type?

      1. Sounds good.

        But if an association has a constitutional amendment specifically protecting it (the 1st), then it is their right and duty to invoke it.

  23. “The California Air Resources Board unanimously approved the new rules that require that one in seven of the new cars sold in the state in 2025 be an electric or other zero-emission vehicle.”…..standards/

    1. Consumer demand, how does that work?

      1. Looks like the State of California will have to implement some sort of subsidies for car buyers. That’s a good thing, too. Because we are just awash in cash, and really need to find new ways to spend it.

    2. After the SOPA thing, I think auto manufacturers should feel emboldened to just stop selling cars in California, and open up some big dealerships in Nevada. Fuck you, hippies — you can have your regs, or you can have your sales tax. Your call.

  24. I cannot think of a more perfect picture to represent why I support

    1. My soul has been so destroyed by H&R. I could barely muster a ‘meh’.

    2. “Greek?”


  25. Maybe the TSA can use this method; pre-cogs are hard to come by

    1. Though some parents eagerly took their children to the test, many others complained of the high costs and doubted if it was scientific or superstitious.

      That’s some mighty fine reporting.

      1. Remember that these stories are written in Chinese and then translated into English

        -It just occurred to me that Reason articles are foreign language translations too 😉

  26. that “Eye of the Tiger” thing is a great illustration of why copyright is a bullshit concept used only by rent-seekers who wish to use the government to restrict the liberty of others. If Gingrich wants to play it at his events, then suck it up.

    1. Maybe “Survivor” doesn’t want to be associated with him. I wouldn’t want to be associated with “Survivor”

      1. I suppose Wagner didn’t want his music to be associated with Elmer Fudd, but too damn bad.

        1. I agree. If Newt were selling records making money, that would be one thing. But he is not. He is using it to make a point or set a mood at his rallies. That sounds like 1st Amendment speech to me.

          1. He should play public-domain stuff like Wagner. Ride of the Valkyries should be noncontroversial.

            1. eh, not if he wants the support of the Israel lobby

            2. I believe that “House of the Rising Sun” is in the public domain. So he could have some musical buddies record it and go apeshit.

            3. Too subtle.

  27. Fed, you are so wise and kind and always know what to say. You know when a bitch needs some cash flow, and you know when you best hold on to it. I love you so, and I know that when you slap me it is only because I’ve been a stupid whore.

    love, Shrike

  28. Many Western and Arab nations are pushing for it, but Russia is worried that a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and calling for his removal could push the country further towards civil war.

    And if there’s one thing the Russians are good for, is political analysis. Heed their warning.

  29. California is on track to run out of money by early March. Needed amount of cash: $3.3 billion.

    I left from there just in time. The whole place can slide into the ocean for all I care.

    1. I find your casual indifference toward such a prospect a bit disturbing; I actively want it to slide into the ocean.

  30. Media Beligerance Against Paul Reaches A New Level Of Absurdity

    Yesterday, as part of my daily news comb, I visited “iWatch News,” one of several dozen websites on my list of news outlets on government related scandals-revelations. I usually skim the headlines and stories to see whether anything gets my attention as coverage-worthy. Well, their top headline yesterday fit what I was looking for: “Candidate Super PACS.” It was brief, but boldly showcased data on how much money each major presidential candidate has raised and how much each has spent to date. I was happy to find an important but quick and hassle-free read without too many embellishing words or subjective spicing. So I began reading the list. Starting from the top they had the number 1 candidate based on money raised and spent:

    Barack Obama: Total Raised-$88.3 million Total Spent-$28.8 million

    Then came candidate number 2:

    Mitt Romney: Total Raised-$32.6 million Total Spent-$17.5 million

    After that came the third on the list, Number 3:

    Newt Gingrich: Total Raised-$2.9 million Total Spent-$2.5 million

    Gingrich was followed by Number 4:

    Rick Santorum: Total Raised-$1.3 million Total Spent-$1.1 million

    And finally, there came the last one, the one all the way at the bottom, candidate Number 5, and naturally, I expected to see the loser of the bunch, the candidate with the least money raised and spent, in other words, the least viable candidate when it comes to raising money, which is one of the major indicators of the winner to come:

    Ron Paul: Total Raised-$12.7 million Total Spent-$9.1 million

    I was ready to get out of the site and move on to the next news site for my daily internet news surf, but then, my eyes caught the numbers listed as raised and spent for Ron Paul. As you know I usually don’t use cuss words, but the only way I can describe my strong reaction-surprise is ‘having a serious WTF!’ moment.

