Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson: Gingrich's Ideas on Drug Policy Are "Nothing Short of Scary"


Newt Gingrich has several dozen dumpling-shaped skeletons rattling around in his wardrobe, and his fellow GOP contenders have repeatedly chided him for the big ones: lobbying for Freddie Mac, sitting on a bench with Nancy Pelosi, endorsing an individual mandate. What you won't hear Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum ding him for, however, is Gingrich's atrocious record on drug policy. For that, we have Gary Johnson. 

"Ideas are important, especially in a presidential campaign," Johnson said in a statement released yesterday. "But some of Speaker Gingrich's ideas over the years are nothing short of scary." 

Johnson goes on: 

Under his legislation, anyone coming home to the U.S. and caught carrying enough marijuana (2 oz.) to distribute would be sentenced to life imprisonment with no parole – or if caught twice, would be sentenced to death.

This from someone who has admitted his own past marijuana use, saying 'it was a sign we were alive and in graduate school'. And in 1981, Mr. Gingrich actually introduced legislation providing for the 'therapeutic use of marijuana. (HR 4498, 97th Congress)

On drug policy alone, I am beginning to see what Rick Santorum means when he talks about the former Speaker having an idea a minute. We are talking about millions of Americans' lives here, and having positions ranging from embracing medical marijuana to the death penalty for possessing a small amount of that same substance is astounding both in its hypocrisy and its inconsistency.

The War on Drugs is a failure, and bold steps are in order to align drug policy with reality and humanity. But Newt Gingrich's notion of bold is not what we need.

Statements like this one are further evidence that Johnson is committed to a pot-emphatic platform. More skewering of Gingrich's drug policy ideas from Jacob Sullum


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  1. Nobody is ever going to take Gary Johnson seriously if he keeps saying sane and rational things about US marijuana policy.

    1. Johnson needs to sit back and let the adults talk…about killing people who smoke a plant, or locking them up for life. Why won’t you stupid libertards just grow up?

  2. If any of the assholes on stage sounded like they had too many good times in college, it’s Titties.

  3. Um, how could you be caught twice if the 1st offense is life in prison with no parole?

    1. If elected president I plan to kill you twice for any federal offense. Once by lethal injection and then by guillotine.

      1. And lest my opponents think I’m soft on crime I throughly support torture before execution.

        1. Fuck! none of my jokes ever turn out to be original.

          1. Hey it’s not my fault you’re soft on crime. Besides foreign redention is so aughties.
            I wonder if I could take the frozen heads and bodies of the convicts and send them to the Pluto penal colony to be revived.

            1. SOFT ON CRIME??

              Dude i was proposing a Promethean-penal system, where we strap potsmokers to boulders and have vultures peck out their livers for the rest of time. The problem is the vultures unionized, it got too expensive, so I figured we’d just send them to detroit.

      2. “That’s it! You’re all going to jail, and don’t expect me to grant a pardon like that sissy, Ford.”

        1. “Listen, honey, computers might be twice as fast as they were in 1974, but your average voter is as drunk and stupid as ever. The only one who’s changed is me. I’ve become bitter?and let’s face it, crazy?over the years. Once I’m swept into office, I’ll sell our children’s organs to zoos for meat. And I’ll go into peoples’ houses at night and wreck up the place!”

    2. I was wondering the same thing.

    3. Um, how could you be caught twice if the 1st offense is life in prison with no parole?

      Not hard to get pot in prison, from what I understand.

      So, the situation would be:

      Smoke a joint in the joint, go to the chair.

      Shank an inmate in the joint, get a few years added to your sentence.

    4. I was wondering that, too! Perhaps it applies to escapees, or people caught trafficking during transit to prison…

    5. Um, how could you be caught twice if the 1st offense is life in prison with no parole?

      Because Congressman Paul would pardon those prisoners. And then I would disbar any judge who tried to keep that first offense from the jury.

  4. Mitt Romney stands for anything. Newt Gingrich stands for everything

  5. It’s amusing that the liberaltarians are still making such a big deal about this guy. I guess they need to take a break from bashing Dr. Paul. Are we going to get weekly posts about the latest pronouncements from Buddy Roemer, too?

