Election 2012

Rick Perry Is Definitely Staying in the Race


After a fifth-place finish in Iowa last night, there were reports that Texas Gov. Rick Perry was suspending his campaign and returning to Texas to mope/"assess" his campaign instead of continuing the fight. But Perry's official twitter suggests a new burst of optimism. About an hour ago, the governor or his approximation tweeted:

And the next leg of the marathon is the Palmetto State…Here we come South Carolina!!!

This photo was also included. Observe Perry dressed to run (get it?!) and standing confidently by himself by a lake in the middle of nowhere. He's rustic, he's decisive, he's not dropping out yet.

National Journal also said an anonymous Republican official assured them that Perry is still in the race, he's just taking a Texas breather.

[Updated] Politico says it's official:

Perry campaign manager Joe Allbaugh confirmed to POLITICO that the governor is going forward.

"Staying," Allbaugh wrote in an email when asked if Perry was remaining in the race.

A source close to Perry said he decided to make a stand in South Carolina because "he is not a quitter and really is the only true conservative in the race."

Reason on Perry, including his fair weather-federalism, his stance on the death penalty, his wild stabs at pandering to the gay-haters, and his general inability to form a sentence.

Not to mention Reason's candidate dating quiz, including the governor's profile.

Once more, before it becomes totally irrelevant, Perry's attempt at appealing to the types of folks who almost gave Rick Santorum a win last night, below. Also, The Atlantic on how each caucus vote cost Perry $480. 

NEXT: David Harsanyi on Rick Santorum's Big Government Conservatism

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  1. This photo was also included.

    I thought it was a wetsuit, and he was about to take a plunge.

    Get it?

    1. I see what you did there. And yes, I keep seeing a wetsuit. I don’t know if that would be more disturbing than those shorts…

      1. He should have been dressed to run 80’s style, with short red coaches shorts with the white trim, a tight white t-shirt, and some knee-high socks.

        1. Red, white, and blue shorts, just like Apollo Creed’s.

        2. and a pair Chuck Taylors.

      2. And yes, I keep seeing a wetsuit.

        His photographer had to see it too. So, he can’t even buy a competent photo.

    2. In that case there would be some faint glimmer of hope that maybe he would drown in that lake.

    3. He’s wearing running tights because he expects a tight race.

  2. Splitting the vote in SC. I like it.

    1. Yeah. I don’t want too many people to drop out too soon. I can see Bachmann’s small amount of support dispersing into the margin of error.

  3. The most recent SC poll is Dec 19, which is woefully out of date.

    fivethirtyeight.com has SC at:
    Gingrich 37.5%
    Romney 23.1%
    Paul 10.1%
    Bachmann 10.0%
    Perry 7.5%
    Huntsman 6.0%
    Santorum 5.8%

    Im willing to call them completely useless at this point.

  4. I hope that Reason is not going to just pay attention to Republicans this election season. It would be a shame if all Reason did was propagandize for Republicans rather than providing comprehensive coverage to tell the full story of our Presidents incredible first term. Reason would do well to insure its readers could become informed on the historic accomplishments we’ve all come together to achieve over the last three years with the visible guiding hand of our President.

    1. For the good of all mankind, I hope you’re secretly a Hit and Run regular.

      1. Judging by the crudity of the sockpuppet, all signs point to yes.

        C-. We need Cesar back.

        1. Oh, Slapdick McGee. Will you ever learn?

        2. Do all libertarians lash out like this when their endless shilling for Republicans is pointed out?

          Or are you special?

      2. Of course it is. This sort of thing was funny back in the late 90s, when it looked like we might be headed towards more limited government and freer markets. But we were idiots to think that was a possibility, even then.

      3. I think in the Bachmann thread it was decided that this was satire. I’ll give him a C for this one, simply because his first offerings actually took me a re-read to get it, and this one just doesn’t have the same feeling. He’s trying to hard this time.

      4. My guess is Gojira. A few weeks ago he said he was going to work up something special for us. This is special.

        1. I’m truly flattered, but that promise was made before I got emails from the few who know my real email address shitting kittens because they’re so paranoid about griefers.

          Except for one person who was supportive, and who will remane unnamed : ). But no, this isn’t me. I’ll always take credit when busted out.

          1. Somebody who loves Tulpa:

    2. For tips on brushing up your boilerplate slavish worship of Dear Leader, may I recommend http://kcna.co.jp/index-e.htm

      Its right up your rhetorical alley.

    3. Motherfucker was on vacation. What exactly did you want Reason to say about him? Republicans just had a caucus last night that counts for something. Oh, and waaaaaaaaahh!

