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Gingrich Ex: Newt Wanted an Open Marriage


From ABC News:

In her most provocative comments, the ex-Mrs. Gingrich said Newt sought an "open marriage" arrangement so he could have a mistress and a wife.

She said when Gingrich admitted to a six-year affair with a Congressional aide, he asked her if she would share him with the other woman, Callista, who is now married to Gingrich.

"And I just stared at him and he said, 'Callista doesn't care what I do,'" Marianne Gingrich told ABC News. "He wanted an open marriage and I refused."

Marianne described her "shock" at Gingrich's behavior, including how she says she learned he conducted his affair with Callista "in my bedroom in our apartment in Washington."

"He always called me at night," she recalled, "and always ended with 'I love you.' Well, she was listening."

All this happened, she said, during the same time Gingrich condemned President Bill Clinton for his lack of moral leadership.

Perhaps the former speaker was projecting when he named secular college professors and radical Islamists—two demographics that bear the polyamorous stereotype—as leading to America's downfall?

Last time he was confronted by his history of mid-stream horse-switching, Gingrich said, "There's no question at times of my life, partially driven by how passionately I felt about this country, that I worked far too hard and things happened in my life that were not appropriate."

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  1. “No comment.”

    1. See, this is what’s important.

  2. It is funny. And Gingrich is a slug But in the end, who cares? Gingrich is a bad Presidential candidate because of the policies he supports. The fact that he wanted to get a little legislative assistant nookie back when he was in Congress is none of my business.

    1. i initially read this as “Gingrich is a slut”

      Sorry, I am still at work (pulled an all nighter)

    2. I was hoping wife#2 would have something new and more relevant to offer. We already knew Newt is a philanderer.

      1. I am not surprised. I figured it would be bitter ex wife still pissed ex traded her in for a newer model. Yawn.

      2. What he wanted was a version of polygamy. I want to hear Santorum’s response to this.

        1. Not if he was willing to let her get her freak on too. Free love man free love.

          1. Orgies at the Gingirch household?

            If only Gingrich had a mustache.

            1. Gingrich having sex is already an orgy

        2. Why? You think sheep were involved too?

      3. Isn’t this the wife who was investigated for trying to sell access to her then Congressman husband?

    3. I would agree, sir, except for the fact Newt criticized me for my affair when he was engaged in similar behavior.

      1. Did Newt do it in the Oval Office and then perjure himself about it later? If not, then sit down and finish your cheeseburger Bill.

        1. Here, Bill – have two or three cheeseburgers. Have some greasy fries and a milkshake with them, too – please. Forget all that heart disease bullshit your doctors handed you.

        2. John,

          How can you condemn Clinton and shrug at Newt?

          Perjure himself? If I ask you about your affair in a Kangeroo court and you lie because its none of my damn business, should you be condemned. There were lots of things Clinton did wrong, but the republicans were rediculous in their pursuit of Lewinsky.

          1. It wasn’t a kangeroo court. It was a civil suit. Clinton was being sued for sexual harassment. In order for the plaintiff to make her case, she has to show that Clinton denied her employment opportunities because she wouldn’t sleep with him. The way you do that is see if he had slept with any of his employees and then compare their advancement to the plaintiffs.

            So his affair with Lewinski was absolutely relevant to a valid civil suit. And when asked if he had ever had sex with Lewinski, he said no. That is perjury plain and simple. And it was not like “lying about your golf score” the way liberals tried to claim. It was lying about a fact essential to the plaintiff’s case.

            And beyond that, Gingrich did this before he was ever in any position of authority. In contrast, Clinton conducted an affair in the oval office while President leaving him open to blackmail. That is utterly irresponsible. And the kind of thing that gets other civil servants security clearances revoked and them fired.

            If you told me that Gingrich was banging some intern in his office while he was Speaker and then lied about it in a subsequent civil suit, it would be the same as Clinton. But this is nothing like that.

            1. If you told me that Gingrich was banging some intern in his office while he was Speaker and then lied about it in a subsequent civil suit, it would be the same as Clinton. But this is nothing like that.

