Boston Bruins Goalie Skips White House Visit for Vaguely Libertarian-Sounding Reasons


In a tradition that undoubtedly dates back to long before I was alive to dislike sports, Stanley Cup-winning hockey team the Boston Bruins visited the White House where Obama probably said something about team work or sportsmanship or goals. (You can see what Obama actually said here, if you feel a strange urge to do so.) Missing in action was Bruins goalie Tim Thomas, who released some tantalizingly libertarian-sounding reasons for not wanting to attend.

Thomas' statement, from his facebook page, in full:

I believe the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People.

This is being done at the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial level. This is in direct opposition to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers vision for the Federal government.

Because I believe this, today I exercised my right as a Free Citizen, and did not visit the White House. This was not about politics or party, as in my opinion both parties are responsible for the situation we are in as a country. This was about a choice I had to make as an INDIVIDUAL.

This is the only public statement I will be making on this topic.

If Thomas actually meant that that was the end of it, it's both commendably to the point (he didn't go, he said why in a fairly respectful fashion) and frustratingly brief. Is he a libertarian? A Tea Partier, as his helmet to the right suggests? (The front has "in God we trust" and an eagle, so perhaps it is the latter.)

And really, is this a big deal? Media response seem to be suggesting that this is unsportsmanlike. Though it's happened before in sports, the general notion seems to be that Thomas should have sucked it up and been part of the team and went to the White House. Some, like Death and Taxes Mag, criticized Thomas' politics. Thomas' teammates and the General Manager of the Bruins both sound pretty respectful in their disagreement over Thomas's decision.

But there are also the unsurprising cries that Thomas is the one who made this political in the first place.

Says The Boston Globe:

[Y]esterday was not about politics and government until Thomas made it about politics and government. The day, long set on the calendar, was a day when the Boston Bruins were asked to visit Pennsylvania Avenue to celebrate what they did as a team last season. It was their day in the national spotlight, until Thomas didn't show, and then the focal point became, much the way it would be in a hockey game, on the guy who was no longer standing in goal.

Shabby. Immature. Unprofessional. Self-centered. Bush league. Need I go on?…Thomas needed to be there in solidarity, and celebration, with his team. It was the same government yesterday, and will be today, that protected his country, his security, his family, and his right to make $5 million a year, all last season. 

This strikes me as a bit unfair. Since the Bruins won, we can assume that Thomas did a good job as goalie. If this were really about keeping sports about sports, the Bruins wouldn't be anywhere near the White House in the first place. If politicians are going to be politicians, if "The Cult of the Presidency" is going to continue, platitudes, standing ovations, and secret kill lists and all, then maybe politicians had better understand that whatever they do is political. That's the price you pay for that much power, and it's a pretty damn small one.

Reason on sports, and Matt Welch's "The Banal Authoritarian of Do-Something Punditry", since we're talking about people who enjoy pretending that things aren't political.

(Hat tip to James Groth)

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  1. I wonder what the response from the Boston Globe would have been if it was the Bush administration he had declined an invite too?

    They’d probably be shouting from the rooftops what a brave dissenter Thomas was.

    Thomas could’ve have helped himself a bit more by adding the word “partisan” in front of “political” in his speech, since everyone was going to read it to it anyways.

    1. Either way he’s upstaging the team and that ain’t cool.

      Not that I blame the guy.

      1. I never woudl have even known that the Bruins got invited to the Whitehouse if this hadn’t happened. So from me at least, he is getting infinitely more attention for the team and its visit with Obama.

      2. you know what show I miss? power rangers.

      3. I dunno. I’m a ‘Canes fan, but I think I’m going to have to root for the Bruins, or whoever Thomas ends up with, after this.

    2. I wonder what the response from the Boston Globe would have been if it was the Bush administration he had declined an invite too?

      They’d probably be shouting from the rooftops what a brave dissenter Thomas was.


      I’m actually surprised that my Facebook feed isn’t littered with the wailing over this.

      1. I’m actually surprised that my Facebook feed isn’t littered with the wailing over this.

        Haha, I should be so lucky; oddly, much of the noise is coming from people who normally seem to pride themselves on their ignorance of and disdain for organized sports of any sort.

    3. What’s wrong is this idea that championship sports teams go to the White House in the first place. That immediately politicizes everything in and of itself, and it’s only natural that some athletes are going to have political values that don’t jibe with the president’s.

      1. Exactly. I hate it every time some glad-handing politician gets himself a “photo-op” with a sports team.

        The traditional “White House call to the Super-Bowl winner” makes me want to puke. (Not that I am a fan of the Stupor Bowl to begin with. The ads are more intersting and I can get them off Youtube.)

        OTOH, with the government subsidies to stadiums, I think the camel is already in the tent.

        1. Let’s put it this way: If I had been Neil Armstrong, I’d have hung up on Nixon when he called me on the Moon.

          1. Uh.

            That splashdown in the Pacific afterwards without a ship inside 2000 miles MIGHT have been a little dicey.

