Mitt Romney on Track to Win Florida, E.U. Leaders Almost Reach a Budget Deal, U.S. Drones Anger Iraqi Officials: P.M. Links


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  1. Mitt Romney is going to win Florida tomorrow. Almost everyone except Newt Gingrich has accepted that.

    Mitt Romney is going to win the nomination and the presidency, but yet we all go through this charade. So let’s ease up on Newt and his delusions.

    1. Why do you have to be such a buzzkill?

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    2. What disgusting will you eat if you’re wrong? I invite suggestions.

      1. It’s not an endorsement, it’s a prediction. And I was right about Evening Links, wasn’t I?

        1. I’m sorry, did you just write “I’ll eat lutefisk” or was it “I’ll eat deep dish pizza”?

          1. Cuttlefish and asparagus, or vanilla paste?

            1. Cuttlefish and asparagus doesn’t even sound bad.

              1. And then I googled and see I completely missed the joke.

          2. I think I heard “fafaru”

          3. You can send me the recipe.

          4. “I’m sorry, did you just write “I’ll eat lutefisk” or was it “I’ll eat deep dish pizza”?”

            Pass the lutefisk.

      2. What’s that fermented gorp the Japanese eat for breakfast that smells like a cross between ammonia and a tire fire?

    3. Wrong, and really wrong.

    4. That can’t be right. I voted on Saturday, and the precinct was surrounded by Ron Paul signs, at least five times as many as the other candidates combined. Naturally, I voted as the signs told me.

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  2. “The U.S. Treasury says the government lost $170 million more on the auto bailout than previously thought, bringing the total tax-payer funded losses up to a cool $23.77 billion.”

    At $23.6B, the public was on the fence, but now they’re outraged! God, my anger fuses blew out so long ago, I can only manage a weak godammit.

  3. Mr. Paul, a Texas congressman, was bested by Mr. Obama in a hypothetical election by 3 percentage points.

    See, that kook is fucking unelectable.

    1. Paul needs to really tout these numbers while insisting that Romney isn’t a real conservative nor will he change anything.

      1. I would suggest Mr. Paul’s ability to make the changes he wishes to see even if President is much lower than most expect.

        Though of course that shouldn’t stop anyone from voting for him – better someone trying and failing to do the right thing for other impediments, than Clinushbama gets elected and we continue head first into fewer and fewer freedoms.

  4. The newspaper said the State Department began operating some drones in Iraq last year on a trial basis and stepped up their use after the last US troops left the country in December.

    First they said they wanted the United States military out, and now they don’t want the drones left in its place. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, IRAQ!

    1. If we could give every soldier his very own drone we could make every kid stay in school until he graduated at the age eighteen when he too can become a soldier with a drone strapped to his back.

  5. That 16,000-person embassy the U.S. left when the war in Iraq “ended” also includes patrolling drones and Iraqi officials aren’t happy.

    Just imagine how we’ll feel when those same flying killer robots are patrolling over federal sites here in the US.

    1. Just imagine how we’ll feel when those same flying killer robots are patrolling over federal sites here in the US.

      What, you mean like how will we feel later this evening?

      1. We must fight them there so we don’t have to fight us over here.

    2. how do you know they’re not already patrolling here?

      1. I would design them to look like giant anthropomorphic moths and fly them around bridges in West Virginia, just to fuck with people.

        1. “I just laid a thousand of my eggs inside his esophagus. You know, I need to propagate my species, and he’s being a baby about it.”

          1. “Now, I suggest your turn on that light or something else might happen, cloth related.”

        2. I love that book. The movie was weak. But the book kicked ass.

          1. Agreed on both counts.

  6. Fuck you, squirrels. I mean, testing comments.

    1. Fucking squirrels, by which I mean also a test comment.

  7. Agnostic, stay at home, homeschooling dad says “Hey.”

    1. “Differentiated instruction”: I wonder how many advanced degrees are owned by the educrat who coined this term?