              Well he did bang chicks in office. Apparently he paid them off enough (like marrying them).

              But Clinton lying about banging lewinsky isn’t the same as Clinton lying about selling government contracts or anything. The whole thing was a set-up to take Clinton down. Clinton shouldn’t have testified, but impeachment was rediculous for perjury about consensual relationships.

              1. I don’t like sexual harassment law either. But the law is what it is. I don’t think you give Clinton a pass. By the letter of the law he committed perjury by lying about a pertinent fact in civil case. His case to me is much more clear than Martha Stewart’s. And Stewart went to the big house for lying. And I have no doubt I would be fired and lose my security clearance for banging an intern in my office. So I can’t see why Bill deserved a pass.

                1. IIRC Gingrich played the cheating husband angle also.

                  Sure Clinton was impreached for lying in a courtroom. But the anti-family/cheating husband card was

              2. And some even think ridiculous.

              3. The whole thing was a set-up to take Clinton down

                A vast right wing conspracy… that takes me back.

            2. —“asked if he had ever had sex with Lewinski, he said no”—

              Not a Clinton fan, but he was asked if he ever had “sexual relations” with Lewinski. Check the definition of “sexual relations”, and you can argue that since he only got head, he was not lying in response to the question. I believe in legal terms, as well as the accepted definition that means intercourse. Parsing words, I know, but not perjury.

              1. Billy said “I did not have sex with that woman”. Try that line on your spouse and see if he/she gives you a pass because it was just oral sex.

                1. “I did not have sex with that woman”.

                  Again, not a Clinton fan, but what he said was “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

                2. And whether his wife bought it or not, lying to your wife is not perjury.

      2. You also raped Juanita Broaddrick. So you are way ahead on points.

        1. But it wasn’t rape-rape.

      3. You lie! Newt never used a cigar!

    4. in the end, who cares?

      Bwahahahaha. You just don’t get it, do you?

      1. Which end are we talking here?

  3. “There’s no question at times of my life, partially driven by how passionately I felt about this country, that I worked far too hard and things happened in my life that were not appropriate.”

    I’ll have to remember that line. “Sorry I was banging all those sluts, babe, but I was doing it for America.”

    1. Somebody has to. And every Congressman in Congress who is not gay does the same thing. Every office isn’t full of gorgeous young daughters of big donors for nothing. Don’t donors ever have ugly daughters? Those don’t seem to ever get the jobs.

      1. Walk down any hall in Reyburn Bldg, etc. Women either look like young Bella Abzugs or Miss America. The temptation must be very great when the goods are freely offered in exchange for being with a powerful guy.

        1. I doubt I could resist it.

          1. How could you?

          2. In John’s case, just hire skinny chicks and there’s no temptation.

      2. Capital Hill knows no bounds when it comes to defining prostitution.

    2. Newt took “America! Fuck yeah!” a little too literally.

      1. ahhahahaah

        great username, too

    3. What is wrong with this man?

      And what is wrong with the media for allowing him to get by with that?

  4. That man is a fucking narcisist. As well as being an energetic fool.

    1. If some of the rumors I’ve heard regarding his preferences are true he might not be all that energetic at all.

      Getting blowjobs is pretty passive generally.

      1. Yes, generally.

    2. I hate his jowl-undulating smarm as much as his self-satisfied civics lectures. What a jiggling pile of semi-congealed diarrhea.

      Fuck him in his fat folds.

      1. Nice word play there. I like it. ‘jowl-undulating smarm’… I shall remember that one.

  5. in the end it was gingrich who was the polygamist

    1. Does that mean he pulls the Mormon votes away from Romney?

      1. only the true Mormons ie FLDS

  6. “Things happened.” Weasels are appalled by the possible connection.

    Yeah, I’m sure he was banging women because of his love for the country… probably had the Star Spangled Banner playing.

    1. Don’t you hate it when things happen when you’re thinking of something else?

      I myself was thinking fighting terrorism, and unbeknownst to me an assignation with a prostitute happened. Several times. Just happened, I don’t know how.

    2. probably had the Star Spangled Banner playing

      It helps him keep his wood.