    1. Why are you still here?

      1. Because you are not in charge of the world, Arcaster

        1. You seem to have missed your period.

          1. I never know which Tim you are; the idiot Tim who is a sweet nincompoop, or the serious Tim who argues economics

            1. I don’t know either.

        2. Because you are not in charge of the world, Arcasteryet.

          Give it time. I’m secretly backing Newt and will be taking over what’s left of the world after his batshit craziness unleashes hell in the form of nuclear armageddon.

          1. That’s awesome. Now you don’t have to plan for retirement.

      2. Because this site has good articles that I find informative on many topics. It’s only when the subjects are immigration, abortion, or gay “rights” that things get stupid.

    2. “liberaltarians” How clever! You sure told us.

  6. “Gary Johnson says Gingrich’s ideas on [insert anything]…”

    At which point Gingrich looks at Johnson’s support in national polls, chortles to himself, and bangs his mistress.

  7. I think its great that hit and run recognizes my mobile phone and goes into that mode. But if I cannot view comments? DO NOT WANT.

    1. +++recommended, would read again

    2. I was less pleased when it assumed my laptop was a mobile phone.

    3. Is that new? On my Droid it just does the regular browser, and you have comments.

      1. My Droid goes to the mobile mode.

        1. Mine doesn’t, but I’m also using Dolphin HD and not the built-in browser.

          1. What’s special about dolphin? Never heard of it.

            1. It’s better, I think; pages seem to load faster with it and it has tabs. I’m still feeling it out.

              1. The stock browser in ICS is much better. I do’t notice much diffference bewtween it and Dolphin, other than I get my Chrome bookmarks in the stock.

        2. iPhone goes the mobile site. When you hit the “desktop” link, it takes you to the main page. When you go to an article, it sends you back to the mobile site. Fiendish in its intricacies.

      2. It just started today. Probably the squirrels fucking with stuff again.

        1. The Reason Android application pushed an update today and the only change that seems to have been implemented is the addition of banner advertizing.

  8. Newt was just trying to protect the domestic marijuana industry. AMERICAN JOBS.

  9. After three years of Obama, I think I can adequately predict what a bleak life we’ll have if he is re-elected.

    If Gingrich is elected, I fear that he’ll precipitate a global thermonuclear war just to prove point about how great a historian he is.

    1. Greg Stillson?

    2. Nah, that’s Santorum. What Gingrich is going to do is return us to national greatness by directing most of our energy to colonizing Pluto. Yes, it will cost $10 trillion, but we’ll be the envy of the world.

      1. …we’ll be the envy of the world multiple worlds.

        1. That’s a good point. Life may exist on other worlds in the solar system, and there’s no evidence that they’re moving among worlds. So while others are limited by talk of national greatness, Gingrich offers us interplanetary greatness.

          1. As long as they don’t move here and DERK ER JERBS!

      2. Santorum would use a limited nuclear attack in the Middle East to spur Armagedon. Newt would nuke Russia and China to prove that he understands world history better than any other person on earth — any global collateral damage would be considered an acceptable price to pay.

        1. No, I believe (as noted in an earlier thread) that Gingrich, as focused on national greatness and on his place in history as he is, will first Nuke the Moon, then direct a massive national effort to colonize the outer solar system, bypassing the Moon and Mars altogether.

          1. “Holy @$#%! They are nuking the moon! America has gone insane! I better go eat at McDonald’s before they think I don’t like them.”


            1. It’s the greatest, simplest, and most brilliant foreign policy suggestion ever.

          2. I missed that thread, and I stand corrected.

    3. Haven’t you heard? It’s “an” historian.

  10. Those things would be scary if he meant a word of it.

    Under his legislation, anyone coming home to the U.S. and caught carrying enough marijuana (2 oz.) to distribute would be sentenced to life imprisonment with no parole ? or if caught twice, would be sentenced to death.

