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Ron Paul Fans, Occupiers Stalk GOPers Across New Hampshire


BOW, NH – Earlier this week I sped up the backroads to the lovely lakeside town of Meredith where Ron Paul was hosting a town hall meeting with over 300 people. The usual energetic sideshow was there doing their thing but often unaware that they were preaching to people who were already Paul converts. Call them the Paul Preachers. They don't go to just Paul's events, they go to every event.

After talking to this octogenarian birther I took off for a Newt Gingrich event at a school in Derry. Again, another packed crowd where Newt gave his standard stump speech about how he wants to be the "paycheck president not the food stamp president" and his joke about letting President Obama use a teleprompter in the debates. These witty lines kill it with every fresh crowd he goes before but they become grating after you hear them repeatedly. Gingrich took some questions from the mild mannered crowd before he called it a day. Outside his event were a dozen Paul supporters with signs and, again, the Super Brochure. I talked to a few of them about why they were there and what they thought they were accomplishing by hanging out at another candidate's event.

There was little to no Ron Paul presence at Santorum's town hall event at the American Legion in Somersworth today, still he faced questions and skepticism about his strict social conservativism. When asked about banning contraception he quipped "I don't know whether it's the cold weather up here or whether you folks are so focused on contraception but I don't get that kind of question in South Carolina." He then went on his usual rant about how the Tenth Amendment is cool as long as states do stuff he approves of.

In the debate he was asked how he would handle his son if he came out of the closet. His answer was sincere:

"I would love him as much as I did the second before he said it. And I would try to do everything I can to be as good a father to him as possible."As he was leaving the Legion Hall I tried to ask him how he would handle this hypothetical gay son if he wanted to get married. Here is the exchange:

After scoring some sketchy looking batteries, talking to some Occupiers in the parking lot, and interviewing this mother of four, I journeyed to see Mitt Romney fire some people up at his final campaign rally in Bedford. The Paul Preachers were outside with their signs and literature outnumbering the Romney sign wavers at the corner of Country Road and Gault Road. I spoke to Jean Mike Coutu, lead organizer of the Live Free or Die Rally, and asked him why he was standing in the dark with a big sign on the corner of a low traffic road.

Inside I was relegated to the overflow room with other members of the local press (I blog for the Boston Globe and host on WRKO) while the likes of Joe Scarborough from MSNBC were graciously welcomed into the at-fire-code-capacity auditorium. The overflow room just had a PA system and a big Romney banner. A few minutes into his stump speech Romney was interrupted by Occupy protesters that were promptly thrown out. I caught up with them while and after they were tossed out. Here they explain how they snuck their signs into the event:

Two things are clear: Paul's legion of fans will continue to follow the other candidates around the country until the November election and so will the Occupiers. What they accomplish by doing this is anyone's guess.


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    1. Nuke them from orbit,just to be sure.

        1. Just a ballistic arc will be fine.

    2. looks like a circle jerk….

    3. Re: Ken E.

      From the geniuses at Jihad Watch: Santorum more realistic than Romney and Paul on Islam

      Yeah. Regardless of my feelings about Islam itself, it is one thing to hate the ideology, quite another to want to bomb people because of it. Santorum is such a piece of trash.

  1. I really think the Paul supporters who crowd in to the Ron Paul events are actually harming the campaign by doing this. Someone from the campaign needs to tell them to let New Hampshire voters, particularly those not committed to Paul, get seats and comfortable spots at the appearances first.

    And, may I add, that Jesse Benton is once again failing to impress me with his handling of Paul’s communications. Admittedly this Dana Bash “interview” was extremely unfair given the circumstances of the diner fiasco earlier in the day, but Benton having Paul storm out and take his ball and go home during interviews is getting quite old. They didn’t even explain why it was so unfair, they just complained about “the media”. I could understand Paul’s wanting to get out of the situation because he’s not a pro. Benton supposedly is.

    1. Re: Tulpa,

      but Benton having Paul storm out and take his ball and go home during interviews is getting quite old.

      What would you prefer? Seriously, put yourself in Paul’s shoes and be faced with such a loaded question by a person who has OPENLY professed her hostility towards Paul. What would you have done differently, T?

      I would’ve told the woman that she’s a goddamned louse and to leave my presence, but then again, I’m me and not Paul.

      1. There is this special world in your head where running around acting like an arrogant anarchist ass plays well with voters. Your world scares me.

        1. Not that I’m an anarchist, but someone telling the media assholes and the ruling class to go fuck themselves would definitely appeal to me.

          Granted, I post here so I guess I’m not your typical voter.

          1. Depends on the frame – will it look like the candidate doesn’t want to answer questions (bad) or will it look like he’s standing up the liberal media and its distortions (good)?

        2. Do you see us being griefers at every other candidate’s rallies? Or how we invade comment sections and relentless attack anyone who would dare to criticize anything the good doctor has ever done even if said person is actually sympathetic to 80%+ of Paul’s positions and plans to vote for him. Seriously, we have no idea what resonates with voters.