  7. The Gingrich The

    1. I see what you did there.

  8. What irony that an ad showing up on this comment thread is to “Fix Your Marriage…New Alternative to Counseling”

  9. That’s it.

    Newt is like George Costanza and was trying to pull off a type of roommate maneuver. I finally have a smidgen of respect for him.

  10. This headline made me squeal with delight. Stick a fork in The Titties. I can hardly think of something that would squick the American people out more.

    1. Stick a fork in The Titties

      Thanks for the visual.

      1. This is why so many people asked her to go to the Libertarian Prom.

        1. I think we need one of your disgusting vignettes, STAT!

          1. don’t pressure the artist.

    2. “When a man marries his mistress, a vacancy is created…”

      1. I love it!!!

  11. So is he done? Is it really down to Romney, Paul, and Cumbubble? I must admit that six months ago I would not have seen Paul still standing after so many have dropped out.

    1. Paul is the only one with organization approaching Romneys AFAIK.

  12. Newt strikes me as a textbook sociopathic personality. I don’t just mean a crapweasel like most politicians, but a person who truly speaks and acts without empathy and without regard for the long term consequences of his actions for himself or anyone else.

    1. Of course his ex married him. What does that say about her?

      1. Serial killers in prison get a lot of love letters. Sociopaths are often characterized as being superficially charming, and that goes a long way with some women.

      2. Of course his ex married him. What does that say about her?

        I dunno, they say sociopaths can be outwardly very charming.

        1. We have our moments.

          1. I’ll say!

      3. Wasn’t Marianne Gingrich Newt’s mistress from his first marriage?

        1. I think so. My guess is that they deserved each other. I doubt she is without sin.

        2. They started fucking before his first divorce was final but I don’t think she was the “home wrecker”. Newt’s first wife was his high school math teacher.

          1. Fucking a man. How does such a doofy looking guy do it?

            1. Do what? She looks like an old baseball glove jonesing for a Pall Mall.

              1. Now she does. But what did she look like then? And who actually scores with their high school math teacher?

                1. the biggest creepy factor in this election goes to Mrs. Santorum.

                  Prior to meeting Rick, she was the live in girlfriend of the gynecologist who delivered her as a baby. The guy also happened to be a pro-abortion advocate.

                  As creepy as I find abortion, dating the girls that you don’t kill in utero is a really close second place.

                  1. yeah. she has some serious daddy issues. Oh well. to each his own.

                    1. Ron Paul in 2012: I only delivered babies. I don’t date them, fire them, or kill them.

                  2. Was it Ron Paul? That would be really creepy.

                    1. As far as I can tell Ron Paul is actually a model conservative at home. Kind of like an atheist who lives “do unto others” better than most Christians…

      4. You have to admit Bridget was great in “Mars Attacks!”

  13. The daughters, who refer to this woman as “our father’s ex wife” have come out in support of Newt. Nothing like a good daughter, evil step mother cat fight.

    1. Well, we’ve said already that if we’re going to have lame, crappy presidential candidates that we at least want an entertaining race. This is what we break out the popcorn for, folks.

    2. Mom isn’t out there scoring $1M gigs at Fannie and Freddie, now is she?

  14. Key party at Tom DeLay’s pad!

  15. Thanks for making yours the face of open marriage, Newt.

    You’ve set back the cause of fun-loving Hedonism Resorters by decades.

  16. I think this is a subtle move to take the libertine vote from Paul.

    1. Sounds like a scam to me.

      1. What isn’t a scam these days?

        1. Yes, this would be a much shorter list.

          1. I mean, if I were to start saying “Sounds like it isn’t a scam to me”, I’d say that maybe once, twice a year.

  17. “There’s no question at times of my life, partially driven by how passionately I felt about this country, that I worked far too hard and things happened in my life that were not appropriate.”

    Newt Kuan Yew: Blame America-Firster

    Fuck. We need hard evidence of insider trading (or incontrovertible proof of influence peddling as recognized by the Congressional Ethics Committee) to be rid of this odious pustule.

    1. “We need hard evidence of insider trading (or incontrovertible proof of influence peddling as recognized by the Congressional Ethics Committee) to be rid of this odious pustule.”

