What Do Fidel Castro and the New York Times Have in Common Now?


U.S. shale gas, no - Cuba oil, si.

They both hate shale gas. Over the past year the New York Times has been eager to find and magnify any problems associated with hydrofracking, the technique which has unleashed perhaps a century's worth of domestic natural gas reserves. Now Times' editors are joined by Cuba's former communist dictator Fidel Castro. According to Reuters, the former lider maximo has just published a long column warning that the world is marching into the abyss with shale gas:

Castro sided with the critics, quoting reports on the negative effects of fracking and research that said shale gas emits more greenhouse gases than gas produced from conventional wells.

"It is sufficient to point out that among the numerous chemical substances injected with the water to extract this gas is found benzene and toluene, which are substances terribly carcinogenic," he wrote.

The information on shale gas was something "no political cadre or sensible person could ignore," he said.

Interestingly, Comrade Fidel doesn't seem to be the least bit disturbed by the greenhouse gas emissions that will be produced if China succeeds in developing oil production offshore of Cuba.

Look, every industrial activity can have unwanted side effects, especially if it is implemented negligently. It's a given that anyone who suffers damage to herself or her property as a result of fracking should be fairly compensated, period. However, leftish opposition to fracking is not about the problem of industrial accidents; it's about the fact that cheap abundant relatively low-carbon natural gas undercuts their preferred forms of high-cost renewable energy, chiefly wind and solar power.

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  1. Hydrofracking felgercarb!

    1. I frack for a living, so every time I read an article like this, I twirl my mustache a little. It would be cooler if I actually had a mustache.

  2. Castro must be senile.

    1. What’s the Times’ excuse?

      1. Mental retardation?

    2. He’s just afraid that fracking will reduce demand for oil.

  3. China’s oil-drilling won’t be polluted by profit!

    It will, however, probably be polluted by pollution.

  4. Global warming has found its perfect spokesman. Look at the low-carbon footprint his socialist paradise runs on.

    1. NO fat kids either.

    2. Fucking amazes me still that some Americans want that sort of dictatorship in their lives.

    3. All that 1950’s era automotive emission control technology firmly in place.

      1. The only reason they’re stuck with that is the evil American’s that are embargoing them. If the evil capitalist swine were to allow the workers’ paradise the technology we enjoy, they certainly would have invented flying cars by now.

        I wonder how many pro-Castro heads on the left would explode if they were reminded that Kennedy was the man who started all of this shit.

        1. Party realignment in the mid 60s!!

  5. What Do Fidel Castro and the New York Times Have in Common Now?

    They’re both almost dead? Neither have much influence on much anymore?

    Inquiring minds want to know!!!

  6. “What Do Fidel Castro and the New York Times Have in Common Now?”

    Dead? No? Darn.

  7. Another one for the I’m-the-only-one-professional-enough-to-handle-a-gun file.


    1. Was it a Glawk Fowtay?

  8. This story made the front page of Reddit today. As you might expect, 99% of the comments are some variant of Castro/Cuban communism apologia. Along with a healthy does of anti-capitalism. Funny that none of those people realize they likely wouldn’t be able to freely make those comments from within Cuba. How many actual Cuban who live in Cuba are commenting on Reddit I wonder?

    1. Their computers blow a tube before even a 1/10th of their post is transmitted via sparkgap-Fi.

  9. I suppose he forgot about all those half-century old cars running around Cuba with rich carbs, bad-timing, misfiring engines, and no cats, spewing partially combusted toxic shit out their tailpipes, as a matter of routine operation…

    1. Maybe this is what Obama was talking about when he famously stated that you should give your car a tune-up to increase fuel efficiency.

  10. Venezuelan oil and gas are, of course, pure and clean and actually remove co2 from the air when burnt. Right, Fidel?

  11. Hey Ron, a while back you posted about a report from, ah, Credit swisse or USB or some bank that said that the European cap ‘n trade scheme had only cost them money and done nothing to limit greenhouse gasses. Did you ever get ahold of/confirm the existance of the actual report?

  12. Cuba was a leftist paradise. The only greenhouse gases eminating from that country for years came from the donkeys and oxen pulling the buses and 1050s jalopies. If Cuba had frackable gas, they’d be fracking day and night. FC and his bro are the ultimate pragmatic politicians. Anything to keep them in power.

    1. 1050s jalopies

      Those would actually be more “fuel” efficient, weighing less than a 1950’s hunk-of-steel.

  13. The NYTimes has no excuse: just across the border in PA the shale gas industry is going gangbusters. Hundreds upon hundreds of wells have provided jobs, boosted the economies of the state’s sparsely populated northern tier, and lowered the cost of natural gas.

    And despite all this, PA is not anymore of a desolated post-apocalyptic wasteland than it was before. Our limestone trout streams still flow. Our water tastes great. And our own bunnyhuggers are annoyed.

    1. Our limestone trout streams still flow. Our water tastes great. And our own bunnyhuggers are annoyed.

      And all was right with the world. (also, nothing else happened.)

    2. Not only that but New York ports would benefit more than anyone from off shore oil.

  14. Better question:

    Is there anything that the NYT and Castro don’t agree on?

    1. Haberdashery.

      1. Fidel prefers the silk military fatigues.

  15. Did anything ever come from the Ohio earthquake the other day? The article I read took it on faith that the earthquake was caused by fracking. Anyone care to weigh in?

  16. He’s one of those global warming nuts.

  17. Castro’s also big on urban agriculture. Apparently since farmers can sell surplus and many city dwellers can’t own a business they started bringing farm animals and growing crop in the cities illegally. Cuban agriculture was organic since the Russians cut off fertilizer and pesticides so Cuba’s agriculture is held as an ideal by development experts.

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