    This from someone who has admitted his own past marijuana use, saying ‘it was a sign we were alive and in graduate school’. And in 1981, Mr. Gingrich actually introduced legislation providing for the ‘therapeutic use of marijuana. (HR 4498, 97th Congress)

    I am thinking Gingrich was playing to the crowd when he came up with this goofball idea. Gingrich is nuts not because he once proposed some goofy policy. He is nuts because there isn’t a single goofy policy that he hasn’t supported at one time or another.

    1. A populist demagogue sociopath may be the one thing this country needs less than a crypto-lefty megalomaniac.

      1. He is a total populist deagogue. But populist demagogues are what you get when you have a political class that spends years telling the rest of the country to go fuck themselves.

  11. Ron Paul has done an admirable job teaching liberty and common sense on a national stage, and among candidates, talking heads and debate moderators that like to roll their eyes in dismissal every time he speaks.


    I wish it were Gary Johnson on that stage instead.

    1. Well, Gary Johnson would certainly fit in better with the other warmongering GOP candidates than the non-interventionist Dr. Paul given he has no issue with starting “humanitarian wars”.

  12. Under his legislation, anyone coming home to the U.S. and caught carrying enough marijuana (2 oz.) to distribute would be sentenced to life imprisonment with no parole ? or if caught twice, would be sentenced to death.

    Pppptt! Newt is spinelessly weak on crime! Why rush to kill them when they can be tortured and raped in a Turkish* prison for a few decades, then fed to starving jackals? Also, why *2*oz? That seems to be setting the bar needlessly high. I propose death if they even smell funny. Someone has to protect America’s children!

    [*as a candidate, i recognize that we have a problem housing such a large prison population, and propose a diplomatic solution by outsourcing our convict-class to Turkey, Egypt, and Russia, who have a proven track record of being Tough On Crime]

  13. NT not only looks an insane clown. He is an insane clown.

    1. Luv me sum new titties yo

      1. Newt Gingrich < juggelos

    2. Would that make the debate in insane clown posse?
      If so should their fans, the Republican Party, be counted as potential terrorists?

  14. Is it just me or it that picture scary?

    1. When they used it on a previous post, someone (Gojira, I think?) nailed it with: Pig Devil.

        1. Or, in the original German, Teufelschwein.

      1. It was Joe M. My bad. Credit needs to be accurately awarded for all Gingrich insults.

        1. Who coined Newcular Titties, anyway?

          1. I thought that was common knowledge. Maybe it’s better no one knows, now that he’s possibly the next nuke-wielding president.

            1. We all know who it was.

              1. That’s right–Newcular Titties himself! He’s a Nazi mastermind, after all.

                Or so I’m told.

              2. Don’t nuke me, bro!

        2. Im’ more than happy to take credit for cool things I may or may not have done.

  15. “We’ve been going about this all wrong. This Mr. Stay Puft’s okay! He’s a sailor, he’s in New York; we get this guy laid, we won’t have any trouble!”

    1. You cannot unsee the stay puft

  16. Excellent alt-text.

    1. Little alt txt help for the android impaired.

      1. Long press > View Caption

  17. If you poke Newt with a needle, will he blow up and shut the fuck forever? I hope so.

    1. Like in Dig Dug? That would be cool.

      1. If you poke Newt with a needle, will he blow up and shut the fuck forever? I hope so.

        I was hoping he would self detonate like the Chinese henchman in Big Trouble in Little China leaving a mess of Gingrich and cabbage all over the room post explosion!

    2. But Res, the toxic gas that spews out will probably kill you and everyone within a 10 mile radius. Newt is the dirty bomb of US politics.

    3. Paul is the only person running for office that isn’t a coporatist. What is it that bothers you, government favortism in general, or government favortism towards corporations and industries you don’t like?

      1. Paul’s the only guy in the race that can seriously claim to be coming from the direction of true American republicanism in his views, and people are still shitting all over him for being an incorrigible, ignorant, uncaring crypto-fascist who hates black homosexual grandfathers and ZE CHILDURNZ (copyright Nancy Pelosi & Fuckwads Incorporated).

        Good news locally, though: Republicans in my area like Paul, so yay.

        1. That was intended for Tony below, but I completely agree. Paul is like a rock star for conservative people in my age group (ie around 20 and in college).