      They have all of that. But it is in a sealed ethics file in the House. And it will never be released because if it ever was Republicans might start releasing the files of Democrats. And before you know it, everyone’s ethics will be public knowledge. And no one wants that.

    2. I read that quote as an admission that even while he had a wife and a mistress, he was still fucking America on the side.

      1. Who says you read it wrong?

  18. I’m curious to see how this plays out, in light of what happened to Herman Cain.

    1. Given the Clinton precedent, I would say fat dorky white guys are allowed a little action on the side but black men are not. It is all racism I tell you.

    2. When Herman Cain’s affairs came to light, it was news.

      The stuff that came out in this interview was on wikipedia before the primary began.

  19. secular college professors…two demographics that bear the polyamorous stereotype

    Really? That’s an actual stereotype?
    Mrs. Mulatto will not be amused.

    1. Which one? the secret Mrs. Mulatto or the public one?

      1. Oh God no! Don’t even joke about that, man. My wife is Southeast Asian….they get crazy, batshit insane jealous. Like ply your dinner with sleeping pills, and then mutilate your genitals while you’re unconscious, after which gasoline is poured all over the house and it’s set on fire just before she hops into the car to hunt down the remaining members of your family crazy.

  20. You mean my daughters had the choice of another Mormon in this race.

  21. Perry is into it. He just endorsed Newt’s “heart of a conservative”.

    1. There’s a guy in TX politics who has been alleging for years that Rick Perry is out banging strippers and coeds on the side with the assitance of his staffers. He claims it’s why Anita looks so dyspeptic all the time.

      1. He has my respect as long as the strippers are Yellow Rose quality, not Landing Strip quality. And the coeds, well, UT coeds make SEC coeds look plain.

        1. What is the one on South Congress by St. Edwards University where the Cowboy players used to go? That had some pretty good quality ones as I remember.

          1. Expose’… haven’t been there in more than a decade, but it was always 2nd rate behind Sugars & the Rose.

  22. If Newt had only said in a newsletter what he said to his wife, he would be discredited as a serious candidate.

    1. That’s it, isn’t it? Newsletters must have powerful, inexplicable properties that other methods of communication, or even actual actions, clearly lack.

      1. I should have said, what he *allegedly* said to his wife.

    2. No if he had only let one of his buddies use his dick in return for payment and later claimed to have no idea who said buddy was fucking with it, then he would be discredited.

      1. Shhhhh…

  23. Ok… seriously, how does does Jabba the Hut get the ladies?

    1. The ladies are also Hutts.

    2. They chain them to the throne after freezing all of their other romantic prospects in carbonite.

      1. The oval office got a little dank & musky.


    “Specialization may produce success, but greatness is acquired through generalization.”

    Holy shit, how perfect.

    More here. Ricky Cumfart’s picture could not be more perfect.

    1. Oh yeah? Well, what does your yearbook picture say, huh, tough guy?

      “Rape is only second to anal rape.”

    2. It has really been a good day for lulz at the expense of some of the most deserving assholes around. I am snowed/iced-in in Seattle and could use the entertainment until it’s reasonable to start drinking, so keep the embarrassment coming.

      1. I’m snowed in over in Kitsap also. This is well worth it. The fucking power better not go out.

        1. You lazy shitbag fucks. “Snowed in”. I’m driving to work shortly. This is nothing. Fuck, I have a meeting in 15 minutes…guess I’m going to be late.

          1. Lazy? Yesterday I was sledding with my kids for about six straight hours. Work is way easier.

          2. I figured you of all people could work from home. With virtual meetings and all that crap.

            1. Nope. “Working from home” gets you mocked and ridiculed. Not coming in makes you a pussy. That’s just the way we roll. Shit, you go up on the board for being a pussy for being sick, even.

              1. I’m sorry. I guess I’m lucky to be in a shop with union benefits. Without having to be in a union.

                1. We like it this way. We’re the ones who enforce this, not the management. It’s a startup.

                  1. Ah, mob rule. Gotta love it. Do you eat the weak right away while they’re still alive like a hyena, or do you wait until they bleed to death like a shark?