    2. Agnostic, urban, professional dad whose wife does the homeschooling also says hello.

  8. There are an estimated 300,000 homeschooled children in America’s cities, many of them children of secular, highly educated professionals who always figured they’d send their kids to school?until they came to think, Hey, maybe we could do better.

    It looks like DHS homegrown terrorism units are going to have their hands full in the coming years.

    1. We’re going to need bigger camps – or ovens.

  9. more extreme example of a larger modern parenting ethos: that children are individuals…

    Thinking that your child is an individual is an extreme ethos? No wonder everyone entrenched in the current system hates us.

    1. That we might create a sense of security in our kids by practicing “attachment parenting,” an increasingly popular approach that involves round-the-clock physical contact with children and immediate responses to all their cues.

      Of course that smacks of smacks of retarded hipster bullshit. How is your kid going to learn to be an individual if they have round-the-clock physical contact and you are responding to their every whim?

      Oh and when I returned to this page I apparently became Ice Nine. Yay squirrels.

      1. effing squirrels. how do they work?

  10. The EU isn’t really very close to a deal. The problem is this: The Germans are the only source of funding for the deal, and they have said they won’t pony up more cash unless they have serious fiscal oversight powers.

    The only possible Euro deal at this point is one where the the Federal Reserve prints the cash (and I do believe they a put a facility in place to do just that recently). Now, the Germans may blink and agree to give no-strings money to the debtors, or the debtors may blink and agree to become German dependents (in every sense).

    But a deal ain’t close.

    1. The problem is that the Germans forced all of their banks to buy Greek bonds. If Greece goes down so do the German Banks. Germany will have to blink.

      1. The Germans have been recapitalizing their banks. They may figure its cheaper to bail out their banks than to bail out the Eurozone.

        And, they may be thinking that its time to stop throwing good money after bad.

        1. What’s the benefit of the EU to Germany? Not the free-trade zone, which it can have without the EU proper.

          1. With an equal playing field in monetary terms the Germans rake in the export revenue from the rest of the EU.

            IOW – German efficiency.

          2. Hacker: Europe is a community of nations, dedicated towards one goal.
            Sir Humphrey: Oh, ha ha ha.
            Hacker: May we share the joke, Humphrey?
            Sir Humphrey: Oh Minister, let’s look at this objectively. It is a game played for national interests, and always was. Why do you suppose we went into it?
            Hacker: To strengthen the brotherhood of free Western nations.
            Sir Humphrey: Oh really. We went in to screw the French by splitting them off from the Germans.
            Hacker: So why did the French go into it, then?
            Sir Humphrey: Well, to protect their inefficient farmers from commercial competition.
            Hacker: That certainly doesn’t apply to the Germans.
            Sir Humphrey: No, no. They went in to cleanse themselves of genocide and apply for readmission to the human race.

            1. I’ll buy that.

              1. Yes, Minister.

        2. That would require them admitting they forced the banks to lend that money. And they will never do that. Better to bail out Greece and blame it on them.

    2. They need to buy time until the French presidential election is over. Before that, nothing will be decided because they don’t even know if Sarkozy is going to stick around.

    3. The Germans will conquer Europa, but this time with currency! So much cleaner than the old guns & bombs way, don’t you think?

      The 5th Reich will arise from the ashes of European fiscal collapse!

      /conspiracy rant

      1. Some men rob you with a fountain pen.

        – Woody Guthrie

      2. I always thought economic victory in Alpha Centauri was implausible, but maybe I was wrong…

    4. …or the debtors may blink and agree to become German dependents (in every sense).

      This plot was hatched in Germany in Sept. of 1945.

      “Well, we can’t take it all over by sheer force, but listen fellas, what about this plan…”

      1. I was thinking the exact same thing. Does this mean that the Nazis won WWII?

        Okay, where’s Hitler?

        1. No.

          Still dead.