        3. Re: Rev. Blue Moon,

          Other than that useless and hysterical rant, do you have anything to say about the subject, Rev?

      2. I would tell her to her face that that was a dirty question and explain to the viewers why, by relating what happened at the diner.

        And then let her try to find a way to carry on the interview afterward.

    2. We will complain about an organized media cover-up if we don’t think the media is giving us enough attention. We will complain about not getting to see our Messiah if we think the media is giving us too much attention. In short, we want to complain.

      1. It’s funny: despite the dozens of camera crews in that diner, not one scrap of footage of the RP event there seems to have made it on TV or onto the internet.

        That wasn’t reporting they were doing, that was disruption.

  2. Benton having Paul storm out and take his ball and go home during interviews is getting quite old.

    I wasn’t aware he was making a habit of it. I know CNN blatantly falsified the edit of their interview with him to make it look like he stormed out.

    1. The video I just posted was filmed & posted by a Paul supporter, so no hostile editing occurred.

  3. Ron Paul’s deluded fans would do well to consider what senior Reason editor Jesse Walker had to say about Ron Paul’s disgusting racist newsletters:

    “If Paul didn’t write those articles, who did? If he didn’t know what had appeared in his newsletter, when did he find out and how did he deal with it? If the candidate is vague on these points, it will only fuel suspicions that he held those beliefs after all (or that he was willing to stay silent despite his disagreements because the newsletters brought in some cash).”–Jesse Walker

    1. Re: Maxoid,
      Ron Paul’s deluded fans would do well to consider what senior Reason editor Jesse Walker had to say about Ron Paul’s disgusting racist newsletters:
      They’re dead, Max. Stephanopoulos killed them for good, the arrogant bastard.

      You lost.

      1. Typical white person, I’d say.

      2. Stephanopoulos did what now?

        1. Re: DesigNate,

          Stephanopoulos did what now?

          Killed the newsletters, for good.

          The arrogant bastard!

          1. I got busy at work and totally missed that. I shall perform the Google.

  4. I don’t know whether it’s the cold weather up here or whether you folks are so focused on contraception but I don’t get that kind of question in South Carolina.

    That’s how you get people on your side?

    “Jeez, don’t you people’s brains work? And by ‘you people’ I’m referring to any ethnic groups present. Also, all of your mothers were promiscuous.

    Vote For Me.”

    1. I wish they’d simply answer the question. In primaries, and in debates, you are asked 90% hypothetical questions. People do this so they can understand where you stand.

      Avoiding questions or simply saying “This will never happen, so why ask it?” is purposely being naive. Just answer it. It wouldn’t be asked if people didn’t want to know your stance on something, even if it is hypothetical.

      We need to know. Answer it.

    2. I disagree, Pips. Not answering the question also sends a message which the voters very well understand. That message is: I’m avoiding the question, and don’t even have the integrity to provide an honest answer.

      I’d vote for someone with whom I disagreed over someone who refused to answer the question.

  5. There was little to no Ron Paul presence at Santorum’s town hall event at the American Legion in Somersworth today

    What would be the purpose? That man sets himself on fire everytime he speaks.

  6. well I am not surprised at anything the Ronulans do. They seem to be a very aggressive CULT that demands strict compliance to their DOCTRINES.

    “The Church of Satan credits Ayn Rand as the “acknowledged source”
    of the Satanic philosophy as outlined in The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey.” – The Church of Satan

    “Satanism is at base a rational philosophy of pragmatism, materialism and skepticism, generally promoting a libertarian point of….” – The Church of Satan

    Those quotes come directly from the churchofsatan dot com

    If you go to Google and do a Site Search of the churchofsatan dot com website for “ayn rand” or for “Libertatian” you will find the quotes I posted.

    1. I voted for Ron Paul today using the blood of a goat I sacrificed in the voting booth.

    2. White Indian is BACK!

    3. If this is true, Paul should be getting a very powerful endorsement any time now.

      1. “You have reached the Number of the Beast. I’m busy plotting unbearable misery for the world right now, and if you’d like to help, please leave a message. To donate to Ron Paul’s campaign, press 1. To become a henchman for David Koch, press 2. To organize yourself as a corporation (ie, evil), press 3. And if you wish to take orders directly from us, press 4 and a one of our demons will be able to assist you with selecting an evil mission.”

        1. Good one, Eddie.

    4. Which has fuck all to do with a Misesian like Ron Paul.

      BTW, since you are doing the guilt by association thing, guess what Ayn Rand thought of libertarians? 😉

    5. The Devil can quote scripture for his purpose!” – Rev. Bubba Flavel

    6. Okay, and?

      Repubs claim to be God-fearing, yet they spend all their time bombing other nations or otherwise trying to figure out a way to do so. That sounds more satanic than the libertarian belief that everyone is born and should be free.

      1. But but but…. It’s God’s will that all those non-believers have their bodies shredded.

    7. Brackets missing. C-

    8. This is a church of Satan, not a wastepaper basket. Hail Satan.

    9. Wow, I bet they like Aristotle, too. Therefore every thing that Aristotle wrote is suspect because some unpopular movement thousands of years after his death found some utility in his writings.