      2. I thought it was amazing how wholesomely 50s Ron Paul was. It’s adorable.

      3. keep the embarrassment coming


        If you got maimed by being retarded, would you wear your retardation proudly for the rest of your life, or would you make up a more awesome story? “Yeah, I got this while I was beating a family of bears to death. No big deal.”

        1. When I was a kid I was told that staring at a spinning plane propeller can hypnotize you causing you to walk straight into them. I have no idea if that is true or not or if they just told us that so we stayed the hell away from the planes.

        2. Maimed? She still has a leg up on Heather Mills.

        3. I like how some ‘expert’ blames the pilot in that article, not the dumbass who walked into a propeller.

          1. Well there may be rules about shutting down prior to allowing passengers to deplane.

            But you’re still a dumbass is you walk into a propeller. I think you’re a dumbass if you walk into a pole, but that won’t hurt as much.

    3. ‘Most Intellectual’? Seduced his high school math teacher?

      I guess I can see how a sycophant who uses big words and apes the ability to think could pull that off…

    4. Is it any surprise that Romney was in a million clubs? I hated assholes like that in highschool.

      1. Jon Huntsman looked like the President of Potheads Incorporated.

    5. Did anybody notice how sleek and presidential Paul looked in the 70s and 80s, evident from his ’88 Libertarian run debate appearances? Kooky uncle, indeed.

  25. New ABC Series: “Ex-Wives and why their Ex’s are Assholes”.

  26. You CAN’T do THIS to ME!

    1. great takeoff of a great movie

  27. I think this is more damaging to him than merely having been divorced a couple of times.

    This shows that he has “Hollywood values”.

    You can believe in marriage and just fuck up and get divorced a few times.

    But “open marriage” is right up there with “free love”. You may as well move to San Fran and dance around with flowers in your hair.

    Up until now his divorces were something from a country music song. Now they’re something from YouPorn.

    1. He was done anyway. But could it be this is all some evil plot by Romney? Let Newt air all of the Bain stuff so it is old news by the fall and then turn lose the ex wife at just the right time to dispose of him.

    2. Yup. Cheating and getting divorced is something everyone is used to. This will come across as much more alienating. I think it almost might be worse than a gay scandal.

      1. Which is really the wrong reaction since Newt didn’t want an open marriage, he wanted to keep fucking around on his wife and didn’t want to bother to put in a minimal level of effort any longer to hide it.

        1. President Gingrich would be the American Burlosconi.

          1. nope. burlosconi’s chicks were hot

    3. More like a Godzilla flick, the city is flattened but the giant egos are still locked in battle.

      1. Hey now, let’s not get carried away…

    4. How many Americans are divorced?

      The hurt this puts on Newt depends on how she comes across. If people see a bitter old bitch, they might understand why he punched out of that marriage.

    5. Agree with Fluffy.

      Same shit happened to Jack Ryan in Illinois. Come to think of it, that’s how we got Obama in the first place…

  28. Dear Penthouse:

    I never thought I’d be writing you one of these letters but…

  29. Newt’s yearbook picture explains it all, really.

    There’s no way to grow up looking like that and not turn into a misogynist.

    When he finally had a way to be down with the ladies he had no off switch and had a chip on his shoulder. I bet the true number of legislative aides he drilled will never be known and can only be estimated.

    Bill Clinton was a cheater out of a sense of entitlement. With this guy, it had to be revenge.

    The yearbook photo is all the info you need.

    1. Have you seen the pictures of Bill in high school? Bill was an ugly guy who got into politics to score hot women. No man with a sense of entitlement would have ever married a woman who looked like Hillary.

      1. Hillary wasn’t exactly launching ships against Troy herself. But you put two ambitious people together, one of them with a wealthy father, and magic happens.

        1. Hillary wasn’t too bad looking back then.

          1. Yeah, I agree, not bad.

  30. And they’re having yet another debate tonight. How many does that make, like a dillion?

    1. Now that the field is thinning they should be having debates. The problem is they a dillion back when the field was 7-8 strong. Nobody had enough time to say anything relevant…

      1. Good. Now they can give Paul 11 minutes.

  31. This type of disclosure is clearly targeted at the SoCon part of the base in South Carolina (particularly the female part of the SoCon base).

