Conservative vs. Libertarian: Ann Coulter Debates Nick Gillespie in Colorado on Feb. 16


On Thursday, February 16, I will debate Ann Coulter on the question: Can fiscal & social conservatives pull together in 2012?

It's happening at the Independence Institute's 27th Annual Founders' Night Dinner, in Glendale, Colorado.

Here's the full info breakdown:

Join us for the 27th Annual Founders' Night Dinner

Thursday, February 16, 2012

International Ballroom, Infinity Park

Glendale, Colorado

Honoring Jake Jabs, President & CEO of American Furniture Warehouse

with special guests

Ann Coulter and Nick Gillespie

6:00 – 7:00 PM Patron Reception

6:45 PM Doors open for dinner


$150 – Dinner

$250 – Patron (includes entrance to the Patron Reception)

$2,000 – Bronze Table for 8 Guests (includes entrance to the Patron Reception for all 8 guests)

$3,000 – Silver Table for 10 Guests (includes entrance to the Patron Reception for all 10 guests)

$5,000 – Gold Table for 10 Guests (includes entrance to the Patron Reception for all 10 guests)

$10,000 – Platinum Table for 10 Guests (includes entrance to the Patron Reception for all 10 guests)

For more info on the Independence Institute, please go here.

In 2010, I was honored to speak at the Independence Insitute's annual Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms bash (video and writeup here). It's a great group of people when it comes to limiting the size and scope of government and they sure know how to throw a party.

NEXT: A.M. Links: Romney Leads in Florida, Political Ad Spending Rises, European Leaders Agree to New Deficit Pact, Occupy D.C. Still Occupying D.C.

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  1. Nick look like a chimp in that drawing.

    1. RACIST!!

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  2. I’d love to go, but I don’t think I could eat and look at a warmongering statist Ann Coulter. I’d lose my appetite in a hurry.

    1. “Honoring Jake Jabs, President & CEO of American Furniture Warehouse”? I’m there. Put me down for ten grand. Throw in a decent highboy and I’ll make it twenty. Jake is da bomb!

  3. I’d love to go – but I am fiscally conservative with my money.

  4. I’ll go if Nick really brings a bag of weed with him.

  5. I’d like to see the cartoon if Nick was debating Obama.

  6. sedaris ftw

  7. Coulter’s about as smooth as a sandpaper enema.

    1. PPACA doesn’t cover sandpaper enemas. If you want one, you’ll have to pay for it yourself.

  8. I’d have to pawn my monocle to afford that.

  9. sadly, my opinion of Herr Gillespie has fallen drastically, seeing that he is willing to appear on a stage with Frau Coulter.

    1. Or rehash newsletters for no reason…

      1. OOooooooooold Trooooolxican!

        1. Hey, seriously Old Trollxican, did you know that the post about the newsletters came out on the day the WaPo said they had something new about it? So reason, being a Washington-based institution, naturally thought it was newsworthy to comment on.

          Meanwhile, you, like White Indian, for example, are constantly trying to pick a fight and shoehorn in totally fucking irrelevant “digs” in about the issue. For someone who acts like such an ueber-Alpha-male, you sure act catty and harbor a major grudge.

      2. Who brings up the newsletters in every single thread, regardless of how relevant they are to the topic at hand?

        Hint: It’s not Gillespie.

  10. Mr. Gillespie:
    You demean yourself.

    1. He’s just trying to make some dough. People are more willing to cough up money to listen to Coulter than to listen to Gillespie.

  11. Sounds legit to me dude oh yeah! Wow.

  12. Sounds legit to me dude.

  13. I was thinking, for some reason, this would be like Ali fighting Al Sharpton.

  14. Ha, I just noticed Payne did that caricature was done by Payne. Turn that into a cartoon, I would watch it. Coulter and Gillespie going around solving mysteries. We’ll call it the His Girl Friday Funnies Mystery Hour.

    I’m just full of crackerjack ideas this morning.

    1. Like use of the word “crackerjack”, which I resolve to merge into my everyday vernacular from here forward.

  15. If Coulter weren’t a conservative, I could handle listening to her. Take the politics out, and she’s kinda funny.

    But she’s the right-wing version of virtually any liberal pundit.

    1. no, coulter’s less a pundit & moar a RW bombthrowing entertainer like rush

      1. What did I just say, stOOOpid?

        1. u said pundit, i said bombthrower.

          bombthrowers use agiprop not analysis like pundits

  16. The problem is that Coulter is a joke and I doubt taken seriously by very many people anymore. She had her minutes of fame in the aftermath of 9-11 but her schtick is about as relevant to the zeitgeist as someone calling for continued Japanese Internment would be in the 50’s.

    Even so I considered attending for a moment but then realized that I don’t want to support Coulter in any way, shape, or form. Replace her with some other conservative and I might come up.

  17. Ms Coulter isn’t worth debating. You’re really going to sit and listen to her vile hate mongering, and call it a debate? She is one of the worst examples of how the media is helping to destroy the character of this nation. Most of of what she says is pure hatred, bile and “red meat” to feed the seething masses. It isn’t worth listening to all that for the rare gem of actual thought she may let fall accidentally.

    1. I may have to go just so I can threaten to burn the fuckin’ place down!

    2. Give an example of her “hate”. Coulter deliberately uses inflammatory language to get attention and make money, but she’s not hateful. Why do libs insist on calling anyone whose ideas they don’t like hateful? It’s so boring.

      1. Because they’re hateful?

      2. Oh gee, this is going to be tough. One need look no further than the titles of her books. Treason, Demonic, Guilty. She admits she hates liberals and democrats, there is no such thing as a description so vile she wouldn’t use it against a liberal. And she uses such speech so often it isn’t worth sifting through it for any positive message.

        And talk about boring, people like you throwing the title “lib” around on a site like Reason is almost laughable. I’m sure you meant Libertarian, and I’ll have to admit, I definitely entertain quite a few libertarian ideals.

  18. Oh and the drawing neglected to accentuate her Adam’s Apple.

    1. This^ is how Mr. Gillespie will avoid criticism for beating up on a girl. I hope he leaves nothing but a smoking pile of broken DNA strands where she/he/it sat. A righteous ending to a failed branch of the Coulter family tree.

  19. $150 for dinner? Does that come with a happy ending?

    1. You get to eat with The Jacket. You should thank your lucky stars that The Jacket already has a host, or else it would be “RedDragon6009 for dinner”, and you would give The Jacket a happy ending.

  20. Bad news:…..f=politics

    I feel sorry for the innocent people of his district – the ones who won’t be voting for him, that is.

    1. Meh, I don’t see how he’s particularly any worse than most of the other non-libertarian politicians. Him and Ron Paul have worked together on multiple issues, like the Fed, ending the war and the war on Drugs. Like Kucinich, we have a lot we can work with principled progressives on.

      1. I only respect progressives when they do something good, which is as rare as unobtanium.

  21. Finally Gillespie has found his intellectual match.

    1. I could use someone like you on my show, Max.

      Do you like peanut butter?

      1. That’s how I got MY show, Max… under Ed’s desk.

  22. Gillespie is going to come back from this missing an arm.

  23. A dinner is nice, a debate is nice. But dinner and Coulter just don’t mix. One should never have a full stomach when listening to her, the chances of upchucking are just too damn high.

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