Election 2012

Independence Is a Fever, and Florida's Catching it!


Whazzup, sarcasmic?

The Ocala Star-Banner writes about a little-discussed phenomenon in advance of Tuesday's Florida primary vote:

Whether voting or waiting, however, the faithful within the major parties are a dwindling lot.

The overall percentage of voters identifying with the Democratic and Republican parties — in Marion County and the state as a whole — has ebbed to its lowest point at any time in recent memory. […]

Nearly one in four voters in Florida is registered as something other than a Democrat or a Republican, or not affiliated with any party at all, according to state Division of Elections records.

In Marion County, the rate is about one in every five.

Headed into Tuesday's Republican primary, the percentage of election-year voters in Florida who identify themselves with the GOP is at one of the lowest points since 1994, the last year of election-year voter registration data posted on the DOE's website.

I'll say it again–Republicans bleeding market share in this ridiculously favorable market is a bungle of truly historic proportions. And let's give it up for Paul Truesdell, chairman of the Florida Whig Party:

"Each day, more Americans are coming to the conclusion that duopolistic politics is more about profiteering through a spoils system disguised by a byzantine bureaucracy than maintaining government by the people rather than of the people," Truesdell said in an email.

"What we have are always-competing medusa-octopui that spin the media and general public opinion nonstop for the sole purpose of controlling the purse strings."

Read the whole article. Nick Gillespie and I on the duopoly metaphor here. Link to the pictured book here.

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  2. Sounds like a pretty good plan to me dude. Wow.


  3. OK, I give up. What’s an octopui?

    1. Someone who doesn’t like octopodes.

    2. I think ‘octopui’ is a typo.

      ‘Medusa-octopi’ sorta makes sense.

      ‘???????-??????’ doesn’t make sense.

      Medusa *the-greek-octopus-monster* really makes sense.

  4. No cowbell?

  5. …Nearly one in four voters in Florida is registered as something other than a Democrat or a Republican, or not affiliated with any party at all…

    I was a registered independent and I switched my affiliation to Republicrat so I could vote for RP in the primary. Not sure how many people would be willing to go to the trouble……

    1. I did the same thing.

  6. FYI – Florida Whigs are pro-bailout, anti-gun, cop fellators. They think government should provide healthcare for people who are emotionally dependent on government (whatever the hell that means), and that your children should be taken from you if you don’t buy health insurance.

  7. Political duopoloy is horrific. And we all know that multi-party systems are so way much better and all. Because we know.

    Because we haven’t been paying any fucking attention to Europe so we know what we know. There should be at least 217 different parties to choose from at any given time. Otherwise We The People are being deprived of our rightful choices.

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