      1. I looked over the last few pages of the blog and it was Paul this, Romney that, Newt this with some Bachmann and Perry.

        Yet not a single thing discussing the gains we’ve made from our Presidents bold actions.

        1. Re: finally,

          Yet not a single thing discussing the gains we’ve made from our Presidents bold actions.

          There is plenty of articles on the President’s actions, but don;t bet the farm on Reason calling them “bold.” To be fair, “bold” is not a word that comes to my mind either when it comes to Obama’s record.

          1. I’d say taking on the entire insurance industry, media and Republican led Congress to insure that the American people have something closer to first world health care is pretty bold.

            1. Re: finally,

              I’d say taking on the entire insurance industry, media and Republican led Congress to insure that the American people have something closer to first world health care is pretty bold.

              Yeah, just like Custer was “pretty bold.”

              In the first place, Obamacare does not take on insurance companies. The individual mandate which is the sine qua non of the healthcare bill is nothing more than a scheme to increase the customer base of the insurance companies, thu assuring profits until the sun turns into a cinder. I don’t call that “bold,” I call it criminal.

            2. he did not take on a Repub-led Congress re: health care. He had Dem majorities in both chambers and had to bribe certain members of the Senate into supporting Obamacare. And, America already has first-world health delivery seeing how many people in need of serious shit come here to get it.

              1. No, he didn’t. The Republicans were filibustering everything and not allowing him to pass the health care bills America demanded.

                Our health care system is positively third world, no one can just go in and get complete treatment for whatever they need. They’ll get thrown in the street or at best thrown piles of bills before their life is saved. It’s simply abhorrent and disgraceful. The only people who think otherwise have bought into the corporate propaganda.

                1. Why did Mary Landrieu and Ben Nelson agree to support Obamacare? In blunt terms, they were bribed; more politely put, govt favors were bestowed on LA and NE in exchange for ‘aye’ votes.

                  And, bullshit on your claim on being thrown in the street. Stop being a tool for the left and try the one thing liberals hate – thinking for yourself. There’s a reason ER’s are over-run: they provide care for those who don’t pay for it.

                2. Our health care system is positively third world, no one can just go in and get complete treatment for whatever they need

                  Canadian here; you probably think we’re “first world” for our universal health coverage.

                  News flash: In rationed health care systems, no one can “just go in” and get complete treatment for whatever they need since it’s, you know, *rationed*. And if you can’t get the treatment here (as is sometimes the case, especially for rare/unusual ailments), you raise the money and go… wait for it… to the States for treatment!

            3. If you mean “taking on” in the pron sense, I have to agree. Obama has done a stellar job of servicing the insurance industry and the media.

            4. What’s this about a Republican-led Congress? Last I looked, the Dems still held the Senate which is, as we have just learned with the payroll tax cut, the more powerful of the two houses.

              1. It’s always the Republicans’ fault. They could be banned and executed, and it would still be their fault. Like the old nobility in Communist Russia.

        2. not a single thing because no one is creative enough to turn the Obama brand of chickenshit into chickenfeed, let alone chicken salad. God, I enjoyed his vacation…days of not having to watch a man talking while pretending to watch a tennis match.

          1. Haven’t heard the tennis match line before. Subtle and solid.

        3. Yet not a single thing discussing the gains we’ve made from our Presidents bold actions.

          Is bold a new synonym for retarded?

      2. That being on vacay thing was actually a plus for the nation. It should have been noted as such in Reason.

    4. Re: finally,

      I hope that Reason is not going to just pay attention to Republicans this election season.

      Yes, because the Democrats are proving to be so different. Right?

      tell the full story of our Presidents incredible first term.

      What’s so incredible about it? The fact that he gave away millions to green cronies, or the fact that he gave away millions to other cronies, or the fact that he bombed a country that didn’t attack the US, murdered a 16 year old American citizen from the air, or signed the demise of then 6th Amendment?

      1. Tell the facts about Republicans, libertarians rush to defend.

        Huh, and I thought they weren’t Republicans…

        1. Re: finally,

          Tell the facts about Republicans, libertarians rush to defend.

          Defend what? Your sentence is broken.

          and I thought they weren’t Republicans…

          I’m not. The problem resides in your belief that the Demorats are differen from the Republirats, without realizing they’re both big spending fascists. Your lack of political sophistication is not anybody else’s problem but yours.

          1. And here we go, Republicans comparing Obama and America to Hitler and Nazi Germany.

            News Flash: A black man has been president for three years and there is nothing you can do about it. America is proud of our President.