            1. That’s why no “Fuck you” before I hang up.

        2. There hasn’t been a traditional call to the Super Bowl winner since about 1992.

          1. I stand corrected.

            This just shows how much attention I pay to the Stuporbowl.

            Maybe I should send a letter to BHO that Al Queda’s “Number 3 man” will be in Lucas Oil Stadium at 5:30 PM Central Time February 5, 2012.

      2. That immediately politicizes everything in and of itself, and it’s only natural that some athletes are going to have political values that don’t jibe with the president’s.

        Especially when the president comments, as Obama did last year when he stated something to the effect of “The Packers are the only team that is collectively owned by the fans blah blah blah” as if that has any goddamn thing to do with why they won the SB last season.

        1. Did he really? What an ass he is.

          1. Yep. From the transcript:

            We also know that the Packers are made of more than one player or one season. They’re made of the people of Green Bay. Back in the ’20s, fans passed the hat at the games to support the team. In 1923, after some rough financial years, local businessmen banded together to pay the bills. Two more times — in 1935 and 1950 — the community came to the rescue to keep the club afloat, and today 112,000 people own a piece of this franchise. It is the only publicly owned team in pro sports.

            1. You know, maybe he is a godless commie, after all.

            2. I have to say that sounds like an interesting aside about the team, and not really striking an ideological pose. Hell, being publicly traded isn’t the same thing as socialism anyway.

              1. He’s tainted, so we only hear the worst from him now.

              2. Except the whole “the community came to the rescue” part, rather than stating it more truthfully with “private investors bought shares to help with the team’s solvency issues”.

                There is nothing “community” about being publicly traded on the open market.

                And there is nothing “public” about a publicly traded company either other than anyone who chooses can buy shares. The team doesn’t belong to the “community”, but to private investors.

                He totally meant to incite his idea that the “community” is the ideal way of ownership, as shown by the Green Bay Packers winning the SB.

        2. I was more irritated that he referred to the White House as “his” house. It’s ours; he’s just the current tenant.

          And one of the Packers was denied entry because he forgot his ID on the team plane.

  2. Of course this just reveals that there are still plenty of people in the media who feel that you can’t have any legitimate grievance with the Obama administration and that all criticisms must be motivated by right-wing racism.

  3. He lives in Galts gulch in the off season

    1. He’s slated to start in goal for the Galt’s Gulch “Producers” next season…

      1. ? Spencer
        Are ‘Genealogical Collections’ digitalized somewhere?

        1. Yes, but depends on the collection and location. It’s a BIG push right now, when the money’s there, to digitize these. Of course, a lot of basic stuff in on and your library PROBABLY has a subscription to this. Otherwise, call your local genealogy librarian and make them start earning their paychecks! What do you need?

          You can email me if you think it would help- it’s my job after all!

          1. I wish I could trust you but you are a libertarian
            -fool me once…

            1. but I’m a small “l” libertarian.

              1. and then there is that penis thing

  4. How dare he not kneel and kiss the ring?!

  5. The pilgrimage to the God-King in the White House is one of the many nauseating little rituals in both politics and sports. Good on Thomas for skipping out on it.

    Cue the serious adults coming along to explain how bad he made the team look, etc. etc.

  6. I thought hockey players weren’t allowed to meet the president because they only show reverence to forign potentates like Wayne Gretzky and Stan Mikita.

    1. For most of them, Obama is a foreign petentate. IIRC, Thomas is the only American on the Bruins.

  7. Yesterday was not about politics and government until Thomas made it about politics and government

    Bull. Fucking. Shit. Meeting with a political figure who has nothing what-so-fucking-ever to do with hockey or the Bruins or even Boston was already political.

    1. Yep.

    2. Except for when it’s a perfunctory and routine tradition dating back further than anyone can remember. It’s hard to call something a politic act when every champion team from every major sport has been doing this for the past 20+ years.

  8. Lucy, you missed this little piece of excrement:

    If Thomas is feeling the way he is today, it could not have happened overnight. He must have felt much the same just shy of 24 months ago when he sounded so proud to wear that Team USA sweater at the 2010 Olympics, and so proudly dipped his head to accept that silver medal. Or was he doing all of that under governmental duress, the pain of knowing our leaders were acting, as he wrote yesterday, “in direct opposition of the Constitution and the Founding Fathers’ vision of the Federal government.”

    Someone so disgusted with our government ought to turn in the sweater and the medal. It must be a horrible burden, if not a pox, to have them in his house.

    Yes, Dupont is actually making the case that representing our nation in a world sports event and meeting with the president for a photo op are equivalent actions. Because, you know, the government IS the nation.

    What a bootlicker.

    1. That’s impressively terrible.

      1. You have an exceptional knack for understatement. It’s admirable that you can keep your composure with all of these authoritarian, developmentally retarded pundits dripping stupidity. I salute you, for you are much more in control than me.