    1. they were listed alphabetically…by first name. Just like most people would think to do it 😉

  31. Hmmmm. Nothing from Reason that today is Ida May Fuller Day?

  32. Profit
    The main reason FIRMS exist. In economic theory, profit is the reward for RISK taken by ENTERPRISE, the fourth of the FACTORS OF PRODUCTION – what is left after all other costs, including RENT, WAGES and INTEREST. Put simply, profit is a firm’s total revenue minus total cost.

    Economists distinguish between normal profit and excess profit. Normal profit is the opportunity cost of the ENTREPRENEUR, the amount of profit just sufficient to keep the firm in business. If profit is any lower than that, then enterprise would be better off engaged in some alternative economic activity. Excess profit, also known as super-normal profit, is profit above normal profit and is usually evidence that the firm enjoys some MARKET POWER that allows it to be more profitable than it would be in a market with PERFECT COMPETITION.


      Economists [who?] distinguish between normal profit and excess profit[…]Excess profit, also known as super-normal profit, is profit above normal profit.

      Quoted straight from the Question-Begging School Of Economics.

    2. I think there is something wrong with your “Caps Lock” button on your computer. I suggest you follow this link, and download and install this simple, but useful utility:…..caps_lock/

  33. The CBO also says that federal taxes will go up 30 percent by 2014.

    Not to worry, as I am sure our cost of living adjustment will more than make for such plunder and… What are you guys laughing at???

  34. Observe the stupid on display in the comments regarding marijuana:…..o-contest/

    And I just found out that this site is heavily moderated. Imagine what gets deleted.

    1. Holy shit. I only made it through four comments before I had to stop. It’s the shallowest, zero-analysis level of thought possible on the subject.

      1. Posted by GPNarc:

        “I don’t pretend to have the answer, I’m just a cop of 24yrs who simply enforces the laws of my state; however, with that said, it would be a shame to legalize it after so many officers have died because of it.”

  35. I think we’re all praying for a Newt Gingrich victory tonight in Florida. The next step in rolling back the Barack Hussein Obama-Mitt Romney-Ron Paul leftist agenda.

    Newt is the only man who can stand up to Iran and China and defeat their plans to dominate the globe. The only man who can stand up to Congress, balance the budget and fund our troops. The only man who can stand up to ACLU-led activist judges. The only man who can stand up to the Blame America First crowd. The only man supported by Sarah Palin and the REAL Tea Party.

    We need a President who represents and fights for all Americans not just the maggots in the Marxist Media. Newt Gingrich will be that President.

    1. Yeah! He’s not namby-pamby like those other guys. BTW I think we should nuke Iran because if they get a nuke they will nuke us. Nuke.

      1. Nuking seems a bit much, once Newt is elected and he rolls back the Obama budget cuts our military will be strong enough to defeat them otherwise. But if that’s what necessary to stop them and save American lives then President Newt is the one man capable of making that decision.

        1. Yes, elect Newt so we can spend even more money than Obama wants to!

  36. these cops have small balls!


    join them for a good cause

  37. Drudge says Romney won Florida pretty easily.


  38. fox news just told me iran is interested in bringing terrorism to American soil…if its on tv it must be true

  39. Natural monopoly

    When a MONOPOLY occurs because it is more efficient for one firm to serve an entire market than for two or more FIRMS to do so, because of the sort of ECONOMIES OF SCALE available in that market. A common example is water distribution, in which the main cost is laying a network of pipes to deliver water. One firm can do the job at a lower AVERAGE cost per customer than two firms with competing networks of pipes. Monopolies can arise unnaturally by a firm acquiring sole ownership of a resource that is essential to the production of a good or service, or by a government granting a firm the legal right to be the sole producer. Other unnatural monopolies occur when a firm is much more efficient than its rivals for reasons other than economies of scale. Unlike some other sorts of monopoly, natural monopolies have little chance of being driven out of a market by more efficient new entrants. Thus REGULATION of natural monopolies may be needed to protect their captive consumers.

  40. with 35%
    Mitt Romney
    477,936 48.1%

    Newt Gingrich
    305,396 30.8

    Rick Santorum
    126,909 12.8

    Ron Paul
    67,794 6.8

  41. How many articles have I seen lately where one LEO gets in a shootout with another LEO? Maybe acting above the law all the time is starting to have consequences (only when they meet another cop, but it’s still better than nothing).…..-officers/

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