            1. Re: finally,

              And here we go, Republicans comparing Obama and America to Hitler and Nazi Germany.

              Nobody mentioned any of those things. You’re either terribly ignorant or terribly dishonest. Fascism is a clear economic term to describe a system where the State has nominal control of private property through regulations and bureaucracy, while giving a semblance of control to the private parties. Look it up or go home to play with your dolls.

              1. Give it up OM. You can’t debate a troll because they live on logical fallacies.

        2. you have mentioned a ‘fact’ about anything beyond your being an Obama dogwasher.

          1. gremlin alert…”you have NOT mentioned…”

    5. What rock did you crawl out from under? They’ve been informing readers of the “historic accomplishments” of your Dear Leader for the last 3 years. It’s just that noone’s impressed.

  5. The press photo should be titled Perry and supporters.

    1. Don’t mock the influence of the Sedge vote.

  6. He’s rustic, he’s decisive, he’s…

    …having a bad hair day.

  7. Bachmann would look better in those tights.

  8. Gawd, I love Rick W. Perry – its just like Dumbya is running for a third term complete with the 10% GOP vote updated for 2012.

  9. If Perry would just give me the fucking $480 in cash, I’d vote for him. Capitalism, bitches.

    1. Do libertarians believe in having any laws? I can’t believe someone would openly and loudly advocate for bribery.

      If anything we need a ban or at least much stronger laws against using money in politics to protect our democracy.

      1. there will be money in politics as long as there is money in governance.

        1. Why couldn’t we just ban private money from politics? There are tons of countries where they do not allow this and they have a process where everyone has an equal say and you can’t buy elections or the government.

          One man, one vote should be our goal, not one dollar, one vote.

          1. Why couldn’t we just ban private money from politics?

            What does that even mean?

            Also, how’s that banning-stuff working out for ya? It’s not like the money and influence would find new ways to exert themselves, nah, totally impossible.

            How about, instead, you look at my point, and see that this shit is inevitable as long as the gov’t holds the purse-strings on a giant bag of favors?

            1. We haven’t even tried to ban private money from politics. We’re going in the opposite direction with the Supreme Court overturning over 200 years of law and allowing corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money.

              Your position is to eliminate the entire government and let an anarchic hellscape take over our great nation. Mine is to make a simple and straightforward reforms to promote democracy.

              I’m pretty sure even here most people will agree with my rational policy over your temper tantrum.

              1. I’m pretty sure even here most people will agree with my rational policy over your temper tantrum.

                Yeah, false dichotomies always win over this crowd.

              2. One man’s anarchic hellscape is another man’s paradise.

                1. It’s only a hellscape if you are incompetent.

                  1. We are so screwed.

              3. the Supreme Court overturning over 200 years of law

                Fun historical fact:

                Back in the day, no corporation could spend money on politics or charity without the consent of its shareholders. Such expenditures were not what the corporation was formed for (which was to make money for the shareholders).

                The do-gooders, in their eagerness to get their mitts on corporate charitable donations, got that rule overturned.

                If you want to get corporate money out of politics, howsabout doing it without violating free speech, by resurrecting the old ultra vires rule?

          2. So instead of outright bribery to individuals, you do it through the government? Subsidies, exceptions, tax-breaks, loans, etc.? Trickle-down bribery is better somehow? I laugh.

      2. I can’t believe someone would openly and loudly advocate for bribery.

        Assuming you have a job, you’re bribed every day to go to work and perform some task.

        I know this is only satire, but sometimes it’s fun to respond!

      3. Open bribery? I’d appreciate the honesty for a change. I think it’s hilarious you think 1) the government can really ban anything; name one thing no one does because the government had banned it and 2) we have a democracy; it’s a Republic you moron.

      4. Re: finally,

        Do libertarians believe in having any laws?

        Do you need laws to be a good person? If you do, then just let me know where you live so I don’t move close to you.

        I can’t believe someone would openly and loudly advocate for bribery.

        What’s wrong with bribery?

        1. If you need to be told what’s wrong with bribery then you have bigger issues than the standard in-denial Republicans around here.

          1. Re: finally,

            If you need to be told what’s wrong with bribery

            That’s a stupid way to argue. This “everybody knows” shit only works in the school playground. I don’t care for your intellectual laziness or your fake righteousness.

            There’s nothing inherently wrong with bribery as long as other people’s rights (liberty, property) are not affected. If a law is stupid and a hindrance, bribery helps the person to avoid a greater cost; it is only rational. If you wanted to stop acts of bribery, you would have to either impose a police state or simply get rid of bad laws.