          I mean how absurd is it that Brian Williams was asking Paul if he’s electable when Newt wants to build bases on the moon, Romneybot is wetting his pants over China’s used aircraft carrier, and Santorum thinks Marxists Muslim Cubans are a threat to America?

          1. What never fails to amaze me, even though it’s pretty much mainstream, is that things like fortifying the homeland with a transition to non-interventionism, obliterating central banking, telling Rick Santorum to each shit and die in a coal fire, and ending the war on drugs are considered lunacy.

            Let’s just ignore the only actual American republican in the race for the Republican nomination and concentrate on the intellectually retarded crypto-progressive shithead and the fair-weather faux-conservative. How fucking retarded.

      2. Since this was intended for me, I’ll answer.

        I don’t have a problem in principle with government contracting out work as long as it is transparent, fair, and efficient. And I don’t have a problem with it subsidizing certain industries to certain ends. We’re never ever going to get back all we’ve lavished on the petroleum and coal industries, but we do know we need to stop burning petroleum and coal as quickly as possible, so as long as the market refuses to transition us to clean energy, the government can and must step in. This doesn’t destroy capitalism, it simply makes capitalism work in the people’s interest. It’s fallacious to assume that the status quo represents some kind of optimal freedom any deviation from which diminishes freedom. Government will always be a major driver of and participant in the economy.

        The problem with Paul is that he merely says he’s against corporatism. But his small government panacea will only result in more power and less accountability to powerful private interests. If you don’t have a strong plan to restrict the influence of money on politics, it doesn’t matter how “small” government is, private interests will still be able to control it for their own purposes. Lip service doesn’t go very far with me.

        1. “Lip service doesn’t go very far with me.”

          You’re joking, right?

          1. Give him a little tongue, and he’ll follow you anywhere.

  18. But more importantly does he cut taxes for billionaires? Does he continue lavishing the oil industry with government giveaways and paeans to their singular role in job creation?

    We libertarians love our weed but there are more important things to worry about.

    1. Or in contrast does he fuck thousands of people out of a job building a pipeline so his crony Warren Buffett’s railroads can continue to make big money? Will he do that Tony? Will he continue to fuck America so Hollywood and Soros and the other billionairs who purchased themselves a Presidency can do well?

      1. You’re still arguing with this guy as if he’s one of those honest, “useful idiot”-type progressives you get sometimes that can actually be convinced of their misunderstandings. He’s not. He’s a belligerent little pinko asshole, John. It won’t fly with him.

        1. ur defending a socon who supports palin for christ’s sake

          1. Isn’t John a socially conservative Goldwater Republican?

            1. He’s an empty vessel that takes whatever Matt Drudge pours in.

            2. Actually RPA, I am not particularly socially conservative. I don’t knwo why people think that. I am pro life but that is about it. I am all for legalized gambling, drugs and whores and such. I do, however object to legalzing gambling that amounts to a state sponsored monopoly. I hate it when states legalize it and then let one set of cronies do it.

              1. +100.

                1. *+100, John.

      2. Jesus Christ man can you fit anymore Drudge Report buzzwords and conspiracy theories into a single post?

        It’s bizarre that Republicans think they can get away with claiming the only possible way for government to create jobs is to give more loot to Big Oil (even though it’s not a labor intensive industry and the profits don’t stay in the US). What’s absurd is that idiots like you eat it up as if you have something to gain.

        The pipeline was going to be approved, despite the fact that it really won’t create a significant amount of jobs, until the Republicans slapped an arbitrary deadline on it purely out of political gamesmanship.

        If you’re sooo concerned about jobs then why don’t you support the president’s jobs plan? Why is it that only the petroleum industry can create jobs in your little Drudgean universe?

        1. Wait a minute, Tony, Are you saying Obama was going to approve the pipeline until the Republicans told him he had to?

          Are you really that stupid?

          1. He was stringing environmentalists along until after the election. There was every reason to think it would be approved if the normal review process hadn’t been interrupted by Republicans playing political games.

          2. YEs Tony really is that fucking stupid. He shows it every day. And I am talking about the real Tony posts not the spoofs.

            1. And I am talking about the real Tony posts not the spoofs.

              How can you tell the difference?