        1. Lucy, I think that was a libertarian marriage proposal

          1. I’m not a libertarian.

            1. Then does that make you a ‘cunt’? 😉

              1. that’s an amazingly wonderful false dichotomy.

                1. This is why you don’t want her contacting you, Spencer.

                  Take heed of this lesson from history.

                  1. Just being friendly and librariany. I’m trained to help. I’m like that new show Finder, only with information.

                  2. Do you read all my conversations, sugarfree?

                    Where is that little vow you made?

              2. I don’t get it.

                1. According to libertarians, there are three types of people in this world

                  #1 libertarians

                  #2 non-libertarians

                  #3 cunts

        2. I have to try very, very hard to be understated so that I don’t start screaming profanities when it comes to nearly all politics.

          1. But thank you.

    2. I was just going to post that excerpt. Kevin Dupont is a douchenozzele.

      1. No. Douchenozzeles serve a useful purpose.

        1. You’re right. Santorumnozzle is kind of fitting.

        2. Yeah, they increase the chance for yeast infections!

          I’m a source citing motherfuckerBADASSSSSS.

          1. SF’d that

            1. I don’t even know what that means. SF’d?

              1. it means you screwed up the link. I think the Reason wiki explains the actual details.

    3. It would be bad enough if he really believed this no matter who was in the White House. But of course Du Pont doesn’t. Had the political views of the President and Thomas been reversed, DuPont would be praising Thomas. So really the entire article is just one giant primal scream “respect team blue’s authoritah!!”

      1. ^this. They tend to be quite flinty that way.

    4. Miller lost that game.

      1. Windsor Star columnist Bob Duff has already speculated on Twitter this might have Olympic selection ramifications.

        Thomas had a mind-blowing season both statistically and in “HOLY SHIT THAT SAVE GLORYBALLS!!!!1!” terms, and very well could’ve been named the playoff MVP even if the Bruins had lost. His career’s a great story of slogging through the Euro leagues to get where he is, and his parents hawked their wedding rings to keep him playing as a kid. A fine upstanding American boy and all that. It’d be a pity if this keeps him out.

        1. I’m struggling to think of another American goalie fit to carry his jock right now.

          1. edit: Quick and Howard are American

          2. Thomas is overrated, though still a fine goalie. Julien’s coaching and the team’s willingness to not allow high percentage shots to ever happen (their forwards play better defense than most teams’ defensemen do) are probably bigger factors than his play. He’s all-star quality, sure, but he’s not the second coming of Hasek.

            1. He’s still pretty danged good.

    5. That’s totally amazing. Equating our nation with our government. I think I’m going to be sick to my stomach.

    6. The USA is the government, not the nation. What do you think the S stands for?

      1. Nothing. Little-known fact: The healthcare law had a provision renaming the United States of America to “USA.” Pronounced “you-sa.”

    7. Yeah, this teams-meet-the-president trip has been politicized before. When the Chicago Bulls were going in the early 90s, both Michael Jordan (an Olympian! Proudly wore the USA jersey!) and John Paxson blew off the 1991 trip. George Bush called attention to Paxson’s absence in his prepared remarks, complimenting him as he was giving a speech at some anti-drugs assembly instead. No mention was made of Jordan’s absence, though speculation was that he was off playing golf somewhere. And in the 1992 visit, Craig Hodges presented Bush with a letter asking for more attention to issues in the black community.

      Also, if visiting the president is so important, where were the tears for Delonte West this month? He was on the Mavericks championship team last year but was not allowed to attend with his teammates because of his felony gun conviction. As important as some people are making Thomas’ absence, shouldn’t there have been a way for West to get in?

  9. ESPN also ran a vaguely obscene homily to fawning deference. Widespread paranoia about racially-motivated opposition to the president notwithstanding, even for the Globe I think this is more about respecting the Cult of the Presidency rather than the parties involved.

    1. I think that this is probably true. The Globe wants to be seen as a “serious and adult” sort of institution and nothing is more serious and adult than sucking up to government. Of course, loads of people would be congratulating this guy for standing up to the man if Bush were president.

  10. “Y]esterday was not about politics and government until Thomas made it about politics and government.”

    It is always about politics, otherwise he would be having photo-ops with the drive-thru worker who poured the perfect quantity of coffee in my cup

    1. rather…with a good comment?!

      1. It’s a particularly cruel spoof.

        1. I told you to incif me jackass; do you need the incif link?

          1. I think I will have to write a story on why sugarfree, and warty can’t incif me, despite their promise and vow….It would be killer funny

            1. Or you could, you know, just kill yourself.

              1. Is that even a serious comment, or does your demented mind not know?

        2. It’s toying with me.

          At first, I thought it was a simple griefer troll, but as it gets more sophisticated, I start to admire its sheer malevolence.