            1. Imposing a police state is what all left-tards really want.

          2. finally,
            since you are against bribery, please explain your Obama worship given that he is the single-largest recipient of Wall St cash, doles out your money and mine to green programs that do not work and no one wants, and is now appointing another czar to determine if you are spending your money in the correct fashion.

            1. Nothing you mentioned is bribery.

              We are investing in green programs to better provide for our children’s future. The only reason they don’t work is because of obstruction from corporations and Republicans.

              It’s laughable to say nobody wants them, everyone wants them. We just need to work together to make sure they can overcome the obstacles thrown in their way. Go ahead, ask everyone you know if they want a cleaner environment with lower energy costs or to destroy the planet with climate change? I think the results might even make you stop and think your nutty worldview.

              The “czar” is there to apply clear and rational regulation to protect the American people. I know you’d like to spend your time finding ways to scam and steal from people but the rest of us have decided you aren’t allowed to. Suck it up and get a real job.

      5. finally, you are in need of a refresher course in the Iron Laws. Start with this one:

        Money and power will always find each other.

        1. Like Brad and Anjolie. Like peanut butter and chocolate. Like Newt’s foot and his mouth.

    2. What about moving back towards the system of the early 1800s where the parties just bought a shit load of alcohol and told everyone to come down and get wasted?

      And then if they wanted to, they could vote.

      1. Hey, if it wasn’t for that we wouldn’t have those wonderful distinguish presidents that 99% percent of the American people can’t name because their last name isn’t Lincoln.

  10. It’ll be fun to see how much South Carolina hates Ron Paul. I predict it’s a lot.

    1. My folks live in SC. Mom likes Ron Paul. Father is rather silent on the man. I suspect, as with their neighbors, they don’t trust anyone who does not support “wars against our enemies” … That’s SC for you. Murder-Minded-Christians. I’ve been trying to get that as the State’s Motto for years to no avail.

      1. Maybe he needs to send Lew and Tom in there to campaign in Rebel uniforms?
        RP could launch his SC campaign by firing off a cannon towards Ft. Sumter.

      2. You’d think your parents would watch one of those take-down pieces in the MSM over Ron Paul’s old newsletters. Then your Dad would be a big fan I bet.

    2. There are no college students in South Carolina.

      Just Bob Jones U and an SEC football team – not Ron Paul types.

      1. What are we, chopped liver?

        1. Win your bowl game, and we’ll talk.

          “Clemson – where 5-star recruits go to die.”

          1. Their bowl game is against the Big East “champ”. Does it even count?

        2. what did I do?

      2. Don’t forget the Appalachian Trail that goes all the way to Tierra del Fuego, quite a pretty hike I hear.

      3. Really? You make sad gamecocks sad.

  11. “…his general inability to form a sentence.”
    Because you just can’t get too much former Texas govenor inarticulateness….

    But we know he means EPA…
    No? Commerce? actually, I forget the first two….The helium reserve? Hairdressing oversight and licensing board of oversight….well, 3 or so of them useless stuffs…
    and there is actually a department of oops….most people call it the Federal Reserve Board

  12. Bachmann is OUT

  13. Maybe Bachmann’s supporters will go to Perry and not give ol’ frothy any additional boost.

  14. Rick will be in Tampa in August as the only viable alternative to Romney, imo. If correct, which of the two would have more support among Reason regulars? Do you like the “59 Point Plan” guy, or the the one who would like to dump the Departments of Commerce, Education, and that other one. [so long, John Chu] “No brainer” likely works on many levels here, but I repeat: Rick is the real NotRomney and I hope he gets the chance to earn your vote.

    1. As a Texan, I can tell you Perry is full of crap when he talks about cutting anything related to the government.

      1. Rick Perry = crony capitalist

        Unfortunately, TX is loaded wid um.

    2. He’s failed to win my vote for governor so I doubt he’s going to do so for president.

    3. Its sad. Usually you vote for lesser of two evils after primary season. Talk about a shit-sandwich squared. Ugh.

      1. So does that make Obama the giant douche? ‘Cause I kind of thought he was the shit sandwhich and Romney/ Gingrich/ Perry/ Santorum/ Bachmann was the douche.

    4. Rich, you might want to cut your losses and go somewhere else.

    5. Santorum is not dumping any dept; better Repubs than him have talked the same talk but none took a single step in that direction. And if he did, it would be to replace Ed or Commerce with the Dept of Looking in Everyone’s Bedroom and mandating we all pray 3 tmes a days.