  32. Moderator (to Rick Santorum): In a Rick Santorum America, would Newt Gingrich be arrested?

    1. Santorum’s reply: I DEFINITELY DON’T FUCK AROUND. DEFINITELY NOT! HAHAHAHHHAHAH! *Nervous breakdown*.

  33. “Your cheatin’ heart will make you weep
    You’ll cry and cry and try to sleep…”

    ‘And in the end you won’t even get veep’.

  34. Gingrich is leading in South Carolina. This is totally the Romney campaign bringing out the shotgun.


    1. Of course he is. What a weird fucking place.

      1. But the country side is beautiful. And beautiful women seem to grow on trees. I guess if it wasn’t fucked up in some way, it would disprove that there can’t be heaven on earth.

        1. South Carolina is like Alabama/California — a random hodge-podge of great/good and shitty/bad places all mixed up and close to each other.

          1. Other than Huntsvill, where in Alabama is nice? South Carolina does have Charleston.

            1. Everything not-big city in western Alabama.

              1. Sorry, joke handle.

              2. Really? I have never been there. Never figured it would be nice. But then again, I never would have thought Huntsville would be so nice until I actually went there.

                1. I grew up in B’ham. B’ham has world class food. A few microbreweries are starting to pop up places. What’s really held it back is that anyone who had any money moved outside the city limits. So, everyone commutes into work downtown, but the tax dollars, and all the votes stay outside the city. The city government’s been corrupt for decades, but the suburbs are pretty nice.

                  1. Has a great jail too. Awesome letters from the incarcerated have originated there.

            2. Fairhope, Mentone, Mobile, Florence/Tuscumbia/Muscle Shoals/Sheffield, Decatur,Gunthersville…

    2. Good news for Ron Paul, his 3rd place seems more secure now.

      1. You mean 2nd to last place.

        1. Appropriate if your former network star thinks you sound like OBL:…..bin-laden/

      2. I don’t know – he could easily get last. Assuming Newt falls somewhat and enough of his support transitions to Santorum, Paul could end up at the SC tail end pretty easily.

  35. “Aw, come on, it was just a little harmless fun. It’s not like I drowned them afterwards.”

    1. “… or drank the blood of Native American infants as the Demon-God watched over my sacrificial offering on the altar, which was covered in the entrails of a camel. All hypotheticals, of course.”

  36. So when does it come out that he is currently in an open marriage?

    The current wife was cool with it when she was the mistress, so I’m guessing she’s still cool with it now.

    Lib disclaimer: open marriage should not be made illegal. But sanctimonious asshats caught being hypocritical and far outside of their preferred audience’s moral norms is hilarious.

    1. That would explain the 1.5 million Tiffany’s tab.

    2. I kissed a boy and liked it! I hope the so-cons don’t mind it!

    3. She liked it when she was the extra women. Doesn’t mean she’ll be cool with it when she’s the one with the ring.

  37. You are doing this scheiss unsin so you can elect the Stormfront candidate, Ron Paul, president.

    Well, I have some fun for you guys, too. Orthodox Jew supports Ron Paul (snicker).

    “There’s no need to fear. Underzog is here.”

    1. At least now we know what underzog looks like.

      1. Chins upon chins upon chins. An eternity of chins.

        1. Fractal chins. The chins have chins. It’s chins, all the way down.

          1. The top chin has a yarmulke. Which has a double chin.

            1. Is that what a “chinny chin chin” refers to?

  38. In lieu of the Keystone XL affair, perhaps we need a president who isn’t afraid to lay some pipe…

  39. OT: The Huntsman daughters were at it again with this unreleased Romney spoof:…..e5X8w.cspx

  40. This is bad for Newt because it gives a face to his ex. Most people knew he had affair after affair, but this gives one of the ones he cheated on a face and a voice. Most people have been cheated on at one time or another in a relationship, so I think this will sink him. About time, if you ask me.

