Ron Hart on SC Primary: No One, Especially the American People, Really Won.


In the Orange County Register, columnist Ron Hart takes the measure of the weekend's South Carolina GOP primary:

Newt getting newer and more blonde wives could be good for the economy. Any time a man marries his mistress it is a job creator, because then he will need to add a new mistress….

"Protecting" America, in these candidates' eyes, means – to our detriment – occupying and nation-building in countries that take our money and resent us. Ron Paul has it right. But that still gets you booed in South Carolina, a state that, since 1861, has had an affinity for starting wars that do not end well.

Much of what Newt boldly said resonates with many. He has gone from capturing some of the white vote to cutting into Mitt's lead among the really white vote. This could send Mitt Romney back to the Vineyard Vines catalog from which he sprang. Sadly, Newt's over-the-top comments made him the winner in South Carolina, much like voting for the WWF wrestler who spews the most bravado before a match. It has me thinking WTF?…

The Left has to be giddy with the bloody South Carolina GOP primary. It was like a bar fight in an old Western movie: the candidates kept pounding each other in the face and rolling out the door of the saloon, brawling all the way to the next venue, still a-fightin'. Everyone ended up beaten and dusty, and no one really won.

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My how rapidly things are changing. The NY Daily News, which ran the image to the right back in 1995, was declaring on January 6 that the former Speaker's 2012 run was officially "doomed" after the New Hampshire ballots were cast and Gingrich threw a hissy fit over Der Mittel's negative yet truthful ads.