Rushdie: Still Hounded After All These Years


Emboldened by the Indian government's two-decade-long ban on Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses, some Indian Muslim clerics are now trying to get the author himself banned from the country. They want the government to stop Rushdie from attending the Jaipur Literary Festival, the biggest and most prestigious powwow of its kind in the subcontinent, where the author is scheduled to dissertate on the topic of 'Inglish, Amlish, Hinglish: The chutnification of English,' later this month.

Darul Uloom Deoband Islamic Seminary's vice chancellor, a man obviously unfamiliar with the concept of free speech, urged the government to cancel Rushdie's visa for hurting the sentiments of Muslims in the past.

But fortunately there are plenty of sensible Indian Muslims this time around resisting such calls, including  the law minister Salman Khurshid. He has steadfastly stood up for Rushdie's right to come and go as he damn well pleases from his native country without a visa since he is a duly certified Person of Indian Origin. "This should not be made an issue. These are matters of normal processes of legal rights," Khurshid said. ""A person of Indian origin' can visit the country without visa and Rushdie can come here likewise."

The book, readers will recall, earned Rushdie a fatwa on his head for, among other things, suggesting that Muhammad had unwittingly included some verses from Satan in the Quran.

Padma Lakshmi, the super model who stole and broke Rushdie's heart here.


And my 2005 interview with Rushdie here.

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  1. Emboldened by the Indian government’s two-decade-long ban on Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses, some Indian Muslim clerics are now trying to get the author himself banned from the country.

    Good thing Islam is a religion of peace – just imagine if it wasn’t.

    1. Anyone who didn’t know you better might almost think that you didn’t read the full post OM.

      1. Old Trollxican strikes again.

    2. You know, I’m not real concerned about things such as the “Eurabia” scenario, imposition of sharia law, WTC mosque/community center/whatever, etc etc… but it always amazes me how so many progressives fail to connect the dots in this case. Look at any global index of human rights, female education/”empowerment”, and such and it’s a pretty clear correlation.

      Yes the “West” has their civil rights problems, yes the christian right pushes strong big government social issues, but globally, these just aren’t the largest threats to civil/human rights.

  2. Padma looks pretty hot in that picture but she’s never really done much for me. Not sure what it is because I definately like Indian women.

    1. She works for me.

      1. Me, too. Oh yes she does. The fact that she is smart as a whip is a big help.

    2. It’s the scar, isn’t it?

      1. That scar is damn sexy

    3. The James Ellroy of the 2050s will set his necrophilically perverse dirty-cop stories in early 21st century Hollywood. His most popular e-book will upset browsers with its virtual cover, a startling .jpg of the chemically discolored and surgically dehumanized corpse-face of an unrecognizable yet generically familiar 2010s starlet/trophy wife, aged disgracefully into premature embalmment. That picture will be based on a photograph of Padma Lakshmi.

      1. Sounds like some Suki-fic.

    4. Wasn’t she once Queen of Naboo?

    5. She’s no Aishwarya Rai.

    6. It’s the snob thing. She may be a really nice person, but she comes across (on TV) as a total snob and that’s a big turn off to a lot of people.

  3. Are the Indians still shitting in the streets over there?

    Too bad I haven’t been banned from entering the diarrhea continent.

    1. They shit on the street for the same reason people starve in Ethiopia – you have too much shit.

  4. That was an excellent interview btw Shikha. Good stuff.

  5. “To be born again…first you have to die!”

  6. If I ever went to India, I wouldn’t go to the bathroom the entire time I was there

    1. Me neither.

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      (Although I don’t like that Seinfeld ep, am I the only one who thinks that Elaine is never hotter than when she’s dressed in Hindi garb?

      1. The problem with your question is that Julia Louis-Dreyfus isn’t hot.

        1. You must be gay not to find her attractive (not that there’s anything wrong with that).


          1. Or I could just have taste.

        2. I am going with A serious Man on this one.

          1. Needs more boob, less chin.

            1. She’s got decent hooters. I ran across the episode where she loses a button on her blouse at the movie theater and walks down the street, erm, deshabille. Nice.

        3. Let’s other Epi for his terrible taste in women.

          1. I am definitely feeling the need to microaggress against him for his dissing of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who not only is physically attractive, but is hot also because of her great sense of humor.