      Rick represents the Police State of big govt as opposed to the Nanny State. He is a career politician and a lawyer to boot; at least Romney has a clue about economic growth.

      1. But Romney’s would combine the Police State with the Nanny State. We’d have double big government just like we do now, under Obama. If either of these guys get the GOP nod I will be voting for Johnson, and I bet a lot of other people around here will be too.

        1. where did Romney say he would combine the two?

      2. Psst…Perry…but I hate Santorum too.

      3. Dept of Looking in Everyone’s Bedroom and mandating we all pray 3 tmes a days

        Hysterical much?

        Rick blah, blah, Romney blah, blah

        Both are corporatists. If someone put a gun to my head, I would say that Rick knows a little more about economic growth. Romney is just a politician’s son who was recruited to give a particular set of private sector corporatists an edge in the rent-seeking game.

        Really though, how much does one need to know about economic growth to get the economy rolling? Cut spending. Cut spending. Cut taxes. Reduce regulation. Don’t use government to provide favors or to pick winners and losers. Remove legal barriers to economic activity. Uphold the rule of law. Everybody knows that, even those who fight those measures tooth-and-wingtip.

        1. make that Uphold the rule of law, especially property rights.

    6. Rick will be in Tampa in August as the only viable alternative to Romney, imo.

      He’s less viable than Santorum’s premie.

  15. Santorum is making Romney and Perry look more palatable. I’m locked in on Johnson though. I’ll probably vote the LP candidate too .

    1. rim shot.

      1. I know. Santorum. Johnson. How am I supposed to keep a straight face?


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  17. Anonbot and HERC had a lovespawn.


    1. Where does that shit come from?! Is it just stream of conciousness from a bi-lingual lunatic?

      1. Obviously. Not even good stream of consiousness either. There’s not even one coherent thought.

      2. Wow. Panamanian crazy. Hi five. I’ll have to pass this one on to some of my friends from Panama to see if there’s any sense to this rant. My Spanish used to be pretty good, but, like, gameshow good, not internet crazy good.

  18. Money is the mother’s milk of politics.

    1. Ronmey’s ads drive Gringrich’s numbers way down. check
    2. Bachmann drops out. check
    3. Perry stays in race. check

    Maybe Jimmy Carter was right and taxpayers should fully fund elections. Reason loves to bj Jimmy Carter, doesn’t it?

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    You’ve done far worse than kill me, you’ve hurt me.

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    My bussiness is with I$engov tonight… with TEA Constitution…
    (celestial child MARTIAL chorusses)…

  23. And I salute Battle Star Michelle Bachmann, a real Eowin at the rinoliphant battle before TEA white Minas TEArith…
    aand both female sWORDs are as hot as fire, as ANGEL BLADE…

  24. ooops, I said angel blade, it’s angelsword…

  25. I’m sory Kara, it’s heavenly sword

  26. oops again and for the future, you know, I’m not bailedout, and, face (for the last 25 ayers the system itself, and on my face saying: what I’m I going to do?), the system “just have them, and even amplifying the acorn-castrogovcopies, anamontes gov copies “stabli$ment$” (and force) defense cuts at times of self ayatoland and LONG PROPAGANDIZING WHILE bhorK THREATS THE SAME TEDPALAPATINEKENNEDY JUST USED TO SAY: WTFAWGTD?, TAXES WE (NEOLIBTICAL$) RISE’M RIZE’M RIZE’M… SALARY WE LOWER’M LOWER’M LOWER’M BWAAAAAHHHH!!!… (PSYCOSYSTEM PROGRAMMED) paralegal (NEOLIBLAND, THE ACCEPTED BY THE ENEMY INSteaD OF (Tea bad Mosses Bush GWANDalf (heavenlysWORDed neverseensobeautyful TEA GOOD AMERICAN (AND OVERSEAS) VOTER FIREPOWERS (We neeed every single voter, wearing GOPdor, TEAdoras, TEA Rivendale Marines… littlegirl’s moms… young, experienced EVERYVOTE TO continue ’10 TO FIRE AWAY AT the old conspirayclusters well known and propagandized back) GLOBAL POST USSRUS ERA) you know, those pdcruisseroccupied 2ndfloor toilets, preffered by the enemy INSteaD OF Tea “bad”TEA against a few TRILLION$ Moregovs globaly and SOCIALISTIKLY bubblebombing and paralegaly pursuing TEA heavenlysWORDs TEASCENCION (ascencion en Espa?ol, COOOL)DEFENDERS…

  27. OMG,
    youtube Heavenly Sword Final Boss

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