          Perhaps rather = Newt Gingrich?

          1. God, libertarian men are daft; you always focus on the wrong question

            1. Newt Gingrich = rather?

              1. That’s not very fair to Gingrich. Loathsome as he is, at least he made something of himself.

                1. Loathsome as he is, at least he made something of himself.

                  Good point. rather = Ezra Klein, with a severe case of Francophilia.

                  1. RBM, one of my favorite threads of yours is when you called out the racist; you really don’t see yourself as a improbitious POS do you?

            2. Absolutely. The correct question is
              rather = Harold Stassen?

              1. My little pilgarlicky, (and I do mean in the obsolete sense of the word) you do entertain me

            3. God, libertarian men are daft; you always focus on the wrong question

              Well, how else are we going to manswer you?

    2. Good point.

    3. No shit. The president invites them so he can bask in the reflection of their glory and look brighter.

  11. Tim Thomas is a racist and hates Amurikka!

  12. There are those who simply are nauseated by the idea of being in the same room with The One and wouldn’t dream of doing it. Some of us are professional hockey players. I think it is as uncomplicated as that.

    1. I have to get over my disgust towards politicians at least enough that I can write about them without using just capital letters and profanities. Thomas doesn’t have to do that. He has no obligation to deffer to them in any way.

      Lucky guy!

        1. That’s why they pay me the big bucks, WarrenT. My mad spelling skillz.

          1. Must be that home schooling.


      1. He has no obligation to deffer to them in any way.


        What the hell are you, a Rethuglicant Tea-Bagger? Huh! I bet you spit at the homeless lady every time you walk past the Apple Store, too.

      2. You can always quit if it’s that hard.

      3. I once almost got between Bill Clinton and a hot corned-beef sandwich (with swiss cheese and spicy mustard on pumpernickel, now the #59 at Katzinger’s Deli in Cbus). I vowed that day never to approach that close to one of them again.

        1. Er — presidents, not corned-beef sandwiches.

        2. I thought the Press was the only group of people more ruthless at getting to the free food than Pols.

          1. That’s why the clarification.

        3. Nice deli. I went there a few times.

        4. Zatz’s Deli in NYC has a picture of Clinton up and everything he ate when he visited.

          That’s a lot of food. I have a hard time eating a sandwich from there by myself. And I’m a giant fat-ass.

          1. One must respect Clinton’s ability to eat and eat and eat. His latter-day conversion to Veganism notwithstanding.

            He apparently consumed food the way he did women.

            1. He apparently consumed food the way he did women.

              He stuck a cigar in his sandwich and then smoked it?

              1. Something along those lines. I kind of wish I hadn’t blown him off at that staff party now. Because I have some questions for him.

                1. Nicotine can be absorbed through mucus membranes.

                  1. So, next year I can look forward to the local news telling me about the latest teen craze of using their anus or vagina to smoke?

                2. At first I didn’t notice the “off”.

                  1. Ewwwwww. I was a fellow, not an intern. Big difference.

  13. This reminds me of Jennifer’s immortal quote:

    “Government’s cock will not suck itself. That’s what a free and independent media is for.”

    1. Holy shit, that’s better than anything Mencken ever said. Mad props to this Jennifer.

  14. Jesus fucking Christ, who gives a flying fuck if some hockey goalie is a fucking libertarian or not? What is this, the desperation of the cult?Fuck!

    1. Stop projecting again, Edward.

      1. He has to use a projector. He likes to masturbate to old films of him masturbating.

        1. So a true circle jerk, then.

          1. More like playing ping pong with a mirror.

            1. I’m sure paddles and balls are involved at some point.

        2. That’s not gay. What’s the actual word for that?

          1. sexually recursive?

  15. [stick tap to Thomas]

  16. FWIW, known baseball player Albert Pujols also didn’t visit the White House when the World Champeen St. Louis Cardinals visited there not long ago. What’s even worse/better, he didn’t visit after winning the 2006 World Series, either! Also, he went to a Glenn Beck rally once. ALBERT PUJOLS IS THE MYSTERIOUS JOHN GALT OF BASEBALLING.

    The end.

    1. James Harrison didn’t visit either. But he was protesting the Arizona Immigration law, so that was okay.

      1. That’s an okay reason not to go, too! Isn’t it amazing how that works when you’re not a partisan jerk? There are myriad great reasons not to visit the White House!

        1. Lucy,

          I think that “I don’t want to bother with the time and effort of going” is a good enough reason.

          It amazes me how Americans have turned their President into a King while the British treat their Prime Minister like just another politician.

          1. Bullshit. Half the Limeys I discuss politics with howl over how they either love, respect, or hate the Prime Minister but would still bow and shake his hand and it would be a life-changing event.

          2. Thats because they already have a King (Queen).

          3. It amazes me how Americans have turned their President into a King while the British treat their Prime Minister like just another politician.