        4. I’m with you, Epi. Her, Gina Davis (no I don’t know if that’s how she spells her first name, and I don’t care enough to look it up), and Andy McDowell should combine their eggs to have a Very Oddly Shaped Face child, who will be neither attractive, nor a particularly good actress (with the exception of Groundhog Day.

        5. Rule of thumb: if they’re barely attractive in full Hollywood makeup and photoshop, then IRL they’re probably borderline actually ugly.

          1. You’d think. But I guess you and I just have terrible taste in women.

              1. I expected more from you, Jimbo.

                Contrast that with Ms. Louis-Dreyfus.

                1. You’re comparing a 28 year old actress with a woman who’s turning 51 on Friday.

                  1. You’re comparing a 28 year old actress with a woman who’s turning 51 on Friday.

                    Again, age is not an excuse. You’re either hot, or not. If you can’t stand up a 28 yr old chick, then guess what? You’re not hot anymore, if you ever were.

                  2. You’re comparing a 28 year old actress with a woman who’s turning 51 on Friday.

                    I’m sure there are pictures of a 28-year-old Julia on the interwebz. She still won’t be hot.

                    1. Firstly, hotness is not a zero-sum game. Just because the actress you linked to is indisputably hot doesn’t mean that 90s Julia Louis-Dreyfuss wasn’t.

                      Secondly, the show never flaunted her body except on a few occasions (such as The Gum episode where she loses a button on her blouse and later gets sprayed with a hose while wearing white). So it’s not like that was her selling point since she is, after all, a talented comedian and actress.

                    2. Look, I’m just being a dick. Everyone has their own tastes. However, Dreyfus is one of those women who I never got the appeal of but that I saw from other dudes. You can file Jennifer Garner in that category too.

                    3. It’s cool, but I cannot for the life of me get you and Jimbo’s aversion to her face.

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                      It’s a shocker, I know.

                    6. Yeah, that one.

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                  This is more my speed.

                  1. I always knew you had furry tendencies, Jimbo.

                    1. I was referring more to the racial makeup of those women…trust me, most of them aren’t “furry” where it counts.

                      Except for the fuckin’ Japs for some reason. They’re the only Asian chicks I don’t know who religiously keep it smooth.

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                      I’d chop off my big toe.

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                      And I will never leave NutraSweet. But we have an open relationship anyway.

                    5. They look real to me.

                      But seriously, you and my friend Josh, with the fake boob hate…I just don’t get it.

                      Now obviously if they’re grossly TOO big, or the surgery is poorly done, then yeah, that’s gross. But if it’s done just right, I don’t see what the problem is. Esp. if the chick was rocking A-cups.

                    6. I have zero problem with small tits, and I intensely dislike the unnatural look and the distortion that fakes ones cause. The fact that you can say “they look real to me” means you also can tell the difference.

                      You have no problem with that difference, but I, and your friend Josh, do. Does your friend also hate tattoos, piercings, and other mutilations just like I do? Because that’s probably related to it.

                    7. I’m OK with small tits…what I’m not OK with are concave areas where the tits should be. Now like I said…I am particular about the surgery being well-done. I’d say there are more bad boob-jobs out there than good ones.

                      But no, he’s got a lot of tattoos, though he doesn’t like piercings on men (I think; not really a topic of conversation).

                      The wife and I personally love tats. Her whole back is covered, and most of my arms are. We’re not stopping till we’re fully covered eventually (with obvious exceptions for below the wrists and above the neck, for work reasons).

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                      As always, to each their own, but I like the natural form the best. Besides, I have plenty of “natural” tattoos: scars. You should see the foot long, inch wide monster down my right lower back and hip. That fucker is a doozy.

                    9. I knew you were Sugarstein’s monster

                    10. Sounds like one hell of an appendectomy you had there.

                      And no, no tramp-stamps on either of us. That area is already covered as part of larger works.

                  2. Gojira, now you’re linking…

                  3. Wait, what’s with the disastrous white girl at the bottom?

          2. Oh please, what women her age doesn’t need to put on makeup to look attractive? She has a pretty good body for a women in her 40s that has had kids.

            1. I’d say her body is mediocre by Hollywood standards, and that linked photo up there is has probably been ‘shopped.

              Besides – if women their age need makeup to look attractive, that doesn’t make them attractive. It just means old women aren’t attractive.