        2. The Nazis lost WWII.

          The fascists won.

          1. Sure, that’s what the Nazis want you to think.

            Jesus. I know what’s going on now. Hitler and his core Nazi team are on the Moon. That’s why Gingrich is pushing us to go there. Crap, how could I have missed this?

            1. Ever wonder why, after years of fighting the Nazi menace, we placed a Nazi in charge of our space program? And, on top of that, don’t you find it the least bit curious that we could go to the Moon forty years ago but now can’t even send men to LEO now?

              Clearly, we’re making sure that no one can go to the secret Nazi base, which was completed in 1972. There’s even been stories and movies about secret Nazis on the Moon, just to make any accidental discoveries automatically laughable.

              1. Okay, that was in response to a comment that just vanished.

                I’m getting scared here.

                1. Just lay off the caffeine. You’ll be fine.


        3. “Okay, where’s Hitler?”

          In the Whitehouse.

  11. Can I post yet

    1. Testing with hope for change.

    2. Again.

    3. Yep. Praise bees.

  12. I was freezing. My feet were numb and the only thing keeping my hands from going the same way were the chemical handwarmers I had tucked inside my mittens. My breath would have been billowing steam around me if not for the black balaclava I had wrapped around my head. Only my eyes were exposed, and even those were starting to freeze shut. The steady drizzle had long since made my black ski coat into a sodden, heavy mass of cold pinning me to the rooftop where I’d setup my surveillance. Finally the light in the bedroom I’d been watching for the past three hours clicked off, and the foyer lights on the house clicked on. A few seconds later, my target stepped out the front door, and it was showtime.

  13. Anyone else having trouble posting comments?

    I keep getting weird shit.

  14. Sure, but why?

  15. NBC executives decide they’ve had enough semen:…..-bins.html

      1. S’okay. We all know which story you’re talking about. I too was disappointed that NBC decided not to show two hot blonde identical twins sharing a frosty mug of donkey jizz. Truely this is a sad day for us all.

  16. Game of Thrones Season 2 Teaser

    1. Fuck. Yes.

  17. “How is your kid going to learn to be an individual if they have round-the-clock physical contact and you are responding to their every whim?”

    Exactly what they may intend, no?

    BTW – Although I’m not ‘Ice Nine’ apparently would like me to be.

  18. Bad squirrel … BAD SQUIRREL!!

  19. Testing. Beans and franks!

    1. . . .so that’s how Ron Paul won the election.

  20. I fee like the squirrels are telling me to change my moniker, but damned if the corduroy didn’t show up on the slopes today

    (no, that’s not me – I ski, and I do it on the cruisers)

  21. Representatives from the Afghan Taliban and the U.S. are chatting in Qatar.

    So are we at war with Eastasia, or Eurasia?

    1. We’re at war with everybody but the Brits and the Australians, whether they know it or not.

      And they better watch it, or they’re on the list, too.

    2. Yes, and we always have been.

  22. European Union heads have almost reached a budget deal. They promise to be more austere in their spending this time, but there’s still lots to figure out when it comes to fixing some busted economies.

    Good old Alfred E. Krugman isn’t going to happy about this, that’s for sure. He’s been writing the same exact article practically every week for months now, whining about all that European “austerity” which hasn’t even been implemented yet.

  23. “The U.S. Treasury says the government lost $170 million more on the auto bailout than previously thought, bringing the total tax-payer funded losses up to a cool $23.77 billion.”

    THEY PAID IT BACK!1!!1!ONE!!!!

    1. It likely won’t even be an option for me (I’m 25, fiancee 23) but even if it were I sure as shit wouldn’t risk ectogenesis (outside a life threatening situation in the middle of pregnancy) until it had been thoroughly proven to be safe. The future of your genes isn’t something to be fucked around with. It sucks (or doesn’t) but women can’t change the fact that they evolved to be hosts for our offspring just like almost every species. If biology is unethical then what does that say about bio-ethicists?