              1. Hard to explain. But the real Tony has a whinny queen sort of voice that the spoofers don’t get.

              2. How can you tell the difference?

                On occasion a spoof will inadvertently post a cogent thought. Spoofing Tony is difficult because it’s tough to fake the mindless lefty government worship unless you truly feel it. Not everyone can pull it off.

  19. Can we please see a Paul/Johnson 2012 run?

    1. A Paul presidency, although unlikely, has a very real chance of happening, but not with Gary Johnson as Vice-President.

      1. Oh I know it won’t happen, I just would like to see that. But if Paul does get the nomination his VP slot will be very attractive because we all know he won’t be running for reelection at his age, so I think he could get anyone he wanted to be his VP.

  20. Here’s a clue. Gingrich is an evil person and that’s all he is. Does anyone seriously doubt that were Gingrich a member of the Third Reich he would be enthusiastically carrying out the “final solution” and all the rest of the Nazi agenda. I know, once you bring of Hitler or the Nazis, you lose. Never mind that all of the above is almost certainly true.

    1. It might behoove us to consider the characteristics of a far right political movement. It’s rather strange that people think *this* time anti-intellectualism, xenophobia, bigotry, racial uniformity, anti-leftwing talk radio demagogy will work.

      1. Hint: far right means different things in different contexts. And Nazis are leftists anyway.

        1. No they weren’t. They are hard to definitively categorize but most historians consider it a far-right movement. Anticommunism was big for them, if you recall.

          1. Nationalist/Socialist=Leftist in my book. The “most historians” thing is more about most historians wanting to put some symbolic distance between the Nazis and themselves. Anticommunism on their part was more of a branding war,like a great Coke/Pepsi debate over the best form of absolute socialist statism. If their epistemology is the same we can’t really say they were fundamentally different.

    2. Well, yes, I seriously doubt he’s an actual Nazi.

    3. Newt Gingrich: Asshole.

  21. Q) How many prohibitionists does it take to change a light bulb?

    A) None. Changing the bulb would be surrender. With enough effort we can make the old one work the way it’s supposed to.

    1. Light bulb? What is this light bulb you speak of? Do you mean a federally approved Light Emitting Diode or perhaps a flourescent lamp?

      1. It’s called symbolism Tim. You may choose any type, style, or light emitting fixture that floats your boat, but it’s broken and needs to be fixed. The prohibitionists refuse to even acknowledge that it’s broken.

        Q) How many prohibitionists does it take to change a light bulb?

        A) None. Aren’t the libtards always yapping about saving the environment, now they want us to burn more energy with lightbulbs? Isn’t that just like a liberal?

  22. Under his legislation, anyone coming home to the U.S. and caught carrying enough marijuana (2 oz.) to distribute would be sentenced to life imprisonment with no parole ? or if caught twice, would be sentenced to death.

    Wait. WHAT?

  23. Here’s an idea:
    We order TSA to search people getting off of planes too. In addition to pot, think of all the knitting needles and toenail clippers we’ll get off of the street.

    1. You jest, but the TSA has already done trail run of searching passengers after they get off commuter trains.

      1. Well that should keep the terrorists from getting cold feet about planting a bomb on an aircraft.

  24. I have praised H&R’s illustration skills in the past. But can’t they illustrate Gingrich articles with something besides photos of Gingrich?! Suggestions?

    1. Teufelschwein:…..rDw&zoom=1

      1. Boy, that was weird….a forum where they compliment and encourage one another instead of calling each other 4-letter names…….

      2. He was asking for something other than photos of Gingrich.

    2. Lobster girl. We already know we hate that POS Gingrich, so why not decorate the hate?

  25. Honey, how about for first-time offenders, under 5 grams, we cut off their feet and have their urethras laced shut, and for repeat offenders we saw them slowly in half?

    That’s simply exquisite, my dear! And, before the maggots and worms devour their bodies, we can commission an Artist to immortalize it all.

  26. What a sadistic piece of shit. Not only is he a hypocrite, but he also lacks logic.

  27. This is quite possibly the most evil-looking picture of Newt I have seen to date.

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