            See, because we need to separate Head of State and Head of Executive Government. I nominate myself for King. Or, to please you nerds, Padishah Emperor.

            1. I have offered to be King numerous times. I only want a few things,

              1. My own Versailles on the Blue Ridge
              2. The official paid position of “King’s Mistress”
              3. The power to veto five bills a year out of Congress
              4. The power to pardon and commute any sentence in federal or state court
              5. The power to bring any law enforcement officer before the King’s Chancellor on the charge of violating the people’s rights.

              1. I like the first two.

                For the rest, I would prefer the power just to chop the head off anyone I didn’t like. More Shogun than Sun King.

          4. Maybe we should get a king to knock the president down a peg or two. I think that is perhaps the best argument for a figurehead monarchy: give someone with no real power all of the ceremonial bullshit and put the politicians in their place.

    2. I’m so tempted to use this opportunity to ask you about approving the new letters page. Now that I have your attention and all.

      Also, sports are terrible, but hockey is at least mildly diverting!

      Am I fired?

      1. I didn’t know it was possible to be a Yinzer and hate sports.

        1. If you call me a Yinzer ever again, I will hunt you down and eat your liver, FYI.

          1. Geez, you can take the girl out of the Yinz…

          2. Ey Lewcy, let’s gew dahn ta da bahr an wawtcha Stillers!

            1. New Lucy gift idea: a whole outfit made entirely of Terrible Towels.

              1. She’ll buy a fancy new Big Ben jersey for her wedding day.

        2. Sure ain’t easy!

      2. He wouldn’t dare fire you, Lucy, because we would all send him countless goatse emails and pictures of NutraSweet’s horrific choad. Also, Warty would rape him.

        1. I’m going to go ahead and get a picture of it just in case.

          1. No need; I’ll just email you my personal collection.

        2. That’s the most amazing mixture of kind and horrifying. Thank you?

          1. You’re welcome?

          2. Hoggle ain’t got no friends.

        3. What’s a goatse email?

          1. Post your email address if you want to find out.

          2. Post a comment with your email and find out. I suggest you don’t use your work address.

      3. …sports are terrible…

        And that is why you fail.

        1. And, before anyone asks, yes, I would accept a North Korea-style dictatorship if it meant getting a 16-team playoff to replace the BCS. If college football is on the line, fuck your “rights”. If college football is unaffected, then count me as a stalwart for liberty.

          1. Jesus. People from Texas really are insane about football.

            1. If you think the football fans are crazy, wait’ll you meet the cheerleader parents.

            2. No we’re not. Well, not COLLEGE football.

        2. Eh, I actually like watching and playing terrible-lady-versions of hockey and golf. Watching ’em is entertaining, too. I just get cranky about insane sports fans who cannot talk about anything else (Matt Welch, by the way, is not one of those people!)

          This is a Pittsburgh Steigerwald problem.

          1. Here’s a hint: make fun of Welch for signing C.J. Wilson to a massively contract, when he’s just going to get shitty in the playoffs.

            Don’t worry if you don’t understand that paragraph, just repeat it to him verbatim, for the lulz. Trust me on this.

            1. Preferably every 5 minutes.

            2. Better yet, tell him you’re getting married to a baseball player named Jeff Mathis. Your pink-slip will be delivered by lunchtime.

              1. This is awesome, it’s like you guys aren’t even speaking English.

              2. Hey, you came up in the Oscar thread.

                Since I havent seen it, who played you in Moneyball? Or are you the Tom Bombadil of the film?

                1. I wasn’t in the movie. I suppose Jonah Hill is the stand-in for the whole lot of us, but he’s just DePodesta with a different name and body type.

                  If I had been in the movie, would I have been paid any money?

                  1. When I make my movie, McCracken is gonna sing to a willow tree. Then he’ll scour the Shire. Then everyone will finally be happy.

          2. I’d imagine working with Bob Errey would be a problem.

          3. Watching ’em is entertaining, too. I just get cranky about insane sports fans who cannot talk about anything else

            …but you write about politics for a living? You are aware that politics is team sports for people who think they’re too smart for sports, right?

            1. The nice thing about sports is that they don’t end in people dying or being imprisoned, unlike politics!

              Politics is always the worst. Always.

              1. People get imprisoned in Hockey all the time. Granted the sentences aren’t usually very steep, but there’s no trial or appeals process either.

        3. There’s an ad in the skyway for the Timberwolves with a picture of the coach that reads, “If by old-school you meen he doesn’t tweet about his cat’s every move then yeah, he’s old-school.”

      4. Give in to Lucy’s righteous demands, Matt!

    3. Jesus Christ that made me sleepy.

    4. Barry Bonds is the John Galt of Baseball. He lost.

  17. The comments are just nausiating. There are a few people defending him. But mostly it is “he has a responbility to see King Obama”.