      Next: how math is a commie plot.

  7. Meredith sucks. What a bullshit, froo-froo pussy town. Weirs Beach, cunts.

  8. Sounds like Quinn is big fan of state worship.

  9. “As someone who has written and commented widely and generally sympathetically about Ron Paul, I’ve got to say that The New Republic article detailing tons of racist and homophobic comments from Paul newsletters is really stunning. As former reason intern Dan Koffler documents here, there is no shortage of truly odious material that is simply jaw-dropping.
    I don’t think that Ron Paul wrote this stuff but that really doesn’t matter–the newsletters carried his name after all–and his non-response to Dave Weigel below is unsatisfying on about a thousand different levels. It is hugely disappointing that he produced a cache of such garbage.”– Nick Gillespie

  10. gee whiz guys ; (
    all I did was point out a FACT!

    “The Church of Satan credits Ayn Rand as the “acknowledged source”
    of the Satanic philosophy as outlined in The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey.” Source: The Church of Satan

    Now just because Ron Paul literally adores (and quotes her often) the teachings of a woman who is in HELL..

    its not my fault that Ron Paul does that!

    its also not my fault that Ron Paul wants to legalize Heroin and all other drugs.

    And its not my fault that Ron Paul sides with the 9-11 truthers.


    1. OMG, I bet all those satanists drive cars, too. Therefore, automobile use is proof of a satanic belief system.


  11. Who, in your estimation, doesn’t go to hell?

    You should support him in legalizing heroin and other drugs since you obviously hit the crack pipe one to many times.

  12. Like I said it’s not my fault that Ron Paul wants to legalize Heroin, is a 9-11 Truther or that he quotes Ayn Rand who is the foundational Philosphy of the Satanic Bible according to the Church of Satan.


    I refuse to be assimilated into the “Borg like” Ron Paul collective.

    “We are Locutus of Paulbot. Resistance is futile.
    You will be absorbed into the Paulbot collective
    You will be assimilated.

    Ron Paul Ron Paul Liberty Constitution Founding Fathers Ron Paul
    Ron Paul Freedom Constitution Money Bomb Founding Father Ron Paul
    You will be assimilated. You will be assimilated. You will be assimilated.”

    1. Ron Paul ain’t a 9-11 truther

      And you’re right, the rest of the stuff is not your fault.

      Your fault is that you are a moron who focuses on irrelevant things and gets all butt-hurt that people don’t think exactly like you. It’s your fault that your focus leads you to behave in socially awkward ways that leads people to decide to minimize their involvement with you, or to naively try to teach you socially appropriate behavior.

      It’s your fault that you project your unhappiness at the way other people fail to think like you unto them – positing a desire on their part to destroy your individuality.

      None of those things are Ron Paul’s fault. Which is why if you want to hurt that which you really hate, I suggest you take up self-cutting.

    2. “…he quotes Ayn Rand who is the foundational Philosphy of the Satanic Bible according to the Church of Satan.”

      Huh? dude, go post over at

  13. When asked about banning contraception he quipped “I don’t know whether it’s the cold weather up here or whether you folks are so focused on contraception but I don’t get that kind of question in South Carolina.”

    What the fuck does that even mean you mendacious piece of shit?

    1. Cold weather causes people to go inside and fuck.

      (or so I’ve heard)

  14. What kind of dipshit dimwitted youth are attracted to an aged racist crackpot like Ron Paul?

  15. The world is going to hell in a handbasket and the GOP candidates are being asked about rubbers and fags????? These are issues?
    I couldnt care less what other people are doing in their bedrooms….well….unless they want to make a video and lend it to me….and what I do in mine is nobody’s business. It certainly aint the business of the federal fucking govt..

    I like paul in every respect but his foreign policy. Truth is, the world if filled with sociopathic shitbags that want to and will kill us at the first opportunity. Has anyone bothered to ask about the iranians mining uranium in namibia for the last 20 years? They have an open pit mine there that is as big as the meteor crater in Az. Does anyone seriously think that Ahmadinnerjacket isnt going to set one off when he gets it? That is an issue.

    1. Do you really like the fact that the old crackpot was making money on race-baiting newsletters? How the fuck do you give him a pass on that?

  16. Maybe the youth who have jumped on Ron Paul’s bandwagon aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer.

  17. When Ron Paul is REJECTED by the Republican Party, again, (just like he was in 1988 when Papa Bush beat him by 47 MILLION VOTES) I hope that this will be the end of the PaulBots!! Or at least the end of the Myth that the PaulBots are Republicans.

    Libertarians the are the REAL RINOS

    R andian-istic
    E vil
    A bhorrent
    L ibertarian

    R epublicans
    I n
    N ame
    O nly

    Libertarians are the REAL RINO’s

    1. Randians aren’t libertarians

      1. And I don’t think the majority of people here are Republicans.

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