              You can say someone looks good for their age, but I’d never call a 98-yr old woman hot, so age is no excuse.

              1. I think she was hot during the 90s on Seinfeld and that she’s still attractive today for a woman over 50. She looked pretty good on her most recent show (the moderately amusing New Adventures of Old Christine).

                She’ll also be starring on a new HBO comedy called Veep where she plays a female Vice Presdient of the United States.

                1. Ok, “I think she looked hot in the 90s” is a whole other discussion from, “She’s hot [implied present tense]”.

                  I’d still disagree. I just don’t like her face, personally. At all. I want to fucking hit her full on in the face with an aluminum baseball bat and then shit in the cavity that used to be her forehead, and then break off a few inches from her ridiculous man-chin.

                  1. I will say this: her man-chin isn’t as bad as Morgan Webb’s used to be (I think she had surgery). That bitch had a full-on boxer’s jaw. She looked like she could get hit in the jaw with a steel I-beam and shake it off.

                  2. Okay, my last post on the subject. Here she is back in Seinfeld. I think her looks and the way she is acting makes her very attractive:


                    1. Haha, I see your comment there in the youtube comments.

                      Sorry, still don’t see it. Don’t like the face, and I’m not big on curly hair. But to each his own.

                    2. If I gave the impression that I thought she was ugly, well, then I expressed myself incorrectly. I don’t. I just don’t think she was ever hot, and her jaw/chin situation is very problematic. Jimbo and I agree on this. My dislike of Jennifer Garner stems from the same source.

                    3. Agreed; Garner, Morgan Webb – any chick with a lantern jaw, I’m not down with.

      2. Her best scene was “The Gum” episode when her button popped off.

    3. Instantly reminded me of the scene in Slumdog Millionaire.

  7. How long did PM links last?

    1. They’re still going on. Did you fail to scroll down the main page?

  8. Oh, mama, Padme: yum.

    1. Frick. “Padma.”

  9. George Lucas: Hollywood rejected my film due to all black cast.

    Lucas heard he was good at directing wooden acting so he thought he’d try ebony.

    1. Wasn’t there already a movie done within the last decade about the Tuskegee Airmen? I remember it had Cuba Gooding Jr.

      1. You ever see the one where he’s the first black deep sea diver, or something?

        Jesus, that had to be the worst movie ever made.

        1. That is a bold call.

          1. Dude, like 72 minutes of the movie is him trying to walk -one legged- across a courtroom in one of those old-timey H.G. Wellsian diving suits.

            It is sooo bad.


            The name of the movie is men of honor; and no, I will not dignify this movie with capital letters.

            Oh shit, I forgot DeNiro was in that abortion. Holy fuck, I hope he at least got paid well.

            1. I liked it, and it’s based on the true life story of Carl Brashear. First black Navy Diver, first black Master Diver, and the first amputee diver to be certified or re-certified as a U.S. Navy diver.

      2. Yes. It was an HBO movie and pretty good too.

      3. I’m sick of these movies. I get it: black people can do stuff. I’m not a racist – I don’t need a feature film to inform me that yes, blacks are capable of succeeding at things.

        When they made a movie about a fracking inner-city swim team, I gave up on that genre altogether.

        1. So you suggest they make a Tuskegee Airmen movie with talking tits?

          1. No, I suggest the thrust of all such movies not be, “Look! They’re poor/discriminated against, and they still did stuff!”

            It’s like some sort of soft racism.

        2. Stand and Deliver is probably the best in that particular genre.

          Conversely the absolute worst would be Freedom Writers starring camel-faced Hilary Swank.

          1. I called it before I saw it and saw no reason to change my diagnosis after watching it. “Political pornography for white liberals,” I said. Painful.

        3. I’ve heard that this movie is different though in that it has an all black cast but isn’t targeted to blacks or white guilt in particular. If that turns out to be true I can kind of respect Lucas for getting pissy about Hollywood rejecting it.

          1. … has an all black cast but isn’t targeted to blacks…

            Simple science [of audience demographics] sez: this does not compute.

            1. I agree in the business sense, this is why Hollywood wouldn’t fund it. I think Hollywood (the money guys not the actors) is far more motivated by profit than racism.

              Still there is no reason why a movie with a black cast couldn’t appeal to everyone if it is a good movie.