    1. There’s one long, incoherent comment about how great a country this is, so he should go to show Obama his appreciation and speak his mind and Obama will listen. It contains this typo that is actually the most intelligent part of the comment:
      “This is a great country and we do, more often than not, elect deficient people.”


      1. I saw that one. Gold indeed.

      2. Truth.

  18. I recall James Harrison didn’t go when the Steelers went to the White House. but his reasoning wasn’t political — kind of if the president wants to meet the Steelers, he knows where to find us.

    1. James Harrison wasn’t allowed to go, because he doesn’t shake hands: he leads with his head.

    2. I thought it was Larry Bird who said something like ” he knows where to find me.”

  19. To me this whole thing shows how insecure liberals and the media are. If they were half as confident as they try to appear, they wouldn’t care that some hocky player didn’t go to the White House. They only are outraged because they are terrified people will wake up and realize that other reasonable people are repelled by Obama.

    1. L?se-majest? is always taken very seriously by those who suck up to the monarch.

  20. Now that we have a Tim Thomas thread (thank you, beloved Lucy!) I think it is important that people know about his admirable beard. Sorry about the bad pun in the Vancouver Sun’s headline.

    1. I like how Thomas said nothing about Glen Beck, but he’s being called a Beck cult member.

      1. Words have no meanings anymore, Sug. As soon as you hear about anything you need to decide instantly what your TEAM is supposed to say about it and start screaming whatever that is. Flinging your own dung is also encouraged at this point in the proceedings. But you do that anyway.

        1. My dung is far to valuable to just fling away. That’s why I also travel with plenty of rotten cabbages.

          1. See, this is the difference between humans and the other primates.

      2. Obviously. Glenn beck invented individualism and libertarianism. Everyone knows that.

      3. That is pretty much how they roll. Note MNG and Tony constantly calling me a Beck and Hannity cult member. I honestly had no idea who Hannity was when MNG started hurling the insult. He about had a stroke calling me a liar when I asked “Who the fuck is Hannity”.

        These people’s entire lives are based around smugness. They can’t allow themselves to believe that anyone on the other side thinks the way they do because they have a reasonable disagreement.

        1. You must miss those halcyon days of blessed ignorance of Hannity

    2. It’s a decent effort, but my glorious unkempt man-of-the-mountain beard is better.

    3. It’s OK, I guess.

    4. Dammit! I hadn’t shaved since November, but I had to this morning because I’m starting a new clinical rotation. Dammit!

  21. I honestly gotta say that if I received such an invite I would probably go. I might even shake the guy’s hand. All this is based on the understanding that there will be a kickass buffet and open bar.

    1. I would go just to get drunk and kicked out. Now that is the war story to end all war stories. Maybe go up and flirt with Michelle and make a few drunken remarks. It would be great.

      1. “If you’re in teh Secret Shervish, how come you let everyone know about it? Can I talk into your suit cuff? Breaker, breaker, we’ve got us a con-voy.”

      2. My buddy and I got kicked out of the state capitol building in Austin while drunk in 1999.

        He threw his hat up in the air, and it got stuck on a ledge on like the 2nd or 3rd floor. So naturally, we went up the stairs, and I held him by his legs over the railing so he could try and retrieve it.

        The fucking cops yelling at me almost startled me enough to drop him; if they’d just kept their damn mouths shut, there wouldn’t have been any problems!

        Anyway we were kicked out.

        1. “I’ve been thrown out of much nicer State Houses than this one!”

          1. “You call this a bicameral legislature?”

        2. I would love to get drunk and get kicked out of the White House. Mine would be for serenading Michelle with the first few versus of Brown Sugar.

          1. I really, truly, hope you get to live this dream someday, John.

            1. Yeah, but the joke’s on John. She tastes terrible.

              1. Decades of marinating in Angry Black Woman will do that.

                1. I AM NOT AN ANGRY BLACK WOMAN, DAMN IT!

            2. Question, how many bogus felonies would the USSS charge me with for doing that?

          2. “Lighten up Michelle-baby. Shovel-faced is a compliment.”

            1. “Dang, I don’t know what Barack was complaining about. That’s a fine cushion for some pushin’.”

        3. I’ve never been kicked out of the offical Capital in Austin, but I got tossed from the Cloak Room about that same time.

          1. I got kicked out of the Center of Science and Industry in Columbus, OH for hi-jacking a lecture on electromagnetism. I too, was drunk.

            1. I too, was drunk.

              I’m starting to sense a theme here.

            2. I got married in the Wisconsin State Capitol.

              I, too, was drunk. A little, anyway.

            3. I hope it was for ICPing them. “Magnets, how the fuck do they work?”

              1. Actually, I was walking by the lecture room at 11:45AM and saw that the lecture was scheduled for noon. Peeked my head inside the room and there were about 20 people waiting. I bounded on the stage, and got everyone pumped up with my rendition of The Love Boat theme. I then started the lecture with a few jokes, stolen mostly from 1960’s era Borscht Belt comedians. Then I rattled off the few facts I know about electromagnetism. As I was about halfway through the Family Ties theme, the actual lecturer entered the auditorium, accompanied by two security guards. They dragged me by the collar to the front doors, but I chose to throw myself on the sidewalk out front.