  41. I thought this kind of stuff would only happen after teh gays got to marry.

  42. So, everyone here is operating under the premise that since his bitter ex-wife says that he wanted an open marriage that it’s true?

    I don’t care if the next president fucks goats or writes racist newsletters. As long as they are commited to putting as many lazy govt employees on the street as possible, I’m down with them.

    1. “As long as they are commited to putting as many lazy govt employees on the street as possible, I’m down with them.”

      So, under that assumption you’re not voting for Gingrich, right?

  43. Ewwwwwwwwwwww!

  44. Mark my words, allowing gays to do what they want will destroy the holy sanctity of straight marriage.

    1. Newt referred to it as “the sacrament of marriage” in a recent debate.

  45. “A man who marries his mistress has a fool for a wife” but the truth is most men in politics are pigs. At their peril, woman choose to ignore the god complex of powerful men .

    Good luck Marianne; I hope this gives you a new start

    1. No. It’s “when a man marries his mistress, the position comes open”.

      1. marries his mistress = wife + fool

        1. I know they mean the same thing. I just like the second way of saying it better.

    2. You certainly are being sweet lately, Rather. What gives – did you get something nice for Christmas? 🙂

    3. I know you’re perfectly pure of heart or something, but there are plenty of women who prefer to marry a wealthy and powerful guy even with the affairs, rather than marrying a plumber who’ll be faithful.

  46. Well. This revelation is just shocking. But is it true? Seems like a classic he said/ she said scenario, and one from someone who went through what everyone involved describes as a “bitter divorce.” Not a Newt fan at all, but the fact that his spurned ex-wife is saying bad things about him wouldn’t sink him for me if I were.

    1. I think you are right. Who knows what happened. I don’t think someone’s ex wife is exactly a credible witness against them. There are plenty of other valid reasons to dislike Gingrich.

      1. Agreed. But she is his EX for a reason. I’m sure that there is some kernel of truth to thought. I wouldn’t put it past the narcissistic bastard

      2. It would be less credible if it weren’t about a guy who’s been married three times with the first two ending because of adulterous affairs. It’s clear he’s not into the whole monogamy thing, or at least wasn’t before he hit andropause.

  47. Yeesh, no wonder Gingrich and Clinton got all along so well.

  48. I guess we’ll find out on Saturday how conservative South Carolina voters really are.

    1. Not very. Two words “Payton Place”.

  49. Clearly Ms Gingrich is a nut. How she could pass up the chance of having some nights off is beyond any sane person.

  50. Newt was so passionate about this country that he wanted to bang every woman in it.

    1. Maybe he wanted to frak a woman from each of the 57 states to show his patriotism.

  51. To quote a fellow Paulian:

    “I think Newt Gingrich’s views on marriage are totally outside the mainstream of virtually every decent American.”

  52. I’m hoping one of the other candidates makes a crack about open marriage at the debate tonight, just to see Gingrich’s head explode.

    1. Maybe something like:

      “For an avowed conservative, Mr. Gingrich seems to have an open marriage with the Republican Party. As we’ve seen, he’s willing to share a couch with Nancy Pelosi to push for a carbon tax, he’s willing to cash checks from the Democrat-administered Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to protect them from governmental oversight, etc.”

      1. That would be amusing and clever, so none of them will do it.

        1. When you say it like that, who are these so-called republicans voting for Newt?

          1. That was a reply to RC’s comment

            1. Mostly, social conservatives who believe the traditional family is the sacred foundation of society.

      2. Guaranteed, it would lead the sound bite parade after the debate.

  53. In all honesty, I couldn’t care less if a current President or candidate for President is sleeping around, repeatedly divorced, etc. What pisses me off about Gingrich is the shameless moral hypocracy. In the 90s Gingrich went off on how much of a dirtbag Clinton was for cheating on his wife. And going around preaching “family values”, “sanctity of marriage” , abstinance and the “evils of homosexuality”. In public Gingrich demonizes those who don’t practice what HE preaches regarding the issues I just mentioned, while in private he’s sticking his pecker in anything with a pulse behind his various wives’ backs.

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