              1. Oh I agree with you – I was just saying that them not wanting to fund the project was probably based on demographic polling that led them to believe that wouldn’t work.

              1. Uh-oh, somewho who nobody likes or cares about thinks I’m an asshole for pointing out why the Hollywood brass probably didn’t want to fund the movie. I’ll lose sleep over this.

            2. At least Lucas has a history of respecting ethnic groups other than his own.

    2. And they don’t believe there’s any foreign market for it (All black cast films) . That’s 60 percent of their profit

      Someone has never left the US

      1. Sorry, but anyone who looses Stepnfetchit Jar Jar Binks upon the world doesn’t get to call anyone else racist.

        1. WTF? How did my comment get attached to rectal’s

          Damn you squirrels! I’ll never be clean again!

      2. Yeah, the fish-headed Nute Gunray spoke with an Asian accent, Watto was a space Jew, and Jar Jar Binks a black minstrel character. Lucas really shouldn’t be talking about this.

        1. I thought Watto was Italian.

          1. Italian Jew? Guess that would make him a Shylock, what with the gambling and money-lending.

      3. Europe is arguably more racist than the US.

        1. That’s silly! What historical basis do you have for making such an off-the-wall assertion?

    3. Hollywood is pretty racist. Of course, Lucas probably doesn’t realize that includes him as well. Or maybe he does and this is his attempt to change his image.

      1. Meesa no tink Massa Lucas racist.

      2. My wife and I went to go see “In Time” which is from the same guy who did “Gattaca”. I walked out of the movie wondering why there are no black people in this guy’s future. I think he also did “The Truman Show” and I don’t remember any black people in that either.

        1. The future purges and ethnic cleansings are in a different movie that, strangely, he can never get funding for.

        2. And on the other end of the spectrum is the Matrix series, in which everyone in the future (save Neo and Trinity) is some blend of asian/black/hispanic.

          1. But is you assume mixing of human population in that future, by the numbers most people in world are indeed either asian or hispanic. Don’t know if that was intentional, but it fits.

        3. Some of Truman’s neighbors were African-American. He starts his “In case I don’t see you” bit and they finish it, laughing.

      3. Hollywood is pretty racist.

        I blame the Jews.

  10. Mitt Romney dominated yesterday’s New Hampshire primary, taking more than 39% in what was essentially a five-way race. (Rick Perry, taking his uncompetitiveness for Granite, essentially sat out the primary. He failed to crack single digit, though he did best Buddy Roemer, providing further evidence of the importance of debates.) Romney’s closest serious opponent, Jon Huntsman, managed a hair under 17%, while Newt Gingrich appears to have edged out Rick Santorum for fourth place, both men finishing with 9.4%.

    That is the first paragraph of this article:…..lenews_wsj
    Ron Paul is only mentioned in quotations from other articles at the end.

    1. Media censorship is not lost on the populace
      -it helps him

    2. I think they’re dissing Paul deliberately to generate hits on their sites. They know how passionate people are about him.

  11. Vote for me, Grimlock! Me no bozo, me president! Defeat not an option!

    Grimlock: Right for America, Right for you!

    1. Me Sludge vote for STRONGEST leader!

    2. Weren’t you a Transformer?

  12. HuffPo and stoopid, like PB and chocolate:…..00513.html

  13. When I tuned in there were about 103 comments and maybe 3 addressed the article. I guess we’re just not that interested an Indian guy who’s not going to have any trouble entering his country. Imagine that.

    1. or, it could be the masturbatory nature of the commentators

    2. The trouble will start when he gets there.

  14. The truth lurks somewhere between those extremes.

  15. Am I the only one amused by the side-bar ad for
    Or the fact that all the “muslim” women are blue-eyed white chicks except for the one token?

  16. As Ms. Lakshmi demonstrates on her tv show, the real way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

    1. She could serve nothing but Ramen noodles and twinkies and have no trouble at all with the mens.

  17. They want the government to stop Rushdie from attending the Jaipur Literary Festival, the biggest and most prestigious powwow of its kind in the subcontinent,

    Powwow? Not those kind of Indians, Shikha!

    Jeez, you’d think a magazine called REASON…

  18. nd Toll Bros. have risen in the months leading up to home-buying season, which begins about now. But they’ve fallen, sometimes sharply, once the actual selling period got underway ? and analysts expect that scenario to play out again this year.

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