                1. EDG,

                  That is the greatest story ever. You are just awesome.

            4. Back in my youth I gave lectures on electromagnetism (and some other things) at COSI to Girl Scouts who would camp overnight in the joint. True story.
              That was you?

              1. Yes it was. See humorous anecdote above.

                1. Yeah. You Girl Scouts got drunk like all the time. NTTAWWT. Except when you fuck with my lecture.

        4. Man, I need to get kicked out of better places. I’ve only ever been kicked out of O’Brien’s Pub in Tampa (for fighting; I didn’t start it), and the Seminole Golf Course in Tallahassee (because the two guys they paired us up with were playing too slow).

      3. Hit on the daughters, John.

        1. That is just gross.

  22. The limey substituting for Rush L. today mentioned this story and mused that it was too bad there was no one on the political scene with these sentiments. Should I send him (Rush’s sub) a Ron Paul bumpersticker?

    1. That limey (Mark Stein, I believe) is actually better than Rush. I liked it even better when Jason Lewis was on there as a sub.

      1. You’re right, it was Mark Stein. And tho I disagreed with that particular comment, he could really rant — and with a sense of humor, too. Similar to the English HOC.

      2. Stein is okay. But he gets tiresome after a while. He seems to do nothing but feel sorry for himself and talk about how all we are all doomed because we all don’t have six kids.

        And I think he is a Canuckistani not a Limey.

        1. Canadian, British — what’s the difference?

      3. Walter Williams is the best Rush sub. Ever.

        1. Absolutely correct!! I love Walter Williams.

      4. Isn’t it “Steyn”?

    2. Mark Stein? He’s an NRO republican. Ron Paul doesn’t count.

  23. When I heard the story, I thought it was another pro-athlete can’t go to the WH because of a felony gun conviction; it is his business alone what the man has chosen

  24. 1) Since the Bruins won, we can assume that Thomas did a good job as goalie

    Winning both the Vezina Trophy and the Conn Smythe Trophy pretty strongly suggest he did an amazing job at goalie.

    2) I’m so sick of hearing about this Thomas thing on the radio (even though I do love a Catamount kicking ass and taking names). Finally the radio has gotten back onto the Pats.

    1. Oh. I was wrong. Back to discussing how Thomas is a horrible horrible man because he snubbed a Democrat but wouldn’t do it if the president was a Republican (with no evidence that this part is true).

    2. Fuck the Pats and the Giants.

      New York, New York, the city so arrogant they named it twice vs. Massholes. And we’re supposed to root for one team or the other?

  25. threatening the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People


    This was not about politics

    But it is, regardless of his political views, or whether he has any. One cannot escape politics. It’s the branch of philosophy which defines the principles of a proper social system. The hockey player seems to be angry with the two-party system, as if party affiliation per se were to blame for the trend toward collectivism in the United States.

    He wrote that he made his choice as an “individual.” Maybe he understands Individualism and maybe he doesn’t. His detractors and supporters will mot likely miss the point anyway. But good for him for not wanting to participate in this mostly innocuous bit of political theater.

  26. No President Obama, I won’t donate my time to your political campaign.

  27. Now that we an official Tim Thomas snub thread, I’d like to formally invite him to play for Tampa, where his libertarian values are welcome.

    1. Now that we have. The fingers are especially inaccurate lately. Must be my inchoate rage again.

      1. Timmy is too used to the north to subject himself to your hellish temperatures. Michigan, UVM, and now Boston. We’ll keep him here where his giant balls won’t overheat.

        1. We can refrigerate him. We have the technology.

          It’s like 80? here today.

          1. Do you realize how hot that is for a UVM alum?

            1. We have advanced air conditioning technology.

              1. Are you saying there is a Tampadome?

                On a completely unrelated note: I just got a new position at my company as a consultant. I’ll get to experience some Florida time myself (after some loving scanner time at Logan of course).

                1. It’s nice down here. People pay good money to take vacations here and stuff.

                  1. I almost went to Florida/Caribbean for a vacation in December but it turned out to be way cheaper to go to Texas/Mexico.

                    1. We like your money. Give it to us!

                    2. I only want to give you SOME of my money. Make it cost less than $800 to fly there and we’ll talk. Until then I’ll save $400 and go to Houston.

                      …Or just visit for free with work.

                    3. Okay, the plane ticket isn’t our money. You need to spend a week at Disney or something like that.

                    4. I don’t think there would be enough slutty 20 somethings at Disney to interest me for a week. I like to get rejected a lot of times a day.