      1. “a leading British bioethicist, Anna Smajdor, of the University of East Anglia.”

        The University of East Anglia, that font of unimpeachable, ethical research!

        1. On Loveline they used to read a crazy story to the guests and they’d guess if it was from Germany or Florida. You could do the same with retarded science – East Anglia or Lancet.

      2. I doubt this particular bioethicist has considered the inconveniences of having your third most important organ dangling from the most vulnerable part of the body.

      3. If biology is unethical then what does that say about bio-ethicists?

        Nothing. And lets keep it that way. The less said about those autocratic douchebags, the better.

    2. Has bioethicist always been code for stick-up-the-ass technocratic/conservative asshole?

  24. Did anyone catch what happened with the Obama tele-townhall and the legalization question?

  25. OK, so I am watching a show on my DVR on MSNBC (on place crashes, not politics!!) and they had one of those little news breaks during the commercial. They showed the rankings of the candidates in FL and, I’ll be fucked sideways if I’m lying, they showed this exact order:
    Romney: 41%
    Gingrich: 35%
    Santorum: 35%
    Paul: 36%

    In. that. order.

    Since when is 36 lower than 35? When it’s RP, is when!

    1. math looks funny…

    2. I just had to snap a pic

      1. Ignore below, they must of fucked up typing it in.

      2. Alphabetical by first name. Never seen it done that way but it is MSNBC

    3. Um those numbers don’t add up to 100% so possibly you are remembering it wrong? Every poll I’ve seen shows Paul and Santorum in the low 2 digits with Santorum leading.

    4. *plane

    5. Our policy is to order results by the candidate’s first name. Sometimes.

  26. Psychologist Wendy Mogel, the author of the bestselling book The Blessing of a Skinned Knee, admires the way homeschoolers manage to “give their children a childhood” in an ultracompetitive world. Yet she wonders how kids who spend so much time within a deliberately crafted community will learn to work with people from backgrounds nothing like theirs. She worries, too, about eventual teenage rebellion in families that are so enmeshed.

    Worry, worry, worry. So much worrying to do and so little time! Woe to be such a concerned citizen as I!

    1. ‘She worries, too, about eventual teenage rebellion . . . ‘

      how novel!

    2. Yeah. It must be because of all those reports of uncontrolled adults who were home schooled…oh yeah, it was based on the idiotic idea that by somehow not being into the same class as certain people, you would be socially award and unable to talk to others.

      Because we all know how confident high school kids are when faced with intense pressures in groups where they are the minority…

      The strain anti-home schoolers go through to try to prove home schooling wrong is strange.

      1. Liberals hate homeschooling, but some of them send their kids to *private* schools.

        Oh, the irony.

  27. LUTEFISK? You are a sick bastard.

  28. Here is proof that standardized tests are too hard (for education Top Men).…..rick-roach

  29. “A bill that would protect Christian wedding vendors from being forced to provide their services to homosexual couples is making its way through the New Hampshire legislature.

    “Although the “business protection bill” was prompted by the legalization of gay “marriage,” in New Hampshire, the legislation does not specifically reference homosexual couples. Instead, it allows business owners to turn away customers on the basis of “conscience or religious faith.””…..ay-marriag

    1. I’m sure this bill will have no trouble passing. After all, it’s not the government’s job to define marriage for anyone else, right?

    1. My God… that HuffPo is a bunch of stoopid fucks.

  30. So there is a dude that clearly knows what time of the day it is, ever think he wonders to himself, Who’s your Daddy?

  31. My God… that Newsweek is a bunch of stoopid fucks.

  32. As Judge Napolitano sarcastically askes on his show last night: “How would we feel if Iraqi drones were flying in OUR airspace to ‘protect’ their embassy?”

    As for the homeschooling article, with states like Florida trying to impose mandated Christian prayer in public schools I’m sure we’ll see a rise among secular, agnostic and non-Christian homeschoolers.

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