                    5. Key West? Several locations during spring break? Tampa during one of its exposed bosom parades?

                    6. Go on…

                    7. Mexico: Twice as inespensive as Jamaica, but twice as likely to end with a bullet in your ass.

                    8. My friend and I blacked out in a bar in Cozumel then woke up on our boat a hundred miles from land.

                2. We once had Thunderdome.

                  1. Well, we still have it; it’s just called Tropicana Field now.

                    1. Just insane. You go from possibly the greatest stadium name in all of sports to the lame-ass Tropicana Field. I mean, come on. I don’t care what they get for the naming rights, it’s not enough.

                    2. If there’s one thing I hate more than homosexuals, it’s the scum that think orange juice is just for breakfast.

                    3. That’s right, drink orange juice all of the time. Lots of it. It cures cancer and shit.

                    4. Screwdrivers are an anytime drink.

    2. He needs to come play for the Capitals near the belly of the beast.

      1. Now why would he do that? No, income-tax free, quasi-free Florida, where crazy ideas like libertarianism have a home.

        1. Because tax free or not, the summers are 8 months long and downright equitorial and the bugs are the size of compact cars.

          1. Also he’s sort of gingerish. Florida girls won’t go for that, plus he’ll get cancer before the next Stanley Cup Finals.

            1. Wat? An unholy number of FL girls I know have a lumberjack fetish, regardless of gingerism. He’d be hip deep in tail.

              1. But…he’ll be all pale?

        2. No, income-tax free, quasi-free Florida, where crazy ideas like libertarianism hasve a home.

          1. Whatever. Tim will come, bringing his message of freedom and goal-protection to Tampa. In fact, he should come right now, before the GOP convention.

            1. Tim be on you.

              1. Or with or whatever.

    3. Fuck that. The man was obviously destined for the Jackets. (Where his talents can mysteriously fade and he can be utterly forgotten.)

      1. What? They don’t have professional sports up there. Well, maybe at the university, I guess. Why would he play college hockey?

        1. They don’t have professional sports up there

          True dat.

          1. Actually, we do. But up here we pay in tattoos.

            1. That’s why things aren’t working out for him in Indy–he wanted $6 million in tattoos instead of cash.

            2. And sweater vests!

              1. Some things are simply not done.

      2. Wouldn’t Nick Gillespie be the obvious choice for the Jackets?

    4. Another fun fact is that Thomas is one of the only Americans on the team.

      1. That’s true of hockey in general, which is and always has been a Canadian plot to get the U.S. to subsidize a large, professional, Canadian sport.

        1. Ahhh, so that’s why all the Canadians still went to see Obama.

          1. See how it all fits together?

        2. It’s not just Canada. It’s a whole subarctic conspiracy. Aren’t like 80% of the Red Wings Scandanavian?

          1. Got some of those and some Russians–all like-thinkers to Canadians–with a handful of Americans.

  28. “[Y]esterday was not about politics and government until Thomas made it about politics and government. The day, long set on the calendar, was a day when the Boston Bruins were asked to visit Pennsylvania Avenue to celebrate what they did as a team last season.”

    Talk about clueless. Let me guess, if they were invited to the Vatican to speak to the Pope, that wouldn’t be about faith and religion either, right? The president as a person can take as much interest in sports as he chooses, but it’s unseemly and vaguely fascistic for the office of the president to do so.

  29. I take Thomas’s point to be that he wants even lower taxes on his $5 million annual salary – yes, obviously the federal government has taken your personal & property rights away, because he only gets to keep like, 3.5 million of that. Shocking. Did Glen beck write that one for you, Timmy? When extremely wealthy & privileged people whine about losing their “liberties”, it rings quite hollow.

    1. Cool story, bro.

    2. That is really deep. You should publish a newsletter or something.

      1. I’d subscribe to that.

    1. Well now it makes sense.

  30. I’ve spent that past two days reflecting on this decision by the Boston netminder, and have now read his reasoning, and I think it should be clear to even a casual observer that LET’S GO PENS!

    1. Take out the Yinzers and the Buckeyes, and I think there would be like three commenters left.

      1. Hey man, I WANT to like hockey. I should like hockey. But I just don’t. Kind of like pickles.

    2. Who the hell can root for Sid the Twit?

  31. Fack yeah! Timmy fackin Tawmas is owah biggest supportah of fackin libaty! Go Sawx!

  32. Opening paragraph:
    “In a tradition that undoubtedly dates back to long before I was alive to dislike sports…”

    closing paragraph:
    “If this were really about keeping sports about sports, the Bruins wouldn’t be anywhere near the White House in the first place.”

    Anyone else feel like these two statements contradict each other a bit? Is something really a political action when it’s a perfunctory and routine tradition that dates back further than anyone can remember? It’s hard to call the traditional post-championship team visit a politic act when every champion team from every major sport has been doing it for the past 20+ years. Skipping something so routine, however, to make a statement undoubtedly is a political action and I do think it was fair for the Boston Globe to label it so.

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